Spirit that is required to refrain from player [Terano Noriko Column] Zach Japan

I think not of the “all bad, but is not that it hurts to be me coming back soon.Well, but, we can not we not done now really it would be to concentrate on the game, and other players of that to be able to play much no place he comes back to reverse it, but I think ”

Makoto Hasebe’s answer was pale and people to a reporter’s question “news Honda players will not be enough for the three preliminary round was flowing but ……” that is, it’s practice after the September 5th Uzbekistan prewar Date.The term will be Hasebe own stand in the position of Keisuke Honda, it was unimaginable at this time.And, you do not know Hasebe itself also what had been approached the appointment already.He said after the game “only there was a story in a little after practice, it is not doing practice” and.

3 preliminary round World Cup Brazil Asian Games.Honda to leave the team at the same time as the start of training camp the first match North Korea before the war.Against Korea since May last year, we have been participating in a match most representative game.Play at the top under Zaccheroni appointed director and later, as one top in Japan Okada.Did miss only match against Saudi Arabia in Asian Cup.It is played from the start of the second half early in the match against Peru in June to be challenged in a 3-4-3 set up an off-starter.Man holding her objection to being an absolute ace of the Japanese national Honda’s should be less.

And, the size of the presence of He was impressed by the strong against Uzbekistan North Korea against September 2, followed by.

The reason for starting at the top under North Korea warfare, it was Yosuke Kashiwagi in the same match against Saudi Arabia.Adorned with a 5-0 victory in the match, but the group stage defeat is determined already, game similar to Saudi Arabia opponent of state decline of motivation is significant could not be.

Japan Agne attack against North Korea, which solidified the defensive.There was a scene that gives off a shot free several times Kashiwagi Among such.Above all flow of the game as well, I would have changed a lot also in a position of its own and Kashiwagi, the atmosphere of representative So if you are determining, but the goal is not determined.The substitute SeiTakehiro 嗣 second half on the way.Kagawa was standing on top to bottom.And, Hasebe stood in its place, turn did not come to traveling around in Kashiwagi against Uzbekistan.

Kashiwagi North Korea pre-war days, had been expected to concentrate starter has left comments such as the following:.

“It is thought that because I think if, if I come out, recently, that it is not out of the game the most, while leave the body to everyone, and try to do yourself”

However, “yourself” is Kashiwagi even if it is possible to play, it might not be in Zach Japan Honda specification, Kashiwagi “go with everyone” be. I was over in the position of “stand-in” even chance to play after a long time.And even its casting, did not leave the results.

Was recalled while watching such a Kashiwagi is, was that of Mitsuo Ogasawara and Shunsuke Nakamura.

There was a game Nakamura, of being appointed the Ogasawara instead of Hiden and Nakamura in Japan Zico instead of Hidetoshi Nakata in Japan Troussier.They pierce your own style, even while the trial and error of some, leaving the results.The Ogasawara and Nakamura, was confident in the carrier that has built.Heard Ogasawara is are you in the mouth “(to them) I do not lose” and many times, and I think Te Nakamura and I should have been the same.

Of course, the quality of the work is determined as the gear of the organization might be different in the then and now, but from the play you have pride, strong think you are going Mogitoro a chance has been transmitted.I remember also that the veteran and Fukunishi Takashi Hiroshi Nanami and supported the like that they.

It is the media, to the eye of “replacement for Honda” players to serve the position of top to bottom just just, it would be considered as “you were Honda” often.And throw away the presence of the Honda was too large, the feeling that enjoy different versions possibility that should spread by new players, of “Soccer in Japan”, it may be necessary for humans of the viewing side.I would have thought many times “if Shunsuke, it will do something” and “if Ogasawara, supposed to turn out this way,” and once.
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Why China [BBS] Taiwanese ‘s use only Japanese products! ?

Consumer electronics products, “Taiwan’s product manufacturers Nippon everyone on the bulletin board of a large bulletin board site’s horizon District of China.I do not use the product manufacturers why China?Thread, known as “was erected.You often see Japanese products manufacturer in Taiwan, to be sure, but China manufacturers almost no.Various opinions have been issued on this matter.Will be introduced and translated into Japanese below.The rustic impressions by editing unit in ().


