[Entertainment vitamin ♪] more than 30 years history fans gather! “Continued to support the Toshi-chan is our”, and limited fan-hot spring tour?

Women of the middle-aged of 130 people gathered in the hot springs, and cheered on the chatter and song of idle Tahara Toshihiko youth of their own became 50 years old, fit in the photo with him in the smile of Manmen.It thinks the opinions of Internet users from will be the same age, my grandmother would those cold Sazo or mother of my own fun “seems.The envy if there is one that can be “enthusiasm”.Etc. “, those favorable ‘s were many surprisingly.

Broadcast December 2 “爆報! Accompany (fan club only) was held in November this year THE Friday “in (TBS), Toshihiko Tahara” DOUBLE T CLUB “hot spring tour Kirishima Onsen Kagoshima Hen.There was something uniquely meaningful to the figure of Tahara to strive to not betray the state of fans continued to support Tahara long while it disappeared from the limelight is also unchanged, and expectations thanks to the fan.

According to Tahara Toshihiko official web site, this Kirishima hot spring tour is 45,800 yen for one night two meals.Hot spring tour that’s 16th at this time.The Information of the current site, the guide of Christmas dinner show is listed as Zurari.I have heard rumors, but fans from Johnny’s era, had continued to support up to now him it seems certain.

Well participants of hot spring tour was interviewed in the program is, only women repeater “Tahara Toshihiko fan-winning ’32” and.It is believed that roughly is it the age of about 40 to 50 generations, but those who are over 70 years old Some of them had also participated.Before dinner, commemorative photograph with participants and Tahara is performed When I arrived to the hotel.Are divided into groups of about 12 people, I take a group photo over a period of 30 minutes.And we seated multi-course cuisine of 7000 yen worth fan has been prepared on the table first, followed by “Tahara Toshihiko Show” is begin dinner.Taste the fans can enjoy there singing, of course, also quizzes are Korasa.Such as checking sound and lighting and configuration of the show, but so do the people Tawaramoto.

As a special project of this time, and all rooms visit each room Tawaramoto people have stayed a fan show is over.In a room that is arranged in bed record posters and Tahara of Johnny’s age, (face photograph entering Tahara) concert tickets, Naa nostalgic “.Tahara you Miiru and “.I wonder had carefully kept no matter how.And though it is old equivalent, it’s not damaged almost.There was nothing the room is a room like this.

Certainly, there is also opinion that cold against women from the fan and Tahara on the net.But smile of women from who participated is a really joyful.And I remember the “youth.Voice has bounced with “.The called “life worth living” of whether they would be exaggerated.

Expression of the comedian who was watching this VTR in the studio, was not very complicated.’10, 20 years later, I wonder if there is someone to cheer on “their.Is considered as “, it might have ended up feeling the gloomy.
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