The Matsushima Nanako that was looking for a housekeeper in private life

Audience rating starring drama that plays the housekeeper role of “Kaseifunomita” is it Matsushima Nanako strong actress, but when the night of this week released “Shukan Bunshun” in (Bungeishunju), and that was looking for a housekeeper in private life.

According to the magazine, Matsushima Seeks twice housekeeper of May of this year and February of last year.The main work in cleaning, washing the breakfast making, hourly wage 1300 yen and much cheaper than the 2000 yen of housekeeper Matsushima plays in the drama, and that cheaper than the market.As a bonus, even though it was recruited in 1500 yen, you are entitled to a reduction of 200 yen in the recruitment of the year last year.Since drawn the commission passed through the housekeeper placement offices, and he that had been recruited directly by Hello Work.

“Matsushima is seems to have been telling the policy of not hire a housekeeper even no matter how busy around, but because too busy, it seems to have hired a housekeeper.That said, because the drama has barrage low audience rating, Sorimachi husband that has a to and from the lessons and cram no offer quite the time you are in the house as opposed to the busy Matsushima because there are many “(women a press)

Episode 7 of the drama that has been broadcast on the 23rd was recorded the highest viewer ratings in the drama series start in October at 23.5% audience share rose 0.1% than Episode 6, but surprise of the last times in the underwater casting is such that he has emerged.

遊川 Kazuhiko, who was responsible for the screenplay of “the drama is responsible for the screenplay drama was supposed to develop into dating Sorimachi and Matsushima is co-star of” GTO “.Likely to be offered to Sorimachi at its edge, to appear as a special guest “(TV officials)

Sorimachi The decision appeared to the “How to end ~ Ending Planner ~ of the best life” drama start in January next year.Time to take care of children is only likely to decrease, life Matsushima-Sorimachi and his wife rely on the housekeeper still is likely to continue.

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