● main thread: manufacturer of aesthetic Midea gaosan2011 China, Haier, Changhong, Hisense, such as this summer’s low price with high quality any.But are using consumer electronics in Japan everyone Taiwanese.We’ve got to products in China from now on! Do not go to Taiwan travel and it will not work, and it does not import and the LCD! (It is only the manufacturers do not hear most in Japan, with the exception of Haier)


● appliances Kuchibashi炮郎 Japan is thought to number 1 from Taiwanese already.Manufacturer in Taiwan, and the second can not enter the market of Taiwan in addition.

● gaosan2011 Sanyo but it was acquired by Haier.

● Is not it if I use the ones Sohashi basis point Michiyu irregularities Favorite?

● ailei523 reason is simple.Chinese companies can not enter in Taiwan, and sell the actual after-sales service is difficult because even simple.Relationship of China and Taiwan because it is special, a lot of problems I unresolvable.But I’m Made in China by things in practice even if I say the Japanese consumer electronics.It is good if you take a look at the back of the consumer electronics If you do not believe.Many are no longer a thing of Japanese already. (I will have a lot things that are produced in China certainly)

● I there’s something appliances TMXKDLDW88 Taiwan original brand?

● modnmodn2011 Taiwan Vietnam, the Philippines same.Japan’s economy is a colonial everyone.Car of Taiwan ‘s because Japanese cars 90%.

● dominate the Chinese market in the 20th century, home of nobility NO1 Japan was replaced by the manufacturer after China.Taiwanese have been brainwashed badly.And he is convinced the quality of Made in China is inferior.They do not know that the manufacturer Haier of China, Galanz, such as Gree electricity is superior stand out in the industry. (Although just manufacturer of a name that does not ask too much)

● Hong Roshi-kun is wrong.Taiwan has come to buy the product of LG not only in Japan anymore.Korean consumer electronics was also to occupy 3-4% of the Japanese market! For now, the place would I Japanese cars 70%.It’s what the downturn already.

● Emei ascetic Taiwan’s lazy.Taiwanese do not know at all that there is in China’s consumer electronics manufacturers the world’s largest.

● The energy-saving durable thing for your tea garden Japan.Now that you recognize the Taiwanese of all that I know of, price is of course put this.

● appliances sbbsliang Japan is good indeed.I am a work of air conditioning relationship, but, in order to nearly twice aesthetic Midea air conditioning of Daikin, Daikin who sell well.

(Editors: Hatakeyama Sakae)

Suggest 1,000 yen per box non smoking cigarettes Japan Society, the thickness labor minister

The 12th, is determined to be 1,000 yen a box of cigarettes, non smoking Japan Society filed a petition to Yoko Komiyama, Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.

In the petition that the meeting has been published, price of cigarettes in the country of the current situation has been pointed out to be the lowest level in developed countries in.You have to match the range of 700 yen to 1200 yen is a lot of developed countries the price of cigarettes, and should be 1,000 yen per box.

In addition, and is the single tax hike, it is proposed to replenish the excess medical costs, crop rotation of tobacco farmers, and subsidies to the change of employment of retailers minute which is the increase in tax revenues.

I spread in “his reappointment”? Groove of Nine and Hara

Once again, pitching of Sawamura Takuichi (23) was not rewarded.It becomes “an eye for an eye *” of two armies scoreless 15th round of the China-Japan is (September 8), having missed the chance to win it might be more of the original giant.

After the game, the question of the press concentrated on “Sawamura”.On the content of “2 10 times the hits and no runs,” nodded “There was one that was very stable” is (53) Tatsunori Hara Director.It was answered “I did the best pitching,” “(it is not blessed with the assistance of the offense) poor” and (52) Kawaguchi pitcher Kazuhisa comprehensive coach take charge of the pitching staff.
Sawamura even if the pitching, not lead to win it would not be until the description.So far 6 wins and 11 losses, 2.32 ERA (league 7th).On this day, reach the “provision of 144 innings pitched this season” when finished throw three times.It is the first one among the 12 rookie teams.It will be out of a feeling of a “sorry” to the rookie to a good fight.Was even the gait of giant nine ….

