Police disappeared from the city! Mexico

Asenshion Ascension is a small town in the United States along the border of Northern Mexico Chihuahua Chihuahua state of 10 003 thousand inhabitants.Drug organization has the power, one of the urban poor is the safest in Mexico, near, in the past three months, six people, including a police chief were killed in Shiudafuaresu (Juarez City).The opportunity three police officers is was killed in August 2, 2011, 20 people remaining (
26 people) resigned for fear of killing in a separate article.Right rooftops of Asenshion.In Mexico, police officer or killed, by or threatened, the police make oneself invisible from the city let alone not uncommon, even that residents no longer home.Situation of 2010 Mexico female police officer last is abducted in the city: Related Blogs of past
7 months appointed police chief Police Chief Manuel Martinez Arvizo after he was killed in May (left), is kidnapped by moving police car (left) on the highway with two police officers of the other, the next day torture, killed found.The day after three police officers were kidnapped, was found in the form of bullet-ridden from in the car in August.In this small town, that young people or kidnapped, it is killing had occurred frequently.Etc. to install a security camera for the security of the town along with the residents, director slain on the left, was just when you were very active.See article see article

Are taking the medicine in order to give birth to twins China Women – U.S. media

August 3, 2011, in an article entitled “Chinese women are pregnant with twins using the medicine,” you use the ovulation-inducing agent in the southern city of China, the web site of the U.S. ABC television to multiple pregnancies I reported that women are a growing number.Ring-and-ball network transmitted on four dates.Following its contents.

Chinese media had reported that women who get pregnant the baby more than one at a time and taking medication is part of the southern city of China, and is increasing.This is a countermeasure to a new “one-child policy”.According to a survey of Guangzhou Daily, providing infertility treatment in healthy women who wish to become pregnant in the private hospital of Guangdong.It is intended to stimulate ovulation feature that easily conceive 3 Tsuko and twins.

[More Photos]

In a kind of oral medicine, this medicine called “Oigo circle” were multiple births pregnant women of 20-30% is taking these drugs.However, some physicians indicating the concern to be, cause serious side effects Improper way of taking.The Chinese government do not take birth statistics on the frequency of multi-fetal, out of 1,600 pregnant women, 24 people had multiple births in a hospital in Guangzhou.Multiple pregnancy rate is 1.5%.

Chinese media have pointed out to be “far beyond the laws of nature” this, but for 1.1%, multiple pregnancy rate in spontaneous pregnancy is not so high, if 1.5%.In comparison, was a high birth rate of multiple births in 2008 in the United States of 3.25%.This is not unrelated to the fact that Americans are taking a lot of drugs for the treatment of infertility.

“One-child policy” broke big a balance of male-to-female ratio of China, a great deal of attention has been paid to the age structure of society recently.Near future, it is because so that the number of elderly is higher than the working generation if the trend continues.However, are you thinking to try multiple births using drugs such as “Oigo circle” It seems very few in China, and I asked the woman who was in the waiting room of a hospital it would be “a joke?The answer may mean that “no child to be the mother is returned.(Translation and editing / NN)

· “Not horse 2nd river of blood could even” slogan to disappear ~ not scared of … one-child policy – China
· 1.3 billion population, 13 million of whom are found to be non-family register’s one-child policy violation – China
· Consideration = CPPCC reveals in the direction that allows to second child – China
· Twin pregnancy doubly sure in Clomid!?The Hong Kong – shock to the catastrophe of Isabella & millionaire
· “Born in the 80’s” of 1st generation only child, why we just “divorce freak”?

