Future of Japan View in economic strength

Country summit three of Japan, China and South Korea was held in Japan.
People displeasure with China and South Korea remarkable economic growth strengthened, are worried about the future of Japan that severely damaged by the Great East Japan earthquake might also be more.

I lost generation of generation comes into society in the post-bubble, perhaps because there is no memory of the time the Japanese economy was the top form, pathetic feeling might be lacking in comparison with the generation of the above.
I is not never underestimate the potential of Japan.

Let’s take a look at the GDP per capita and country GDP of some countries.

Japan: 5 trillion $ 460 billion (3rd), 42,820 U.S. dollars (16th)
USA: 14 trillion $ 660 billion (1 in), 47,283 U.S. dollars (9th)
China: 5 trillion $ 880 billion (2nd), 4,382 U.S. dollars (# 93)
South Korea: 1 trillion $ 10 billion (15th), 20,590 U.S. dollars (34th)
Germany: 3 trillion $ 320 billion (4th), 40,631 U.S. dollars (19th)
France: 2 trillion $ 580 billion (5th), 41,018 U.S. dollars (18th)
India: one trillion $ 540 billion (10th), 1,264 U.S. dollars (# 134)
Malaysia: $ 238 billion (# 37), 8,423 U.S. dollars (# 65)

Japanese economy scale, fell to third place by being overtaken by China, but there is a large difference still in Germany # 4 followed by.

GDP per capita as well, so not to be outdone in Germany, position of economic power in the world’s third of Japan, will last longer.
If you look objectively, Japan is a major economic power imposing still.

Also, if you look at the GDP per capita, Japan is about 10 times that of China.
Evaluation that China has been successful economically is also one-sided.
Starting line is too low, the population size is large therefore, it can be said even with, is and continues nearly 20 years of high growth.

In a matter of time, on the other hand, GDP per capita in China, to become Malaysia is the same level, it will place and within 10 years after.
That per capita GDP in China, and Malaysia the same level, it simply means that it is twice the size of Japan’s economy now.

Japanese economy if continues to stagnation as of now, then the Chinese will be the size of the economy of 2 times that of Japan at 10 years.
2 times the size of the economy, China and Japan more than three times are not allowed to so that we face as a neighboring country military expenditure probably.

GDP per capita in India is one of about 30 minutes of Japan.
GDP per capita in India, equal to one tenth of Japan today, the size of the economy of India is approximately equivalent to the size of the Japanese economy now.
No way that India is not accustomed to the same level as rich in China now.
Future, partner compete for position of economic power the world’s third largest will be India.

It is a faint memory, but you look at the global GDP of about 2000 past, read in a book to be a figure of normal India 1.5 to 20%, China 20% to 30% of the world GDP is, it occupies There is a thing I.

I think that you look back on the history of the world, China and India is getting back to normal form, never as China and India that he’s not “emerging”.
Economic growth of China and India, is a necessity of history, in terms of economic size, China and India’s more than Japan’s GDP which is perfectly normal.

It’s important thing is to maintain the richness seen in GDP per capita.
as the country is too intense of the gap between the rich and the poor and oil-producing countries that dictatorship was followed, even if the country becomes rich, it does not make sense a lot of people if Mazushikere.
I think Japan should aim for is, ‘s security and the richness that I looked at GDP per capita, all the people can live decent.