Kawaguchi coach was talking must also be considered..”Where you are thinking for yourself (Sawamura is) is good” -.and reflect on that good pitching does not lead to a win, and that has continued to ingenuity.If Mire is said so, pitching tempo was faster than (September 2) last pitched.The Nari receive a throw-in from the catcher, to enter the exchange of the sign immediately.The rhythm can be easy to protect ally fielder by shortening the Reach of pitching.
The date this effort is rewarded will also not far.
One of the commentators of the net back that “It was attack of the giant 8 times table point of victory or defeat”.To refer to a scene of sacrifice bunt failure of Sawamura, had tilted his neck this.
When the batting order came around to Sawamura “8 inning, with steamed first base, I did should send a pinch hitter.Roughly, one called Kimero the sacrifice bunt to pitcher entering the game late is impossible.If not aware the person, force I do not fall on the wrist tired of pitching ”
12 inning extension, the last defense.I’m led to the new predicament closer Yuya Kubo (31) issues a runner in scoring position of second base.
Hara went to the mound, I told a few words to the infield team and Kubo.This season, to go to the mound and over one’s head to the pitching coach is often too Hara.According to the giant stakeholders, it would be “rather than going through someone has determined the person who told directly and travel” and, but, commentator critical there were many for Geki in this scene.Planting to the nines “pinch of stroke lose in a walk-off”, that commanders would go all the way to the mound is that it is rather the opposite effect.As for Kubo was established as a closer, fielder guarding wonder if is not trusted in the “director?And “It’s become so suspicious.

After the game, Hara welcomed Kubo us while smiling.It would mean it ‘! “Well done”, but giant Nine has pulled up and is showing a jaded look.(The 5th), to see “director does not change” and will no doubt Tsuneo Watanabe first president is to speak of the “no other” again.
Removed from the starting lineup mask Abe, this day “was only pinch-hit appearance.Affinity with the Sawamura also being questioned.But, the moment that Abe is out of the starting lineup, intense atmosphere unusual in giant Nine was drifting “(baseball related persons)
Possibility of behind victory is still left.Heck, I’m a what? This heavy air though not a losing game, flows through the giant bench (Sports writer sandwiched)

※ I did refer to the Kyodo News Service delivery article comments giant stakeholders Hara below.

[Even this article on the other!]
“Event of the Athletic Association” Episode 12 marathon memoirs of Nishida Takashi維
Not the “hidden ball trick”? Production just before 2 months ago 12 team draft information ORIX Edition
Not the “hidden ball trick”? Production just before 2 months ago 12 teams draft information Saitama Seibu Edition

What series / of “Treasury control” problem??… The biggest challenge of (1) Hashimoto’s administrative reform

Noda Cabinet, is said to be “Treasury control regime”.I have pointed out so.So, that why, “Treasury control” or not go, the essential part is talked about less.

I’m proud of that fought head-the Ministry of Finance (formerly Ministry of Finance), it’s one of the few people.This is because, in the Hashimoto administration that I served it as a prime secretary, reorganization of government ministries and agencies = “Hashimoto administrative reform” becomes the biggest challenge, in the pillar of the most because he was “Ministry of Finance Reform”.

Symbolized by the “○ ○ shabu incident”, origin of this “administrative reform” was the Finance and financial entertainment scandal.”No administrative reform by Finance without reform” in the words of the media and public opinion at the time.”Separation of financial and fiscal” and is separate and independent financial administration from the Ministry of Finance was the focus.

Say simply because it is now, but in this issue, initially, Hashimoto was a retrospective.He himself is the Minister of Finance experience, it was the “parent Okura school”.Takeshita, former Prime Minister was said to “Don of Finance” is a real boss on the Hashimoto faction, its influence was also strong extremely.

