AKB48, Girls’ Generation, “ability” of the sound thing cooperation top production tail trees dominate the KARA

In addition to Yukie Nakama, Fuse Akira, entertainment production production Oki popular members of AKB48 Watanabe Mayu, Takahashi Minami, Kojima Haruna et al belongs (hereinafter, tail tree professional).And has served as chairman of the (Japanese music Carriers Association) sound thing Association say that President Oki Toru the largest faction of the Japanese entertainment industry.Events by members of AKB48 The office of such affiliation “Team Ogi Festival” was held on the 15th-November 16.There, luxury guest like to show off the power of the tail tree professionally appeared.

Male group · SHINee of SM entertainment affiliation “South Korea has emerged.We appeal that in the talk with Takahashi Minami et al, you have got a gorgeous always pledged from the tail tree Mr..In addition, Girls’ Generation, KARA appeared in the comments VTR.Two are office belongs another SM Entertainment, DSP and media respectively, Oki professional are involved in management in Japan, I am responsible for, such as booking of the program appeared.Should there was also the influence of the Oki professional on the back of KARA drama series that was broadcast in January this year “URAKARA” of (TV Tokyo) broadcast “(reporter weekly magazine)

Actually, the story was well known in the industry, Girls’ K-POP and AKB48, there is alternating current through the tail tree professional such as KARA, to take The photo together I went to see a live Girls AKB48 member Watanabe et al. Aligned etc., and he has continued to honeymoon.

In Ogi Festival, in addition to the appeal was an intimate relationship with K-POP in front of an audience, movers and shakers of the industry that has been visited.

Harbor Koichi variety of production center responsible director of the “Fuji TV I had come.It is a famous TV Man known as “sunset pussy” and “Minasan’nookagedeshita Tunnels” the agency.Located in the honeymoon relationship with Oki professional agency, in the “Shindo this brother”, continue to appoint the (tail tree professional affiliation until ’07) Tomomi Kahala that work is no longer the past, Takahashi Minami is now appearing in the same program currently.Makihara Noriyuki, Daisuke Asakura from the show’s regular appeared in Team Ogi Festival in collaboration with members.In addition, Watanabe Mayu and to regular appearances on “ONE TWO NEXT” in the CS · Fuji TV ONE TWO NEXT, program appointment has continued “(same)

Members of AKB48, SDN48 has to belong to a total of 12 people in the tail tree professional, which has become the largest faction in the AKB48 within the belonging office is divided.It is the same office that was not able to cultivate popular personality Yukie Nakama later, but seems to have comeback in K-POP concession and AKB48.

tail tree professional members of the AKB48 participated connecting Vietnam and Japan tail tree Mr. becomes the Chairman of the Executive Committee, actor Sugi Ryotaro is continued in “The 2nd Japan-Viet Nam Friendship Music Festival”, the Prime Minister’s Office on October 25 at the fame has just increased letter of appreciation and also be awarded from Osamu Fujimura Chief Cabinet Secretary.

But AKB48 popular, there is a difference in solo activities by the influence of each firm belongs to a well-known fact.After all, it seems the situation only major talent agency that is to listen to the width of the entertainment industry.

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