Japan – Japan Chinese feel spate of suicide dive in Tokyo, anxiety

July 31, 2011, Nippon flower-shaped paper, Chinese Shirube-ho was reported that suicide dive is followed by Tokyo.

The 13th and July 12th, every day of the suicide dive occurs in Sobu Shinkoiwa Station.Injury has occurred, such as Tanashi Station of Seibu Shinjuku Line Shibuya Station Saikyo, Shonan Shinjuku Line, the 15th to the 14th.

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suicide dive successive is there any in the symbolism of trouble of the people who filled in the society, the suffering.Anxiety that is spreading among Chinese in Japan.Shinkoiwa station that has a large impact on only a collection of living area in Japan, especially around the Chinese.

For school children, is a woman who use the train together every day, you do not know whether there was any reason to “suicide, tragic incidents like that would adversely affect the child.I confessed the anxiety some people switched to transfers by car to the mother of classmates, and people who are considering the move also “are.(Translation and editing / KT)

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Rakuten: It posted a 75.9 billion yen extraordinary loss to now interim period, reconstruction of the credit card business, interim financial results will be announced on August 4

[August 1, Sakura Financial News = Tokyo Rakuten: 1 day, with the restructuring of the credit card business, consolidated financial results for the second quarter ended December 31, 2011, total 75.9 billion special loss (JQ 4755) I announced that circle account for.I’m scheduled for August 4 is earnings announcement date of the synchronizing.

Rakuten had announced that it will rebuild the credit card business in June 2.In helping the transfer of the (Tokyo) Rakuten credit by the company split card subsidiary “Rakuten KC” of Fukuoka “the Rakuten card business”, transferable J Trust in the financial industry in Osaka Rakuten KC.As a result, Rakuten give up 13 billion yen, such as subordinated loan receivables held for Rakuten KC.

In the individual financial statements, recorded an extraordinary loss of ¥ 74.4 billion, account for an operating loss of 4.2 billion yen, an extraordinary loss of 75.9 billion yen on a consolidated balance sheet.[Ryo]

Publication summarizes the 50% discount? Coupon information [PR] famous restaurant! The “Nau Groupon!”

The question hit three in China high-speed rail accident site workers two days after accident

China high-speed rail accident was a catastrophe that four-car vehicle to fall from overpass about 20 m height.

Scene of the rescue site, was something to doubt the very eyes.but there is a possibility that the survivors are trapped in the vehicle, and destroy the vehicle in heavy equipment from immediately after the accident.Was shattered also important evidence to determine the cause of the accident.

Two days after the accident, this journal in the field nearby, I was able to hear the workers had broken the vehicle operating his excavator actually.It is the Chinese workers in their 30s inland from.

– Is being destroyed by heavy equipment, but do not than there are survivors in.

“It’s all right.Police held over the life detector properly, and because I make sure that there is no reaction.I saw where you are inspecting the vehicle in the life detector, but it’s such a tool like metal detection machines (while such a move on the ground holding up the palm).At the stage of the afternoon (July 24) accident the next day, it was saying that there are no survivors and the other was clearly.

from within the vehicle that I have broken, bodies are dead mother while holding a child is found, but I knew that that already dead.But … you heard when you are breaking the vehicle of another then, infants alive even been rescued ”

– Did you fill in the lead vehicle necessary for the investigation of the cause of the accident.

The な …… do not know “It.I have not filled.Heavy equipment so that other pass along, or not just had a maintenance of the road can be moved ”

– Vehicle are instructed how to now?

Vehicle of high-speed rail broken “Nantes will mon such scrap iron just like? It is expected to fill in the soil and chopped as small as possible from now.Cutting is difficult to just shovel vehicle just hard to Because large.I have heard upper part of the authorities thinks that way now.I want to go after finishing the work quickly anyway.Yesterday, I’m in trouble charging of mobile phone is gone out of ”

“Directive destroying evidence” still seems to have arrived to workers at the end.Will not such investigation to prevent the recurrence of the accident, is going to be from the beginning.