However, as will be described later, if you have been being in the service of the Kasumigaseki to me, a different angle also, in the sense that the media and public opinion, it was strongly expressed his “no administrative reform Without Finance Reform”.

However, the walls of the “Finance Reform” was thicker and not extraordinary.Now, politicians are Shingin the “eradication of golden parachute” and “Civil Service Reform”, but is not a ratio that.This is because the latter, compared to a reform of ministries and agencies side-by-side, the former because of the reform was the one shot at the Ministry of “Ministry of Finance”.

It may seem surprising, but the creature Kasumigaseki, that public office is, I have used side-by-side, and, equality, if it is persuasion in theory, that it disadvantageous to themselves eventually also drink.Sato cabinet, such as “one ministry one station reduction” is it the case.On the other hand, if you think that is not a side-by-side, only themselves to be to pick off, thorough defense instinct to work.This point, also points out (many years reign as the “Don of Kasumigaseki” in the Ministry of Home Affairs Permanent Secretary from) Nobuo Ishihara, former Chief Cabinet Deputy Secretary.

In addition, this is the definitive reasons (which will be described in detail later), it is for the “Ministry of Finance”, very politicians bureaucrats of other ministries, but “Ashiwomuketenerarenai” of.So I will be “no such Messo also cut into the Ministry of Finance” and.

For some reason?As you might expect, the Ministry of Finance to the Ministry of Finance, there is a right of national inspection and assessment of the right budget.Politicians, both ruling and opposition parties, to the petition by lowering the head to the Ministry of Finance, “me a bridge” and “I made the road” in the local.That we’re taken care of day-to-day.In addition, “with a wound to the shin” people are often politicians.Money scandal’s a typical.In that sense, inspection rights of the tax has a Inzentaru influence.

Officials of other ministries, can not say no to the assessment authority to request the Office of budget.It would be the story of course.So, that politicians will tackle head on the biggest challenge of the Hashimoto administration, reorganization of government ministries and agencies, which is the pillar of the best in the “Finance Reform” is also bureaucracy and I had not.So, your humble servant, I, is was supposed to bear the brunt as prime aide.

As mentioned in addition, the “Ministry of Finance”, also name that was conducive to the elitism that erroneous, was changed to a flat name of “Ministry of Finance”.I like to say in detail later also particulars of this name change.

The “Treasury”, is poised for full recovery Become a Noda administration.And there is Fushi in order Kan previous government took the “politics of exclusion bureaucracy” too, rather, people are also good feeling this “walk with government bureaucracy”.Than the evils of bureaucracy, those who leave the national politicians of the Democratic Party has a large negative effect much,,,,,,.

But, of course, this, opinion leaders and business leaders, the media, or is tremendous how the power of super power authorities that dominate the Kago絡 executives of the ruling and opposition parties, even the Prime Minister at the time, the Japan of today.The thing is if you know the structure is now described in the “Treasury control”, and that not help to say so much sweet, that leisurely, will able you can see.

The country of Japan is ridiculed “bureaucratic state”, “bureaucracy cabinet system” and “bureaucracy”, etc., but (Continued on next week) there is “country of Treasury control” the fact.

It called anti-terrorism United Nations Secretary-General, to the whole world

The 10th to hit on the eve of the 10th anniversary of September 11 terrorist attacks, as well as the victims, Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General of the United Nations, called for anti-terrorism to people of the world.China Radio International has reported.

The Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General, Member States match for the first time in the UN General Assembly in “2006, anti-terrorism strategy of the joint has been decided.The United Nations is an alliance of different cultures, but strive to deepen trust and understanding each other, such as the extreme polarization of ideas and so as not to cause.At the same time, I said the United Nations conduct and preventive diplomacy and peace-keeping operations over a long period of time in the future, and “to help so that the country is facing a collapse not fall into confusion.

