Delusion of midnight

I was awakened in the middle of the night on the phone. It is not the silent, it was blunder. Because it no longer sleep
, connecting the net.
Dollar-yen is rising. It is said, “exit something or other by reducing the balance sheet” Nantes, FOMC meeting minutes to check the contents · ·
Donokono Come to think of it. Well
, it seems the primary issue of Japan like. I seems like a phony. No

, if you compare the U.S. economy and the primary problem, the latter might be better. The challenge to sleep (0.2 seconds), twice while I think of Aga-ge
dollar-yen also Nantes, Na will not last long. Sleepless:

postscript. With that said, the arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn.
> IMF Managing Director innocence claim, will almost certainly to say the arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn

trap that’s not allowed bail the U.S. court.  I would think about it you listen to the contents of the situation, even human beings completely irrelevant as “impossible”. It seems in fact that there is a history of sexual harassment in
past, as “the suit makes sense”, as we have with the attempted rape charges towards the world this time. Are you sure there would be no jar Kosokuna conspiracy of authorities try to balance the budget in the past in the “propensity” an unnatural arrests. Seems to to enclose one incident of sexual harassment and this time of
the past as there is too much force. However
, you do not know anyone from anywhere arrest of this time is whether the “gimmick”. Voice and conspiracy, for the defense of the dollar seems to be the biggest, but the choice of speculation is too much. Are you sure would not be a political opponent of Leno
France? I do not know well. Ben Brahman lawyer
> chief counsel, their objections to evidence the police has submitted. I prove the innocence of “Mr. Strauss-Kahn told reporters. I said fight, “he just started. The (Full article)

past, it appeared to Ben Brahman, who also served as counsel of Michael Jackson is responsible for Strauss-Kahn.  We’re saying, “The fight has just begun,” Nantes, though, DSK it was relegated to emergency battlefield. It was supposed to fight the presidential election originally
(popular name of Dominique Strauss-Kahn), but it became deployment and Tohoho unexpected.

Below, from the body. Rikers Island is in the LaGuardia airport and close to
> Rikers Island, I also appears in the film and crime drama. Enough to be called a “graveyard”, dangerous facility
in harsh environments> in facilities crowded “very same prison that houses inmates from subject to imprisonment sentences and short-term defendant pending detention meals issued bad. One of the things dangerous, constantly, (including fatalities) violence has frequently turn of events is between prison officers and prisoners and master each other celebrities Nerawareru In (more text)

prison Rikers Island that was. Pattern is that the famous artist was also imprisoned in the past famous, Rikers Island itself has become a prison. However

, and imprisoned separately from the general prisoner to only celebrities, prison officers seems to accompany the ward other than. With things that are placed judgment until you get, not the Rikers Island to be exact, that seems to “Rikers jail”. With that said
, to focus the Rikers Island while I think the DSK it was Hakara.

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I think that a young man, and to earn something in the primary

Nuclear power business in Japan was entering a new phase in that the May 8, the government makes a complete suspension request of Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station, Chubu Electric also decided to accept. You should be achieved first
is a cooling of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, those who discuss whether tackle how to health problems in the future of the people involved in the work and the lack of workers that will occur in the future is tipped , I have no idea. Large issues such as whether to maintain the nuclear power plant or,
or nuclear phase wonder what dont quaere only within that slide into one by one solve the problem that can not be avoided in the emergency such. ‘s Column
★ ★ ★ ★
last time, I was proposed to participate in the processing work by people over the age of 45 to live in the metropolitan area. There are echoes of
fairly, there was some opinion that ridiculed the idea of ​​me, but I think we of positive reactions is or not were many as far as it was a quick look. While criticizing the government response and the Tokyo Electric Power Company, media such as television and newspaper
, was repeated for more than two months the stance convey the struggle of the first time people in the affected areas. However, the cooling of the primary object of the present, is not Prove breakthrough aggressive any. Meanwhile
, broadcast May 9 in the “news station”, there is a feature called .

