The monitor developments of TEPCO

Possibility that basically, market standoff continues would be high Nikkei average.The NY crude oil futures market
Semiconductor manufacturing instrumentation and the rise of the soil commodity prices, the impact of decline in after-hours trading on the previous day had been warning
By 置大 hand Applied Materials became slightly higher, the Nikkei average 25 yesterday
Looking for filling the timing section is envisioned.

However, after you have started buying the preceding, is suppressed to the upside resistance line psychological around 9500 yen
It’s going to be a situation Ru.Anxiety roots in government support for compensation problem in TEPCO
In addition to strong, reports that 158 ​​yen a target price part has also been observed.East
When the power seems to be one step weaker, leading to anxiety to the mega-banks, this is to the entire market
Be spread are also wary.

Against the background of rising commodity prices, assuming attention to the resources sector is growing as ransacked
Be.In addition, the sunlight as clues at the G8 summit the “Sunrise Plan”
Interest will Komaro also ransacked circulation to renewable energy with a focus.In addition, Prime Minister Kan Futsu-dai
The meeting with presidential, take advantage of nuclear power while securing the safety of the more in energy policy
shows the idea of ​​the.It is in the context of political confusion, but it clue to material related to the nuclear power plant
‘s Ideal.

In addition, Dow Jones 12394.66 high of $ 38.45, 15.22 port is Nasdaq NY market of the 25th
Into high of 2761.38.Chicago Nikkei 225 futures liquidation value is 9480 yen 70 yen OSE ratio.Of ADR
Toyota, Canon, Komatsu, Sony, Kyocera Corporation Japan
And, it was in general versus firm TSE compared ($ 1 82.01 yen equivalent).

Even shochu in non-alcoholic beverages at last

Non-alcoholic beverages evolution is remarkable.Throat and taste approaches the more authentic, genre and plum wine and cocktails are also spread non-alcoholic beer.It would be that there was much that needs to “want to drink, but I can not drink” and such as pregnancy, breast-feeding and operation, but “non-alcohol shochu” until finally appeared.

“Article of the chart into is here”
Obasa brewing was released last month, the name “Kozuru ZERO”.Non-alcohol shochu that has achieved zero alcohol, zero sugar, zero calories over the development period of about two years.
Shochu to taste that non-alcoholic … finally?I can not even imagine
· ~ Era or have we come here, plain water if you take alcohol from distilled liquor?But I want to try!
Beer aside, Is there any sense to shochu you do not Yoe??
Only shochu, such as the symbol of hard liquor, the reaction of bloggers and “?”Was on many.However While there are pros and cons, I seem to experience this and that all of you non-alcoholic beverages, comment on having showed good fight first time of non-alcoholic beverages were also noticeable.
· Necessities of touring.Throat and chug the time of Caracalla, It’s a refreshing
-Cleanup so tired When will drink, non-alcoholic basic when the BBQ
· Because it is a thank you for your help! Heavy drinker until Sotsuchichi, you want to taste the atmosphere are taking after all!
· Because it is alcohol bad, it’s just taste mood in non-alcoholic happy as long as
The pattern such, it is indebted to non-alcoholic beverages out of necessity of each.

From heavy drinker and his friends called “! Drink to get drunk liquor” of course
– It was expected, but non-alcoholic cocktail, this is usually carbonated beverages anymore!
• The Yaro plum wine soda short?The me … but I thought, it was not sweet plum soda
• The first challenge … unpalatable to non-alcoholic beer in the day to give one’s liver a rest! But should we endure for the sake of health …
Although there is also a severe and comment
· “Plum wine you do not get drunk” is no sweet, it was different from a plum soda taste of adult or rather dry
– Such as the feeling of foam such as fragrance, So there is something wrong with the juice of the ordinary after all
Such as, how being evaluated is non-alcoholic beverage that has made complete each manufacturer is working to draw the line comes through and carbonated beverages and juice.

