What I regret [Column] attention word and Did not throw away

In cleaning up the recent boom of the topic “cross-sectional 捨離”.By the chance to have been featured in magazines and TV shows, that it has disposed of the plunge a scrap that has not been abandoned for many years “Dansharian” I think we can often.But if there is nothing to regret as “I should have taken still” required again after disposal.So for the “What I regret that it has actually abandoned”, I tried to explore the voice of experience.Shock! Then things ● cross-sectional 捨離 you happen to accidentally washing, some regret?”Cross-sectional 捨離, why do not regret topic remark Komachi?Is “, there is obsessed with things, but that it is impossible to practice because, to post from the consultation who are.consulter and that it “is likely to regret if I throw away that which does not fit in the other hand also so many”.Whether there has been no regret in cross-sectional 捨離, or not to “rebound” and when ask, various advice were received from a number of “Dansharian”.Many respondents have replied, “do not regret,” but even this voice from the respondents of “regret”.TARU’s called “There is regret and Discount”.I thought and do not care if those that can be resolved by “money, you say that it was close to gone discarded is located in its own way says.The thing with “or you can not enter the hand so easily to say that, with the money.In addition, in the case of Yapparinekogasuki’s, I wonder if really good “when you sell a book to a used bookstore?There is only one book is a book that was with moyamoya “, and so I had to re-buy in a hurry in the mood absolutely.According to Ruriko’s that due to the nature or regret, that type of person to stick to things and regret.Can you feel like skinny like (clean day “garbage or Machidoshika~tsu, and throw away their own?So I never analyze the type “you feel that it has), and regretted even once.In addition, we have analyzed “not remember even what got rid of what” With enough, and had burdened unnecessary stuff that much in the case of panda’s that was cross-sectional 捨離 six months ago.The cross-sectional 捨離 after, to waste so I was reduced to to think well when you buy things.In addition, in the case of Lobo’s house of those that do not practice the cross-sectional 捨離 that are tidy at all times, because it has experienced more than 20 times the move, do not buy with nature and space nor “What makes the style that does not have that it and “thinks assets.It seems to think a few years from six months when you buy.It might be said that people think carefully whether necessary or unnecessary, and there is a tendency that in the house is clean and tidy when you buy things.● thing that you regret What?Is there anything you regret chucked “According to the Internet research COBS ONLINE went?Questions with “, 16.4 percent” Yes “, 83.6% had answered” No “,” clothes “,” magazine “,” CD “, and the memories of the” ex-boyfriend about what penitent goods “, such as the data” and “personal computer has been raised.Etc. knew revival came after it was discarded clothes outdated that are no longer wearing, goods idle liked old from being traded at a high price, the reason for the regret seems to be different.Identify what you or leave Discard What … or become necessary suddenly things that were discarded turn or never brought this one home for quite if and only those which had been left at the thought that it might use someday, and not used anyway is difficult thing.It might be obtained hint that focus on what you leave, pick up a room while avoiding the “regret discard” and consult “magic life tidying up flutter” consultant Kondo AsaRie’s Author (three-mark published) clean up.Well, did you regret you can throw so far, what What.Regret … You Which faction regret doing trick-saving surgery ■ Articles of life to learn the wisdom of the (bear) Grandma, without Yara?Why luggage of how women of the cross-sectional 捨離 to learn to Dansharian are many?Operation Escape The “woman entangled”