How to change the workplace awkward.

Human relations in the company is the trouble of work to hear well.. May also have a negative impact on the work itself human relationship does not go well, it seems that many people think a career change is also under.. For such a problem, tell me! I tried to think of frequently asked questions in goo.. “OL is you want to leave the company”

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here, seems to think every day want to leave the company and junior sled does not match.. Refers to ill to be heard on purpose, the boss also unlikely to pampered in just such younger players, younger players has asked the question to be “? Should we continue the company as it is in this environment”..

For this, I think

be pampered “is,’s privilege of youth.. I think if it work, it is not acceptable, that it is easy to work is much hated.. Because you can focus on your tasks “would be the type that is hated from the same sex” junior (matatabi2008’s)

.. These types will self-destruct.. It ‘s nice after ignoring only professional relationship “Hey hassle at all”, and I relationship (korochanote’s)

is.. I we have repeatedly change jobs many times, but is a human relations all “Some in any organization Nantes man you do not go” (gesigesi’s)

.. Opinion there is no drill “(nabituma’s) such as

were received.. How to become a gentle person

■ workplace? Q & A about the relationship of

workplace has been received a lot, answer similar almost always have been written.. It will be troublesome where human relations that is also to say.. On the other hand, there are some questions and that it might Kizuke smooth human relations at work now somehow Nakaniwa.. Posted by saiko-nomi’s question here

? “If I become After you loving person”

is a human relationship is awkward “company

If you are upset by mistake, I do not even put out true self.. Actually I want to be a person who is raised to well to people deep affection “and

, we solicited their opinions and you can be in contact with colleagues in the workplace and with love what if..

Speaking of being able to “, comments received with respect to this, I guess is the” sum face love words “.. And I think in will be different even just to be multiplied by the kind words during a break in the off-hours? “It is to allow the other person” (prajunya’s)

.. Rather than be expressed in words and attitudes, it is referred to as “forgive”, is to allow in my mind simply.. Let me also forgive yourself if you forgive the other party “(ADATARA’s) and

…, answer any of was a fairly profound content.. It is said to mean “words with mild face and a relaxed” the (goo dictionary) The “sum face love words”.. When you get stuck in a relationship, it’s try to forgive (also my own) Then the opponent, I think quite a good idea..

Socialist state of Japan lag -20 years as seen from foreigners?.

I wrote in the previous blog, but there is a chance to talk with foreigners, and I asked a lot.. It had said the government’s response of nuclear accident or disaster
this time, and will go down in history.. Of course
, I would as a bad example.. Even the Japanese government to
now, action was often not sure of the reason, but this time, it seems strange that by far the.. It means
“I come out as funny policy of the Japanese government in world history textbook of the future”
.. No

, when I heard this, I as “Doki” little.. I think I am, Prime Minister of
etc. now, and has led to the strange direction the country, and I do not feel even the ideas and principles.. So
, by consent, that “policy is strange” that is not a reason for Innovation “Doki”.. Why did you

as “Doki” is down as “the world history textbook”.. In other words
, when viewed historically, is that it’s funny, after this, Japan is that this is a Tondemonaku misery, it is because we think the cause is, and how it comes to strange policy of Kan administration.. Roughly, that of course
, I do not know that it miserable ridiculously is, or what, but that ride in textbooks of world history, it is to be a thing is not good… Well
, what this is, or would be economic system.. Or would
capitalism.. Or would be socialism.. It does not need to be explained
.. In fact

, under cover to Dosakusa immediately after the earthquake, socialist policies are not being carried out.. 20 years ago,
This is not an economic system that has been branded as blunders.. Even in China, which take communism as
political system, the economy has introduced capitalism.. Press down the

story, it’s set to “Doki” is pigeon policies specific society (obsolete) is followed as it is in Japan, since the dire situation the economy like Kakeru bankrupt is because it was thought.. Sonaruto
, and I’ll ride in world history textbook of countries.. Please do not think obsolete Nantes

socialist system.. Socialists are many politicians
inner circle of government.. It also …
to I have gone, bureaucracy, because it is strengthening the authority vested interests defending +, even this, Mr. Maehara is an easy slope to socialist.. You may

exaggerated, but for foreigners capitalism for granted, the current administration, I felt like there is a temperature difference of fairly.. In

Otherwise, it is the European story, but the real estate prices in France seems to be all-time high value updating.. The increase of the
real estate prices, it seems is also a national policy.. Italy and Germany
so is going up.. It seems Britain’s up more
.. Among the austerity, here, it is thanks to the central bank is taking easing policy.. On the other hand
, still, Spain, seems to be no good.. It was Spain and Italy
, and different! In passing the story ranged

Spain, for Greece, I tried to ask you to withdraw from the euro.. I had said flatly
the “impossible” and
.. Unity wonder if stiff
surprising? It thinks in

last, and whether they bother to European supply chain in Japan is broken, for the automotive industry, the impact is not nearly so.. It seems to good to say nothing
.. I was surprised a little! Because it is such as strong
VW (Volkswagen).. What
also, I’m a feeling to have, rather than rely on the Japan.

