[Entertainment vitamin ♪] I began to Tsukiaeru like a man friend “normal.I talk about the relationship Takizawa Hideaki, and Imai Tsubasa “.

“2011 Concert Tour” OUR FUTURE “Tackey & Tsubasa” was successfully completed at the beginning of last month, Takizawa Hideaki (29).Towards the stage performance begins from New Year’s Day 2012 of “New Year Takizawa Revolution”, you are sent a busy daily preparation, PR and now.It said in a television program, “relationship with Imai Tsubasa that has changed” such Takizawa Hideaki and “that it has witnessed the birth of Jisshi”.

“Hanamaru Market” in the corner of “Hanamaru Cafe” (TBS system) broadcast of November 30, the voice of the “cute!” Went up from the studio footage of Takizawa of 14-year-old is projected.Everyone is “shine” convinced “to pass the audition of Johnny duh,” you already feel from him at the time you look now.(To the audition) “This man Do not pass absolutely Imai had received the same audition chance it.While I think “, it’s so was looking at the venue Takizawa.Takizawa that wanted a Johnny filled with intention of “I, eyes were different in the audition venue.It had a chitin future prospects, even after passing.Speak in how it was impressed with “.

Began his career as Tackey & Tsubasa from 2002, but have come to drink liquor and go to dinner with only two people, and that’s from getting in late 20s.I did not like that at all opportunities until “early 20s, but is now going to me over the voice from the wings.Like a man of ordinary friends, it’s so have fun while talking about liquor and car now. “.

Story ranged also that of family.Last month, attended the birth been asked to sister couple, Takizawa that was asked a video shoot.Husband of my sister because I want to concentrate on “birth.It is for the reason that “.But the video is not a take leave, it’s so passed by editing the title and put narration, also BGM.And I was to finish, such as a television program “” birth document “.The splendor that “human beings come born, Takizawa that” was impressed by witnessing the birth.I talked to “.

The Takizawa as a reflection material, and have to take to work the next that it has been reprimanded or to fail.We talk about you do not remember was in tears at the end and whether the time, when one person in public even for a not cry.Is not issued in the table feelings, you are facing forward calm always.Senior-Yakumaru Hirohide of Johnny’s also, I hear go to watch each and every year moderated the program, the stage of the New Year of Takizawa high professionalism.
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