Golf, karaoke, theater is “20,000 yen upper limit” doctor entertaining ban pharmaceutical company

Ethical pharmaceutical manufacturing and sales Fair Trade Council to be configured with 225 pharmaceutical companies is (drug Real Estate Fair Trade Council), the self-regulation related to entertainment to physician medical representatives of pharmaceutical companies by (MR) I will strengthen from April 2012.

Review of self-regulation involved in the entertainment since 2002.I’ve been “excessive ornate entertainment is not desirable” and even up to now, but the excess entertainment was not quite Toma.From April, ¥ 20,000 the maximum amount of entertainment.Banned also capitalize on watching sports or karaoke golf, and theater, the second meeting that has been recognized so far.

Many physicians are invited and presentation of their products pharmaceutical companies that require consumers to open glance, the lectures and study group, such as a study drug.Pharmaceutical companies to bear the accommodation costs and travel expenses of doctors, of course, buffet party is opened for benefits meeting is finished.And sumptuous meal using ingredients to convince gourmet, sake of sake and wine is available in the hotel banquet hall.

It is known to have an entertainment budget of many, it becomes second meeting of then, also the third-order meeting, MR of pharmaceutical companies, serve entertainment role and bars exclusive club.You might also enjoy karaoke, and there will also be another day of golf entertainment.

A health care professional, I guess is from the days of the bubble still “.This relationship was finished the.To talk with, “I will be eager I’ll be to the performance of their own if Moraere using the medicine MR even entertain.

Tendency to check strictly with physicians and pharmaceutical companies to “adhesion” is adapted to the international trend.There is a movement against pharmaceutical companies, promoting information disclosure about funding such as hospitals and universities in the United States.”Excessive entertainment” also, if accustomed to the doctor to buy drugs on a priority basis from pharmaceutical companies in part by it, and as a result “could be also that the patient is disadvantaged” (Pharmaceuticals Real Estate Fair Trade Council) This is because there is a concern with.

In addition, “drugs are the foundation for public health care system Pharmaceuticals Real Estate Fair Trade Council.It is explained that because will result in consumers glance, people glance is required more and more in the future, things like unexplained to the public and “has a clear position to stop.

Study drug Real Estate Fair Trade Council publication of content and company were divided into categories of six “entertainment” in the review of this malicious violation.

Buffet party after the lecture related to their products (1) pharmaceutical companies

Wining and dining session to benefit lectures and panelists, and facilitators in the study group and (2) lecture

Eating, drinking, such as advisory meetings and conferences, such as caretaker (3) Lecture

Benefits of instructors in-house workshop (4) pharmaceutical company

Up to a maximum of 5000 yen, eating and drinking with the meeting and (5) business talk 3000 refreshments and lunch such as (6) Product briefings, and also admitted to a maximum of 20,000 yen per person for these I admit to a maximum of circle.

On the other hand, karaoke and a second meeting, and golf is prohibited.Say, “thinking that basically, entertainment and entertainment such that the digger is not suitable”.

In addition, or repeat violations, etc. to examine and publication of content and company, the disposal of such expulsion or penalty in the case of malicious violation, was severely amended.By the end of August, and stuffed with details such as the case of excess entertainment that can be assumed, and submitted to the Fair Trade Commission and the Consumer Agency.

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Tohokudo The general also free car?

Long drive to lovers you are lamenting that ETC1000 yen upper limit system of the holidays are over, I tell you about the news to be worried about a little.
Information that is written in this entry does not mean that you have decided to officially and does not know what the results may or may become.
However, it is information that can not leave someone alone to drive Favorite.