The complaint to deny boarding of the Japanese passenger Japan, South Korea by passenger ships operating company

The 4th, [Xinhua] Japanese government showed dissatisfaction as “inappropriate” to deny boarding movement of Japanese passenger cruise ships operating company of South Korea. Japan Chiaki Takahashi, Senior Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs said during news conferences, to be subject to regulation only Japanese is inappropriate, that it is necessary to Japan and South Korea to respond calmly from a broader perspective. Operating company of the Korea Gangneung, Ulleungdo and Dokdo:’re operating a cruise ship that connects the (Japanese name Takeshima).According to the South Korean Yonhap News, the 3rd, to protest strongly that the three members of Japan was scheduled to visit Ulleungdo claims sovereignty over Takeshima, the company refused indefinitely boarding of Japanese passenger I announced a policy to. It said, “Japan until no claims sovereignty over Dokdo, will continue to deny boarding of Japanese passengers,” said company chief explained that it is consideration of safety. Dispute of Japan and South Korea has intensified lately is Concerning sovereignty over Dokdo.In response to the June, Korean Air has demonstration flight Dokdo sky, it is instructed to refrain from use for a month, the Korean Air Lines to staff, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has led to complaints of Korea.(Translated Wang Fall / edit the translation Onda Yuki)

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Rise in value of law epilator manufacturer with more scantily-clad woman in a power saving effect

“Yeah man” NISHIBORI Kay Finantekku of directors serve as editor-in-chief investment information site “Tokyo IPO” is, are you attracted attention as a “line up” now that’s (TSE II-6630).

The fourth consecutive year revenue and profit growth in the April 31, 2011, Yeaman dealing development epilator, facial equipment, cosmetics, such as air purifier, manufacturing and sales, achieving an update of record profits.April 31, 2012 year also expected double-digit sales and profit growth, is expanding keynote exactly performance.Nevertheless, one time crack, undervalued and five times it is remarkable (price-to-earnings ratio) this fiscal year forward PER previous year the PBR (PBR).

market (facial massager and epilator) has become a growth of around 15% year-on-year beauty consumer electronics company is the main battlefield.Above all, the company continued to expand sales to the high background proprietary technologies, share in the “mobile facial massager” is about 40%, have come to account for 6-7% of market share in the “epilator”.I found opportunities for women and light clothes to be under the influence of the power saving increases, the needs of the epilator is further increased this summer in particular.In the future, we will continue to enjoy as a market leader in the benefits of market expansion.

TV mail order firm, such as the hit “platinum germanium roller”.Every year selling product categories is also increasing.Although the business model performance a sense of stability is very strong, and look likely to be reviewed as domestic demand highly defensive stock to be highly.

※ 9 September 2011 issue Money Post

Neat growth, Shanhai-kko [90] after Shanghai people will be people of foreign parts shop is my best

Planning to recruit collaborators among the local Chinese monitor searchina Research Institute (Shanghai searchina), will be doing the interview.Shanghai born in 1991, this time, Yang’s 20-year-old.The study in the University newspaper (news journalism) in certain University in Shanghai now.Hobby and also a variety of karaoke, and day-to-day with the idea of ​​Shanghai kid these days net, drive, to camp?

楊私 is happening to 4:30 always.

– Why Is that so much to get up early?

The’m not sleep Yang, and if I thought something in various ways.But so sleep early from it, and I started early in the morning.It is important to the preparation of the rice first thing in the morning and when I got up, some for the dog then you are kept at home.In, I will go in the running.The breakfast in just feels right and comes back.Then I go to school.

– Hey I like exercise.

I’m a Yang likely.Every morning every day, I have to exercise about 30 minutes.Because there is a park close to home, I am running in the park.

– To running, the air of Shanghai ……

Well Yang.Air is not good.However, I think it is good very much than something such as residential areas along the road plant because relatively large if the park every morning.

– It is going to travel at home and abroad, what about me air of Shanghai compared with other regions?

It is a pretty bad Yang.With the exception of the suburbs of Qingpu something, but it is.Air is good most in Shanghai Fengxian or Minhang District, this area.Air because it is not good to the heart of the city.Exhaust gas is greater, and air also results in a poor, air pollution from just worsens.

– Is there a place where I think something about environmental?

Well Yang.It is probably, but I’m manufacturer.That the sales company to manufacture and note well, that you do not sink or in the river sewage not treated.Is there that it looked fine, I sort of thing.Other people I do not properly.What would such as environment 監測 station, and he seems to do something back in Iloilo.

