It is high time we found something to do with when you lucrative investment

By “‘s when you have found something that another person is not aware yet and when profitable investment” is the word you want to use Mark Farber favored by.

Yourself and claim the idea that other people do not agree yet, usually, it will be rejected.

My name is push back that my idea is denied out of hand as the.

Push back is a very important requirement that investment idea when successful.

Their own ideas when you are agreed “Yeah, it ‘s the street” and from people of all, then the idea is wrong almost certainly as investment decisions.

That everyone around you that agree with their own ideas, it means that the idea has spread far and wide in the world, it is because they’ve been woven into the price already to market basis.

It does not usually, and continue to shine for more than five years in how great investment theme.
When the masses start to become great detail with respect to certain investments in general terms, it is a dangerous sign.

For example, everyone is now in great detail in the acronym, such as MEMS and ADSL when the dot-com bubble.

That everyone would begin to swing the terminology, it mean that the discovery is missing is already there, it is nothing more than “the loss of Frontier”.

Loss of the frontier is looming at the feet of investors and lapping in the form usually of reduced return on investment.

“Somehow, I no longer profitable like the old days”

I think it is time that the loss of the frontier has started happening when investors had that kind of feeling.

In that case, investors will ensure the return on investment in the two approaches can be roughly.

The first method is a way to ensure a return by applying greater.Means “using the balance sheet” investment strategy, and it will say “multiplied by the leverage” is also a trade strategy if you fix the representation of traders like speaking in the case of company.

Another way, it simply means that it will shift to a new investment that will be required to use a head more.It is that it replaces the intellectual content in other words.It is that to restore the competitive advantage in investment by re-secure the Narijji gap lost.

But to be refreshed Narijji-based yourself in scrap-and-build always if you try to secure a competitive advantage in the second method is required.In addition to new challenges will also be necessary.

This looks is not a way of life easier.

One-stage high, TEPCO levitation “theory stock price 1018 yen” theory

One-stage high TEPCO.I recovered 300 yen level 3 since June.I have emboldened stop high of the previous day.I had to leave the buy order of 3.72 million shares over the same level at the close of the previous day.Flow repurchase the good feeling became active that it has cabinet decision to perform the damages support of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident the day before the “nuclear damage compensation support mechanism bill” is continued.

In addition, we have (20% or more cash out) more than 50% Margin rate from buying and selling the 14th minute, and are redeemed because it was difficult to insert the short selling of new.In addition, it issued a report that Monex is to 1018 yen a theory of TEPCO stock price also has become a hot topic in the market..(Editors: Yamada one)

“English is what save the woman”

“English is what save the woman” (Chikuma Shobo, 2011) Kitamura Bun-cho

Person who Zawatto in the title, must have quite.Good title.

Needless to say, English is a kind of language, it’s a communication tool of expression and action.Basically, no more and no less.Thing … theory that such would not work in reality, Everybody would know if a person was found a little of what.English, has been given a special status among the language in many ways.For women and more It’s not that “special”,.Based on it, while interviewing women of various positions of 36 people, the authors explore the relationship between “English” and “female”.

Of course, English is “special” Nanoha, environmental influences placed women in Japan is large…

Is expected to feature these “tools”, such as the occupation is envied and employment in well-known companies, such as degree of PhD or MBA, or official capacity, such as a certified public accountant, there is many other.English, depending on the level frontage is relatively wide, and “horror” because it looks easy to understand, there is room for widely accepted among the.It’s like speaking a foreign language that other similar course, but most of wide use of English can not be denied.And, if you stick a little more because the authors have pointed out, I might get used to get acquainted with the Europeans and Americans men, of course there is also story like.Author points out, the difference in women’s and men’s advertising advertising of English School tells us that this is not a mere Yakkami.In this blog, (like this such as this) you’ve picked for this area.On top of such a structure, a huge “English industry” is a translation is established.

There are two place was interesting, especially in this book.One thing has been explained by the author likened to religion English first.That fantasy women, and their illusion of more attractive, to a new world could not go without it “door” that is opened by the English will result.And on top of the group and believe in it, invest a large sum to the English school of “General believers” women, or people who are English, such as English lecturer in the “wo” work, above the clouds you have English work “in” hierarchical society of “clergy” we reign.It is not always English and save the woman actually, but it live for peace and by the effort to believe be saved can be obtained.All very convincing Given the religion these English.That they bring “a mixed blessing” that have both “grace” and “tied” is also the same.

