Consolation Twitter founder who wowed the world, Nike founder

Various “consolation” strong man who is present in the world.Let’s look at the case Twitter founder, Nike founder.

[When Jack Dorsey (34 years) Twitter founder]

New York University after quitting, he moved to the West Coast, and including information services using instant messages, this is a Twitter post.Chased the Twitter’s CEO in 2008, but get back to the chairman in ’10.Currently, the deployment of the service to credit settlement terminal smartphones called “Square”.

[When Phil Knight (73 years) Nike founder]

After studying at the Business School, to establish a Blue Ribbon Sports, Inc., which manufactures and sells athletic shoes, but did not also obtained income you only able to eat.From where it decided to change to the Nike brand name of the company was then adopted the famous “swoosh” design, Cocoroyoshingeki subsequent begins.

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