Not too high? Tokyo Sky Tree outlook fee

Admission and Date of opening of Tokyo Sky Tree Observation Deck has been determined.The 7th, Tobu Railway announced for Tokyo Sky Tree under construction in Tokyo’s Sumida Ward, when you opened on May 22 next year.However, the fee to the second viewing platform of 450 meters height 3000 yen Nantes! It takes until 2000 yen (350 meters) the first observatory.There is also a children discount of course, 3000 yen is not too high how much anything?

And what about in the world? In Japanese yen about 2200 yen fee to the observatory skyscraper world’s tallest in the United Arab Emirates Dubai “Burj Khalifa” (reservation might be needed).Because the point is 442 meters observatory, approximately the same height as 450 meters of Tokyo Sky Tree.3000 yen is not applied even luxurious building was built with oil money ….Has become your high even compared to the other buildings in Tokyo obvious.

◇ about 2200 yen There reservation 124 442 m floor (Dubai) observation deck Burj Khalifa 828 m, 8800 yen without reservation

◇ (2000 yen to the first observatory) 3000 yen Tokyo Sky Tree 634 meters the second observation deck 450 meters

◇ (820 yen to large observatory) 1420 yen Tokyo Tower 333 m special observatory 250 meters

◇ (1500 yen to Tokyo City View) 1800 yen Roppongi Hills Sky Deck 238 m 238 m

And be able to apply for the Guinness Book of Records as the observation deck high rates in the world?

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Tokyo Exchange: yen-dollar 80 yen 15 sen, dollar-buying order of Japanese importers to ¥ 80 crack

Dollar-yen 80 yen 15 sen near.Dollar-yen so far, remained at 80 yen 17 sen from 80 yen 08 sen.80
The circle cracking, dollar-buying orders from Japanese importers are ahead, and yen-selling by the Bank of Japan
Intervention is expected, but the option trigger of ¥ 79, stop loss Haut
Gimmick to sell Darling is becoming dominant.

Euro-dollar, small movement in 1.4573 U.S. dollars to 1.4602 U.S. dollars.Additional support to the implementation of Greece
Uncertainty, default of Greek debt rollover by the rating company (default) view
In, deployment reluctant up.Euro-yen, a small movement in the 117 yen 00 sen from 72 sen 116 yen.

Dollar-yen is a 10-minute current 9 o’clock 80 yen 15 sen, Euro-yen 116 yen 92 sen, pound-yen 131 yen 05
Qian, Australian dollar and yen has remained at 85 yen 98 sen near.

Tokyo exchange: dollar-yen is weak transition 80 yen 73 sen near, in warning against the U.S. employment data content

Dollar-yen has remained weak in the 80 yen 75 sen from 70 sen 80 yen in Tokyo foreign exchange market.Dollar principal
That it is lower across the board for the currency, the U.S. employment data content of May to be announced today is, pre-
Reasons and are worse in virtual or more, such as short-term muscle is promoting the dollar selling.¥ 80 80 Sen以
Dollar buying by individuals bias was also observed under but, so far, led to the rebound of the dollar

Euro dollar remained strong up to 1.4518 dollar strengthening, from 1.4478 dollars.New finances Greece
Remained strong in response to the austerity plan, but is reluctant deployment up in order to sell of $ 1.4520
It became.

Euro-yen is weak, weak transition to 87 sen 116 yen from 117 yen 39 sen.

[Statement of prominent person]

Yosano, minister of economy
“The maintenance of the dollar confidence, policy was part of the U.S. government, do not worry about”

Noda Finance Minister
“Dollars U.S. Treasury also is credible”

Why Honda of Japan profit or to enter the small jet business

Mid of May every year, earnings announcement for the year ended March 31, closing companies is carried out, I will headlines the magazine of business magazine or newspaper.Financial results of the leading companies Desoroi this year, net income in Japan is now Honda automaker.Its net profit amounted to 534 billion yen.The company’s profit to shine in Japan it is the first time.This is the Honda of one company on behalf of such Japanese companies, but that you are embarking on a surprising new business is not very well known.I’ll try to analyze the Porter in “entry barrier” theory the odds of new business Honda has embarked this time.

Speaking of 3 Toyota automobile manufacturers top Japan, Nissan, and Honda, also said Japan Big Three, is the driving force of the Japanese economy.It is a Honda in this three companies, profit is the greater most always in the three years up to March 31, 2011 from March 31, 2009 of Lehman Brothers.

Changes in net profits of the three companies leading automobile

The fiscal year ended March 31, 2009 was hit hard the impact of the Lehman Brothers collapse that occurred in the fall of 2008, many Japanese companies fell into the red, Toyota, Nissan was forced to losses of large.But only Honda Fumitodomari to surplus Among them, the most profitable of the three companies ended March 31 since 1998, and ended March 31, 1999, including some companies of other industries, profit Japan finally in the year ended March 31, 1999 I Noboritsume up to one.

Following is here

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Sense of crisis in “manufacturing domestic” parts manufacturers to “overseas production” focus

Renesas Electronics such as the semiconductor and HOYA of the lens is reviewing the production system in Japan.there is a reflection that production was stuck in that after the Great East Japan Earthquake, supply network such as the parts are divided many manufacturers, including the auto industry.