In the non-alcoholic beer, Suntory “ALL FREE” is highly appreciated by beer lovers still.
– Know well the taste of the beer lover! Throat and taste it ♪ just like real beer
– Some things are too sweet aftertaste is large, easy to drink this refreshing aftertaste
– Truly the best! It’s zero calories, and beer may not need anymore!
And is attracting the support of many comments from bloggers while just was released at the end of April, the new flavor of the double zero cocktail of Asahi beer “Chardonnay sparkling wine”.
Fragrance like white wine is decent, I might be willing to drinking only a little
-This is delicious! Sweet champagne taste … really refreshing acidity!
-I was stuck! Among non-alcoholic only sweet is large, this is the feeling that drinking bubble!
Once this acclaimed, it becomes want to drink a non-alcoholic beverage somehow until school “do not have to get drunk Apart”.This summer to take a cool off in the non-alcoholic beverages was cooled to shrill during the day, and to the encouragement of power-saving might also say.

(Natsume Akira)
■ the topic, it is not spoken in sleep talking?”Negotoku”
Let’s talk about “shochu”!

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Future of Japan View in economic strength

Country summit three of Japan, China and South Korea was held in Japan.
People displeasure with China and South Korea remarkable economic growth strengthened, are worried about the future of Japan that severely damaged by the Great East Japan earthquake might also be more.

I lost generation of generation comes into society in the post-bubble, perhaps because there is no memory of the time the Japanese economy was the top form, pathetic feeling might be lacking in comparison with the generation of the above.
I is not never underestimate the potential of Japan.

Let’s take a look at the GDP per capita and country GDP of some countries.

Japan: 5 trillion $ 460 billion (3rd), 42,820 U.S. dollars (16th)
USA: 14 trillion $ 660 billion (1 in), 47,283 U.S. dollars (9th)
China: 5 trillion $ 880 billion (2nd), 4,382 U.S. dollars (# 93)
South Korea: 1 trillion $ 10 billion (15th), 20,590 U.S. dollars (34th)
Germany: 3 trillion $ 320 billion (4th), 40,631 U.S. dollars (19th)
France: 2 trillion $ 580 billion (5th), 41,018 U.S. dollars (18th)
India: one trillion $ 540 billion (10th), 1,264 U.S. dollars (# 134)
Malaysia: $ 238 billion (# 37), 8,423 U.S. dollars (# 65)

Japanese economy scale, fell to third place by being overtaken by China, but there is a large difference still in Germany # 4 followed by.

GDP per capita as well, so not to be outdone in Germany, position of economic power in the world’s third of Japan, will last longer.
If you look objectively, Japan is a major economic power imposing still.

Also, if you look at the GDP per capita, Japan is about 10 times that of China.
Evaluation that China has been successful economically is also one-sided.
Starting line is too low, the population size is large therefore, it can be said even with, is and continues nearly 20 years of high growth.

In a matter of time, on the other hand, GDP per capita in China, to become Malaysia is the same level, it will place and within 10 years after.
That per capita GDP in China, and Malaysia the same level, it simply means that it is twice the size of Japan’s economy now.

Japanese economy if continues to stagnation as of now, then the Chinese will be the size of the economy of 2 times that of Japan at 10 years.
2 times the size of the economy, China and Japan more than three times are not allowed to so that we face as a neighboring country military expenditure probably.

GDP per capita in India is one of about 30 minutes of Japan.
GDP per capita in India, equal to one tenth of Japan today, the size of the economy of India is approximately equivalent to the size of the Japanese economy now.
No way that India is not accustomed to the same level as rich in China now.
Future, partner compete for position of economic power the world’s third largest will be India.

It is a faint memory, but you look at the global GDP of about 2000 past, read in a book to be a figure of normal India 1.5 to 20%, China 20% to 30% of the world GDP is, it occupies There is a thing I.

I think that you look back on the history of the world, China and India is getting back to normal form, never as China and India that he’s not “emerging”.
Economic growth of China and India, is a necessity of history, in terms of economic size, China and India’s more than Japan’s GDP which is perfectly normal.

It’s important thing is to maintain the richness seen in GDP per capita.
as the country is too intense of the gap between the rich and the poor and oil-producing countries that dictatorship was followed, even if the country becomes rich, it does not make sense a lot of people if Mazushikere.
I think Japan should aim for is, ‘s security and the richness that I looked at GDP per capita, all the people can live decent.

Security industry 48 years average salary of 600 million yen robbery damage ¥ 219,000

Perpetrator is not caught in the May 19 time is 600 million yen robbery of Tokyo Tachikawa became the victim of the highest ever.mainly because time security guard will be one people were targeted, but, all the Sun security guard damage they have caused, “Why are increasingly the view of the internal involvement theory” (investigation related persons) is, 6 Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department only one person or did not put a security guard while also stores billion yen and a lot of money.Mid-sized security company executives talk.