In addition, Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General, “terrorism has cast a dark shadow over the whole world.The United Nations mourn the victims of a decade ago.At the same time, and called the name of justice, all nations to participate in the maintenance of peace, bright, and “trying to build a secure future.(Editors: Kenji Murayama)

Light car of Toyota’s first seems Pyxis space.

the name of the light car Move Conte Toyota to sell by being supplied from Daihatsu, seems to have decided to Pyxis space.In addition, by the name of the store dealing with light car that Pyxis station, Pyxis is likely to be unified brand of light car of Toyota.The next year (Ys passenger cars, the Hijet in December?It is scheduled to be added to), but whether I will become a sedan and Pyxis Pyxis Cargo?
By the way, it is a Move Conte as a base, but released on September 5 new grade with memory and navigation back monitor, fog lamps and “G Navi”.I am working to enhance the lineup.
I do not know Pyxis space aim what differentiation and Move Conte, what grade or be set, but it is just focus on the light car of Toyota’s first.
By the way, it seems to be coined word that was based on the Pixie of English and Pyxis, but it is also a nickname of Stojkovic director of Nagoya Grampus of j league which accomplished league victory of the earnest wish last year Speaking of Pixie.In honor of his achievements surely? Une’s probably nothing to it.

Daihatsu Move Conte to become the base of Pyxis space.
Photo model price is 132.0 to 1,441,000 yen in the new grade G Navi.

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Torres is “too slow middle of Chelsea” candid advice to the team

Fernando Torres of Spain FW representative that since he moved to Chelsea from Liverpool in January, does not leave the results with one goal still has complained “slow play” and to the middle of the team.UK paper “The Sun” is reported.

Play speed is very slow, “veteran player, Torres has a possession-oriented.Comments Club and “I’m trying to try to change it to welcome a new coach now.

And, as a key player to change the style of the team, cites the Spanish national FW Juan Mata Newest, the name of the FW Daniel Sturridge who returned to Chelsea this season.

That it has a contract with “Mata would be great.He is sure to become a very important player for the club.He will give you a different pace to the team.Team I was going to need players with experience won the world young like him ”

“Sturridge has not been able to participate in the game in the suspension, but it’s players incredible.I think it’s the players that I since I came here, was probably the most surprised ”

In the game of “next, I believe you would be able to show a game of a different pace, and midfield players also us to adapt to the pace.And if not, we will not function as a team ”

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Prime Minister who were mass-produced in Japan after World War II

September 8, 2011, 楊文 Kai Hua-shaped paper, Chinese Shirube-ho (Yang U~enkai) editor-in-chief was posted on the blog site, Phoenix Expo Report of China an article entitled “Study on the Prime Minister of Japan after the war”.The following summary.

[More Photos]

Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, who was despised most post-war forced the resignation, Mr. Yoshihiko Noda was appointed as new prime minister.Japan achieved a new record of prime minister seven in ’10.It is the first time in the mass production of prime minister of 33 people at 66 years after the war.Average tenure is only two years.It would not be an situation that forever Noda, who became the 34 post-war public eye or with, this can also be optimistic.

Mr Kan has just stepped down from AzumaHisa 邇宮 Toshihiko King, who took office on August 17, 1945 until looked back bent 66 years after the war, interview with Iwami Takao political critic and Hando Kazutoshi Mr. writer magazine It was published in the “Shincho 45”.By analyzing in detail a special group called “prime minister of Japan”, cause that Japan has led to today has been shown.

30 people just to Mr. Taro Aso from AzumaHisa 邇宮 Toshihiko King.Can be divided into three groups by age and age.10 people in the first group until Mr. Eisaku Sato from AzumaHisa 邇宮 Toshihiko King.Has been involved in politics before the war, it is a man who has come a rocky road with country from wartime.Therefore, it is quite trained as a politician.

The second group of 10 people to Kiichi Miyazawa from Mr. Tanaka Mr..Before the war was not a politician, but I’ve been a social experience in the specialized field of each.It’s people who have been trained in the fierce power struggle inside the party.Because he walked with reconstruction of Japan after World War II, it was able to gain experience and special training as prime minister.

The third group of 10 people to Taro Aso from Hosokawa protect 熙氏.It is occupied by hereditary politicians nearly.They generation that do not know much of the course of post-war Japan hardship.Order starting from the ruins Japan, I should Seoe the times brilliant towards the era of prosperity, discipline is not enough.Therefore, I just run about in confusion even if it becomes a difficult situation.But there is an exception to Mr. Murayama Tomiichi of Socialist Party.

