[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “to get used to feeling like a doctor”.I reveal a surprising childhood AKB Watanabe Mayu had the health committee.

Watanabe Mayu and Yuko of AKB48 Mayu is, spoke memories of childhood TV show.She tended to homebound not have friends, I say that it was doing the health committee for some reason.

Akimoto Yasushi is is to rave reviews and have what you need to idle most in AKB48, it is in Mayuyu (Watanabe Mayu).It’s such a her, but himself he is talking about close, there was no conversation with the family to the state “withdrawal” from the sixth grade elementary school days.

Music program that was broadcast on November 26 on the “MUSIC FAIR”, AKB onset unit is a member also that Mayuyu “corridor Hashiritai 7” has appeared.Was it sent any “childhood from MC MegumiShunAkira when the?Asked “said she had revealed a surprising school life.

Mayuyu is to say that it was doing the health committee at school.From a story of her “I did not have any friends, I was doing a lonely insurance committee” and, it probably was a state often housebound again.

However, it is said, “to go to the class of underclassmen, had checked or have a handkerchief Toka tissue,” said a health committee, the activities of the committee seems to have enjoyed in its own way.Also, Mayuyu has said, “because get used to feeling like such a doctor …” and also, it is likely that also chose to become their own health committee.

In this way, Mayuyu he had contact with other students as health committee while lonely at school.It’s that she is known to have nothing all day and night to anime and games on the PC and holed up at home, but it was valuable testimony it can be seen that there was also a scene involved with others.
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