Is it was drinking at the victim and where Uchishiba Masato and – news disagree

Ken was arrested Uchishiba Masato suspects Olympic gold medalist, as worked out assault on women’s judo staff of the student, Zuba~tsu morning! (December 9, 2011) this morning, JNN news flowing in was reportedly Shire~tsu that it has been found from the “story of the participants”.

“Okinawa restaurant in around the day before the incident (club members and suspects), was found in the new that it was going to the karaoke bar after you dine at the BBQ store the day of the incident,” so do you a grilled meat whether the Okinawan restaurant be.

Zuba~tsu yesterday morning! So, after you (clerk story staff in nervous, suspect one is such, had been drinking) meal in Okinawa restaurant, it was supposed to be that you went to the karaoke bar in the incident just before the incident Toya.

But I was told then, in the TV coverage of another system, Toya, staff and suspects, etc. had been drinking in large quantities at a restaurant.The thing trivial, but discrepancies were worried about.Okinawan restaurant in another as “restaurant”, there is a possibility that made both.

If staff do not drink in Okinawa restaurant in “the day before around”, and was drinking with grilled meat is “the day of the incident”, make sense to fit.But, it was drastically changed behavior of staff is standing daily one is strange little.Incidentally, it is also not known why the story of “the day before around” has become the thing of the day.