Second, this document said that focuses on the “break” in the everywhere.Or otherwise, to some English, such as the above-mentioned “clergy” as well as “general believer”, the break in accordance with the rank among each of the “returnees”, such as whether doing work related to English There are lots of cuts of “discontinuity”.I tend to think as a woman between inflicted handicap socially or, as with the same “faith”, and if possible unity, but have no such luck.Only the break, because it is a thing that fantasy “I am different from the others” as women sought to English.Will you be able to suffer the disruption of social hierarchy and the “upper”, who laugh, the figure of her who have a sense of security to break with the “lower”.It’s appearance itself of many women find my place in the society of the male-dominated still, and the figure of men who with diligence to position up his both should not differ terribly in a competitive society it.

If you leave a spoiler one, this book does not give the answer to question “whether the English save a woman” and.It might be about it Well, well, that is not a question of the kind seek answers.I mean, for the English, about the situation surrounding the women in Japan or, for involvement in Japanese and English, this book gives us plenty of opportunity to think instead..

So, it is recommended to all Japanese men and women.

I fight with “Gundam” of yourself! The revolution in the toy Gundam new series

“Mobile Suit Gundam 00” since, according to the broadcast’s new TV series, almost two and a half years “Mobile Suit Gundam AGE” of (MBS · TBS series), the concept of “complete works of toys and plastic model” is Bandai Namco The introduction of new brand of Gundam that.”AG (Advanced Grade) 1/144 Gundam AGE-1″ (630 yen each) will be released sequentially from October to start to air.

Product Image [image] “GB 1/100 Gundam AGE-1 Normal” as well as such as “Gundam Age-only boot device device” is here!

This Gundam you reproduced in (total length about 12.5cm) 1/144 scale mobile suit that appeared in the play, was mounting the IC chip called “Gage-ing chip”..It is also possible to be able to Geijingu to three-body aircraft, to fight the enemy with his platoon in this series AG.

In addition, it has become a part of the larger than traditional Gundam, and painting tools, such as tools and adhesives also not required, it’s assembled easily in Gundam beginner point.In addition to be released in October of “normal”, line-up, has a three-type “Titus” and (November release) “Sparrow” of (December release).

In addition, 1/100 scale can play in conjunction with over-the-counter and installation “Gage-ing Battle Base” as well as the commodity colored-assembled figures (total length about 19cm) “GB (Gage-ing Builder) 1/100 Gundam AGE-1 Normal It is scheduled for release in October as well (¥ 2940) “.

In addition to featuring four pieces of Gage-ing chip, such as the torso and shoulder, here, reproduce the retrofit system of legs and hands, which is a feature of this Gundam.By strengthening and rearrange parts of selling “G Wear”, etc. (¥ 1,260 ~), retrofit reproduced in the play, of course, it is also possible to customize the mobile suit of the original.


Efforts of this going to be a fun topic as a new way of Gundam to be “linked” and items TV Anime.It is focusing on the future development in conjunction with Anime.[Tokyo Walker]

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2.5 times net income, the next generation Sony FeliCa IC chip interim results significantly decrease TOB, of Kula sushi, is HIS interim period financial statements for the purpose of web money wholly-owned subsidiary of the estimated 31% reduction, is KDDI Toyota current fiscal year net income attention of brand development = the 13th

[June 13, Sakura Tokyo Financial News =] It is attention brand of the 13th.2.5 times net income, the next generation Sony FeliCa IC chip interim results significantly decrease TOB, of Kula sushi, is HIS interim period financial statements for the purpose of web money wholly-owned subsidiary of the estimated 31% reduction, is KDDI Toyota current fiscal year net income development.

The 3rd, expected full-year consolidated results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012 so far has been undecided, net income is the 280 billion yen down 31 percent year on year (7203 east, large, name, tag, Fu) Toyota Motor was announced that he.This is a situation which need to be taken to risks, such as continued high unemployment rate in the United States and Europe and a rise in crude oil prices in the world economy, the time being from the damage of the Great East Japan Earthquake is a serious and wide-area, you have a profound effect on expected weak movement will continue.Scheduled to consolidated sales for the full year is 7.24 million units.