※ 12, August, 2011 Weekly Post

As a “sideline”, “Fuku-gyo” What ‘s the Difference? I think the new way of life of salaried workers

Do you know the word “Fuku-gyo”? The Fuku-gyo, refers to that office workers use different work arrangements by the time and, earn income from more than one place.Such as the Great East Japan Earthquake also collapse, of seniority and lifetime employment, a sense of stability, a sense of security that had the office workers in recent years we have observed is lost.Meanwhile, the word this Fuku-gyo are spreading cognitive.Unlike so-called “sideline”, can not be said to be “deputy” is either in the “Lord” is either, as “probably the same in the end” to have a job that put the effort in about the same is said to be, but is characteristic of Fuku-gyo I think you believe that there is many.In this case, we introduce the difference between misleading as “sideline” and “Fuku-gyo”.

● For example, to focus on “balance” than the total amount, let’s say you have had got ¥ 300,000 in overtime pay from the company including.By being to go home early without overtime for Fuku-gyo, income second is now entering ¥ 100,000.However, salary you receive from the company will be reduced to 180,000 yen instead overtime suddenly got zero.Then total ¥ 280,000.Since it has decreased ¥ 20,000 in the total amount of money, but it is that there is no meaning at all when viewed from the “sideline” point of view?However, this means the dispersion of risk that advanced this From the point of view of “Fuku-gyo” point of view, it will be evaluated.

● When asked office workers to focus on rather than hide the “show” that is … and make money on the side, you have an image to be performed in secret so as not to Barre to anyone anyway.However, it is quite the opposite in the case of Fuku-gyo.It is a major premise’s called, so as not to Barre is a company that is prohibited by the rules of employment, of course, but more than that is not available brand company name, that will make the active relationships with people in Fuku-gyo is It is the most important.I take the business to various places by creating a business card in the second name by all means, you can set up a blog, please try to or notice to a friend.

● I’m afraid the story of your own to focus on “fun” than the easy, but while doing office workers, I am contracted to your job sometimes writer.Company since the end you can (until about 23:00) the meeting with editors san, …… or write a document to wake up early in the morning before the daughter-in-law wakes up on Saturday and Sunday.There is no easy travel sense of a “revenue ◯ ten thousand yen! Simply by clicking” as in teaching manual of the sideline well, but the joy you are still able to publish a book of their own, get someone to read the text to many people, even the WEB immeasurable.Attitude that enjoy as much as possible in areas along the interest of their own is important in Fuku-gyo.

Anyone who was interested in “Fuku-gyo” surely, ever dabbled in the “sideline” several times, or would not it have failed.Now that you’ve put an affiliate link to blog when nobody was looking, Is not that do the result is not as little benefit? Even dabbled in financial instruments that are likely much money in absolute, why do not I suffer a loss after all? Boom of Fuku-gyo shows, that fact for granted phrase “not delicious story in the world”, many people are beginning to realize.The Fuku-gyo, it is not something that can be on the side so handy as sideline.The cumbersome as it becomes an opportunity to review way of life, your life, time-consuming, however, is something that is valuable to do.※ The image http://www.ashinari.com/ quotation from “Ashinaru”

※ Gaje of communication web writer “Masuda FuMitsuo” was written by this article.Why do not you writing together Become a web writer?
While working as a salaried worker, we are chasing the trends and issues in the workplace.
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Month waiting 14 or in a rush of orders! And “high-quality pot” of the popular department store?

Or “in the food boom” under the influence of the “genuine”, “higher pot” is sold in department store.Of France, such as “Le Creuset” is established Speaking of high-quality pot, but of “pot enamel casting domestic” is attracting attention now to “vermicular”.It sold more than 500 in one half months, that you update the sales record of the pot in the department store.

Also Bought [image] new product “white”!

Small business local to develop, this “vermicular” is a precise “domestic cookware”.Has produced a component such as a ship in Aichi Prefecture’s deal is, “Aichi Dobby”.I make use of the processing technology, such as cast iron, it has been manufacturing the “enamel cast iron pot”, popular’s a soaring in good quality.

This enamel pot Te every single trouble time, a Japanese craftsman, was precision machining with a precision of micron unit, but that it is supported confidentiality of the body and the pot lid is high, dry cooking is the ability to.

Unit price’s ¥ 23,800 in the “oven pot 22cm round,” but, even in these high price range, waiting months or 14 current “quality is good and able to use it for a long time” and.Originally was the handling of only its own site, but where it began store sales Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi in (Tokyo, Chuo-ku) from February this year, sales of pot sales, in this shop 500 or more in a month and a half or one It’s so was also updated record.From May, the start of the handling in the Mitsukoshi Isetan newly opened Osaka Station (Osaka, Kita-ku) further.In same store “It is attention degree of about 50 pre-sale worth of sold out in an hour” and that (public relations company).