– It’s right in Shanghai, such as the flow and sag appropriately.Why do something is also the Huangpu River.

There Yang.And, since I have thrown down from the place such as bottles with high building something before.It is really surprised.Below is another disastrous.Wretched really There are people under Should you want to hit something or.

– She said she it is, how it is a person who came from outside.Or is it …… people in Shanghai

It is also that Yang.The same is true in Shanghai people.

– Environment of Shanghai, I feel that it something security has also become more and more evil, is ……

Yang public security, but it is still good in the city center.Suburbs is not good so maybe.And I was taken back before.When I went to the suburbs once, I saw that there is a monkey communication comfort The multiplication gardens and pleasant communication The multiplication of the courier company.Interested springs out a little.To the online shopping because there are many I, I went to see the little company.In, was taken the bag where it from coming out there playing, it was around the corner.And I was stolen bike.Then I came to really be wary.

– It is also a kind of fraud that I say “hermit recoil”.

Have you ever heard 楊話, but I should not go to such a place.So as to avoid people place is large, …… such as lottery, even in such as Sony’s promotional.”But hermit recoil”, such as in a traffic accident, it does not go where many people anyway.And to I do not think also that it happened or something only to me That way.

– Do you have any worries such as that kind of in Shanghai? In terms of the future, the Shanghai.

Yang worried are you …….In such a point or would suggest that a person is pouring into Shanghai steadily from foreign parts.After that, it is people of Shanghai, but I there are people who do not want to make an effort at all.The biting just shin of parent.

– “齦老 group” (neat)?

So Yang, Tteyuu I do not want to make efforts on their own.But, people who came from foreign parts are striving amazing fact, performance is also something I was higher than we originally.When was in the dorm I, I I’m happy you guys …… I Shanghai people girl of same room I had to say.we do not have what you guys have.For example, such as electronic devices, but it comes in first place in our.When it is other, come into possession of barely around Tour of various cousin.Elsewhere is nor has developed so much, and so I to study hard awesome.I think Shanghai and I’m not really so much in the sense Tteyuu competition.

(Interview and editing: Naoto Maeda searchina Research Institute Fellow)

The topic women who did not enter the bath “troublesome” 16 years = South Korea

During the 16 years, women of Korea confessed on television that I have never had even once in the bath, it became abuzz as “Bathing woman denied” in the country’s Internet.South Korean media has picked up one after another as shocking news.

It was aired on cable television program of Korea, of tvN called “Martian Virus”.The show that people with a lifestyle that has changed with the “Martian” in the program, which started in 2009.I have a buzz every time Gekishiro the consternation life, on the Internet in the country a variety of “Martian” is appeared on the show every time.

It’s not taking a bath from the time of fifth grade elementary school, of course, have appeared in the 2nd in the “Martian virus”, women who do not even shower.Women are usually wash hair, face, hands, feet, etc., but it is with the unwashed 16 years the other portions.

“Get dressed a few times a day”, “to dry the sweat in the air” to be such as “use at any time the shower colon” to hide the stench, “Bathing denied woman” is taking emergency measures, but the bad smell disappears never, three program presenter was also astonished to the consternation lifestyles.

why this woman does not enter the bath is “troublesome because” all you can say “people who go to the public bath paying the money do not understand” or.However, “you do not brush your teeth for 10 years” In comparison with the hostess has appeared on the show in April, this woman was angry, “more is my beautiful” and.

The “Bathing denied woman”, received the attention of the dermatologist and persuasion of the program presenter, and to take a bath first time in 16 years, The impression that “neat” and “found everyone or take a bath why” said that the.

“Hard to understand”, or “lifestyles of the four-dimensional”, South Korean media took up one after another with the surprise news.(Editors: Kimukokorozashishu)

[Korean] BBS why Japan hate Korea?”Korea because became a threat”

NBA fan sites of Korea gather, in the “NBA Mania”, “Japan is the reason hate Korea author?And entitled “, was asked why.In contrast, various opinions were received.Below, translated the Japanese writing by the Korean.Rustic and impressions of the editorial department in ().


