Slap, wife frightened by DV husband hoot with tepid fist … miso soup

“Sit”.DV husband began from the word always.To his wife, “I do not keep a good wearing why” of droop just by sitting straight … “Do not talk back to the” still husband frenzied, raised his hand – just so happens DV Prevention Law from (spouse ’10 from the law) enforcement on the protection of victims and prevention of violence.However, the number of victims has been insidious of it and, steadily increase.

It was also the case B child’s Tokyo resident (36 years old).

Husband is very kind, “marriage initially it was a” good husband “of reputation around.However, violence of her husband began in the wake of that marriage six months later, it was not ready for the dinner before going home “(B child’s)

And “! I What have you been doing up to now,” It starts from the threat of loud, slap finally.However, her husband was returned to us then immediately apologize several times a child Mr. B, I have vowed not to raise hands again.

And I was really shocked “, but when looking at how the husband apologize to desperate, I thought I do not forgive.and because I’m not there was no fault to my mind was loose “(B child’s)

However, later, her husband came to have a spaz so in trifles.Was showered hoot miso soup is lukewarm when it is, and can also yelling sense of clothes is bad sometimes.Smack turned into fist unawares.the sight of her husband still swear “Never again” in each case, B’s child that I felt strongly, “I’ll have to believe,” said.

When it is “, looking at the husband gingerly at the timing when the hand comes out if always, I was shaking and trembling body.If we think I’m me to put up my to bad, I feel like’m sorry that we have “(B child’s)

But violence of husband not turned away since then, B’s child is bloodshed eventually, became to the situation called for an ambulance.But did not intend to be doing this “is B’s child.It could allow him even if it also, at the sight of her husband speak of many times in tears and “I’m really sorry ….

Hiromi Ikeuchi marital and family problems consultants say features of DV is appearing in the matter of this child’s B.

After violent, DV husband “Many or become friendly or become quiet temporarily.I called the “honeymoon period” this period.But suppressing stress is gradually accumulated more and more myself in the meantime, to reach the boiling point when there.Anything I say triggered the explosion, but the wife be deluded into thinking that “I was detonated husband even after being put up is bad,” said.That we have entered the cycle of negative called “honeymoon explosion → → → explosion suppression”, get out as long as you do not want to consult a third party It is difficult ”

That there is a “co-dependent” on one of the keywords in understanding the DV is Mr. Ikeuchi.

The term “co-dependent, and that of the relationship mutually dependent on each other.”This is a discipline in DV husband.There is a sweet idea for a wife named “accepted absolutely even violent because such because of the opponent, wife Komu think this person is” go up in smoke, “If I ran away with the other hand.Select that everyone flee if one-sided violence, but not Nigedase to become a co-dependent.B’s child also I’m a type this exactly ”

※ 1 day issue December 2011 Seven women