The driving force behind captivating Ace Saori Kimura with good looks and high physical ability?

Valley girls field boils down to the birth of the New heroine and Shinnabe Lisa (21 years), which is said to be exactly like Wakatsuki Chinatsu debut, Iwasaka Nana (21 years) from the whitening beauty in some.However, speaking of hot stock that can not be removed even if anything, the Queen, not press of Japan nor is pressed, it’s Saori Kimura (25 years).

Legs which extends from a slurry tall 184cm, and plump bust idol class, and Kimura that popular with overwhelming style.Etc. to boss photo essay “Saori” in November, it is extended to the outside of the coat that he.

Kimura of Saitama Prefecture Yashio born emerged from junior high school, competed in the Athens Olympics when high Shimokitazawa Shigenori.In Eastern Rearozu of V · Premier League attracting attention as a “super school girl”, who joined after graduation, achieving a third straight which is the first women ever in 2009/10 season.Himself won the MVP for the first time.

It is has become a driving force in Kimura who has to pull the All Japan without any major injuries so far, it’s the presence of a close friend, Yokoyama Tomomi Kay was Sousei.

For intractable disease called rhabdomyosarcoma, Yokoyama, which has been attracting attention as a talent that stand to bear the future of Japan with Kimura once, died at the young age of 21 in April 2008.The battle hotter than anyone on the court, Kimura you have overcome the farewell of an important presence was also a comrade-in-arms is a close friend, has led his team to victory in the indomitable fighting spirit that never give up.

Beauty of nature and athletic ability, and superb mental strength it has developed in to go to overcome the many difficulties.The 20 days of the weekend, is scheduled to appear TBS also “passion continent”, and is likely to put the contents of the must-see anguish unknown the true face of the Ace is a glimpse.
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