— Firm Rakuten, in response to Bic Camera “the Rakuten market” branch coverage.

Tightly.. It is reported
from Bic Camera electronics stores giant to open a store in “Rakuten Ichiba”.. It is in a hurry the incorporation of the leading companies with a brand, and the expect the ability to attract customers by improving visibility
high Big.. Stock price had fallen
feeling preceded Detsukushi material in it has been run through the financial results, but looking it stops down in the 25th line level.. Development with a support
port the 25th line continue will be assumed.

Casio fell back significantly in the swing company expected under caution, the previous period results in a decrease in demand of digital camera.

Casio significant setback.. the previous year Operating income ¥ 12 billion, became the landing below Ku
size the 15 billion yen the company forecast is anaerobic..
Was driven by strong performances in overseas business, but watches, digital cameras department downside than expected.. Also

, the current fiscal year operating profit forecast is the consensus level nearly 20 billion yen, but, in addition to the impact and Ru
I, sense of caution and progress of the digital camera demand reduction of more than cost reduction pace the earthquake dressed and Ru
or even high.

back circumstances new Impreza, a full model change soon strangely.

Eight years to the second generation from the founder, seven years to the third generation from the second generation.. Speaking of what the number or, It is the model cycle Impreza.. I’m fairly long.. However, funny thing has occurred a little.. The third generation Impreza, be handed over to the fourth generation of only four years in the “short” cycle is now to ensure.. Did you supposed to be a full model change in a short time so why

? Reason of
largest deployment of CVT..

Impreza I gain CVT for the first time, but incorporate a CVT to the chassis of the predecessor must be makeover.. But I, and wants to pile up CVT as soon as possible.. conclusions where it was put out as a “Better yet, you! Let the new Dattara much shake things up” and.. In this way, I mean that was supposed to be a full model change of the Impreza is carried out in a short cycle to overturn the precedent..
Development is endgame anymore, release date, I’d like a little late than initially expected due to the impact of the earthquake disaster.. In addition, I would like to launch in the U.S. before Japan..

18-year-old student and (Tokyo) who was raised to the effect … measure, wipe.

Two months from the accident…. Housewives of Tokyo, you take credit

! Never “meaning, showed that the water weapon again all over the house, everything was down by 0.06 admirably (leave mail)

].. It is wonderful to

really.. 0.06,

room is 0.04 1m from the floor floor.. Effect wipe

was great.. It has somehow maintained in a condition immediately after wiping also

today, and you have to make a quick wipe anyway walls and floors around when even a little high.. Then preference will be given to the attentive or Hatay clothes when you came back from the outside that it is kept in mind such

.. The think

garden, this week, we want to deal with after removing the weed got to come towards the gardener because it is supposed to feel what m thing trees overgrown as the one who uncontrollable forest I You.. We have received an example of ”

.. I think radioactive material considerable because flew to Tokyo in early March

, as it was attached to at that time. It was good

.. I play an active part [student

· · · · · · · · ·

! Person of]

18-year-old student told me measure the Iwaki..

Place of (usually 0.5 from 0.2 micro micro is around (per hour)… The

2. Place like this

pools flow, you will come flowing with water.. Students are surprised by the 10 micro (per hour) really. Thank you

.. I was very useful.. Student indeed! Please do not give up “radiation is high in the region” and

· · · · · · · · ·

.. Also

, please do not think you “tired, decontamination is difficult” and.. Just say, “act to avoid the strong place of radiation”, it’s a

important, it is the half.. I think it is to stay away gutter, bush, and drift. Good and to think so as to reduce the exposure in

school route, to teach well to children, it is to live every day.. Exposure is so “addition”, a stack of little by little will to great effect. Concern of my

· · ·

now, revert to the original one-year “Fukushima and that? “or is the primary” other “Japan…

Why elite or the wrong?.

Accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant of this.. Management of TEPCO elite education is also high.. Also scholars of nuclear energy, which has been talking of people Safety Commission and Nuclear Safety Agency also on TV.. And I say “once” elite Prime Minister Naoto Kan also because Tokyo Institute of Technology.. However

, and prepared for earthquake and tsunami.. Subsequent correspondence.. Future verification has to be, but it will not be construed in any way was praised.. That said, there is no doubt that it is the elite still they.. And, it also has a personal magnetism of some kind rather than ridicule, and excellent head is good actually, yet because he was Noboritsume near the top of the organization is needless to say that.. Still

, I made a mistake.. I say it is the meaning that is inevitable, but in why elite wonder mistake? This blog states a Reasons 4

… If

, · likely applies to all Prime Minister Naoto Kan is If you were thinking seriously “I terribly familiar to nuclear power” and really ….. Let’s generalize a little more

story.. Certainly

, people who wish to have said a good thing at first in the elite world of (intellectual?) Is greater.. People bring up that extreme become overconfident gradually
.. Forget the people who start started to say that funny and dabbled in that unprofessional of his many.. Of course

, it would be very important to be able to hear the opinions of non-experts, but basically it is a “horses for courses”, more expert opinion of the road is correct would be most..

