Employees who were spotted off comes into tremendous action in the office

Do you have any dissatisfied with the work?I think that it was attacked by a impulse stress is too accumulate, it is! I want to butchery everything.

In the office of the United Kingdom, the employee you lose spotted seems to have gone out to the behavior ridiculous.

Please see the results.

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Do you will find the 10th floor of the building, it has become yellow one is the center window per.


If you look at it closer, we are busy with something like plywood.

The …… and look at the front of the space under the window.

[I see the image]
I have scattered something!?

[I see the image]
Office chair to lie along with the tragic debris.

[I see the image]
PC and desk, fire extinguisher up seems to have dropped further whopping.

Office buildings of England Bristol, yes was that employees of 49-year-old floor with a temporary staffing company banks and Rampage, dropping it to these.

Such motivation is so not known for now, but it people around the case was injured, this (former) employees and was arrested.

When I think If you hit a person who was in the bottom, you would be horrified.

Dissatisfaction is the raise to the company it is also as unavoidable, you want to avoid the use of force, such as harm to around.

Having a Bad Day at Work?

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