Japan economy in the second half of 2011

This is the beginning of the second half in 2011 from today if you noticed.The first half of the year gone by, it was a long six months downright.two incidents that no one expects, “and” Arab Spring “in the Middle East, in the Far East” and 3/11 Earthquake “” will be written in bold in the history chronology of posterity probably.Is referred to as a surprise, it is referred to as the influence of the global economy, meaning that the two cases have heavy indeed, especially in the energy problem, it might be a major turning point in 2011.

The Japanese economy after the earthquake directly, there was a sense of be in the air most.When it is time still thus marks the second half of the year, we have seen that it is recovering faster than expected.Law “time heals all” and “no sell natural disaster” is seems to be shown, if you read obediently the data of the feet, you will not safe to be referred to as a “V-shaped recovery” and new experience long extinct a.
However the second half is hard to say at peace.There is concern in overseas economies, and domestic politics than anything else is shameless.Towards the second half of the year, I tried to summarize the current state of the Japanese economy.

● the moment you feel the “V-shaped recovery”

Hiroshima (6/2, Electric), Kyoto (6/9, regional banks), Utsunomiya (6/10, auto parts), Okinawa (6/16, Newsletter), Osaka (6/22, author of this month, housing I had a chance of a business trip to the city six convenience maker), Yokohama (6/28, and Yokohama Trade Association).In a lecture in everywhere, and he has exchanged views on the economy, but business confidence in western Japan is not bad in general, there is a difference of quite a pessimistic mood in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
Sometimes you are away from Fukushima, power saving is also not so desperate, eat management also did not reduce the “earthquake special procurement”.

The General Assembly of the steel supplier in the automotive parts company of Utsunomiya also interesting.Because there is a problem of hollowing yen and, I do not mean that optimistic the future, but had dominated the venue was a sense of tension “busy season in earnest begins now” and.On the other hand, how the carrier or supplier, are hammering out a “How it will work with the shift of Thursday, Friday, and holiday” in, there was a thing to feel the “force field of Japanese companies”.

cases of “power-saving” is to stimulate demand more than a few.In spite of the special demand after the “eco-point system” and “DTB” of last year, foot traffic of consumer electronics retailer is a strong.Refrigerator and air conditioning selling well, I heard a voice “fan might sell is so No way” and the electronics company of Kansai.In fact, even in humble abode, to buy a new refrigerator and two air-conditioned, and replace it in the part of the LED lighting, it is in the place where I bought two electric fans.If there is no earthquake, I would have probably not buy.

What supply chain problem is what has been.Naka factory of Renesas company attracted attention as a manufacturer of “micro-controller” is partially resumed production from June 1.Temporary, it’s what I was told “beyond half a year now, the car may not make,” but, in conjunction with alternate production of other plants and domestic outsource production to semiconductor manufacturers overseas, and disaster before the end of September expected to exceed the supply capacity of.The shareholders at a meeting was held on June 28, the company Akao president answer questions of shareholders, that there is a movement of replacement of “third-party products is true that, in the recovery speed faster than expected, it has been superseded one that was poking confidence minute and was “less.
Place when it is talking to people of a certain electronics company, I also tried to asked? “Do not you think that you buy from abroad”, “micro-controller so customize thoroughly, and it takes immediately about a year it just.Answer the person who was waiting for restoration if it’s the case with the “good is back.The trusted much also amazing, but it is a big deal and because he would really makeshift.With this rate, the word itself called “supply chain problem” is, perhaps would have been forgotten and early.

1 http://sankei.jp.msn.com/economy/news/110601/biz11060115270032-n1.htm

The pitfalls of “rapid drop in body temperature” to fans of selling fool in a power saving

This summer you will be forced to power saving, a fan big boom.”But fans also took the body temperature more than necessary depending on how, you may be ill,” said Zhong Mamiko director of Integrated Health Clinic Eek Marunouchi for women to speak.

In the case of wind speed zero, sensible temperature’s 29.4 degrees at 28 degrees room temperature, but if the air directly hits, and 26.1 degrees just by one meter wind speed, sensible temperature is also about three times, according to the data of Panasonic Ecology Systems will be different.Relations director says.

Pay particular attention to sleep, especially when “.I myself, Have you ever gone to bed until the morning while multiplying the fan, but the throat had him when I got up.During sleep, the human body temperature will drop.Body temperature would have dropped more than necessary wind of a fan If I win in that state.Immunity lowering body temperature drops sufficiently below the limit, then you’ve come to the throat in my case.Also heat the surface of the skin due to a loss of direct air strikes, pores of the skin surface will end up shrinking, heat dissipation does not work ”

So, I asked them to teaching how to use the fan in the bedroom Mitsuhashi Miho sleep therapist.