Nomura to understand I say the consultants of the world if you think so is that it is the population really dubious It’s such “I like is not suitable for Hanshin.. It was said in the book “to say of such Hoshino like the Tigers, but it would be unsuitable orientation in the same experts and that there.. And

, this is true why I even on whether to support the “small government”.. The central government because think of is give a solution that better human beings of local government close to the scene more than to direct the things determines the things realistic… And, what’s happening in society and human market is too highly complex, it’s decipher it nearly impossible.. Let Oro more of what not work even with a good genius to solve the problem of how much math’s many.. To be or thought I wish I once stop quickly if think so

, Nantes to expect (a lot) to government.. Come to think of it

, external directors is important! Nikkei something I feel as if I’d have to say I still Nantes, I wish If you stop even for such.. And is not intended to be enforced as a major premise first, and if you think about it this way the effectiveness of it? ? Will.. Accident

this time because must be verified is still the circumstances, it is not possible to say without careful consideration.. However, Kan is dumb.. TEPCO dumb.. So, there is not much sense it than that he was to blame.. I think we need to recognize that “elite there is excellent but inevitably mistake” and.

Why should JR west of the power-saving unnecessary had to thinning operation.

Impact of the disaster of Tohoku of small and medium-sized parts manufacturers are concentrated ranged all over the country.. Resulting in a shortage of some parts, it was thinned out the operation frequency of trains in western Japan..

JR West was reduced to 50-70% in the number of operating conventional lines Hokuriku Line, Kiseisen, San’insen, such as San’yosen from April 2.. This is because the factory of Hitachi Chemical to manufacture vehicle parts “DC motor brush” is damaged.. (low impact many new vehicle metropolitan area) needs to be replaced a year and a half every six months for the parts to wear, both 2300, about half of 4700 both conventional lines of JR West is that the appropriate.. Factory of Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture to produce carbon block which is the material of

brush was resumed operation in early April, but the plant in Fukushima Prefecture town of Namie processed into brush 10km from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant It is a situation where you are located in, you can not run yet.. And the cooperation of other companies, and that they fulfilled the minimum supply current is..

Some cases inadequate cleaning for a popular hormone Maruchou tubular.

It is a problem that issued the food poisoning more than 100 patients, including the deaths of four people by eating raw meat roast chain stores in the “barbecue Shuka Ebisu,” but, in fact, there is a voice “Yukke problem is the tip of the iceberg” and.. The past few years

, hormone specialty chain stores discount is rapidly expanding..  Some meat distributor says.. “The hormone cheap purchase cost, is called the savior of deflation era within the industry, specialty stores have appeared like bamboo shoots after rain” but

, the food problem

Gunji Kazuo detailed journalist sound the alarm.. “Hearts and Kobukuro (heart) and (uterus), internal organs such as that do not touch the bacteria directly in any case, care must be taken such as colon and small intestine of popularity because they have the bacteria originally

.. Bacteria will be killed if heated, but hard to heat street, some may enter the mouth bacteria alive hormone that an uneven surface “is all that is particularly dangerous

, the small intestine was turned over remains of cylindrical without opening “Maruchou (Marucho)” that it is.. Luxury roast shop manager says.. Maruchou does not provide risk is high in the luxury store in the “general

.. Intestine is to clean the front and back open always, to provide a cylindrical shape, the risk of cleaning is not prudent haunts the Maruchou.. In addition, hard to fire passes, bacteria comes from the easy rest of the inside of the tube “also

, the deep-discount store of some, to some cases not indicated whether pork or beef.. “Body temperature of the pig is closer to humans, it has a lot of bacteria that infect humans, there is a risk of infection to hepatitis E virus in particular”

(Mr. Gunji, supra) risk is to be pointed out to the other, or hamburger with minced, it’s molded meat made by collecting the waste meat.. Top of the causes of food poisoning that’s hamburger in the United States.. “Center is in rare form, hamburger gravy overflow has become popular, but originally growing even internally by bacteria should not only on the surface of the meat was minced

might.. If you like to eat in undercooked hamburger is dangerous “is (same as above)

meat, you have to know more about the meat..