From the beginning, the figure of workers who Zakone to the gym is projected, people of about 200 people in how to Tsutsumaru sleeping bag on top of the thin sheet, I do not get tired in this and a funnel to worry. Without any of the familiar, even partition by cardboard, etc. with
shelter, there was a warning and will not withstand the stress of minimum privacy sooner or later has to be secured from the doctor. Also, note you should consider the measures as soon as possible also going to bed that remain wearing protective clothing, because there is a risk of skin infectious disease to spread is nice and has been made. It is not put into a bath only once in four days
, mat or blanket himself is that repeated use, there is no doubt that it is a poor environment and unhygienic significantly. In
★ ★ ★ ★
program, interviews with two men in their 20s that came to the Fukushima nuclear power plant was also recently reported. Two
was working as a construction worker at the local city together. However, it decided to be tempted by the high wages of 30,000 yen per diem because there is no work, and to the handling work in the Fukushima nuclear power plant. In the installation of the scaffold, and are you
charge work day 3 hours to reduce the risk of exposure. Radioactivity scary, but if I get a much, was to sign a written consent of the agency.

they are working is close to the reactor building In, not only separated only 2-3 m. I was told and not touch the stuff for the time being < . When you "(radiation dose because high) Do not touch or too much" from the speech>
, and Geiger counter (= dosimeter) is probably not wearing. According to the article Sports Hochi has been delivered to the May 10, that had many a person who has hit the work while not passed a Geiger counter. It is reported that “exposure dose was measured then was below the standard” or, but how far do not know is true with it. In the article the newsletter has been delivered to the May 9
, it has been reported that workers with 30 or more has been the exposure of more than 100 mSv already. After

nuclear accident, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare was raised to 250 millisieverts from 100 millisieverts a conventional exposure limit of male workers, but workers were exposed to more than 240 mSv already that are named. At the end of the special
of “news station”, a video interview for the men in their 20s that are working from March 28 has been washed away. After filling in the works for three weeks already, surprised the interviewer and told mused when I exposed by about three millisieverts a day, man was said:. Is not it not stay only about three months
Working <, at best. Is not it not help only about 2-3 months, and that it is 3 mSv per day everyone>
radiation exposure, even if raised to 250 millisieverts an upper limit, 80 days inside and outside only hits to work with simple calculation. As I mentioned in the previous column, I suspect depletion of workers become a real problem sooner or later. However
, is a story on the assumption that the radiation dose is measured accurately, it is but not fuel the anxiety and suspect that the the measured (lax) lax considerable practice doubts remain. The workers were hired through temporary agencies and employees of Tokyo Electric Power, or complain to the health and environment work, the biggest problem of
current situation, in the process of work in the Fukushima nuclear power plant, asked for improvement The thing that is or is virtually impossible. Further would have been to go unchecked also health problems in the future. It is not a story that requires only one year and six months, the cooling of the
Fukushima nuclear power plant because he must be taken with a view to long-term measures, in order to prevent the depletion of the worker, the work environment is improved as soon as possible there is a need. Returning to the recommendations of the last time
★ ★ ★ ★
here, if accustomed to volunteers from the general to the handling work, the government will be forced to subjected to sufficient measures to be in a safe surface hygiene will. There is always the possibility of exposure, but to convey that effect supervisors, can I be obtained a clear answer to if you feel funny. Implicit say You feel from interviews with workers and video of local
in the “news station” is, and able to work in silence Do not say complaining, since he was hired by being tempted by high salary You’re an employee of TEPCO it is forced. Temporary workers and employees of TEPCO are scared to potential dismissal of (various) at all times, but I is the greatest strength is such a diffident’s not occur in the applicant. The brink of disaster