Can not be expected to decrease in price of gasoline “state glut”.

Gasoline is baggy.. Out of stock after another supply capacity is decreased immediately after the occurrence of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the car was no long lines to the gas station (GS).. Past month or two from it, the situation was turned around.. On the other hand

, partly rising oil prices worldwide, gasoline prices have remained high.. On March 22, 2011, the national average price remains on board to 1 liter 150 yen stand a month the first time in 2 years and 5.. About why gasoline has decreased utilization to peak

04 years are baggy, that “I was too short to make” The Petroleum Association of Japan.. It was forced to correspond to the or the poster so that in the original GS you can limit the amount of the oil supplied per person is not “buying up”, but gasoline is out instead of having insufficient “Immediately after the earthquake, the disaster for the logistics were in arrears it was not prudent to place you need, including the land.. The “explains is that because there was a need to be delivered in a hurry, as a result of the production, and that is in a state of now.. According to the

Petroleum Association of Japan, domestic demand in March decreased 5.3% compared to the same month a year ago.. Three northeastern prefecture corresponding to the affected areas fell by around 30% among them.. Also

, Oil Information Center also said, “basically, can exist in a state where it was baggy gasoline” and.. Demand for gasoline is down at a pace of about 3% annual rate peaked in 2004.. This is because the spread of eco-car and low fuel consumption reduction of number of vehicles owned, the use of gasoline has decreased..

Petrol is May 7th time, are having stock of about 2.3 million kilometers liter (Petroleum Association of Japan survey).. The stock increase further purification of

heavy oil? The stock of gasoline, there is a possibility of further Dabutsuku.. As power shortages measures by accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, TEPCO, increase the proportion of thermal power generation.. Demand for heavy oil as fuel but also increases naturally, oil distributor will be forced to increase the production of that amount.. Because it is produced as a byproduct during the purification process of heavy oil, gasoline, it means that if you make a lot of heavy oil, gasoline also increases.. By stock

gasoline increases, I expect the decline in prices for consumers, but it is seen as “Do not do not fall too much” Oil Information Center.. The Golden Week of May

, the (West Texas Intermediate) in a week WTI is a typical index in New York crude oil futures market $ 16 (15%) you have fallen, closing price of May 6, 2011 fell below per barrel $ 97.18, a $ 100.. It is to have been sold from the uncertainty in the U.S. economy… Because I just do not want the price break as

oil wholesale company, referred to as “you probably keeping the price, such as export” if that’s what it takes.. And

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I was surprised at the height of the China production ratio of COACH

Article says U.S. brand “COACH” lowers the China production ratio, and increase the production ratio in India, Vietnam, the Philippines was published.According to the

British Financial Times Chinese edition, luxury leather goods brand · COACH of rice China of its products I will significantly reduce the production ratio.Opened a factory in the country of low-wage India and Vietnam, and the Philippines, Lou Frankfort Chief Executive Officer of COACH (CEO) 85% of current production ratio in China within the next five years According to the article I made it clear that from the reduced to 40% to 50%.And that the.One of which I was surprised

is that China production ratio of “COACH” had reached as high as 85%.China production ratio is close to 90 percent each domestic brands of Japan.Is (high COACH person of course) differ several times, over-the-counter price would be something similar to the national brand products cost rate.Some people see “branding is solid, and great business manner” and this, “cost even though not that different bag made in China are sold at 9800 yen in Japan, it is avidly profiteers” will be breaking the people who are seen as.Both are correct, his would look with the latter carelessly.However