“Wind against a wall or ceiling is rebounding, state air flow gently throughout the room is ideal”

And as far as possible the fan out of bed, and upward in the neck swing in the weakest, and trying to use.

※ 14 days issue July 2011 Seven Women

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Mixi — continued to grow significantly, SNS full-scale entry of the U.S. Google also transmitted

Significantly firmer.Strong movement stood out yesterday, but continued, as late of SNS-related
Movement of the review seems to be growing.U.S. Google new service “Google + (Plastic
It was reported to start the database) “, even to full-scale entry of SNS business in opposition to Facebook
Is, in support of SNS-related material.In addition, in the U.S. market yesterday, SNS leading Rinkuto
In has become a significant high of about 12 percent in tailwind high marks from analysts, Net
Also stimulus material of stock.

The VW is possible! “Automatic operation one o’clock” to 130km

Stimulus from the outside less in highway driving tend to be monotonous, everyone I think in there experience you have as “Hiyatsu” by being attacked by sleepiness with.
It to take a little too much inter-vehicle distance is an effective means to risk aversion various, but pain sense of it’s not anything to continue running with the aim of the center of the traffic lane of two a long period of time, such as long-distance drive.Bank of the road surface or crosswinds and applied, also be a scary thought car is blurred to the left and right unconsciously.
Technology to alleviate the pain of those drivers also have been studied in various ways today where the evolution of control technology is significant, we are little by little realization.LKA for example, such as “lane keeping assist” it.
A system that can run along the lane automatically using vehicle-mounted camera, it is installed in a vehicle some recently.Unlike the full automatic operation, the thing to make up for part of the handle operation, the system is to operate, that the curve is less at a vehicle speed above a certain level seems to be a condition.
As you approach the white line of the left and right while driving, the power to the system is activated, and attempts to return to the center increases, and returns, assist weakens.When there is no steering wheel, you are going to cross the white line, so warning sound and sound.It may be said that it is particularly effective system to keep firmly on the center of the traffic lane and become elderly, so difficult.

And now, it has announced the automatic operation system is referred to as temporary VW has progressed one step further “TAP” and (Temporary Auto Pilot).What, under the supervision of the driver, it is so made possible the automatic operation of up to 130km / h, such as highway.Operation by the driver’s intention is priority TAP in operation, also possible to disable the TAP.


The company has assumed that integrates the functionality of the lane keeping assist, such as adaptive cruise control, a pattern that is considered “an important milestone to accident-free driving and fully automatic operation”.
Device “Auto Pilot” as is equipped with traditional and passenger aircraft, in the world of sky, but towards the traffic accident eradication to be multiple, in a sense, will be equipped as a matter of course in the world of automobile more severe Sun seems to be just around the corner again.
Please also read here.
(Avanti Yasunori)
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Surprising truth yen exchange rate, the highest value update

Yen risk of falling on the Japanese economy of developing reconstruction

The Great East Japan Earthquake and later, the chances of dollar-yen exchange rate swings in the yen direction often is increasing.The March 17, temporary and update record highs and $ 1 = 76 yen 25 sen.Scene more than 80 yen level was also observed in June or later.
Behind and relationships for a variety of reasons have been discussed in the major media, but all reflected in the unnatural in the eyes of the author.In the background of the volatility of the market, and a distorted ultra-low interest rate policy, the shadow foreign speculators to find a flavor to this flickers.
Discomfort you feel the description of the soaring yen
“Yen buying edgy speculators that anticipate the reconstruction demand is accelerating,” “circle surge in overseas assets disposal of Japanese insurance company with a huge amount to pay” ….
Morning March 17, after the temporary dollar-yen exchange rate has soared to 25 sen same 76 yen, I was described in such tones the background of a sudden volatility newspaper, a major TV.
In addition to the unimaginable tsunami damage a large earthquake, the Japanese economy after the earthquake and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident was involved in a mess of unprecedented.In light of the economic textbooks, it was appropriate to the situation circle sold.However, the yen soared against the odds.Record of $ 1 = 79 yen 95 sen, which was recorded in April 1995 was unceremoniously broken.
The author, who served as market conditions correspondent long from ’95, there was a sense of incongruity in the description of any of the previously mentioned.
It’s a description of “pre-emption reconstruction demand” first, but it was understood from the early foreign investors of many, and has reached the scale damage of the earthquake the recent does not compare to the case of the Great Hanshin-Awaji former.Analysts of a U.S. management company, factory responsible for supply chain around the world to “Tohoku whole area were scattered.It points out that talking about five years, 10 years, not the span of one year and six months, reconstruction is impossible, “and the calculation of demand.
In fact, stock prices followed a trajectory that very easy to understand.Rate of decline of the major index such as the Nikkei average more than 10%, and became second only to reduce the collapse of Lehman Brothers and Black Monday.