Sales industry-wide “Last year in the 3 trillion 100 billion yen, has declined about 400 billion yen from the year before last.Against this backdrop, companies that work in one of two people working, reduce the labor cost containment by, for example, the two shift system from three shift system has increased.To hear that there is also a place to be working 24 hours of nap a few hours of the employees in their 60s to be hired in the re-employment ”

some critics to point out the concern that such treatment leads to internal crime.The design unit price labor standards for public works bid ministry will set out the target in 51 industries, guards cheapest (about 8000 yen per diem).A survey industry groups have done to target the security guard of about 14 million people, monthly salary’s about ¥ 219,000 in 48 years average.

salary of guards this time, was seriously injured by being attacked by a robber, what seemed to dirty work in side-by-side “not published” (spokesman Sun security guard) is, and these risks.

People who barely have to live even in the “full-time also many, and retention 5.4 year low average length of service.Therefore, there may be in contact so that it aimed at employees who are thinking of turnover crime groups, to teach the inside information in exchange for money.The companies have also warned that to sue After leak information, but there is no effective way to prevent it in reality “(trade paper reporter)

In addition, internal crime is hard to be discovered that it is characteristic of the security industry.

“Inside job becomes to the public, it will not take the job, regardless of the magnitude of the amount of money.For this reason, it is possible to reimburse ordering source by cover-up the incident as a company, should be treated as unexplained expenditure is not uncommon “(security company officers supra)

In addition, it is Sun Moon security guard and was in the property and casualty insurance, but “because there is a fault, such as had been off from usually a warning device of office, the possibility that the full amount is paid low” (a leading non-life insurance company I have seen as executive) of.

※ 3 Jun. 2011 Shukan Post

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Or dollar in the second half of 2011?

Price of coffee is approaching the highest value that is attached to the ’97, tension has spread to industry.Appreciation of other agricultural products such as wheat and sugar becomes peaked, there seems to also influence the funds flowed into the coffee.In the market of precious metals, fell back stands out with sharp rise in price of silver.Coffee silver also, and are common by the scale of trade is small compared to major markets such as gold and crude oil.It seems as the water level rose beyond the imagination tsunami is pouring into a small creek, so to speak, rise of the product so that the two intensified.

On the contrary, if accustomed to and stop the policy of Ben Bernanke to the dollar in large quantities, this is the price of the product is likely falling dollar will affect the market small-scale.Looking at the daily chart of the dollar index, which indicates the value of the dollar, dollar that came down under the cloud of equilibrium table glance, because it touches the lower limit of the cloud now, from Monday of this week, the dollar trend of the dollar is whether to clear by rush in the clouds?There you will focus.If familiar with the dollar bought, then the potential to be the flow of the dollar becomes stronger in the second half of 2011.Stock goods and less likely to rise, non-dollar currencies, so likely falling, the market might be in bringing in the major turning point.

At CNBC, someone to severe remarks Concerning recovery of Japan has been increasing.Percentage and expect optimism faction fast recovery “Japan has overcome the crisis many times until now,” said the pessimism faction take seriously the problem of power and nuclear power plants was about half and half immediately after the earthquake, but now remark “Japanese stocks also circle’s also sell” that has more and more.It seems even in Japan In fact, it is not visible to the wind bill after another passes for reconstruction, large budgets that are organized, recovery of the Japanese to be slower I.

Even if it becomes the news product exhibition of the Northeast’s popular salmon roe, the sales volume will be about the several million yen at most in the famous department store.In damage to the facility has received a small food company on the one hand, several hundreds of million yen.Also, recall that the exchange of time when manufacturing is accumulated in the Tohoku region was 100-120 yen $ 1, I do not think capital investment is to proceed in the same way in the appreciation of the yen around 81 yen now.06-07 per year of the Lehman shock in the previous peak production of automobile and electrical machinery, the main Japanese industry might become the material that?I think.

Employment is reduced in rural areas that deflation proceeds from previous earthquake, young people washed away, the elderly remaining is increased, the state of local government finances severe had followed.Integration and organize because we still continue to be in the sale at the manufacturing facilities of the company, it is not had a situation occurs, such as capital flows away so to speak..

