Even shochu in non-alcoholic beverages at last

Non-alcoholic beverages evolution is remarkable.Throat and taste approaches the more authentic, genre and plum wine and cocktails are also spread non-alcoholic beer.It would be that there was much that needs to “want to drink, but I can not drink” and such as pregnancy, breast-feeding and operation, but “non-alcohol shochu” until finally appeared.

“Article of the chart into is here”
Obasa brewing was released last month, the name “Kozuru ZERO”.Non-alcohol shochu that has achieved zero alcohol, zero sugar, zero calories over the development period of about two years.
Shochu to taste that non-alcoholic … finally?I can not even imagine
· ~ Era or have we come here, plain water if you take alcohol from distilled liquor?But I want to try!
Beer aside, Is there any sense to shochu you do not Yoe??
Only shochu, such as the symbol of hard liquor, the reaction of bloggers and “?”Was on many.However While there are pros and cons, I seem to experience this and that all of you non-alcoholic beverages, comment on having showed good fight first time of non-alcoholic beverages were also noticeable.
· Necessities of touring.Throat and chug the time of Caracalla, It’s a refreshing
-Cleanup so tired When will drink, non-alcoholic basic when the BBQ
· Because it is a thank you for your help! Heavy drinker until Sotsuchichi, you want to taste the atmosphere are taking after all!
· Because it is alcohol bad, it’s just taste mood in non-alcoholic happy as long as
The pattern such, it is indebted to non-alcoholic beverages out of necessity of each.

From heavy drinker and his friends called “! Drink to get drunk liquor” of course
– It was expected, but non-alcoholic cocktail, this is usually carbonated beverages anymore!
• The Yaro plum wine soda short?The me … but I thought, it was not sweet plum soda
• The first challenge … unpalatable to non-alcoholic beer in the day to give one’s liver a rest! But should we endure for the sake of health …
Although there is also a severe and comment
· “Plum wine you do not get drunk” is no sweet, it was different from a plum soda taste of adult or rather dry
– Such as the feeling of foam such as fragrance, So there is something wrong with the juice of the ordinary after all
Such as, how being evaluated is non-alcoholic beverage that has made complete each manufacturer is working to draw the line comes through and carbonated beverages and juice.

In the non-alcoholic beer, Suntory “ALL FREE” is highly appreciated by beer lovers still.
– Know well the taste of the beer lover! Throat and taste it ♪ just like real beer
– Some things are too sweet aftertaste is large, easy to drink this refreshing aftertaste
– Truly the best! It’s zero calories, and beer may not need anymore!
And is attracting the support of many comments from bloggers while just was released at the end of April, the new flavor of the double zero cocktail of Asahi beer “Chardonnay sparkling wine”.
Fragrance like white wine is decent, I might be willing to drinking only a little
-This is delicious! Sweet champagne taste … really refreshing acidity!
-I was stuck! Among non-alcoholic only sweet is large, this is the feeling that drinking bubble!
Once this acclaimed, it becomes want to drink a non-alcoholic beverage somehow until school “do not have to get drunk Apart”.This summer to take a cool off in the non-alcoholic beverages was cooled to shrill during the day, and to the encouragement of power-saving might also say.

(Natsume Akira)
■ the topic, it is not spoken in sleep talking?”Negotoku”
Let’s talk about “shochu”!

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