Currently under the influence of the Great East Japan Earthquake, sales of food service industry fell significantly, people said, “the opportunity to cook at home has increased,” and has been an increase in.In addition to good quality, and the fact that “in Shoku-ka” has become prominent, “high-quality pot” boom, seems to have raised more and more.[Tokyo Walker]

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The “fear of the yen,” which is to urge the international automotive industry, “composition of one negative” Toyota to protect domestic employment

This time, dealing with the “fear of the yen,” the 52nd column of (automotive industry ed) since.Rainy season and later, no less to cicada flock to moat of the Imperial Palace, “Endakadoruyasu, Endakadoruyasu,” said noisy profusely.Before you get used to that cry, let me explain the term “arbitrage” as soup payment.

If you say or “arbitrage”, because it is Odoroodoroshii representation, the moment you can see, there is something hip is likely to sink.There is a sound of terminology foreign traders full use of financial engineering is used, it’s likely to be said to be “does not matter to me” from the majority of readers.However, speaking of, is the act of everyone is doing if the people who are involved in business, would be surprised.

It is “What is arbitrage, buy cheap in the market in the goods, sell high in other markets it, the process of obtaining a profit from the price difference” and “Mankiw economics I Micro Edition” in 445 pages.Example of buying cheap books in the United States, bookstores in Australia, sold to readers in Australia it has been introduced.In short, such as net income and operating income, which is recorded in the income statement of the company, he represents the result of arbitrage.

However, it is “easier said than done”, to buy cheap fact, sell high, it is difficult.If I talk to foreign traders who wield the pre-eminent in the Tokyo market, such a story, “It is not difficult,” and you’ve laughed it off.

He says, there seems to arbitrage and using regional differences, arbitrage using the time difference.The regional differences, example of the United States and Australia the previous is true.The time difference, buying and selling of foreign currencies such as the euro and the dollar is that it is typical.

For example, the arbitrage using the [Figure 1] a “against the U.S. dollar,” It is because you are using the time difference between today and tomorrow or later.The combined figure of [2] “versus the euro” In addition, I heard that the ruling would you have access to an area difference and time difference.”Futures” is also applied to these of course, It is the world of different dimension to me.

As can be seen by comparing the [Chart 2] and [Figure 1], “Living in the ruling” as a trader, it was a chance to show of arms in 2010.If you look at the Euro yen exchange rate of [Chart 2] In particular, March 11 there was the Great East Japan Earthquake than the (108 yen 30 sen), more August 10 of (105 yen 70 sen), but the appreciation of the yen against the euro was hard.

(May Membership to the diamond online is required) here continues

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The China = do “free to do not believe believe ○ ○” … “Ministry of Railways words”, in the net

The “It’s freedom of you do not believe you believe, but I myself believe,” “nothing less than miraculous of life” is these words that the king Yuhei spokesman of the Ministry of Railways has issued at a press conference of -24 day and night, I prevalent among net users.Many people use these words, I commented to the alleged post-investigation and development of high-speed rail accident.In addition, nothing less than miraculous to “○ ○ ○.However, Although it is free of you do not believe Do you believe.Phrases such as “I believe itself is rife on the net.Modern Kaiho was told.

26 hours after the occurrence of high-speed rail line 甬温 rear-end collision incident, the government’s press conference was held in Wenzhou.Become after the convergence of the “rescue operation is declared, why infants under 2 years or were rescued?To the question “, the answer is a manner of speaking,” there is only a miracle of life what “this, the king spokesman, Did fill the accident vehicle” Why?For “, it was for the convenience of relief work in the” on-site.Have been described are free of you do not believe Do you believe this, but I own a “believe.

that the king spokesman was smiling from beginning to end at a press conference, was the ire of many net users.and taking out the words “I’m free of you do not believe you believe, but I myself believe” of comments that hit doubts and post-processing the accident was seen many mini blog.