In the stock market in the United States, Russell 2000, an index of small-cap stocks has updated the highest value.Contrast to the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers which has remained sluggish in a fraction of the Livedoor incident from happening.In the U.S. market, money has continued to flow into a new company, even if there is wave.That companies such as energy-related IT and China have been listed as a weekly, company name of Chinese characters is introduced big to fit in the open market these days, especially..That the mitigation measures the Bank of Japan is weak though it is bond sales in yen, the name of the company that does not make flies has just line up change at all, the price of real estate drops will cause appear to look like the norm in Japan.

New businesses and industries if prosperity, that the order of the conventional industry to change is inevitable.However, in Japan, deflation and aging population, feelings seeking safety and stability more than anything is strong, therefore the part of the real intention, desire to be “want to be left continue as usual as much as possible”, even while saying or “growth” with their lips emotion, is it not? strong.Baby boomer population is often in the 60s, baby boomers hitting the child is close to 40 years, average age of the entire reaches the 40s, ethos that you want to live in a stable manner to avoid the stronger risk absolutely Will.

It seems that the results went to explore ways and “innocuously innocuously as possible”, the announcement of the government over the nuclear power plant is also, as had strengthened the sense of insecurity of the people rather.Near-term, and continue to seek strong stability but for the time being therefore, Japan might have got coming up in the place where the medium-and long-term stability may be impaired rather.Think carefully that everyone store protect the Bank of Japan tickets, so economy of medium-and long-term so had weakened.

By any TEPCO, be it Nikko, whether the Bank of Japan, it is a workplace that people coming out of the famous university of its own way has been working a long time is the same.There is no difference can have his wife and children, there is my home, people who are common-sense to go to the company every day, has been action to read the air of workplace properly is to many.However, if you look at as a whole, it seems that it is only those people, even as they’ve invited a high risk.A time when people hit a genius or unusual talent was to inject vitality in society end, tend to seek a place of activity abroad even as a growing is people who show personality sports, music, or academic seems.

During the 10 years, business of redevelopment progress was made in rural areas.Pavement will clean around the station building, confusion is to become a relic of the distant Showa, I feel the streets along the reference of the government while trimmed, lively as went lost and weakened the contrary bustle.Are you sure would follow a similar way also playing in the Northeast.When you looked around the world and suddenly aware, it will be about image, the future of … just outside of Japanese prosperity and bustle.

Cheap breaks the market

There is a psychology to any company any consumer, cheaper in absolute terms or overall is good amount of money to be paid to the recipient when you are trying to get something.Cheaper way of thinking is good for example as long as it serves the same purpose or thing, the same.I think this itself be correct.Basically.But, it is also there in the extent depending.

For example, current situation where price destruction of jeans they’ve been accelerating churn from the jeans as a result

Originally is why was the work clothes, but it’s subtle among the apparel market in Japan if there situation after the end of the war it came to Japan, but jeans that have had much the position of certain reliably.Generation of I such as come out at the moment when I said, “jeans” by pointing to this or you have, but it is the reason that cheap mono from mono high … until I gather the time being as a different story a little.

The important thing “high jeans” that were able to present.

So-called vintage so is to, in fact, new to or was the price tens of thousands of unabashedly that it is a thing high.It is probably so-called designer mono?.

By the way how about shipping status?It did take a look at the data that Japan jeans Council has published every year the best example of percussionist Gee When looking for data and has been announced, but it had fallen like crazy.

Iwanaga graph was created based on “(including import, Japan Jeans Association) Japan Jeans product production and purchase statistics” the

But I no longer saw the jeans around so much?Well, actually it is not that kind of thing, and the numbers where there is a strong market for an out-of-route that is not a member of this association, it is, for example, to supply a large amount of relatively inexpensive, such as GAP and Uniqlo because not members but I was not included in the.

Just say here is, that the position of the brand had as jeans jeans jeans 1000 yen per so hit widely as general perception that clear shift in.Market itself will be broken people who do not use more than 2,000 yen such as 1000 yen in jeans and become to occupy the majority of the market.

If you say it is not to say that buy high mono, or whether bad from the cheapest, things that I do not think it is bad to less extreme’s have increased or you feel course.Of the market is cheap and nasty thing called fact of course.But I feel that a place called certain level of quality to be secured because it is low-priced products carrying the brand of its own way once have been formed to.

But it came no longer sell things of price range that has been considered a standard price up to it and in any case it might be true.In my case that does not take the position that may be cheap thing, for the jeans, I think is a little Na subtle, but hey … because there is a vogue to what to wear after all.

