Live performers send-off for hospitalization Kawamoto Makoto Ai traffic accidents, fractures, bruises.

It was found that the 16th November, Kawamoto Makoto of singer-songwriter Ai a traffic accident, was hospitalized.Staff Kawamoto is reporting on Twitter.

According to the report, Kawamoto encountered a traffic accident on the night of 16.Not Betsujo Fortunately life, it’s that “good course” and, but that’s playing situation is difficult due to fracture, bruise.

Therefore, the send-off live appearance was scheduled to perform in Yonago one make of Tottori Prefecture in November 20 the “specter Kingdom Yonago Rock Fes”.It is apologize and “Sorry really apologize to people who had you book tickets, everyone of performers, everyone of the staff, worry and inconvenience” in Twitter.

Kawamoto 37-year-old born in 1974.In 1996, I made his debut in the “talent of Love” single by Okamura Yasuyuki Produce.There is a hit song “DNA”, “half” and “Sakura” in addition.