When you come into fashion in the nets, “You are free to how do not believe you believe, but I myself believe” is someone named “high-speed rail body” this sentence pattern.It is an event of settlement “Sentences contest by high-speed rail body” as expressed doubts accident begin.The solicit text of the form “You are free to how do not believe Do you believe ○ ○ ○, but, I myself believe” and, The winner (distribution amount of virtual currency of the country’s largest) Q coins and 100,000 yuan ” post of Railways departure from flame-government “is awarded.Number of applicants more than 7000 copies at the time of 20:00 on the 26th, what satire and suspicion against the Ministry of Railways was included accounted for the vast majority.(Editors: Matsumoto NatsuMinoru)

Japan or return to poverty?

that yesterday, I was told while lunch and Bank of Canada business partners.Prime Minister I’ll change really well, “Japan.Generally, it would be once a year.I wonder if people will be following soon?I’m my best to remember the name in this.I wonder if should be updated when necessary the name of the minister.”

It’s easy end in “said, Oh” If you take verbatim the words, but to be taken to be, awkward there is no sense of stability long-term without a vision and policy in Japan If you read too much into a little more we find a new.

We, commented, “Communist Party dictatorship’s impossible,” and for China.I have opinion that it “can not be maintained anymore gold dictatorship” against North Korea.But we will not seem as “do not know Where do I toward Japan”.

But I may know exactly.It is that the Japanese have become more and more poor economic.Person of about 50 generations from the 40’s that enjoyed the time consumption of the bubble will remember the body the consumption of time there was still room.But, the way of consumption is quite different from people in their 20s and 30s.That also means that people can not afford a person can buy a bag of Louis Vuitton to put it the other way around the “individual consumption” that came out.

Values ​​of the Japanese would not be an exaggeration to say that has changed the contents of your wallet.Who are no longer look back anymore even operating at the Porsche Aoyama Street.But I will go to peep if there is a crowd of people to discount in downtown.I began to show a strong interest by the thing with the edge more interest in people, and to get close to life.

Japan has continued to prosper, “there is no significant wealth equality country but there is a great happiness” as originally.Only 80 from the 1960s might say it was a “significant accident” Given the long history of Japan.Why accident occurred or the?Probably because there was a real national unity Japanese who-torn War aimed at peaceful development this.In that troubled even daily life, Japan achieved economic prosperity is also the Korean War special demand, the company has presented the lifetime employment.

Or more, which is a white-collar worker, salary often extremely nourish the families of those that do not me, buy a house, buy a car, had been guaranteed almost life put out the education of children.But, companies stop lifetime employment with the collapse of the bubble economy, salary and bonuses falling, it is now regarded as the disparity of people and non-winners.And it is supposed to some while forming strong again socialist society by hitting the nail that sticks out.

It will says it all ups and downs of IT millionaires who can be seen in the collapse of the IT bubble generation early 2000.

The attitude to accept comfortably poverty is likely there is as close to the spirit world you do not know it is not a Japanese.Could you understand easily even if I explain it to Americans and Canadians at least.However, I do not I would like to move in Japan now is wrong.Because it is because it is the most natural for Japan.

My childhood, I was surprised to skip around the waist taught me “Emperor eat the pike” and.Amaterasu I mentioned gods of Japan is working hard.Unlike Western culture, is characterized by an absolute that there is little difference in level from top to bottom in Japan.Will not be forever, to change this.

I thought it might be the happy and peaceful world most sense there is a Japanese Takabura not arrogance, and without putting the show, go like a human being engaged in natural stance.It may for example, ones to agree to this remains to Japan, I want to made a fortune going out in a foreign country, such composition is be the most natural in Japan.

I I’ve seen in various ways in the stance “Japan is either river” that, but I feel that it can be understood relatively Sutsu this problem until now and think it was a unique era of.

Everyone would suggest you think?Please tell us your opinion.

security and bad stench drifts in the town of summer 1955 that anti-nuclear faction bless

That for leaving the outrage such as socialism by the power usage restrictions Ordinance, that the government mandates the consumption reduction of 15% to companies, companies struggle to save power, power-saving person of the adverse effect is large is performed they’ve been.It’s to disagree with such a situation, it is Takuro Morinaga Mr. Dokkyo University Professor.

Affect not only the employee, to the consumer power saving measures of company.If the amount of regulation (power reduction regulation), quality of service is reduced, diversity of goods is lost, energy is going to be taken away from the economy.

In the former East Germany, was the only compact car called Trabant, which is derided cardboard body, but I go closer and closer to that world.

Under the influence of rolling blackouts immediately after the earthquake disaster and the plant, Yamazaki Baking is narrowed down considerably the production items, but it plans to nearly halve the item as it is.There is a lineup of more than 50 Packed lunches, but about eggs and tuna were only being sold one o’clock.