But always there is a reason for cheap cheap mono

You say or corporate efforts such as simple, assume that you were able to make the standard price in the accumulation of cost that seems a certain standard form.And it is why put the profit that seems to be appropriate, but the place you’re doing from the original someone to do similar things naturally been entered, and Tari dawned on me such Dattari low price is determined that it is a good market It is not or have game will give added value to another.This very principle of so-called market.

In, that whether it is a value-added indefinitely the problem here is that’s low price.


Or, for example, let me causing problems such as break myself as a result inviting the reduction of manpower and the omission of labor that would be necessary price destruction, such as Yuku also led to talk of raw meat of a series mind you.

But, there should be a reason always To be cheap.There should be a back always to cheap mono.There is no reason to be able to give at the same price doing the same thing.But is not there always a stretch somewhere in a place called effort.There is reason to be managed to make an effort in its own way, but when it exceeds the limit problem.

Although it is capitalist economy that is not the structure that everyone can be happy


You do not think that the request itself more and more cheap good thing because it is the business is bad.But, it is nowadays you can not help but think as I think there should be a place to strike the right balance somewhere in each.

train Tohoku University has a propeller wings and “Aero Train” development = China

Research group of Tohoku University announced hovertrain the “Aero Train”.Train that has the wings and propeller, travels emerged on a track.According to Mr. Yusuke Sugawara research group, that’s what you have adopted the benefits of airplane to train.Sina Technology has reported.

Because the aircraft is not touch the ground, there is no reduction in the driving force due to friction, aero train can be realized a reduction in energy consumption and a faster rate than normal train.The article pointed out, “But, pitching and rolling occurs slope occurs in the wings, that the fuselage bottom to remain parallel to the ground is difficult” and.Offset the unwanted movement of the wings in the built-in system, and pitching and rolling, has maintained a stable in the three axes of vibration of the nose, but it was to be “not a run smooth enough yet”.

Train travels emerged as a linear motor car than before which actually exist.Maglev to travel by float a train in orbit with a strong magnetic force, but there is a problem that consumes a large amount of energy by the resistance between the track and train.

On the other hand, Aero Train is used as the driving force of the airflow fuselage bottom.Linear motor car is manufactured in Japan in 2003, about 580 kilometers per hour have been recorded a top speed.A collection of high expectations in Japan, the commercial operation of the first to have been carried out It was Birmingham.(Editors: Oikawa MinamotoJuro)

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Electric car which can run in dead batteries! The first time in Japan! E-REV GM Chevrolet Volt appearance [News Topics: Chevrolet]

Engine generator.The “Technology Exhibition 2011 car and people” held at Pacifico Yokohama, EVGM Japan that does not rely on infrastructure, in Japan E-REV (Extended Range Electric Vehicle, range-extended electric vehicle) to “Chevrolet Volt” I was published for the first time.
The GM bolt, I gain lithium-ion battery of 16kWh.Capacity of 16kWh battery that this is equivalent to the Mitsubishi Aimibu is a complete electric car.Combined motor 111KW (149 hp) to this battery.
Further, this bolt GM, 1.4-liter engine is mounted.As this occurs, it’s the same as most hybrid vehicles, but use very different.Engine mounted on the bolt, power only.Hybrid vehicles, used for power generation and driving force both motor and engine, but the engine of the bolt is not used to driving force.The battery is exhausted, supplies power to the battery engine is started.Engine to stop a certain amount of supply is over.
From the perspective of a complete EV, it seems to be equipped with an engine is also a waste.This difference in the way of thinking.It is not able to chase which rely on infrastructure such as charging stations absolutely EV.There is also a reality in a big country like the U.S., that it is difficult to infrastructure development is only in urban areas.If, it’s way of thinking and being able to better that is generated by the electric engine If there are no is, run a long distance without relying on infrastructure.
Therefore, the travel distance of the bolt that has been published is as long as 610km.It can travel 40 ~ 60km When it is the EV mode.
Still, infrastructure development also not going short mileage of EV.It can be said that in that sense, such as the Prius PHV Toyota and bolts, will the EV that does not rely on infrastructure most, as well as ease of use to our users.
[Articles] [new Toyota Prius α (alpha) new car information] 7-passenger wagon and the long-awaited appearance! In Prius-intensive of the hybrid vehicle will accelerate a new family, the rumor Prius α (alpha)!??~ [Mitsuhiro Kunisawa column] bottom line fuel economy but what! ! Just before release! It is equipped with the Demio.Did you exceed 30km / L in the motor without? The Moshimo developing new engine “SKYACTIV-G 1.3” hybrid “Porsche 918 Spyder” If become eco-car tax reduction target …

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Still your workplace or not the “20 century work”?