Wow, I’ve caught the information that is free open to the public highway vehicles in the Tohoku region that has been discussed.
For example, according to the Chunichi Shimbun of 20 June
“The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is considering also be expanded to all models since August, to continue for a year over a period of about 120 billion yen.”
Thing with.
Focus of the future in part what that you can secure a budget of 120 billion yen, opaque or may not be currently implemented.Likely to be rice cake I wrote a picture to say clearly is also in no non-servants in without the.
But the Akatsuki, which was conducted, to eat what you go to the Tohoku region tourists is sluggish, delicious to enter the hot spring, I’ll go to activate the economy of local.
(Kudo Takahiro)
[If you can not see the image]

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Company visit another old one hand to resume? Recommend a new job hunting

In recent years which is apt to reduce the number of new graduates, for everyone of college students, many of the companies, it has been followed by severe job hunting.When it comes to job hunting, it is that there is a step you are determined and so begins company information session, document screening, first interview, and secondary interview … but, job hunting such Maybe old already … of that is the subject of this place.

Pointed out longer, Charlie Hoehn Mr. freelance marketers is, resume is not the person who is best method necessarily in order to obtain a job.Rather, we recommend that you work for free.

Of course, job hunting conventional obtained carrier in Education plus interview as doctors, will continue to be valid in the occupations of some but, Hoehn said, progress that playing “something in the speech of TED I preached and “lead to.

This, and this it does not mean that the work in intern, for people that I can respect, may give the job he wants, that work at no charge.And participate in advanced projects with excellent people, Hoehn Mr., thanks to having worked at no charge, from the company side “reverse nomination”, it seems to have adapted to receive a job offer is now actually.

To practice this, must be stored in the corresponding course.On the other hand, it is possible that if you try to Tsuko a job to earn money, and thus exhausted to work it is not a real intention to be obtained a job with much effort.In other words, in any event, its own way of “costs” is not take, but the recipe of the Hoehn said the former course.It intends to invest in yourself for a while, it is possible to accumulate funds necessary for life for the time being, to raise enough track record to work for free, it is to approach the work that I really want to “under” this.

Not too bound by formal job hunting, conceived free to approach another, it’s into action as well, I might secret plan to successful job hunting.Speech of Mr. Hoehn You can see the video at the beginning.As for the theme of the same, so we picked up any “tips of four to get a dream job from the inexperienced” life hacker article archive, your information together.
TEDxCMU – Charlie Hoehn – The New Way to Work | YouTube

Adam Dachis (original / translation: Yukiko Matsuoka)

erotic experience was masturbation telephone sex

I embarrassed, but I have made telephone sex with him for the first time just the other day! !

At the far love with him, I had met almost every week until earlier this year, but without I met about a month this time, it was a slight frustration.

1 hour average has approached my phone every day, but he is also not the lowest common H so much until now, and I also did not even conversations H rarely so shy.

But, the body is tighter and tighter and when you hear his voice because I did not meet too the other day,

If you say that I “has become a feeling erotic” and “‘ll get heard, Try it yourself”, it can not be such a thing absolutely in an ordinary way, and it’s feeling ridiculous.

But, I at that time was the middle of the night, and it also seems to have become a woman different and something to help, I was saying just obscene language “Wet to Bichobicho,” “there is tingling” or.

When I touch myself I’s, it seemed to me noticed my breath errand,

He, therefore said, “Where are you?’re Touching now” or, I “‘s no good if you do not say I” Iku~tsu “properly before that going when”, breath is becoming rough, it will not be able to take it anymore ,

I would say that shouting “Ahhhhh, I’m coming” he said.

It was full of embarrassing really think in hindsight, but it was wet most in cyber sex you have ever experienced to this is going to be a habit anymore.

He told me that I “. Was good and a very sexy voice” and from over.

The combed conversation H also after that, three hours it took, but it was a very fun event.

TELH is recommended for people who are in love far. I think also people It’s not far-love, and I feel a fresh than usual.

telephone sex free phone number guide

Imported car, selling power map has this!

