Eateries in Japan selling of Matsusaka beef disguised as a Chinese customer, the voice of criticism on the net

That yakiniku restaurant in Hokkaido, truly luxury brand cattle as “Matsusaka beef” beef usually, it was sold to groups of Chinese tourists has become clear.Ring and ball network of Chinese media has reported on the 26th.

Shop in question Yakiniku restaurants of Hokkaido Ishikari.According to the president of the restaurant, and now accepts the excursion of Chinese through travel agencies in Hong Kong from 4-5 years ago, it was provided called “Matsusaka beef” domestic Japanese beef that was purchased from a variety of locality.

It had been disguised to be due to the article, two types of fin and sirloin.I was sold at 3700 yen before and after each 180 grams approximately one.Shop side was selling in the boxed beef of these, engineered copy the certificate of Matsusaka beef producers have been marked, and put in a box the seal of homebrew is printed as “Matsuzaka” even I was also.

Shop side had been sold off dozens a month beef was stealing these trademarks, but was never put on the market until now Japanese.The president thought there is a name value to “Matsusaka beef, and sell well.It was, “said I thought rather than any difference and Matsusaka beef in both quality and quantity of beef that had been sold, and no problem I.

Many comments were received from Internet users in China in the article, (go on a trip to Japan) “rich stupid.I’m not much different Nante meat and ordinary upscale meat, it is! Pay high price for so much of the difference in that little.I ate any meat, meat say I’m not like this taste after all “If you put out to say luxury meat.It, “he said would say that I” different from the usual beef.

The opinion was also self-deprecating to be “I will disguise in another thing not a beef you were China” Among.Itself to go on a trip to the “Japan ‘s the problem or reaction,” Well, my not go to Japan anyway “and further.Was also asked that travel Shiroyo “the China if there is money.(Editors: Oikawa MinamotoJuro)