To 150 yen “Mac fries” all sizes, limited 11 days from December 12.

McDonald’s since its inception in 1971, has been provided as a side menu of the popular “Mac fries”.Campaign to sell (including tax) 150 yen special price, each size S of such “Mac fries”, M, and L is also carried out in December following the November.December 12 to 22 during the period.

Beginning so as replaced “Big Mac” and 200 yen campaign celebrating the last day on the 11th, of December “Mac fries” all size 150 yen campaign.It is conditional as before, and the “limited to” Mac fries “when purchased separately,” but it is discount and of approximately (depending on the size and sales areas) dozens yen – a hundred yen than usual price.

And (weekdays of 4 to 14 April) April (5 to 15 September) September, November campaign to sell at a discount “Mac fries” is this year (November 3 I was carried out to 18 days, respectively).

Until closing minutes 10:30 in the morning Mac sales store, morning Mac other times from 5:00 in the 24-hour store selling time.