initially, the core of whether or not melting, dedication heroic might have needed to be sure. However, Fukushima nuclear power plant’s currently located is, I is a judgment of whether the most efficient Who How’s celebrate the processing work over a long period of time three years, and four years. Koji Igarashi Mr. Asahi Shimbun editorial board is a commentator
of “news station” even as were concerned, than was allowed in the mediation agency = arrange nurses, turn suspicion of kickback is always about. I know because there is that I
was also out on the day-labor job from Sanya to about 20 years ago, but the trick to put in the van while not tell the destination workers became old age, and that directs the primary was norm already in the mid-1980s. Moreover, labor shark ends up kickback nearly half daily allowance from the other party to pay. Also
, as is clear from the interview of “news station”, and is hitting the processing work in primary young people in their 20s involved in reproductive and 30s are invited to high-paying no doubt. Is an urgent issue is whether the corresponding how to depletion of
workers, in recognition of that fact as soon as possible, at the same time as Knuckles number of personnel required by the future, Prime Minister Kan who is hitting the processing work currently It should be also published and age structure of our Hometown. That way
, fact that middle-aged and elderly people in the metropolitan area, including me should pay the biasing of the primary policy originally, is avoiding danger is shrewdly should come to light. On you promised to fix the working environment and
, take enough to cope with health problems in the future, it is sufficient to recruit personnel from the public widely. It will not be a thing even if from the reaction to my last column, like eat the total Scandic. I wrote one year with
recommendations, but work of 2-3 months is like a limit in the amount of radiation the current. Well the contrary, people who apply also wonder not more than. By using each other to share the risk that can not be avoided
, remarks nuclear Our policy should have a weight. If you say that confront the crisis of unprecedented by
the Great East Japan Earthquake, and to regenerate Japan, the first step and should be marked by the general public to participate in the processing work at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, I thought seriously are. I want to wait for the opinion from many people continue

Can you how much solar power generation – to think about the power policy?

I am writing that blog, I bought a LED bulb to yesterday, far from grated yam, word was missing. Sorry to be a pain
. It becomes
Again, a year and a half ago, my house, introduced a solar power. As a result
, partly because selling price of electricity is high, gas prices and electricity bill in the total fell dramatically. In

, as power-saving measures this summer, I bought a LED light bulb. Anyway
, and I bought six for living. Topic of

today is from here. The solar power generation this
, cost (as you know) is high is. If those
currently trying to introduce single-family homes in general, 2 million yen in just equipment, it costs about 2.5 million yen to put also ancillary facilities. Of course
, there is a subsidy of the country, but it is about ¥ 200,000. After that, (it was confirmed to skilled in the art) to ask the discount to skill in the art, and seems to feel that about 2 million yen. (Depending on roof size and shape of the house, of course) I think I am sorry to have become a fine story fairly realistic
, the cost that he’s a two million yen around. By the way

, I think I think in the current energy situation, that it is not possible to stop the nuclear power plant immediately, and that it does not stop until an alternative can be. If
, assuming that all primary stop = decommissioning this year, power supply is reduced about 30% simply. Sonaruto
, problem appears by the Japanese economy, such as damage to the (I would say the national wealth) industry in Japan. To put it simple
, the people I fall into poverty with everyone. ‘m

It, you’ll trouble. I think there may be some people who say, “because poverty also willing, lay off the nuclear power plant” and

, but the poverty is more painful. I think of the “good even poor”
is, that it is dominated by feelings of that time, it is emitted is large. It also exaggeration, of Japan “selling” is not limited to electricity, but it is a “good quality”, it is that “supply the electricity quality in a stable manner anywhere anytime”

Poverty ( perhaps, even now …). (Although I think that political interest and also it has any) is the reason was also a nuclear power plant for the
. However
, as of recent, if there is a possibility, such as less than the demand amount of power, and thus it can not supply a stable, I could be a power supply of poor quality. I do not think a place like that
, industries with a high value-added and develop. When Japanese companies build factories abroad, and its stability and power supply capacity,

This is should be the most important item. I think in

On the other hand, as the lessons of Fukushima this time, that the earthquake in Japan large country, it will continue to operate as ever nuclear power plant, the future, and also it is necessary to change. I think but
, as a nation, to become poor is that it is not allowed. I think so

, it’s early need Yara innovation, policy shift to energy alternative to nuclear power plant as possible. Claim of this blog

is that there is a need to develop soot early alternative energy alternative to nuclear power plant. It is that there is no way to live only innovation. I think
the meantime, is not forced to use the primary. Sometimes
, scholars, now, there is the one that (even to cut the power of = 30%) even when you stop the nuclear power plant, claiming Japan is able to do if the power saving of about 20%, but the speculation of such a desk It is a good. The first place
, do they guarantee how the power savings of 20%. It’s good, even 10%, even 20%

but if there is not enough amount of power, companies I just move abroad. (In Japanese, there are people that rejection is also a lot to say this) (always)

savings is not necessarily the good deeds necessarily. To return to the story of

beginning, but solar power is a powerful tool indeed. If there is a leadership in
Prime Minister Naoto Kan, but in a different building codes, such as “be a solar panel roof of Japan”, you may need to promote. Speaking clearly