Domestic car whereas a about 20-50% from the previous year, imported cars has become about 6% increase (except Japan-imported car) On the contrary, new car sales total of January to May this year, now how the domestic car some users that were not imported car Fumikire to purchase up to flows in the imported cars in relief.
If you try to visualize the sales results for January to May in Japan imported car brand, it accounts for about 70% of the imported car market nearly VW, BMW, Benz, only Audi I understand.Breakthrough of Audi is particularly noticeable, in that the share of VW group accounts for about 40% of the imported car If you include the Porsche.

(Figures from the Japan Automobile Importers Association statistics)
When we analyzed by where to are selling a lot of imported cars more, metropolitan Tokyo, Kanagawa, Aichi, and Osaka aside, that each province with an increasing trend with certainty, you will know last year.

As it or not continue next year after this trend will regain the tone is domestic car manufacturers, that domestic car users became interested in imported car at least might be no doubt.
Please also read here.
(Avanti Yasunori)
[If you is not seen all the image]

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medical insurance that anyone can put, do not get the insurance money

Medical insurance and life insurance normal, you can not join to be unhealthy there is a review at subscription time.Those “non-selected medical insurance,” as there is no check this also has come out, but can not recommend this insurance.

There are various reasons, but “to put anyone, but to receive insurance money is difficult” is from one of them as.

People to choose the non-selected medical insurance is a person that can not be medical insurance ordinary unhealthy.(No one to subscribe to a more expensive all the way medical insurance to healthy)

You can have ill insurance before, there is a disease during treatment these people.Well, if you say such a person is or take any disease, the most promising is a disease you are suffering from insurance before.

Potential heart disease, and stroke are higher people, such as those treated for high blood pressure from insurance before.That’s what, a person suffering from cancer is unlikely to heal already is large may die of cancer before it becomes to other diseases.

However, in the case of non-selection medical insurance, insurance against the disease that has been applied to the insurance before such is not paid.

In short, it is insurance that insurance is not paid in disease can take in much more than the general high.Insurance company is good not have to pay in the common case is that people hospitalized with high blood pressure may fall in stroke.It’s all well and good to not have to pay the insurance to people who it has become cancer if there is a polyp.

Guarantee of admission is to want simply because there is a chronic disease in unhealthy Do you think there is a value of how much medical insurance that insurance is not down with the disease he or she will be hospitalized.In higher premiums than medical insurance general, it is insurance that insurance is not down only in the range narrower than the medical insurance of general.

You might be ill in hospital has nothing to do with chronic disease, but do you pay a premium for how the security that has been very limited?

When considering a non-selective medical insurance, you should consider this.

Authentic sound for Celebrity

When Listen carefully with his eyes closed, a sense of reality of modern jazz bands, such as playing live at the ear.If you reached the cymbals of the drum, to a small metallic sound ticking is handed down to hearing.Kataya piano played by Duke Ellington brings a tasteful anything sounding analog.These are whether the sound of the performance of the real, and whether the sound it is reproduced by the audio, such as CD, and divide Kiki difficult anymore.The reality of the sound quality of this much, I do not know that it does not try to experience once.

BeoLab 5 is one of the top line of Bang & Olufsen is superdreadnought speaker that delivers the listener a sound close to the original sound as possible.Just as not only large scale simply, it is possible to cope with any indoor environment, has become the intelligent speakers that various digital functions is mounted.

For example, by a technique called Acoustic Lens Technology, and that at any position in the room speakers, can have anywhere in the room listener, BeoLab 5 will be able to tell the sound that is uniform.In normal speakers, listener or walking around the room, the position of the speaker if the changes or how to hear the sound of varies depending on it it was a matter of course.In addition, unlike the speaker of the general, that is controlled by both the horizontal and vertical planes the directivity of the sound, unprecedented technology is adopted.

In addition, you can freely change the layout of the room, guest of many and or gathered in the home party, change significantly different from acoustic environment you first install even if there is, the fluctuation does not occur in the sound quality of BeoLab 5.It collects data in the room by moving the microphone, I automatically rebuilds the acoustic environment suitable for it.Time required for the automatic adjustment, just 2 minutes.At the touch of a button, you can play at any time, even until the fine nuances of sound.

