Emphasize the strength of the DeNA management [Yukawa] #ivs “not to commit suicide and social game” sales

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Shogo Kawada Isao Moriyasu adviser and CEO of DeNA Co., Ltd. has been on stage in “Management of strength DeNA” session of the second day of Infinity Venture Summit 2011 Fall Kyoto.The refrain is to report in detail session itself because it is private, but I want to explore where to find the secret of the strength of the DeNA by going to pick up the remarks of DeNA management to the extent that it is flowing on Twitter.

It only shows the sales that are “target.Excellent employees willing to achieve it after “.I remember I read somewhere Tomoko Namba’s previous CEO is’re told so by founder.It is as if we had considered not only a humble statement of excellent management, but it has been found in this session that the figure of sales targets, have great meaning in a company called DeNA actually.

Moriyasu says the “I just figure I plan basically”.Sales of “2003 I was about 1.5 billion yen, but the number is I,” said wants to double the sales every year for three years of “future.I have presented only digits or rather plan, 2004 is 3 billion yen in 2005, 6 billion yen, of 120 billion yen in 2006.You are trying to achieve it in a desperate to death with it.Mobaoku goes well, I went well in 2004 also Pocket Affiliate.It becomes 2005, and I to the 12 billion yen at a stretch 6 billion yen, a great story of course.I try to achieve the goals and work hard in the field.Namba former CEO want to create a plan “5 years when you have seen it so much 10 billion yen that’s possible somehow, Namba’m going to the earlier” when the.And told me that he was cut out to be “want to company of 100 billion yen in five years.That means 100 billion yen in five years, it must achieve 20 billion yen in 2007, 40 billion yen in 2008, to 70 billion yen in 2009 and if we back calculated.Moriyasu says “We think that I was when two businesses Mobaoku, called Pocket Affiliate had done well, and, it’ll be no good I was doing just this.”.

So I thought the new business plan of 7, 8 cases in the summer of 2005.Assignment Start personnel of about three people in each.And one of them was a Mobage Town.Say business Mobage Town were beginning to see rapid growth, and I had to concentrate on Mobage Town resources.

It’s that there is a rebound top management if presenting unreasonable goal in the average company but, DeNA seems different.And I was in the group hypnosis state, so to speak, “According to Mr. Kawada.I there was a surprise at first, but it became a feel that, Ganbarou everyone immediately.Also everyone must become such a feeling, and that “I think this figure’s number does not get.

The manner in which such culture wonder made.Its culture has been documented in the text of DeNA Quality.

DeNA Quality
In DeNA, based on the vision of “permanent venture to open up the world”, and have been shared with employees as a “way of thinking that I want to cherish” the following:.
– The surface area of ​​the sphere
In the region itself is responsible, to have a sense of responsibility and spirit to represent the DeNA.
-Best commit
Through the eyes of two ranks up, I will try our best for the growth of organizations and individuals.
And transparency
We value communication and teamwork, to fulfill its responsibilities to fellow.
· Remark responsibility
If you do not care about the hierarchy, an idea of ​​itself firmly freely.
· Fort consciousness last
Do not assume that you get by checking to someone, and to work with a high professional awareness.

DeNA Quality this is, is not a mere text appearance is only to say that Mr. Kawada.It is the feeling to come slip through the shambles and many when the “large deficit, these ideas that are ingrained in the body of our.Stomach Is not it show the rejection If you eat something bad for the body.That in such a feeling, what kind of act that either put down to the crisis situation the company has been inscribed on the body at the level of defensive instinct of life.Kawada “says I’m a sentence such.

Mr. Moriyasu She also listened to the opinion of the lower as well as the southern part are written in this “Actually, it is also, to be asked to speak.It says “I think this sentence is Na I have been practicing really.Not feeling it was taught to the company too much “, and that I had brought up also for the” eyes of two ranks up “.We think just as I had given the task yourself such that the growth.It says “I think I’ll have to grow by giving a goal of further on so young people, Once likely to achieve the goal.

Also Mr. Moriyasu may not know whether companies are aiming to any business and just “for this slogan” permanent venture to open up the world. “.But you do not want to be vision which is dependent on the business.In the attitude that it is open to any new business, Mobaoku is born, we were born Mobage.Social game’s center of business now, but I’m not going to continue to be in the company of social games forever.I want to continue to challenge if there is a new chance.Say in that sense, and “I have been to the slogan that these.

Namba before the CEO, of that was presented only numbers goal without instructions to business specific content as well, it might be a sign of a flexible attitude that it is open to any new business.

Mr. Moriyasu also emphasize the importance of the numbers.Founding of “venture, tend to concentrate consciousness in service.I think that phase is okay with it, and that it should not and not a kind of think.I think if you do not go to the next phase of just be aware of the sales, explosive growth is difficult.I said “I think that it does not miss its timing is important.