The “To prevent technology leakage” in the earnings announcement at the time of the May 18, 2011, Naka factory flagship that is stopped for (Ibaraki), domestic production of the situation “(pre-quake Renesas Electronics I spoke powerfully and “going to accelerate for) restoration back to.Resumption of production of goods Naka factory to know the start sequentially supplied to the end of August or later, but it is expected to still go back to the supply level before the earthquake will be at the end of October.

It is widely used personal computers and mobile phones, and ATM banking, of an integrated circuit Renesas makes “microcomputer” is auto parts and 40% global market share among them.Supply of Renesas If Stop, I mean that we will not be able to make the car all over the world.

Revision of production base, Renesas had reviewed the production line, including foundries and also our own factory (contract manufacturing company) from “before the earthquake.Speak added, “we believe always stable supply of leveling line.

On the other hand, HOYA is considering overseas production of glass becomes a member of the original semiconductor production “mask blanks”.The company said, “that you have specifically determined not,” but, if you have moved some production to Malaysia already, it seems to promote overseas full-scale production.

There is also aim to prevent technology leakage parts and components manufacturers in Japan, domestic production of key parts’ve left.Also sometimes for several years, for-profit or-up of production efficiency, I was without a stock as much as possible, it has been considered production and can be adjusted quickly if domestic.

However, although the effects of the earthquake, supply if Todokore to long-term, dissatisfaction will also raise from the manufacturer, including overseas, and used in conjunction with other companies be forced to consider.

By distributing overseas production bases, each company aims to supply system stable.

Risk of “manufacturing in the country” appeal is growing to “attract” Asian countries.The impact of the appreciation of the yen is large, even Toyota, Ozawa Akirafuku president and expressed “(yen measures) is beyond the limits of one company already” in the settlement conference, “Toyota is increasing the weight of overseas production I was a current rumor “or not than.

In addition, there is a concern to the power shortage caused by the nuclear accident.By Chubu Electric Hamaoka nuclear power plant was forced to shut down at the request of the government, the concern is widespread throughout the country.

Amid some manufacturers to consider the relocation of production to overseas, movement after the earthquake, and trying to attract Japanese companies is growing in Asian countries.There was also news to the Japanese government, the Korean government and “told informally to transfer to Korea factory of Japanese companies fell into a shutdown in the affected areas” in the April.Bangladesh and Taiwan, and Thailand as well as eager to attract.

Domestic manufacturers to set up factories in China already not a few, but in the case and rising labor costs in China, to relocate a factory in Vietnam and Malaysia are also noticeable recently.

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Exclusion who comes next to the antismoking boom anyone?

It is raised of the world in the “antismoking boom”.

Looking at the research Johnson & Johnson is run by “non smoking Nicorette support center”, it can be seen better image for the smoker or has bad how.Let’s pick up the smoker image typical.

○ image of a man, a salaried worker
. stress is often a
there is no b. slovenly
c. selfish
. will d is weak

○ image of women · OL
. stress is often a
there is no product, no. educated b
there is no c. slovenly
there is no. article d
e. selfish
You can not have to. opposite sex f

Thing and the “adult-like” and “manly” if male, there is also such thing as a “principle that do not get married” if women in, but the negative image is in the mainstream as a whole.

Smokers even claimed, “harm of tobacco has not been scientifically proven fact” or, if you scratch the surface to antismoking school and “ignorance?It would have been dispensed in a single phrase of “not a no excuse to” body “.
If people are telling me, “I hate it because the smell because” “Just being together, you get used to the body that is breathe the smoke you do not want to smoke,” and besides, do not have much of a choice anymore.
Just a smoker anymore, to do even if you have a separation of smoking areas example, it’s momentum or refused to sit, are likely to be subject to discrimination and prejudice.
Now, smokers is subject to contempt.Exclusion, alienation to smokers would be Jin in the future, perhaps.And would be smokers vanishing.
After the smoker who has been expelled, people will become able to find the “sheep of sacrifice” again then, you hit someone with a legitimate reason with.

The following may be a drinker.Might be obese.Alternatively, a person may have a gene or certain diseases.
If you are watching an excessive boom of antismoking Now, imagine that sort of thing, it’s become somewhat Soraosoroshiku it or will think too much?

(巨椋 Osamu (Osamu Ogura) Yamaguchi SatoshiTaro Office)

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DeNA announced are sold, the retired president of Namba, it is anaerobic

[May 26, Sakura Financial News = Tokyo] DeNA (east: 2432) closing price of the 26th of was a 2818 yen of (3.63%) discount 106 yen the previous day.It has published the resignation of Ms. Tomoko Namba, president and CEO the day before, can be seen selling the anaerobic has gathered.

I announced Tomoko Namba, president and CEO resigned their jobs, Moriyasu Isao is appointed the new president.New president was appointed scheduled for June 25.Order to give priority to the family of nursing ailing, Mr. Namba has determined that to fulfill the responsibilities of the president is difficult.He is leaving the operating results of the sales and profit growth in the seventh consecutive since listing, we will play an important role in the implementation and business strategy decision management policies and as a director in the future.

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