The presence of Nakai Masahiro and Akanishi Jin on the back of the role making that Bem Kamenashi Kazuya thorough

Drama “Humanoid Monster Bem” (Nippon TV system)’s buzz.Recorded 18.9% viewer rating first, keep the high ratings also currently.It’s Kamenashi Kazuya (25) of KAT-TUN and is of plays in the body per Bem starring.That he has this kind of consternation confession in an interview with sports newspaper.

I shaved “armpit hair.Since human-ish looks and hair when you are standing naked.I was shaving also Galant de.If there are times when stockingless legs is reflected, you shave ‘s shin hair ”

Shaving body hair also a willing Kamenashi is for Yak making thorough, but on its back, there was the presence of two men.

First person’s Akanishi Jin (27) in August last year, left the KAT-TUN.

And Kamenashi-kun of smart ass type spare no efforts “, Jin-kun of genius that aura, was a good rival.It had been strongly think even when Jin-kun has been dormant, and supported the group Kamenashi-kun becomes the center, and it is from they leave, “he unless we pull everyone” I “(entertainment officials)

Its Akanishi, big success from the soloed.Held a tour of the five cities the United States, were mobilized total 15,000 people.

Activities of old rival “The pressure must have been a big.But without feel inferior, Kamenashi-kun, became a more and more recklessly “(‘s relationship entertainment, supra)

And the second person is SMAP’s Nakai Masahiro (39) of large senior.Was held in May in “Johnny’s Charity Baseball Tournament”, also scene Nakai is stick with the “I’ll ~ Ja In to smile shy” to Kamenashi.

You think I was pep talk, meaning useless to Kamenashi-kun just use care around all the time “, has just laughing.In the stomach band appearance in long pants, the Nakai-san, have written a lot of wrinkles in black felt-tip pen face.I like it “~! go to such lengths to idle”.But SMAP has been Yatteko than 20 years as a national idol since it is possible such.I think Kamenashi-kun also was hat “(TV station officials)

※ 22 days issue December 2011 Seven women