When separated by age was born, Meiji, to Mr. Miyazawa from AzumaHisa 邇宮 Toshihiko King Taisho.Kaifu Toshiki Mr. prime minister of the first-born of Showa.Born in prewar Showa, Shinzo Abe said first issue of post-war Showa born to Aso.Yukio Hatoyama, Kan, Noda is also a post-war Showa born.Since the generation of Kan is called “baby boomers”, they have put themselves in fierce competitive world, you do not believe in others.It is a generation that has lived in the view of life egocentric.

Listed the realization of “minimum unhappy society,” but, as a result of advanced at the discretion anything, to break the society, Mr Kan has exposed the emptiness constitution of citizen activists.After all, he has personally done is “unfortunate Prime Minister largest” post-war.And “decisiveness” qualities necessary to politician’s “imagination”.Is laudable, began to show more and more inertia the early days, 10 people since Mr. Tanaka has become to spend one’s time doing the internal power struggle and finally.It is a form of wearing a “conflict force” lose “imagination”.

But, still I think it was better than Kan.It Hatoyama, Kan Messrs. was not a vessel to be prime minister It was obvious.Prime Minister insulted with contempt of about Kan in particular would be unprecedented.Now that you have come to Kan, Prime Minister of the post-war population of Japan has become a desperate situation anymore.By Kan gave way, would be able prime minister his successor draw again Taikei hundred years of national?(Translation and editing / NN)

● 楊文 Kai (Yang U~enkai)
Japan flower-shaped paper, Chinese Shirube-ho Editor-in-Chief.Fudan University, graduated from the Department of Chinese Shanghai.It came to Japan in ’95.The Chinese Shirube-ho joined in ’98.To book column book “graduated in ’10”, editorial book “horizon contemporary opinion”, interview collection, such as “people standing journey Applications”.

※ This article is the one you posted with the consent of the author.

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Conclusion “All Japan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.” to be made into one of Japan’s heavy industry

Then, management integration of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Hitachi, Nihon Keizai Shimbun report also became “to fall through” the two companies denied.However, talk of mergers between companies is huge that it needs, but Mr. Kenichi Ohmae.

The mergers and acquisitions worldwide, it proceeds in a variety of industries semiconductor, automotive, aircraft, chemicals, etc., leading companies are aggregated into a huge 2-3 companies in many areas.The global Megamaja era, we have to consider in the world rather than the domestic market “denominator”.

However in the case of Japanese companies, because the market size of the domestic large also, and able to eat somehow, even only in Japan for the time being, the case that you are Nounou in the country without that you sally forth into the world to take the plunge not a few.However, the profitability of these companies is very low.

Compared to other companies in the same industry of Europe and the United States in any industry, one of 1-5 minutes of the quarter, is about one-tenth in extreme cases profit margins.You are in a situation competition is fierce because many rival in the country, that there is no physical strength to go on overseas now become for the.

Field of heavy industry is also a giant rivals in the world already.For example, leading companies worldwide in the railway vehicle, not Bombardier of Canada, Alstom of France, only about Siemens of Germany.Kataya Japan is competing Hitachi, Tokyu Car manufacturing, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Japan vehicle production, and Kinki Sharyo Co., Ltd. in Japan only.So you try to order abroad, and are struggling without a price competitive even if there are technical capabilities.

In other words, as long as the domestic market is not growth, integration of large companies is vital in order to enhance the international competitiveness of Japanese heavy industry field now.Companies of heavy industry sector remains large and small, including many in Japan yet, but you should make the “All Japan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.” together in one all those.

The railway vehicle manufacturer, not “Japan Railway Co. vehicle” and can only compete in overseas markets by advancing the integration.If you do not increase the profit rate by expanding the global market share by doing so, it’s impossible to argue with the giant companies in the world in the global market.Germany and France are moving to “one domestic-company system” a long time ago.

※ 16.23 day number in September 2011 Weekly Post