, not convincing is, it is that it be removed at a production base in India cheap labor costs, Vietnam, the Philippines, COACH that would not change the sticker price probably.Deciding at cost unconditionally the value of the brand you are heavy people know that funny, but even though it has already been cut labor costs, it is sold at the same price, something suspicious.I wonder what this technique a “slash-and-burn agriculture” manner that will move the production base looking for a low-labor-cost country Anyway

is not somehow.Japanese brand is also the same thing, and leading brands of Europe and America are the same thing.Where to next? Would transfer labor costs India, Vietnam After soaring next with this? Labor costs is gradually risen factory in Africa in some information already.The last in turn, the unemployment rate of 21%, the entire young unemployment rate or will the work at very low wages the unemployed in Spain per more than 40%? Is “like have not seen” The price of

clothing, fashion accessories.Performance difference between the price difference is not clear as industrial products such as automobiles and consumer electronics.Because it is expensive clothing that is using high-quality fabrics, the durability is bad or to reverse.Be more low-cost clothing material is above the durability often.Price is different more than several times bag brand in Japan COACH also to the same production in China.there is no product this much confusing balance of price and value.As I mentioned earlier

, products in circulation in the country, the difference in luxury goods and low-priced products is approaching rapidly.To the field of color, pattern, design, silhouette are becoming almost uniform.That’s why, it can be said that having a brand like high idiot is no longer a status is a natural flow.Those who mourn “expensive brand is not sold to consumers because degenerate” and also come, but if mature socialization, consumers who buy the expensive brand in the stretch is a natural and reduced, Europe and the United States so already has become.Expensive brand meaningless

fool like is not required to (except for the lovers of some) Japanese society that has matured.From upstream to downstream spinning, production center, apparel manufacturers, and retail store, the jeans industry as a reporter blog
of textile industry

from MinamiTakashiHiroshi of “fiber news” responsible.After retirement, experienced mass merchandisers apparel public relations, and magazine editor, in addition to the reporter, writer, and undertake public relations agency business, a public relations advisor now

Shipping distribution separation of power will lead to the evolution of the electric power company

It would be the concept of management, but if Negae stable than the evolution of the company, regional monopoly of power company is an asset of the company excellent. Not required and it keeps track of the innovation, it is in the management of the only good if the pursuit of stability and efficiency.

However, a different viewpoint, also created the corruption and weakness of the corporate structure, monopoly system that can control the competition or no competition, inhibits the evolution of the company.

Compared to the size of the company size, appearance and behavior of people in public relations, I feel or are unreliable how fragile or management of TEPCO at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident response this time. I feel itself fragility of local companies monopoly as had out.

You feel power liberalization, enterprise division, it is that there was a time when there was a sense of tension and sense of crisis also power company once.

Smart grid of you to understand and homes each company or if it is being used and how much power at that time, to adjust autonomously power supply and demand as well I think in can be achieved surprisingly quickly.

Unlike human resources and’re gathered headquarters of many companies, and also integrated as in the metropolitan area, in other regions, and I think power liberalization is important is the impact and the size of the presence of the power company There is no small power.

Anxiety, blood donation age some reduction in blood donation away future “painfully” of young people

It is used mainly in major surgery, such as cancer and critical care medicine, elderly patients are often transfusion for blood products. Because it relies on blood donation for the majority, it does not hold a healthy person when young and stop blood donation.

Person in charge of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Blood and Blood Products Division is

On the other hand, blood donation of 16, 17-year-old’s decline is that blood demand of medical institutions have shifted to 400 ml are also affected. Blood donation amount is is limited to 16 and 17 years of age, whereas a 400 ml 18 years of age or older, 16 and 17-year-old’s 200 ml.

However, the person in charge of the ministry Blood and Blood Products Division is

It is said, “Now, this time, you’re trying to lower the age stock not because not enough, it is that I think a stable long-term supply” he said.

400 ml blood donation even if is possible since the age of 17, there is no meaning blood donation rate is not the rise of male figure skating exhibition “Hatsune Miku” in the blood donation room. Therefore, attempts to increase the blood donation youth also performed.

Create a brochure about the blood donation to high school students, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare are distributing. Sometimes the staff do a business trip course. However, high school of 60 to 70% by simply hand out a brochure, it’s as much as a questionable effect.

In light of such current situation, at the high school curriculum guidelines commentary of Health and Physical Education announced in December 09, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and incorporating for the first time the contents of the “touch appropriate also that there is a system of blood donation”. It is scheduled to appear in almost certainly textbook of health and physical education since April 2013.

It is said, “words and angling in the thing is bad, but is trial and error with or get to come to the young people do not you” he said.

Like overturn the common sense originally, of performing free of charge blood donation, it is a service of overwhelming, but it’s so Seniharahakaerarenai.