Security industry 48 years average salary of 600 million yen robbery damage ¥ 219,000

Perpetrator is not caught in the May 19 time is 600 million yen robbery of Tokyo Tachikawa became the victim of the highest ever.mainly because time security guard will be one people were targeted, but, all the Sun security guard damage they have caused, “Why are increasingly the view of the internal involvement theory” (investigation related persons) is, 6 Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department only one person or did not put a security guard while also stores billion yen and a lot of money.Mid-sized security company executives talk.

Sales industry-wide “Last year in the 3 trillion 100 billion yen, has declined about 400 billion yen from the year before last.Against this backdrop, companies that work in one of two people working, reduce the labor cost containment by, for example, the two shift system from three shift system has increased.To hear that there is also a place to be working 24 hours of nap a few hours of the employees in their 60s to be hired in the re-employment ”

some critics to point out the concern that such treatment leads to internal crime.The design unit price labor standards for public works bid ministry will set out the target in 51 industries, guards cheapest (about 8000 yen per diem).A survey industry groups have done to target the security guard of about 14 million people, monthly salary’s about ¥ 219,000 in 48 years average.

salary of guards this time, was seriously injured by being attacked by a robber, what seemed to dirty work in side-by-side “not published” (spokesman Sun security guard) is, and these risks.

People who barely have to live even in the “full-time also many, and retention 5.4 year low average length of service.Therefore, there may be in contact so that it aimed at employees who are thinking of turnover crime groups, to teach the inside information in exchange for money.The companies have also warned that to sue After leak information, but there is no effective way to prevent it in reality “(trade paper reporter)

In addition, internal crime is hard to be discovered that it is characteristic of the security industry.

“Inside job becomes to the public, it will not take the job, regardless of the magnitude of the amount of money.For this reason, it is possible to reimburse ordering source by cover-up the incident as a company, should be treated as unexplained expenditure is not uncommon “(security company officers supra)

In addition, it is Sun Moon security guard and was in the property and casualty insurance, but “because there is a fault, such as had been off from usually a warning device of office, the possibility that the full amount is paid low” (a leading non-life insurance company I have seen as executive) of.

※ 3 Jun. 2011 Shukan Post

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