Described in “Japanese insurance company with a huge amount to pay to be disposed of overseas assets” is also poor in convincing.Timing of after the earthquake hit the year-end, life and non-life insurance companies had prepared a thick cash originally.It is a story anyone know if reporters are experienced with the financial institutions coverage.In fact, industry associations and non-life cooperation is denied flatly the “main culprit theory”.Also financial market participants as well as author, should not uncomfortable tone of strong negative.
Relief foreign capital, speculative truth of coordinated intervention?
So, Where is the root cause of the yen surge.
“Coordinated intervention is strong color of foreign relief” ─ ─.Newsletter of this effect has been received from economists old friend In late March, I put full confidence from reporters era.The coordinated intervention, in response to the sharp rise in the yen March 17, refers to the intervention by the central bank of the major industrial countries moved to “buying yen-dollar selling” all at once.In a quick response in each country, the yen has been pushed back 81 yen level at a stretch.
Only in the report that this economist has touched a “foreign relief” dare, there is a truth of the historic high.
Earthquake before, higher interest rates view had emerged in Europe.In addition, monetary authorities were poised rate hike for inflation deterrence even in emerging countries such as China.For this reason, “it is a large amount raised circle for the time being there is no interest rate rise expected in low-interest, foreign speculators some, had been directed to financial assets around the world to this” (foreign securities).I is the so-called “yen carry trade”.
Other emerging countries in Europe and is also the time when economic recovery momentum had sprouted in the United States, I will be “the thickness of the yen carry went more slowly” (up).
However, this prospectus is destroyed in the Great East Japan Earthquake.
“In an attempt to keep you in the thick of year-end cash on hand, were reluctant to supply to the circle of foreign banks is some mega-banks” (foreign banks).For this reason, the interbank market by banks to each other to exchange funds “yen interest rates rise temporarily” and (same).
For speculators had raised a large amount of yen funds at low interest rates, rising interest rates but a matter of life and death said to be temporary.Were converted into foreign currency (borrowed) then raised circle, speculators to repeat the investment.”Be forced to eliminate positions in some cases” rising interest rates of species Qian in investing activities (securities company above).In other words, I leave the funds from all over the world, it is converted into dollars and euros, and he must be returned to the yen, the Tanezeni finally.The “return”, ie it’s mechanism of occurrence, of yen buying demand.It is possible to see the movement and led to the yen soaring.
Speculators can not raise funds in the interbank market.As a result, foreign banks are interposed as an intermediary.Foreign banks and foreign speculators, was the flexibility circle came to be threatened with a set.

Of that prevent that the Japanese economy weakened in the earthquake fall into the serious injury of dying due to excessive appreciation of the yen has been the motivation for coordinated intervention.However, in practice, “the size of the yen carry was greater than expected by the authorities” (The Economist), the national financial authorities also can not leave this, I have taken concerted action to.This is, is a composition economists previously analyzed.
I tried to hit this analysis to the financial authorities of executive old friend.Executives answered no comment, but if I match against the habit of he obtained in coverage of many years, the answer was “hit”.
Yen risk that may occur from now
Finally, let’s fortune and future prospects.
From early June, dollar-yen exchange rate is touching the yen direction again.This time, the future of monetary policy in the United States has become the focus undoubtedly.
FRB Chairman Ben Bernanke is as a statement of unusual to be a “slow as frustrated” about the recovery degree of the U.S. economy, speculation that the move away from the ultra-low interest rate policy or optimism, such as seedlings in early spring this year has not fit the bill on this warm sound.
On the other hand, speculation of further easing the Third to the “QE3” is smoldering status quo.Behind, there is a movement to accelerate speculative as a matter of course.
FRB if Fumikire to QE3, further long-term, dollar interest rates is possible to procurement of low-interest.The thickness of the “dollar carry trade” to increase in the same composition as the yen carry previous.On the other hand, although it has made any remarks unusual, the chairman does not emit a signal to a clear QE3.For this reason, the presence or absence of additional easing he holds the fate of speculators.
Additional mitigation of one stage not shown Federal Open Market Committee June 22 even (FOMC), situation of volatility of the dollar was avoided for the time being.However, the spark of turbulent and confidence issues to European countries such as the financial problems of Greece’s remains smoldering.
The thickness of the dollar carry if Mase QE3 is implemented, the circle will also be affected regardless of whether one likes it or not and the euro is a currency counter.The author likely to see volatility similar to circle the highest value at the time of the previous update occurs is large.
Dollar carry if Mase thickness, movement to invest in assets around the world by selling the dollar will accelerate.In the process, the demand for “buy” is also generated against the yen.It is necessary to assume that a scene in the Japanese economy of developing recovery, the yen risk unintended is befall.
Author: market hero