Products on the market, but not can not live even one by one, but that there is a choice between the amount of goods is wealth itself, it is a good place of capitalism.The destination end up the act of companies narrow down the products to save power, is a socialist economy.

If you ask and re-running the nuclear power plant of periodic inspection, meaningless power-saving efforts but no longer needed, helped a wonder to me why they do not run.Anyone who thinks it’s peace of mind because parked the Hamaokagenpatsu is often, it is necessary to continue to cool the spent fuel and fuel in a nuclear reactor, to be the same as the Fukushima Daiichi if loss of cooling power on a large tsunami be.The person who moved or not the resulting risk because I do not almost even parked.

People of the anti-nuclear faction say, “I should go back to the 1950s,” but the era of the past only looks beautiful, it did not say never retrospect calmly.There was no air conditioning, of course, and the refrigerator was a method to cool with ice.

Beefsteak in food imaginary, town dirty, it stinks rotten garbage in the summer, security was also not as good in any way.No not worth mentioning health care, life span of the Japanese was short.I do not think at all and want to go back to this era.

※ 3, August 2011 SAPIO

Patent strategy of the leading manufacturers too paint

He joined at 23 per day, resume, and business activities of consternation that there was seen

Shamefully, twice, have experience of work for me.He attended the Hello Work both times, it was taken care of unemployment insurance.
In this paper, is the story of a patent based on the experience of unemployment at the time of the first.I (as detailed in the first of this series is the whole story) that early retirement by Hitachi in October 2002.After that, I changed jobs to a company called Semiconductor Energy Laboratory.
The unemployed, I sent a resume to a company of 22, but all swing away.This is a company that sent the resume of 23 per day,, Semiconductor Energy Laboratory, a company that has been adopted, and reach the interview for the first time.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory, is a company of extremely rare form that performs research and development, such as semiconductor and liquid crystal, and patented Based on the results, and continues to profit only the exercise of the patent basically.
Work he was interesting exciting, but horse can not match the mountains? Shuntaira Mr. President, it is said to be “me not come from tomorrow”, it has become to retirement just six months after you change jobs.As a result, in April 2003 and happily (?Was) unemployment.
It was a short period of time, but it was an intense experience in the Semiconductor Energy Laboratory.For patents, I think that kick ass beaten on the head, shattered to pieces the values ​​until it is especially.
“Patent of You’re all garbage”
In interviews prior to joining, I was hit by a lead-off first.Once in the drawing room, 5-6 books as had been standing on top of the desk is a thick pipe type G file.And, the very beginning, mountain? President said:.
“It’s all patents that you have been filed in Hitachi.Some 55.I read all.It’s all garbage patent.it can not even make a sentence ”
In fact, I had a considerable confidence in the patent.In Hitachi, depending on the importance of the patent, (important, international application) (the most important, strategic patent, international application), B, C (national application), (consider the national application) D A, E (application pending) I put a rank and.I had filed a number of patent B and A.There were a few times that it has been honored at patent.

However, in the lump together them, it has been in moss and “garbage patent”.I was surprised also to the president and that he read it examine all patents yourself, “this guy, you! Whether you doing selling fight,” said that the belly stood fiercely needless to say than that.
“There is no talent of patent to you”
before I fight back, 3 parts, the president gave me throwing documents of the A4 in front of.It’s patent was established with request for examination “recently, my three.To say “please read it’ll do 30 minutes, and went out from the drawing room.
Since you’ve done the other party to complain comes out, even while angry, reluctantly, began reading the patent specification that is passed.They were patent of a device.Claims of the patent (claim), it has been defined in the device structure.And I thought it was to avoid this patent to be difficult equivalent.From the point of view of competition, it was I felt patent and disgusting really.
30 minutes have passed in the blink of an eye, the president came in again.And, I think if “?I’ve heard that “.
Out of spite that was vilified as “garbage” the patent of their own, one of sarcasm also wanted to say, but I was not to admit that the quality of the patent is high unfortunately.So we said, “patent has been established in the device structure, it is difficult to avoid, it is patent that seems disgusting” and honestly.
Then, the president chided me as follows:.
Or that much “? So you’ve got a bad.There is no talent of the patent to you.Look at the date on which the patent has been established.I know, 17 years from now, this patent, I continue to earn royalties.Totaling’s become several trillion yen ”
The author who has done only purely technological development, had never seen a patent (in the eye that is, of whether earn how much in this patent) in such eye.It was a complete defeat unfortunately.
And left for home and was able to interview the first time in history Books Delivery of 23 per day, and while I think “Do not do it Koryaa”.
To adopt in reversal for some reason
However, as soon as you return home, there is a call from the general manager of the Semiconductor Energy Laboratory, do not say “I have to say the President wants to adopt you, me coming even from tomorrow” and.