Recent Posts “I will tell you how to change your life in Naito Shinobuno your money” series of
Nikkei WOMAN online “Priority of money and marriage and career?”. I will look back on the consultation of up to J’s child from the child’s F. Bank of Japan began to work for the first time become

member of society. Branches became assigned, was said to senior it was “!’s Basic salaried road to drink alcohol no matter how the day before, it is attached to the seat in the opening hour of the next day”. In fact

, and came to the company in the last minute of the opening 8:30 too, it is muffled to the toilet all the way and then in the morning, there were also such a person. I did not time card, but you are in the company during working time is was important. Was a respectable salaryman everyone. Also

, and I heard the story of another company, but this, some of the younger employees of a certain large companies, without also serve much during the day, the overtime for the first time to work in the evening It seems that still someone want to earn. It does not matter overtime does not stick to become managers, but it is a translation by counting to pay overtime even from the beginning, and have a time management. I think that will continue to withdrawal from the idea of ​​a salary to get such time

is, become important to business people. Because

, it becomes idea at work to obtain compensation by selling time, revenue would increase as long work, incentives to increase the efficiency is because hard work. In terms of an extreme example

, in sales job, and playing golf with trading partners every day, so if the work can be taken if, it is an excellent salesman even if I do not go to the company. If a person has a job (full commission) full commission, than to go on time every day company, you should think about what to do and in order to maximize sales with less working hours. Idea and if towards his desk in the company to

working hours, and that will feel like you are working is a 20-century labor. Even going out for two hours and lunch people

outside, even if the meeting in Tully’s Coffee in the morning, people that will say it’s use of time it is worth the results if you can roll. There will be work that can not be such a thing by

work. However, On the contrary, it is that it is work that the work needs to be forced by time. There is a company you can not determine

employees may not come to the working hours, the company appears to be playing is, a, whether they increase productivity in voluntarily, or whether a company there is no motivation. It is to give it to push employees to the labor of 20 century reluctantly. Then, we will continue to decline track record is not out though seems to be working seriously at first glance. It means you do not have a mechanism to be evaluated in the performance, is evaluated by formalism, efficiency is because going down. There is no appeal to the workplace of tethered sensitive plenty that are Yarasa such

, excellent people about will try to avoid such a workplace instinctively. I think such as flow becomes stronger now

Increase in bonus leading companies for two consecutive years of summer, manufacturing recovery steadily

That it is expected to bonus this summer of large companies is an increase for the second year in a row, it has been found in a survey of conclusion situation of summer bonuses, lump Nippon Keidanren has to target the major listed companies. According to the

investigation, settlement amount of all-industry average at 809,604 yen, an increase of 4.17% year-on-year. The increase was higher than the (1.51%) increase in the previous year for the second consecutive year. By type of

industry, electrical machinery (16.32% increase), cement (8.92% increase), chemical (7.42% increase), and non-ferrous metals and metal (6.14% increase) is an increase. Food has become a significant increase in 13.28% in the previous year increased by 1.19%. Was recorded a decline of more than 20% year-on-year in the summer bonuses in 2009 of

after the Lehman shock, vehicles (2.09% increase in 2010, 4.17% in 2011), 5.39% (2010 Electric, 2011 16.32% a year), 5.91% (2010 – non-ferrous metal, such as 6.14%) in 2011 is recovering steadily. On the other hand

, decrease (down 4.45%), paper and pulp (down 5.44%), vehicle (5.33% decrease), Print. The first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange listing, subject to

survey, 249 major companies 21 industries 500 or more employees. You have concluded in 101 companies, but 18 industries, of which 41 companies are excluded from the aggregation, such as for the average amount unknown. Is it possible to maintain the performance in wages continue to fall

the full amount paid
business recovery company for securing human resources to wage improvement company closed more than 70% by
disaster, rolling blackouts
“Japan human resources news HRN” is a human resources professional journal of human resources recruitment and human resource development