, is whether there is a belief in him. It becomes the thing of course
, when only solar panels, ‘What about the Night “Nantes’ rainy day’. So
, at the same time, there needs to be developed on the fly to the storage technology (lagging). However

, in solar power, the amount of power generation are few. Output of solar panels of
home is national average nearly 4KW. However
, in reality, power of 4KW impossible, in a little over 3kw at best, something like that 1kw is morning or evening, or will average about 2kw. As 10 hours a day
, if the basic zero, well, because it makes it power generation is 250 days, about 2 × 10 × 250 = 5000kwh is the annual energy production is a rainy day. In fact

, power generation amount of home away from home last year was just 5000kwh. With that said
, it is rough, but it does have 5000kwh on average. (, There will likely be a detached installation impossible) that you want to set up to 75% of the Home of Japan, a panel of equivalent
this. The
Family, because there are about 27 million units, and the installation of 20 million units, it is 5000 × 2000 万 = 100 billion kwh = 100TWH and (Terra). Nuclear power generation amount of
year is 280TWH. To borrow
, power generation amount of sunlight even twice, still are, it will not be enough. The

after, it is a strange story, but, perhaps, not available because land will most likely, there, near the nuclear power plant Fukushima, and also make solar power plant. The
within 3km radius, if irrational, 30k square meters you can use the land roughly. What about the
there, when you install the solar panels. (About 1.6 square meters, actually) 2 m2 one
panel, if the 200W, a panel of about 15 million pieces because I can put in the land of 30k square meters, 15 million × 0.2kw = 300 万 KW at the output of the half, if 10 hours, 250 days, it will be 3 million × 10 × 250 = 75 億 kwh in the same way. It is just 8TWH. If you calculated as this

, still, in the solar power, it is not a substitute for nuclear power. You will need storage technology in addition
. Absolutely
, We need innovation one step more.
After, if well three times performance, alternative possibilities is likely to be higher. The idea of ​​

other, what geothermal power generation only in Japan.
Since this is not familiar, can not be calculated. I think as

conclusion, the time being, and there is only interact well with primary. There is also
firepower, but the Middle East risk it will be higher in addition …
whether withstand the rise in crude oil prices. It is the one that is including its side
, I want you to think about energy policy and the separation of power generation and transmission. It is somehow

but, occasionally, the government, very much, there are times when you would appear to bullying TEPCO. It looks but also to have, if we can so
, popular and appear in the administration, and it looks as if they only TEPCO is responsible.

I, I think the responsibility of government is heavy. Anyway

, now, it is to have ceased the nuclear accident.

Priority, there is. It is

aside, Saito, president of Tokyo Stock Exchange, was saying that decent.
(That is rare)

Nakamura, president and Panasonic President Ohtsubo Umaiku of it because it is personality reverse

It is a relationship between the chairman and the president are being formalized in recent years but, Kunio Nakamura president of Panasonic – Evaluation of the President Fumio Ohtsubo combination that high. Nagata Takahito Mr.

economists me explain. Representation and how personality is exactly the opposite as “two people

. Nakamura leads to tension in-house talk too small. It was worthy to be to push through structural reforms such as the company name change and restructuring. On the other hand

, Otsubo’s are skilled to communicate in good listener. I was handed over at the timing of the Kajiwokiru exquisite growth path of reform. that they both hit each other the opinion seems to be, but the President Katsuhiko Machida founding spirit from being rooted in the underlying, the ”

Sharp is able to succeed in steering without a clean break – Mikio Katayama Sometimes the combination is also president, could cast the rift theory. But, Nagata says. Katayama has been promoting each global expansion and solar cell business, “Machida said the expansion line of LCD TVs in Japan

. It has been reported that it is at odds with each other’s growth strategy, they are not there is a feud actually. Tenure of former president is more than 10 years Sharp

