Shimizu, which is the rest champion in Japan Boxing Commission that revealed a world war of “suspicion” of Kamedao Takeshi complaint! Also quagmire situation …

The brute force way of Kameda camp, camp and Tomonobu Shimizu (30 = Kaneko), which is the WBA world super flyweight champion rest, complained JBC (Japan Boxing Commission).

Defeating Hugo Kasaresu of the same class champ (Mexico) in August 31 Nippon Budokan, Shimizu was take the “throne regular” in the same class.However, it fell into the situation you have right orbital fracture the (under eyes) bottom in this game, the time being, it is not possible to defend against, Shimizu was aiming to return next spring.

Therefore, the second son, Daiki of three brothers (22 = Kameda), but plan a match Teparitto Go Cat Jim was a WBA world champion in the same class provisional 12-7 and Osaka (pairs) Kameda camp.However, since for WBA to Ranzo interim throne, it was decided that the JBC does not recognize the interim WBA championship game in Japan in February, this interim throne war in the country impossible.So, was lurching Ultra C and WBA Kameda camp.

In fact, demoted to rest champion Shimizu regular champion, WBA is upgraded to regular champ Go Cat gym interim champion.In this, it means that this one game is done as a regular throne warfare, JBC also admitted this.

There is no should Shimizu camps can agree to this measure.Shimizu, he was the protest of tears “future, you do not want involved in the ring on the Kameda brothers personally” in celebration party of November 13.

Then, once you open the conference in Tokyo on November 29, and apologized that Shimizu has an emotional statement at the party, Shimizu camp submitted a questionnaire to the JBC.The definition of the rest champions, its main contents, grounds for the WBA had not been ordered to champion two.Assuming that there is no order, so that will be substantially regular champion there are two people, to reduce the authority of the title but, JBC whether to accept.In addition, injury of Shimizu So if was recognized as legitimate, the appropriate interim warfare recognized, such as the basis for rules on the JBC that does not recognize the interim against WBA.

Thing back to the regular champion Shimizu, demand Shimizu camp that should be challenger finals or interim throne against the game of Daiki.In a December 5 deadline to answer, if there was no answer to be convincing, camp was threatened even throne vacates.

In addition, Shimizu return soon, winner of Daiki vs. Go Cat Jim, should carry out the unification match, but good story does not progress and Kameda camp with promote rights of first defense against Shimizu, Kameda camp also in that regard I have not recruited mistrust.

Frankly, the world war of “suspicion” This meant that Kameda camp WBA and is directing, JBC is cuckoo became caught.However, JBC It was washed away to leave it says WBA facts.Unless otherwise indicated answers JBC is convincing for Shimizu camp, there is a risk of quagmire exactly situation.
(Ichiro Ochiai)

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