View by paying attention to the EV Tokyo Motor Show 2011! !

I now often see Mitsubishi and “i-MiEV” Nissan “Leaf” is the run on public roads.EV (electric vehicle) is no longer in the car of the future anymore in Japan.And that’s has put the power to try to lead the era of now EV, Mercedes-Benz.Speaking of Mercedes, is a manufacturer that developed the engine car 125 years ago from now you know.Such a thing manufacturers that are serious about is, or will be the era of EV that come on a global scale.

In Frankfurt Motor Show, Renault and BMW, Audi, Volkswagen also extruded into the entire surface of hybrid vehicles and EV, I am appealing the beginning of the real level of the EV era.
Hope that it will be time-consuming still the spread of EV issues such as infrastructure and cruising distance, how would Ikaka enjoying the Tokyo Motor Show while imagining the future of reach of our.
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[Takei Masayuki]

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