And Remarkable, design.Harmony and to the modern interior, from the quest for performance, innovative design at all to be able to call with the ultimate functional beauty was born.It may be said that only celebrities taste, BeoLab 5 is an acoustic experience of the highest.

■ BeoLab 5 (black, white)
Price: 2,730,000 yen (pair)

■ Bang & Olufsen Japan

Also worn by celebrities! I watch “made in silicon” is very popular in the United States?

“Rumba TIME (rumba time)” has landed in Japan hit wristwatch that “has sold 200,000 in the United States”! In Japan, “fashionable watch” casual has become a hot topic such as online shopping is, likely caused a sensation in Japan and for the summer so far.

[Image] brilliant! 8 point of product image, such as neon pink

After all, the point of this list is that they watch stylish, at an affordable price.For example, the digital type “Rumba Time ORIGINAL2.0” is 1980 yen is really dial! casual feeling any number align the color, you’ll want to coordinate in the mood for that day’s a charm.

Yellow or red, and green, the color variations as well, really rich.By seven colors are aligned with each series.For example, a series of popular “Rumba Time LAFAYETTE”, yellow and neon pink and be “overlaid with” what color, dressy face is it useful items to get used to fashion experts at a stretch for a woman.

In addition, the place is not a rubber material, “silicon medical” friendly’s being used on the skin as well I am glad that.Highly elastic, comfortable with the smooth.It’s perfect for the person who skin and any metal allergy worries.

Deployed in three types are sold this time this “rumba TIME”.It is a sale or cycling-based fashion Marui in select shop of goods at “low Tate Store”.In this case, the feature “Rumba Time BROADWAY” (3980 yen), analog clock of delicate form thick belt that is wrapped around the face and Guru~tsu “Rumba Time ORIGINAL2.0″ and (¥ 1,980), the arm of digital type ” Rumba Time LAFAYETTE “(3980 yen) is developed.

Since the day-to-day life waterproof, or a rainy day, and also a hot day when it is easy to sweat is most suitable for “rumba TIME”.Its lightness, functionality, from stylish, fashionistas who athletes and also such as know and love abroad.Public relations company also hallmark “any design, is recommended regardless of gender” and.Anyone looking for a nice wristwatch Try check it out! [Tokyo Walker]

And presentation of the watch “Man U” brand autographed limited certificate comes with coach Ferguson! (The Television)
-About “super” is turned USB keyboard clean and stylish “COOL LEAF” was released (Tokyo Walker (national edition))
Restaurant to be able to taste the “breakfast in the world”! Tokyo finally first foray “bills” is (Tokyo Walker)
And convenient item appearance that can be mounted on a “watch-like” to “iPod nano” (Tokyo Walker (national edition))
Plug suit to watch! And “G-SHOCK of Ayanami Rei” is? (Tokyo Walker (national edition))

Daylight saving time of the company is not eco-

Before the power of summer anxiety by primary problem, Japanese companies began to introduce daylight saving time system..
First, daylight saving time is referred to as the “Daylight Saving Time = DST” in the United States.It’s sometimes referred to as “system time to save the sun” when literally, but when is this little “?I “.Who said, “time system that effectively utilize the daylight hours” would be easy to understand.And because in accordance with the energy method, which is one of the Federal law applies to U.S. statewide basically.
It is said that the idea of ​​DST, has been proposed as a method of Benjamin Franklin to save the candle in the 18th century (1700s).But it begins not to be performed at this time, in Germany and UK World War I under to have been carried out in succession for the purpose of saving resources in 1916.It was for the first time in 1918 in the United States but, immediately interrupted by a very unpopular at this time, there are circumstances that you revived during World War II and then.
Well, DST is in effect in the United States 49 states with the exception of Hawaii in the United States the current, but, in fact, has not been implemented in almost all Arizona.Although not doing well on the island of the Caribbean, such as US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.Because, DST is because the effect is exiting what to do in the area of ​​high latitudes where daylight hours of summer and winter is very different.