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For English proficiency that the world seek

The study in the age of 20, you have to travel to various countries since then, but I think recent strong here “that can speak English is natural,” said that.It does not follow that it is a special longer separately.If you speak English, if ten years ago, or learned English in “Where?It was asked and, “but gone are those who ask such a thing now.

Of course, there is English of each country, some people speak English a strong accent, and very interesting if there is a unique feature of their.

Than those who regarded as one language English, people who use a simplistic as instrument in the communication has increased overwhelmingly.It may be grave situation if you scratch the surface from English scholar, and wealth linguistic English has is not transmitted It is a pity, but, as it is to be English in the world already, as a “means to take a community application and foreigners” is positioned.

So, if you hear “Japanese accent”, “Singapore accent” and “Scottish accent” so and so, too late “?I think “.

Honestly, no one has to worry about such a thing.Rather, it’s obvious English Nantes have blunted.English’s was something of American and British people to become a thing of the past, English became the common property of the world.

It is the “English skills that can establish a community application”, English now being sought is not a perfect English.No one has asked for such a thing, and in the place that was able to speak perfect English though, is not to the other party if it can not I only boring story.

The more than now, that can speak English has become the norm, “Brass more alpha” is necessary in order to be the person from the foreign, personal qualities, experience, it is or was the knowledge.Language skills if you’re poor, you can wear a overwhelming knowledge in one field that is second to none, it becomes a kind of geek The point is a must.(Myself because it was movie geek By the way, nowadays you do not speak English studying freshly, and remember to write or pronounce closely, only proper names of your favorite film director was connected somehow the conversation)

The top element to establish a “community application is something?When it asked the “it’s that or pulled into the arena of how their opponents.Can not be enacted conversation partner is not interested in their own.It’s a matter of course, but it seems like people who are too specialized to only learn English, do not understand fundamentally that this is like a lot in the case of Japanese.

People who hold on opponent many very fact in terrible English, and do not care about mistakes in English about Japanese foreign think.Rather, I believe alien that’s commonplace in the wrong English.

Speaking without fear of misleading, “English Nantes should I Tsujire” be than, in order to lead to the final outcome, “the quality of the individual” is asked than language skills.The only thing that, I should have ordered the liver in the future.


Japanese macaques that soak in a hot spring, zero in on the secret archipelago of miracle of “Japan”

This earth, animals who are at risk of extinction, there is a place that is concentrated.Have gathered 75 percent really rare mammals in areas where it is not less than 3 percent of the land surface area, endangered, birds, amphibians, designation of the area “hot spots”.


It reflects the current state of the hot spots of the world, “paradise of hot spot last” NHK Special, has received high praise.Program, marks the final episode in the 6th to be broadcast at 9:00 pm June 26.The stage’s “Japan”.

Japanese macaques that soak in hot springs snow, wildcat …… to catch fish in the forest of subtropical.These, it is a sight familiar to Japanese, but if you look at the world, it is nothing more than the sight of surprise.Japan in rainy areas in the world, a variety of forest to subarctic and subtropical spreads out, one’s a unique creature inhabited a number of “hot spots”.

One of the factors that gave rise to their unique environment, that it is the presence of a “warm” surrounding the archipelago.North to the Pacific Ocean side of the Japanese archipelago, warm current, Kuroshio, the world’s largest.In addition, creating a dramatic natural phenomena in the Japanese archipelago, Tsushima Current northward to the Sea of ​​Japan as its tributaries, has nurtured a special creatures.

You serve as the Navigator, Fukuyama Masaharu singer and actor.The Tour of Iriomote Island subtropical near 20 degrees temperature for (Okinawa) Kamikouchi (Nagano), even in the winter of severe winter himself, he is also 25 degrees below zero, Iriomote wild cat that is said or strange behavior of monkeys, with the number 100 animals inhabiting I explore such as the presence threatening.Video of surprise in Japan premiere also that are available.

Before you travel the world, to reexamine the miracle of feet “Japan”, it’s going to be a good opportunity.

From 9:00 Sunday afternoon June 26, “island-of the Japanese miracle – our” 6th of “paradise of hot spot last” is broadcast on NHK General TV.

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