The 10th, WebMoney KDDI is (east 1:9433): a view to a wholly owned subsidiary (JQ 2167), as intended for all of the Stock Acquisition Rights and outstanding common shares, conduct (TOB) Tender Offer Then I announced. 327,000 yen per share of common stock, TOB price TOB period June 13 to July 11.

Financial results for the interim period April 2011 (East 1:2695) announced on the 10th saddle Corporation to expand the “enzyme-free saddle sushi”, was ¥ 700 million of 51% year-on-year net profit.All stores arrivals exceeded 3.2 million the previous year, but it reflects the consumption trends to significantly low-end, per customer at existing stores were lower than in the same performance through six months.It caused the sales budget is not achieved with self-control business caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

(East: 9603) H.I.S. Co., Ltd. consolidated financial results for the interim period April 2011 announced in 10 days, was 4.5 billion yen of 2.5 times year-on-year net profit..

The 10th, Sony (East and large 1:6758) announced that it has developed the next generation FeliCa IC chip of the non-contact IC card which adopts the new generation Encryption Standard AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).You are planning to start volume production in the spring of 2012.[Ryo]

Publication summarizes the 50% discount? Coupon information [PR] famous restaurant! The “Nau Groupon!”

In [PR] attorney consultation alimony increase also “out-of-court traffic accident Navi”

Cost of nuclear power plant and the story of Electric Power

According to the report, a result of the stop all Hamaokagenpatsu at the request of the government, Chubu Electric Power because I was no longer nuclear power plants in operation, and exempt from contribution spending on nuclear damages support mechanism with the self of future It seems to me and asked.

→ daily jp: The requested exemption the burden of nuclear damages support mechanism: Chubu Electric Power

It seems the story plausible at first glance, I do not think Chubu only to have underestimated the risk of nuclear power plant accident still.
Because, even now that you have stopped nuclear power plant of all, it is necessary to continue to constantly cooling, while holding as a contact move that rely on nuclear power plant, and the presence leads to explosion cooling becomes impossible power is lost, such as earthquake is the roast.That’s right, spent nuclear fuel.

As long as you do not put on the route to the final disposal by treating this cleanly, it can not be said was fully pay costs associated inevitably revenues of its own, and its disposal until done, damages due to its own business activities I mean there is a possibility to bear the obligation.

By the way, neatly, are included in “operation of the nuclear reactor” and “storage of spent nuclear fuel”, If you give damage to others by accident on the storage of spent nuclear fuel, raw 賠法 is, he accept unlimited liability.
Therefore, until such time as it is not necessary to assume responsibility for the storage Electric Power has made the appropriate processing of spent nuclear fuel, are likely to bear the liability for damages, therefore the contribution first and foremost support mechanism Once you have I is a physical payable.

It is or “determines the understanding of such shareholders can not be obtained in the contribution spending” in the article, but reuses the understanding of shareholders as convenient for me it seems to be the rage these days.However, as noted above, there are a lot of costs that we have to not look to nuclear power, the part because is not only became apparent the contribution of compensation support mechanism, of course, that there is a burden obligation What you or whichever I ought description Nari General Meeting of Shareholders.

I think it is up to no good if you do not place the estimated cost of up to final disposal of spent nuclear fuel as well, that it is likely to take much this maximum, and made a fair presentation of the financial situation of course.

At present, parties bear the risk of other shareholders is necessarily state you do not know whether the President bring up the cost of whining when you can not see suddenly become obvious.

30% ultra-fall at 190 yen per week Tokyo Electric Power Co., the closing price

TEPCO stock price of the June 10, 2011 was traded at 190 yen, 2 yen depreciation compared with the day before.Ever since an intervening 300 yen for the first time, plunged as the closing price on June 1.Etc. put a stop of 206 yen depreciation in the 6th, 33.6% also fell in the past week.