● main thread: Why do you hate the Korea SG Ray Allen Japan?Wonder if there is a special case and misconceptions, such as become hate Koreans?


● I say because for the act of Brutus Japan had committed in the past, Koreans hate the Japanese.It talks about the Koreans who fought in the Vietnam War, if you say it’s hate me, people of Vietnam, become sad feeling Moshimo.And my ancestors, even the Korean military in the past has been, than feel bad if it is to wash the antipathy directly course?If you look personally, and that’s not that they have.

● If the relationship is bad and there are quite a lot of countries close to each other DEVIN Harris historical.

● I think people who dislike the Korean people and country of South Korea in the Japanese GoldenCurry is less.Most Japanese do not have hate Koreans.Criticism I hear in the Korean boom, but speaking the reverse, because Japan has accepted the content of South Korea that much.Content made in Korea, probably because appealing.However, in South Korea, from the national sentiment, Japanese songs are not still broadcast.Dissatisfaction when you are content flow of foreign full of their own TV comes out it is of course.I think, in a sense, some of the media now speak, is IyaKan of Japan, it’s level, such as the anti-Justin Bieber boom in the United States. And, three of LDP lawmakers to visit (Ururundo) Ulleungdo, this is just a political show. ● PoRtLaNdEr or will not “give and take”.We also like that I hate you guys so hate.

● Many of the IyaKan Kim Giboku Japan would be a far-right.Dokdo: claim (Japanese name Takeshima) sovereignty as well Yeah, and I hate Korea airflow most of Japan is made of far-right.

● There is no negative feelings to Korea to Japanese heltant79 usually.The correct more likely there was no interest in accurate.In the textbook, so do not even tell me much about the Japanese invasion of the Korean Peninsula imperialism, do not have too much historical knowledge of Japan-Korea relations.do not have a “do not know, do not care about” The reason so you fall out of love.However, “Challenge of Korea” was good and you were about sports, but it became a threat to Japan in the industrial surface.Now, Japan is because he felt to us that such as sense of crisis that we feel in China, the.In addition, IyaKan that could be after the formation of the Korean thing “anti-mania and proportional” and In a nutshell.

● The [MIA] LCD Japan, relationship of Kansai and Kanto people who are really bad.

● RAY ALLEN IVERSON it strange.Confrontation with Ieyasu and Hideyoshi (ex. Battle of Sekigahara) or would lead to now?

● I think [MIA] LCD Japanese society was supposed to Kyoto center, and because the Tokyo became the capital Edo Shogunate made.Is not as accurate.

● simply, heltant79 it would be regional feelings.

● I teach to teach well to students that their was, to avoid things like that and twice Only practice Germany, but it is not taught in Japan.In such circumstances, very Koreans to have a good emotion in Japanese.I though some people now is that it is important.

● # The articles in the media and television 33_Hill superficial, it will be visible such feelings, but the Japanese people that I talk and those who live in Japan have been met until now, did not have a special feeling in the country of South Korea was.I seem to be quite interested in Korean boom later.

● I do not know if you like that M & M Japan the strongest hates Korea, but still, looking at the Japanese who ignore the Korean-person, it is scornfully, Japan think it’s below their Korean You should have quite the feeling.

● The Ritz recently, I had an incident that entertainer of Japan made a statement on Twitter is causing ripples of many, that was fired from the agency ultimately.(Aftermath I seem to be followed by still more)

● there may not be anyone who put out the correct answer as “This is it” the reason for the flow dance emperor likes and dislikes of water.(Is not it better than hate, if you make a relationship favorite part is often)

(Editors: Lee Nobue Koji Yamaguchi)

Nine sinkholes giant the world’s most

Only 9 most huge sinkhole in Guratemara such as the United States and around the world.There are many holes from what appears to have occurred naturally, to those of water pipe rupture occurs in residential areas due to, but you feel the force of unique from any.

10 Of The Largest Sinkholes In The World: Pics, Videos, Links, News

1: Kattara lowland (Cairo, Egypt)

133m is also lower than the sea level of the basin “Kattara lowland” is the hinterland and the second lowest in Africa by location.Oyobi area to 18,000 square km, making it the largest sinkhole in the world.