Why is it though was vilified Kusomiso the “president?I asked the “is that I make use of the experience of” In the past, with “I want you to work on technology development.
Because I feel that you are deceived something was, just to be sure, I had done an interview for the second time.And I was confirmed and treatment work content.Job Description is a technical development, not the patent was told “there is no talent,” said treatment was something comparable to Hitachi era.So, there is an uneasy feeling that it Will get along with the president, but it was to sign a document of joining.
By the way, the mountain? Mr. President, is a master of invention that people in the know in possession also 2,000 patents each know.Record of 2,000 has surpassed lightly the 1200 review of Edison, which is said to be master of invention in the United States.Semiconductor Energy Laboratory has become the 6314 review 3245 review (at the time, in 2011 who is also receiving Guinness certification patented the world in 2004.From the company’s Web site).
Companies pour the total energy in the exercise of patent
This is an exclusive right to the patent, the right may be patented fees and royalties (although there are many cases where it is on trial) it is possible to exercise, and exercise.
I knew the concept is such a thing.However, did not you have the right to exercise on your own actual age to Hitachi.It was the work of the Patent Department.As a result, did not have as their senses the “exercise of patent”.
However, Semiconductor Energy Laboratory is’re pouring all of the energy in the right exercise and patent rights acquisition.And, increase the benefit as a result of such exercise, is are you employment of 280 people employees (and I checked on the web site, some 778 people in the April 1, 2011).
At that time, 280 people in, except for the 10 or so people of the General Affairs Department, the other half was a patent troops technology development team, and the other half.I was surprised at first to the number of troops this patent.
At one time, royalty income is more than 500 憶円, Patent Department of the Hitachi Central Research Laboratory, the author was enrolled, was featured often in the media such as TV and newspapers.1,300 of all employees of the Central Research Institute, the number of the patent part, was about 100 people.
However, the Patent Department of Semiconductor Energy Laboratory, even though there are only 280 people, all employees have passed, what, the number is more than the Patent Department of the Hitachi Central Research Laboratory.

You can exercise the right how
Moreover, it turned out, but surprisingly, those of staff in charge of the litigation from staff to perform the patent application was often.
For example, suppose Intel, and has launched a new processor.Immediately, get this, this company is to reverse-engineer.And reverse engineering, by decomposing and analyzing the product, is a means to derive the design and manufacturing process information.
In the case of a semiconductor product such as a processor, to extract the integrated circuit chip from the package.I take the electron micrograph cross-section of the chip.Further, while the film strip layer by layer by wet etching, spree taking an electron micrograph of a cross-section.In this way, their preparation processes and device structures, generally, it is possible to elucidate.
In this way, at the stage when balanced electron micrograph of the chip cross-section is explore Patent amounting to 3,000 to Semiconductor Energy Laboratory holds is not longer used anywhere.
I also was allowed to observation of electron micrographs like this several times.In situ, for example, it is assumed that determination “in the fine processing technique, possible that this patent Semiconductor Energy Laboratory are used is high” and.Then, immediately, Patent Department is suing Intel!
In this way, constantly monitors the product of semiconductor manufacturers and Electric in Japan and overseas, Semiconductor Energy Laboratory has filed a lawsuit.Then, by performing the exercise, it is of’re getting royalties.Hear therefore, that there is a “mountain? Shuntaira Response Office” in the electronics company of many.
Japanese semiconductor manufacturers that can not be exercised
The business activities of the Semiconductor Energy Laboratory of attempts to acquire a profit by exercising the patent right, you’ve surprised to be honest.The exclusive rights of the patent, seemingly to exercise like this.In addition, the specification of the patent to obtain exclusive rights to what was something written like this.
I was reminded thought to patent the author of Hitachi era or was sweet how.No, it is not the only author.Patent strategy of semiconductor manufacturers and Electric of Japan, including the Hitachi felt acutely or were low-level how.
There are Tsutana of the patent strategy is one of the reasons for Japan semiconductor has decline.This continues, next time, I will report in detail.
Author: Takashi Yunoue

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