You updated the listing came low it with a 148 yen in trading hours in 9 days.that political situation is deepening the degree of confusion, and view “and compensation measures to support TEPCO is the fluid still situation does not solve the funding problem and recovery of creditworthiness of TEPCO” and to such investors some.

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China, which has increased the purchase of medium-and long-term debt of Japan

According to the Bond investor trading volume of the Japan Securities Dealers Association announced on May 20, foreign investors has been a net buying of 1 trillion 700.9 billion yen If you look at, but without the short-term debt.If you look at the investor trading volume of government bonds, foreign investors has been a net buying 2 trillion 136.2 billion yen medium-term notes.

And, according to the balance of payments in April that the Ministry of Finance announced on June 8, that China will net purchases 1 trillion 330 billion yen medium-and long-term bonds in the net, and had net selling 1 trillion 488.7 billion yen short-term debt is clear turned to.

By the way, from the balance of payments has announced the Ministry of Finance, to pick up the numeric value of this China, to enter relevant documents and data at the site of the Ministry of Finance, the balance of payments situation, investment research on (announcement Daily), June 2011 open a PDF of the (foreign-Portfolio investment) Appendix 3 in the 8th minute presentation.At the bottom of the PDF file, there is inward portfolio investment (regional breakdown), so I can see.

Foreign exchange reserves of China is over 3 trillion and $ 3 trillion $ 44.7 billion at the end of March.It is seen from the dollar assets consisting mainly of U.S. Treasury bonds as the investment destination, and doing the transfer of assets to other currency, tends to decrease U.S. debt held by China actually.

I can confirm from “MAJOR FOREIGN HOLDERS OF TREASURY SECURITIES” This.Holdings of U.S. Treasuries by China is what was one trillion $ 175.3 billion in August 2010, I have been reduced to 1 trillion 144.9 billion U.S. dollars in March this year.

I seen to have been selected (mostly or government bonds) are bonds of Japan as one of the investment destination of huge foreign exchange reserves of China.However, there is a possibility that for low yields, have shifted the weight on medium-term notes per seeking higher yields in the short-term debt.

And seen as not much intention political investment from China to Japan government bonds, sometimes circle is stable exchange market, bonds of Japan is chosen as an investment destination and makes sense.However, it is uncertain China may or may not come to buy a stable bond of Japan in the future.Is likely to be better to keep seen in feeling such as investors, fast foot rather.

Flow of Funds statistics of the Bank of Japan is expected to number of the end of March 2011 will be announced on the 17th of this month, but at the stage of the end of December 2010, ownership of Japanese government bonds by foreign investors as seen from the flow of funds statistics 4.8 percent, there is only.I found some, this ownership would not change much of China held even if the increase.

However, that China is becoming a presence in its own way as an investor to buy or sell the Japan government bonds also appear solid.I hear talk about China and is asking for information about the bond trend of Japan.That as one of the investors that affect the bond market of Japan, China is coming too? Would not than for sure.

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Power this summer is sufficient enough not “threatened” with the appropriate “policy”!

And power shortages in the summer, the implementation of rolling blackouts is concern.confusion immediately after the earthquake, was overturned in Makiokosa “unplanned power outage” many times will want to suffer sorry.But in fact, the power of the summer ought to suffice enough.For the necessary measures, the country also because it does not typing enough hand yet, to propose here.

Rainy season came a little early.Really, would become intense heat, such as last year.War we are people afraid from now for power shortages in the summer is expected, power saving has been touted, “home or office or to become hot, no matter how”, “train or to chaos in the rolling blackouts also” and all.

However, speaking from the conclusion, the amount of power supply this summer should suffice.

First, the supply capacity of Tokyo Electric Power Company has been enhanced by day by day.Indeed, in late March immediately after the earthquake, it was a tough prospect 46.5 million kW.

However, supply capacity is being enhanced in such restoration of thermal and hydroelectric power plants then.The prospect of the end of May, and beyond the 60 million kW Including the pumped storage power generation, about 15 million kW were also plus from previous expectation indeed.

Was mentioned in the first times, the amount of electricity demand peak in Japan are going down from a decade ago.In recent years, even last summer was hot most recorded history, it is a little less than 60 million kW.When compared with 57 million kW, which is the maximum amount of power this summer, which has been predicted before the earthquake originally, it can be seen that the supply capacity of reality has covered enough.

