Iron plate menu of potluck Homupa! Mayosarada of broccoli and shrimp [spin recipe]

It is the 32nd attract happiness of “Spiritual recipe”.

Endo and Yukari’s mom Cooking expert that has been introduce Koikatsu recipe, I am pleased to introduce recipes in a relay format!

After entering in December, and we now see the illuminations in town.Finally, the party season for the Christmas I is beginning.

This year, anyone who wants to hold a home party at a friend’s house or home also seems that many.Is there in such a home party, potluck pattern! “One article or anything, I bring it to make” Nante, even if told to the course or else, what to do with, who embarrassed also I think in a lot of.

This time, I will introduce a handy recipe “Mayosarada of broccoli and shrimp” is recommended for such a party.Though it is simple, look at best, iron plate menu is not the first Husband.The men (especially participants?Eye View of) might also change.

By the way, everyone Do you know the season of broccoli? In fact, time to cold of autumn and winter is the season of broccoli.In order to increase by the time of the season, fortune-up effects of ingredients, I’m a time when fortune to bring the edges of the people of broccoli by now also be strengthened.

The other, by raising the woman in the potluck party at home, here Chaimashou get also encounter as it is.Do not forget to also pick cute!

So I will introduce a recipe.

Iron plate menu of potluck Homupa! Mayosarada of broccoli and shrimp]

Quantity / 2 servings Cooking time / 15 minutes

▽ material

8 animals shelled shrimp

One-third share of broccoli (about 70g)

Onion (chopped) 1 tablespoon

★ 1/2 and mayonnaise 1 tablespoon

★ grain mustard 1 tsp

★ white wine vinegar 1 tsp

A little pink pepper

Two lettuce

○ salt, potato starch each appropriate amount
How to make ▽

1, shrimp remove back cotton, cotton belly, rinsed with water from massaging well sprinkled appropriate amount of potato starch and salt, to wipe the moisture well.Cut into a size that is easy to eat separately in Osa broccoli.Chopped onion exposure to water.

2, put the salt in boiling hot water into the pot, to keep each boiled broccoli and shrimp.

3, aperture well the moisture of chopped onion, and mix together with the seasoning of ★.Then, the dress added and well also broccoli Shrimp.

4, the prime [3] by force the lettuce in bowl, is applied while crushing your finger on the pink pepper.
▽ point
It is delicious taste familiar than fresh, and put a little time.The delicious served you make eggs in avocado derided.
(Good luck Cooking expert / Shingo Kato)