Mizuho silver, silver Incorporated or merger in spring ’13

Nihon Keizai Shimbun dated 18 May 2011 is reported to be, is considering in the direction of Mizuho Financial Group (FG) under the umbrella, Mizuho Corporate Bank and Mizuho Bank to merge in spring 2013. Yasuhiro Sato, president of Mizuho Corp

silver, introduced in advance from June 11 the personnel system who also serve as president of Mizuho FG. I want to reform a system that people from three lines of the former first Kangyo, old Fuji, the Imperial Japanese box office so far share the top. To review as well as centralized decision-making, put the silver Corp of wholesale and retail Mizuho silver under the umbrella of the “two-line system”, leading to the improvement of the profitability and efficiency of management. Also

, Mizuho silver caused a system failure a large immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake, but the system failure a large second time following the inception. It is expected that the FSA make administrative punishment nearby, but there was criticism complexity of decision-making and spread the trouble. The

, 18 on May Mizuho FG announced the comment and “does it represent that it has investigated concrete”. And

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Domestic demand continued to grow stock rise also joined the futures-led

Nikkei average was the deployment of full high ransacked spreads center continued to grow, the domestic demand stocks. U.S. stocks
market was sold, but the fact that exchange had remained weaker yen than the previous day closing price level, buy
is predominantly. Among other things, from the fact that the basket buying by European investors was observed, corner of domestic demand-related stocks J
R east, such as Asahi became a strong movement. After that, the one-stage high by large-scale purchase was also observed
futures market. Field to be pursued
surface was also observed to ¥ 9,700 before one o’clock. Nikkei average of the closing

9662.08 yen of 95.06 yen the previous day high. 1.8 billion 34.74 million
stock, trading volume of the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange trading value 1 trillion ¥ 242,962,000,000. 1338 rise, fall 224, and 98 in no
change, ups and downs of stocks was the deployment of full height about 80% of the total rises. By industry, rising mining finance, banking,
other, real estate stood out. On the other hand, fell only maritime sector. Be

individual, Mizuho was bought by receiving a renewal coverage of group structure. In addition, Softbank S &
P gave to the pulling direction the long-term credit rating also significantly high. On the other hand, Casio Earnings before
is anaerobic became a significant setback

Knack of self-PR impressive

I think that the students, do not know what to do self-talk to the PR job interview activity is more. At such times, you tend to think in the wind, “I have no place that excels from person to …” and “… to have may mere Nantes can do myself”, but there is no need to look for only those sections necessarily. Miyauchi Ryota who is a Jukucho to help job hunting
students’ employment counseling School “is to introduce the episode, such as:” The book to read if at a loss in job hunting “book itself (Daiwa Shobo / published) has. Female students of the one who visited the

employment counseling School. Partly because there is confidence in
English, homestay was wealthy in Canada you go to study abroad, I had very well. That was the content of her self-PR. However
, Miyauchi’s points out this. “It is, I’m writing instead of self-PR

. “Language force if self-PR, see talking on the link the situation overcome difficulties and process to wear any interviewer also”
‘m finally we said, “Oh, I was good,” and. Successful experience is also required If you do not, of course, “I

there is no depth to the story, but you will not be able to attract the hearts of the people to say that it indifferently. Able to talk about frustration own experience, how do you get over the frustration, to convey the action and movement of his own heart in the face setbacks is important. For example

, who go out to “Now I have to confess from across all. With someone who says “I’m never came to like a person from their own, the lover of” Now, five times I had been rejected by the time associate. The kneaded in kneading strategy, rather than completely give up anyway, I was me turned around at last. People, “said I was good luck, Would you want to hear the story of either? If you think I want you to have a good feeling
, but you have only want to show the good side own way. However, recruiters would like to hear is not a spectacular career, Mr. Miyauchi has spelled to be a learned experience and thinking that it was nourished through the experience. Episode remaining in the strong impression among the

own, should also transmitted to people. If you’re wondering and never if
, to PR, and Why you do not have to worry only successful experience, if you think yourself a wide range of

“Housewife” is save from the Japanese economy predicament? Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs published a report “Women economics 3.0, get moving immediately” and. According to the report, and being able to raise 15% of gross domestic product of Japan (GDP) in a simple way. It’s a way that makes started working in Japan many women. China network Japanese version (China net) was reported. The point of this report

, even if you did not update the new record percentage of working women in Japan that 60%, the difference is still large compared to the employment rate of men 80%. Those Assuming that the proportion of female workers has reached 80%, that is a stimulus package it means that the labor force of 8.2 million people is a newly created improve 15% GDP of Japan.

