Solar power industry in China that do not breathe

Very “, LDK-chan does not breath.To help someone! ”

It is a solar-panel industry in China recent such scream is the likely heard.

Below is a gait of stock price since listing of representative brand of solar panel-related China.

Was to expand the share price since the beginning of this year is the next chart.

The Chinese government has supported the solar panel companies to invest huge subsidies in order to promote the solar power industry in the national policy.

Skilled in the art business was entered in the subsidy is mercenary after another, China has dominated the solar power market in the world very quickly.

However, product prices have fallen more and more excessive competition, the state has led to the life-support system barely support from the government has continued.

Meanwhile, the solar boom has run its course in subsidy review of government and recession European countries, including Spain.

Place to bankruptcy has begun Some of the suppliers of American manufacturers in China because it disposed of panel price dumping basis.

Manufacturers of solar panels in China will announce the closing one after another this week.

The 21st (Mon) Trina Solar (TSL), Ginko Solar (JKS)
The 22nd (Tuesday) LDK (LDK), Suntech (STP)
The 23rd (water) Inri (YGE)

It would say.

I think China because doing solar business in national policy, and never remove the life-support system at the moment, but there is no economic rationality at all that you enter from now on solar business in an environment like this I think it’s a decision.