Women like like a miracle! The acclaimed = China beauty witch of Japan

“Beauty contest witch” has been held since 2010 in Japan, and has been elected a beauty that can not be determined from the age very appearance at 35 years of age or older.In the second tournament, which was held recently, Yamada Keiko’s 45-year-old was awarded the Grand Prix.訊網 Tengchong Chinese media has reported on the 2nd.

Praise, “I do not think 45-year-old from the very appearance, women like like a miracle,” said the article Yamada.Yamada, who was standing on the vertex from among the beauty witch candidate more than 2000 people, height is 163 cm, weight 48 kg, three sizes are B83, W58, H82, has been married, but has not children.It has been the president of modeling agency, article introduces the “people which can be a model that has combined two of good looks and business”.

Yamada described it “I think there is a charm of each age of each, natural beauty is best for women”.

Article said, “She told me that she does not care to beauty by collection in private life, but that exude style is accentuated further youth of her,” said.(Editors: Oikawa MinamotoJuro)