Implementation of DST The current practice in the forward one hour all at once the hands of the clock at 2:00 am on March 1st Sunday every year, and that, back one hour at 2:00 am on November 1st Sunday.When it is Japanese sense, daylight saving time (DST) seems like a special system for only a few months of “summer”, but, in fact, more than half of one year’s has been operating in daylight saving time.On the other hand, it is like turning the calendar for Americans has continued to this much since I was born, and I remember “Spring Forward, (fall back spring to advance) Fall Back.” As the idiom and are.That said, the world around them because that’s move Te hour shift in the boundary of a certain timing, various trouble happens when you absent-minded.(See “! Your attention to daylight saving time” ※)

Well, I wonder what kind of a feeling you enter the DST.Is 9:00 in the morning daylight saving time (DST) is 10 o’clock in the morning in the winter time.It is that they have to get an hour earlier, it would not keep up with the world the day switching to DST.It is also that work and that ends before 1 hour.Latitude because high in New York, daylight hours work effectively DST long especially during the summer months.Even in a state of DST, 5 o’clock morning dawn as long as mid-June, about 8:30 sunset.If left in the winter time, this means you are out to work quite date from getting high, daylight hours in the morning’s waste.In addition, the bright 3 hours or more still if you’re done work at 5:00 pm.In (New York, company to closing at 5:00 pm is not too much overtime many.And it is not necessary with a lighting just that by working to firm) days during sleep also from becoming one hour earlier.This means that electricity bill but not being able to save.
According to the website of the U.S. Department of the Interior studies in the 1970s, the amount of energy is decreased 1% by performing the DST.Only 1% of?You might think, but it’s what a lot of it is converted to electricity usage in the United States.In addition, DST he became about a month further extended from 2007, but the electricity consumption that decreased 0.5 percent average in the United States by this.However, I want to pay attention to the opinion if you are not going to be that power saving, a.Because, it is the presence was not anticipated by the time we started the DST of “air conditioner”.The hot if brighter “.I spend that much air conditioning.With that said, “the more energy saving effect would fade summer becomes a hot area.In some cases, it has also been reported electricity consumption would increase rather.Than the amount of power it is to save power without the lighting, the amount of power the air conditioning of minutes activity time during the day has increased more than he is.

However, the major objective of the DST is “effective use of daylight hours” does not talk about than just “energy saving”.Lifestyle and national identity, economic activity of both American’s related.It is written this way to the web site of the United States Department of the Interior as well.[Daylight saving time of the company is not in eco] I read more

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Salary of men is not growth – wasting time?

Salary of men is not growth.In addition, the number of working men as non-regular employees that continues to grow.On the other hand, women’s healthy even while good social advancement of women is delayed in Japan.

In the industry to work with me, it appears that women’s participation in society in such a way has become prominent in the field of women can exert more power in the feeling that women Speaking of business.In addition, coverage of each company and are striving to create an environment for women to work comfortably than or increase the female managers to take advantage from the ability of women unending.

Of course, it is possible to positively influence the economic growth goes without saying that the rise in the labor force over the medium to long term.However, women’s took the job from a man while at the same time also it would be fact.

I want you to look at the graph below.

Is a graph of the United States advanced from early social advancement of women more or less.

The graph above GDP per capita blue.Red middle-income men.Is a middle-income women in red GDP per capita blue under.

Income of women continues to grow until 2000, while it is a plateau in the 1970s income growth of men at a glance.

The first place, I can say that the labor force participation rate for women has risen is a major cause.In addition, men have been crowding out the popularization of higher education of women are willing.I considered various reasons such as the proportion of jobs that require (difficult for a woman) or the physical strength that men will is good or reduced, such job has moved overseas.

Future, a similar tendency will increase more and more in Japan and in any.It’s going to be a great era for men ….

※ graph in the text quoted from The Crisis in Male Wages.

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