Japan are having a time bomb that population. 2055, Japan’s total population is reduced by about 30%. The proportion of foreign workers is lowest among all OECD (Economic Co-operation and Development) participating countries, strict immigration policies in this country, less than 2%. Reality of Japanese women 70% would quit his job at the time of birth of the first child has a worse and worse situation. In order to change this situation you have deleted the

balance, the report shows the two proposals. Kazo care of content and the number of accepted nursing care facilities and expansion of child care, but reform of immigration policy. Will come to be allowed for women to outsourcing some of its responsibilities through this. Several decades from now, Japan begins to move always. You will not get out much from economic woes Failure to do so

The times have no job nurse also do not speak English …?.

School days, severely by listening and grammar people suffered from “English”.. If you keep the language barrier that I thought I had been released upon graduation, become increasingly prominent Upon exiting to society! Head is painful.. ~ S not necessary for me will not use at work the

English.. When I think Nantes, suddenly one day, I’m an era that is usually even that the official language in-house becomes the English company policy.. Tohoho.. In Rakuten and Uniqlo, to be into English the official language of the house actually

.. Where it followed suit, to incorporate English in other companies seem to be more.. Only that, relationship with people from other countries it is the reason that is strong.. Of course

, to require English is not the only company general.. The could cause incorrect work English delays have become prominent among them is, I seem to medical industry.. Settlers of many foreigners in large cities suburbs in particular, such as it is becoming not choose to work and doctors nurse also, and can not be English.. As it now stands and yet

and when I say, many of the medical personnel, it does not speak English tend to preoccupied with academic medical in Japan, struggle to support foreign patients seems often.. In

other hand, foreign residents in the trend of increasing year by year.. Far is a doctor and a nurse was said to seller’s market, but there is no age work and there is no English now might come really.. In English School, not only business English lessons conventional movement to develop specialized courses of hospital workers for or you have come out in response to the actual situation of these

.. In fact

, in the “English conversation of my b” English school that specializes in novice women, of course to learn the necessary English representation in the hospital was able to.. So get to teach a method of’ll call out and various situations that occur in hospital screening emergency ward, in internal medicine, and directions of the hospital from the foreign, foreign residents to enable the patient to relax, English conversation that can be used immediately is.. This is where nurses to value

hospitality, simply because it is a doctor, much English practical convolution in head firmly, patients with foreigners I want to reassure..

Go on a spending spree prefer men? The difference between men and women concerning the “impulse buy”.

British tabloid Daily Mail is to introduce interesting findings about the differences between men and women on the “impulse buy”.. According to it, more of the men’s more likely than women to amount to spend on impulse buying.. On average in a week 19 pounds while a (about 2500 yen) degree, 25 pounds amount of money to spend on a whim without a plan properties

women, men (about 3300 yen).. Some people may would feel like not many never if ¥ 3,000 before and after a week, but it becomes 70,217 pounds (about 9.33 million yen) roughly When estimated in life after I adult.. those top three

man would spend money on the spur of the moment is, meal, beer, DVD.. Clothes, magazines, women, wine seems to contrast.. 6 women out of ten persons, stress the main reason is the urge you want to buy most shops that’s sale period, six in 10 people would have the impulse buying as well also

I have raised the divergence.. However, it was answered in the same way in men, it has been four out of ten.. Overuse of money fight almost every week because of a couple answer, a set of five sets during and keep quiet her husband one woman, even to shop three and

that.. I think there is an experience of the impulse buying at any one

who, but I know she used to, regardless of the amount of money, I do not want to regret later only.. As you might have supposed to be clothes sleeping in chest without having to have bought it on impulse a few years ago, to wear even once, size does not fit anymore Nantes..