Reaction of the net saw the new logo of the Yokohama Bay Stars DeNA

New logo will be published on the official website of the Yokohama Bay Stars DeNA to December 9, has attracted the topic immediately on Twitter and net bulletin board.

“Eyeball is about to jump out,” “Do not I was very far from the design up to now”, “cute unexpectedly”, “new logo subtle” Dasee to the point of “hopeless from users of Twitter, which saw the image of the new logo and “a variety of impressions have been received.

By the way, I am certain, “the main color of the Blue Bay Stars in tradition, has created the concept of innovation” and “inheritance,” said the official site of the Bay Stars.Unveiling of the new uniforms are scheduled for next year, but the uniforms or be produced on the basis of this concept, it’s attention.

• The criticism rush “DeNA is inexcusable” remarks of Mr. Yakumitsuru
· Real face is too smell of Kina Yukio Fujiki “Bay! Get out” “Don of Yokohama” chairman Hamasuta

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