2: Berezniki (Russia)

Giant sinkhole that could be in the city of Berezniki in 1986 seems to come every year extension.It becomes 200m depth, 80m length, 40m width even at present, but to stop the expansion impossible.By the way, 10% of potassium carbonate in the world seems to have been produced from this area.

3: Guatemala City (Guratemara)

Sinkholes that could be the capital Guatemala City, Guatemala on 23 February 2007 the case as much as 100m depth, that of a 30-story A good analogy is a building.cause of sinkholes occurs is seen as rupture of the sewer pipe and storm.

And in 2010, sinkhole has occurred in the same city once again.Width of this thing with 60m 18m, depth.

Movie taken the appearance of sinkholes is here.

Video, images of Giant Sinkhole in Guatemala City – YouTube

4: sinkholes of the Devil (USA Texas)

Was discovered by settlers in 1867, the Texas about 121m depth, that there is also a 12 ~ 18m opening “sinkhole of the Devil (Devil’s Sinkhole)”.That it and live animals 4 million of bats in the interior.

If you take a look at the movies that are swirling four million animals of the bat, the feeling that seems to be convinced will also be named “the devil” is attached.

Devil’s Sinkhole – October 17, 2009 – YouTube

5: Sarisari meow Ma (Venezuela)

In the mountains at an altitude of 1350m which is close to the border with Brazil, which was discovered in 1974, has a number in sandstone layer of the Precambrian is sinkholes generally circular Sarisari meow Ma.In the largest diameter that he’ll be 350m, even 350m depth.

Movie of Sarisari meow while the atmosphere was surreal from the following.

How Sinkholes like Guatemala happen – YouTube

6: Bimmah Sinkhole (Oman)

Water depth of 20m and a width of 40m, accumulated in the hole is of a vivid green, this beautiful sinkhole seems to become a swimming spot.

State of the site and you can understand more when I look at the movie below.

Bimmah Sinkhole, Oman – YouTube

7: Agrico Gypsum Stack (Florida, USA)

Agrico Gypsum Stack is a sinkhole that appeared in the mountains of waste mining company IMC aglyco of phosphate rock was dumped in 1994.It also includes 80 million tons of the toxic gypsum, this hole proud of the depth of the building 15-story is that the number $ 1,000,000 and (approximately several hundreds of million yen) cost that was used to purify.

8: Macungie Sinkhole (USA Pennsylvania)

The sinkhole that appeared in the suburbs of Pennsylvania in June 1986 is about 23m wide and about 11m depth.In the case occurred because the water pipe that aging is ruptured, $ 450,000 (about 35 million yen) took to repair.

9: Daisetta Sinkhole (USA Texas)

Width 274m, also 80m depth in size, I was able to Texas suburb in 2008, this sinkhole.It was a small hole diameter of about 6m generation initially, that it and spread rapidly during the day.Mining of oil have been made because of the salt dome that crude oil and natural gas have accumulated in the basement of this city, it is considered a cause of depression.

Movie that took the moment, such as landslides, click here.

Sinkhole in Daisetta Texas – YouTube

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China paper, in press restraints and “motherfucker”

The Tour of rear-end collisions of high-speed rail in China, in the plane of date 31 July 2011, Damn the “motherfucker” the Ministry of Railways, influential newspaper in Guangdong Province “southern city report” is on the net In the voice of praise is one after another.

In the article,

“A tragic accident like this, for the sloppy handling of the Ministry of Railways, the following words only think of -” motherfucker “Damn,” you criticized the authorities.Voice of netizens to criticize the government’s response has also been cited.In China, notice that it is assumed, such as “Do not tell the official announcement other than the positive side” on July 29’ve just been issued.

