Professional baseball commentary gallerist old one game ¥ 500,000, 5-100000 yen rate is now

It was the way that this goes a baseball player once – commentator After you retire.But, just because it was the name players anymore, OB the current not forced Shigamitsuka to uniforms, it’s because they no longer do eat as a critic and commentator easily.

Upon his retirement, certain commercial has held out a check for blank, Bomoto players are out on television as a popular commentator even today, fine to me to write like any number of “amount.There is an anecdote that was said to be “me become the exclusive of out, but good story of the economy such Imahamukashi.Long ago burst bubble, big game commentator known in expensive contract also has disappeared from the screen.No wonder baseball game itself because I have plummeted from terrestrial broadcasting.

All stations is not nearly the exclusive contract “, it is to spot contracts to pay the guarantee every time you relay.Moreover, the station does not supplementation commentator often.Said Shinji Imanaka Mr. NHK commentator to return site is currently under Chunichi, OB Chukyo district seems to be standing Iromeki, but it is questionable whether NHK is looking for the heir.It probably because looking Some Kintetsu OB that refused an offer of television commentary, are aimed at the inaugural coach of the baseball team path, but the site is good is lucrative “(broadcast parties)

Commentary guarantee of spot contracts are also swoop.Performance fee that has been said to be one game ¥ 500,000 once the market is ¥ 100,000 now.Become about 50,000 yen in CS broadcasting with less budget.OB that was good at narrative finds its way to the “baseball talent” as the main battlefield variety program.

“But, it’s meet the needs not only a handful, and even though as a player no matter how good, there is no use in so” stupid baseball so-called “.Moreover, there is also the relationship of 暴排 ordinance, “gang is there on the back of that OB” とか, ugly mud-slinging match also has begun “(broadcasting officials supra)

Also those who want to use like this relay broadcast.

“There are OB you know baseball team owners that there is a’re listening to the night game of radio relay, lifting actively during the program, got a job to coach” (journalist supra)

If talking to the other party the exclusive contract reporter of the newspaper also watch the game, the original fee of several million yen per year had credited it is a vision of the past.Here is also a one-shot deal one much manuscript, around 30,000 yen.It was left, it’s titular title of “dedicating critic”.

※ 25 the November 2011 Shukan Post