The monitor developments of TEPCO

Possibility that basically, market standoff continues would be high Nikkei average.The NY crude oil futures market
Semiconductor manufacturing instrumentation and the rise of the soil commodity prices, the impact of decline in after-hours trading on the previous day had been warning
By 置大 hand Applied Materials became slightly higher, the Nikkei average 25 yesterday
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However, after you have started buying the preceding, is suppressed to the upside resistance line psychological around 9500 yen
It’s going to be a situation Ru.Anxiety roots in government support for compensation problem in TEPCO
In addition to strong, reports that 158 ​​yen a target price part has also been observed.East
When the power seems to be one step weaker, leading to anxiety to the mega-banks, this is to the entire market
Be spread are also wary.

Against the background of rising commodity prices, assuming attention to the resources sector is growing as ransacked
Be.In addition, the sunlight as clues at the G8 summit the “Sunrise Plan”
Interest will Komaro also ransacked circulation to renewable energy with a focus.In addition, Prime Minister Kan Futsu-dai
The meeting with presidential, take advantage of nuclear power while securing the safety of the more in energy policy
shows the idea of ​​the.It is in the context of political confusion, but it clue to material related to the nuclear power plant
‘s Ideal.

In addition, Dow Jones 12394.66 high of $ 38.45, 15.22 port is Nasdaq NY market of the 25th
Into high of 2761.38.Chicago Nikkei 225 futures liquidation value is 9480 yen 70 yen OSE ratio.Of ADR
Toyota, Canon, Komatsu, Sony, Kyocera Corporation Japan
And, it was in general versus firm TSE compared ($ 1 82.01 yen equivalent).