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You can dig you fill in a vehicle accident.Those authorities wanted to hide in the “China version Shinkansen” derailment accident

You can dig you fill in a vehicle accident.What do you want to anymore, … you do not know at all.Happened in China and Zhejiang Wenzhou in July 23 rear-end collision, derailment by “China version Shinkansen” is showing up to the subsequent processing from generation status, impossible in Japan where even if I take it, a wondrous development.

First, why large such an accident happened.View this Mr. (Bun’yu-term) yellow Fumio critic familiar with the situation of China.

While referred to as “developed technology” unique to China, high-speed rail, “China has made in a jumble of railway technology in the various countries and regions around the world including Japan.Moreover, the priority that is not that that re-developed systematically in China the technology of each country, anyway hit the gas suitable for the “world’s best”, safety management I have been sidelined ”

To point out the problem of China only further, it’s the president of a construction company in China related to the construction of this high-speed rail actually.

Is skilled in the art, such as “We do not have high orders during the construction work orders from local government.Level of profit is not out when I do not do shoddy construction to be honest.High-speed rail is enormous even in the total cost of a major business multiplied by the prestige of the country, but it would have been overtaken by officials as bribe in the course of ordering the construction.After all, profit is the reason no longer out orders to the manufacturer of the terminal is reduced, it is not the shoddy construction ”

On the other hand, the Chinese journalist degree Jianjun (Chin Jienjiyun), who point out the bad “habit hand” of Chinese.

“In fact in the high-speed rail, evil habit of the hand of those Chinese take off” that “bring back all I’ve been is demonstrated from the beginning of the opening June 30 and (laughs).Theft of parts is not limited to the car that there is a passenger, transformer and copper wire from being outdoors under construction, part of the train control system had been taken away or even.Ministry of Railways had also to measures by, for example, stretch around the high-voltage line of except boar to key facilities, but the theft had occurred ”

And, enough said with poor habit of this kind, “equipment failure caused by lightning” is the cause of the accident that the Ministry of Railways announced and not unrelated.

“In China, theft will occur a lot on the day of the thunderstorm.Reason is because hard to stick to glance is simple.It is said expensive control equipment that is installed in a elevated on this time is being targeted, when it did not brought about any trouble in the operation of high-speed rail because of that ”

Phenomenon which might be support of this theory that had occurred before the accident.Mr. extent continues.

“Subsequent train that made the rear-end collision in the prior train that was sudden stop due to the influence of lightning accident, but, in fact, more of the subsequent train that rear-end collision is I like had to be run in front in the diamond of the original”

It’s not outrageous story if it’s true, but …….Then, post-processing and is anxious along with the cause of the accident.To fill in an accident the next day the first vehicle, Why did dig up again two days later.

It was fill in the “vehicle, concealment of the cause of the accident would be purpose.Concerning the construction of high-speed rail, the top of the Ministry of Railways of before has been sacked by the corruption in February this year already.That this time, it was filled the accident vehicle is a declaration of intention as the Chinese government, you do not want to expand the case any more, and that the curtain pulling the other.And, would have an ulterior motive to want to prevent the accident investigation to circumstances that have no choice but to do so, perhaps, that government officials are also involved in corruption.So, expected it to be that they do not topple over survivor even if the protest, but how much …….The dig that again it was unexpected for me “(Mr. yellow, supra)

You can dig you fill in, the movement of the Chinese authorities funny no matter how you look at it.For this great question, Mr. extent of the previous answer this.

VIP of “Chinese are reluctant to take the eight eyes or lead vehicle when riding a train.Luck is good because there is a sense that 8 of the same sound or “development” to “outgoing” “get rich” in Chinese.Lead vehicle the same popularity of the top floor of high-rise apartment is higher, is popular because it because it is closest to the front.This time, was buried It is the first vehicle.As is pointed out in the media, concealment accident would be interest.So why was digging.He said VIP is willingly ride in the first car, but the son of party executives like I was riding to the lead vehicle of the train that rear-end collision.And eat the dickens because it had filled in while not recover the body, was digging up two days later in a hurry.It is a story that is considered sufficient in China ”

Whatever the case may be, to get on “China version Shinkansen” is likely to be better, which had been stopped for a while.

(Tonsho Naoto)