If it whereabouts prison definite inner Shiba suspects of “Purple Ribbon”, “deprivation”

Once the person has been arrested on suspicion of quasi-rape and had received a medal of honor from the country in the past, if the whereabouts of reward or become.

Kumamoto Prefectural Honor Award and was arrested on suspicion of rape quasi University to the “student” women’s judo Olympic gold medalist staff, Masato Uchishiba suspects (33) has been canceled.Uchishiba suspect who was the coach at the University Judo Club has also received the Medal with Purple Ribbon in the country.What Medal of the inner bush suspect or become, I was asked to Cabinet Office Award Isao station.

Kumamoto Governor to emergency conference December 8, 2011 announcement, Kamashima Ikuo governor of Kumamoto Prefecture held an emergency press conference, received the arrest of the inner bush suspects of the prefecture-born residents of Honor Award “Cancel” announced.

Inside Shiba suspect’s male judo gold medalist at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the Athens Olympics of 2004.Had presented him prefectural honor award in ’08 and ’04 Kumamoto Prefecture, (08 years “Special Award”).

Inside Shiba suspects, has received in ’08 and ’04 also Purple Ribbon.

“To target contributor academic, artistic, technological development, etc.” The Purple Ribbon (Cabinet Office site).The field of sports also has been the subject.Twice a year, reward will be announced in the spring and autumn.

For example, in the fall of ’04 for the first time awarded in the inner bush suspects, swimming Athens Olympic gold medalist, and judo players Kosuke Kitajima, TaniAkiko Gen upper house lawmakers have also got together.45 people were selected in only Purple Ribbon.

In the fall of 2011, won the Women’s World Cup soccer “Nadeshiko Japan” was also awarded as the national team.24 people individual has received the Purple Ribbon In addition to.

In response to the arrest of the inner bush suspects, Purple Ribbon also whether become “undo” as in the case of Kumamoto prefecture Honor Award.When asked to award Isao station of the Cabinet Office, arrangements It is said that in the decrees of stern named “the decree deprived Chi Medal”.

By the way, Chinese characters of “Datsuryo blood” and “blood” is, they are character unfamiliar line the characters, including the “tiger” to the right of the “Hen clothing”.

According to the ordinance “by the circumstances”, when such imprisonment imprisonment or the death penalty has been determined at the trial, Medal and Medal is “deprived of blood”, that is, must be refunded if the probation with.

In addition, it says around “I’m awarded’s” and also not be recognized.Determination of “deprived blood” is also published in the official gazette.It looks good to say de facto and “Cancel”.

quasi-rape the inner bush suspects involved have been defined as “imprisonment of three years or more”.Guilty of prison if if confirmed, it would be to be “deprived of blood” the Medal.If probation is attached, whether be “deprived of blood” “Depends on the circumstances”.

It is supposed to be contacted to come from the Public Prosecutor’s Office Cabinet Office trial if confirmed, the procedure seems to proceed quietly.

In any case, I mean that there is no movement in the arrest stage.December 8, the Metropolitan Police Department was an inner bush prosecutors suspect.And that they are denied the charges as “was consensual”.

There is no statistics of the examples Medal and Medal is “deprived of blood”, but officials said it “seems to trickle down”.However, it looks good to say exceptional whereby so long as it is only for celebrities.There is also a system of “voluntary handing back” Apart from the “robbed blood”.