Imperialism ugly Japan, Korea = exhibition like animals Koreans exposition

That it scheduled to be broadcast in the “History Special”, KBS1 TV in Korea, were exhibited the Koreans in the exposition of the Japanese Empire era 8 days are taken up becomes clear, it is attracting attention in Korea.South Korea more than one media reported.

And entitled “anthropology of Japanese imperialism that deals like animals Koreans”, “exhibition of human exposition, imperialism ugly Japan,” said South Korean media, told about the contents of the program.

Tokyo Industrial Exhibition was held in March 1907, but there was that in the entertainment attractions and a variety of unusual will be introduced, many Koreans were angry.It is a two-men and women of the Koreans that have been specially prepared for the box office of the exposition, the audience of Japan was the sights of Koreans who were in on both sides of the handrail.

It introduces is a sight “human zoo” just like like, exhibition of Koreans similar, as was done in the 5th National Industrial Exhibition, which was held in Osaka in 1903.It is reportedly was led this is a anthropologist of Japan typified by Tsuboi TadashiGoro, Koreans two women have been exhibited together Taiwanese, Ainu people, and such as Ryukyu people.

While Japan to eliminate the difference, it is argued that “must become a healthy nation”, selection and tried to (selection) unhealthy people.Pointed out forced sterilization of leprosy patients, and is a policy that has been done in the same spirit.

In the same program, beginning with the exhibition of human beings in the exposition of these, and keeping track of the line of sight of Japanese imperialism in the early 20th century.(Editors: RiNobue Koji Yamaguchi)