So, I wonder there is a possibility that the peak usage of electricity demand increases rapidly?

Looking at the effect of various power-saving measures that were addressed after the earthquake, it is unlikely that most.when immediately after the earthquake, TEPCO announced the rolling blackouts of emergency, energy-saving and power-saving effect of self-restraint and call for power saving is estimated to have amounted to about 5 million kW around what.

Following is here

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From the survey of 95% exclusion digital terrestrial machine penetration and “truth” 80 years of age or older

Full transition to digital terrestrial (digital terrestrial) broadcasting, the end of analog broadcasting to cut the 50 days.According to a survey by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, household penetration rate of the receiver corresponding to the terrestrial digital broadcasting is that reached 95 percent in the nation.

But in this study, 80 years or more is out of the subject for some reason.Survey method itself criticized as being “far from reality” and I went up.

In the “penetrance Survey on digital terrestrial television broadcasting” anger shaking the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announced in March 2011 and have been “not be present statistics on” terrestrial digital broadcasting as of December 10 years household penetration rate of broadcasting receiver has a 94.9%.It has become a perfectionist spread of the receiver by April 11, and has remained on track as far as I see this result.

Penetration of the previous study have been published in the November 10, but there is also a direction that disagree with the survey content.March 4, 11, Sunagawa HiroshiKeijun Prof. Rikkyo University, Department of Sociology, and Sakamoto Mamoru journalist held a press conference to recommend zero of terrestrial digital and refugees end postponement of terrestrial analog broadcasting.In this seat, it is 80 years or more were excluded from those surveyed was taken up.

According to Sakamoto and his colleagues, the number of households, such as single people and couples over the age of 80 in Japan approximately 2.5 million households.The total number of households latest national Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau has announced because it is about 49 million households, the proportion is 80 years of age or older hit the 5%.It’s not small number.In the founders of the proposal, Mr. Sakamoto was reading the comments of Mr. Nadainada critic.He and his wife of more than 80 years they’ve been to that does not exist in the face of statistics 80 years or more in the study of “country.I introduced a state of anger shaking added, “to live properly.

Why were excluded from the survey of 80-year-old.When you interview to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications broadcasting technology department, to speak it’s “consideration of whether not there also can be difficult physically in helping to fill wide-ranging, for content is also fine, questions will become the elderly”.On the other hand, describes households living with elderly people because it contains within the valid responses, 80 years of age or older that not does not reflect at all.The minute that can not be covered by the “penetrance Survey”, to visit individual households over the age of 80 and with the cooperation of local governments, was established in 51 locations across the country through the “TV receiver support center”, the penetration rate survey that they are implemented.

The receiver, which is counted by the penetration survey does not reach to 100 million units, the spread of digital television itself or computer recording device, cable TV set-top box with a built-in tuner as well as TV (STB ) are also included.According to the figures for Promotion of Digital Broadcasting Association announced on June 6 also 100 million 5.37 million units, in January 2011, spread the number reached 100 million 17.25 million units at the end of May.

But if there is a “trick” is also on this number, Sunagawa Associate Professor and Mr. Sakamoto points out.For example, TV terrestrial digital, STB recording and hard disk is connected, the receiver’s that wind up being counted bracts 3 it just.And if so, such as STB because it does not be seen television broadcast by itself, it’s placed in the “penetration” simply questions remain.

In fact, the penetration rate of LCD TV and plasma TV terrestrial digital broadcasting can be viewed remains at about 74.87 million units at the end of May.It has increased about 1.6 million units in a single month in May, but by July the analog to stop wave, it does not reach 100 million units at this pace.

Sakamoto and colleagues, we expect 90% of the household penetration rate of the receiver in real time in July, I’m concerned about so-called “terrestrial digital refugee” is born in this state.Full transition has been postponed one year Miyagi and Iwate, Fukushima Prefecture were affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, but it is expected that the rest of the world is carried out as planned.Sunagawa Associate Professor, in the DTB being promoted as a policy of “country, people of non-correspondence’s not be watching TV is” man-made “.You are talking about what to save these people, the country and “want to face in a sincere attitude.

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