“We are looking for a bwana!” Culture “real” pet dangerous epidemic among boys and girls of Korea

“Do you have bwana of women who will do anything!” “We are looking for a bwana my” this extreme write, is increasing in the community site on the Internet in South Korea.It seems the writing to induce the customs site, but is written and according to reports in South Korea media that’s boys and girls teenage primarily.

Desire such dependencies and pet partner “pet guy” They, “pet woman” who.The term “pet culture” until born in Korea, “pet guy”, “pet woman” is increasing among teens on the net where this.As for the purpose of prostitution, the person who posted a nude photo of myself started out, culture “real” pet of Korea have drifted pretty dangerous atmosphere in.According to South Korean media “Uncut news”, recently, it was the writing that women students to self-proclaimed 17-year-old recruit a pet on the bulletin board of a certain community site.If you click the title, photos of shirtless, which is a mosaic process has been attached.Schoolgirls which records the number of queries explosive, written was published in one add another photo mosaic as “the first problem that bwana gives” This write.

I’m waiting for people to male students of the self-styled high school sophomore to want to become a “pet”, someone to be the husband of his customers still.This student has answered a telephone interview of the media, interest is nowhere to know by chance “” pet “culture.It is the answer you are looking for a bwana aggressively now, “never” (husband-like request) thought deeply about, but about sexual relations also possible “.It is seen pet culture that such friends or less in school life, children can not enter the circle of friends, was utilized as a “means to make friends easily” is triggered.But, because the adults are also seen site of course, that there are cases where it would develop into relationships such as dating.

Culture “real” pet of Korea to go in the land the popular drama “Kimihapetto”.The drama has attracted a topic that made into a movie in Korea recently, Jang Geun Suk has appeared, but this problem seems to have occurred on the net of Korea.※ The image: quoted from Uncut News

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