To purchase Pakistan Air Force, fighter-bombers of China “殲 10B”

According to the U.S. military site, recently, China has announced that it will sell to Pakistan “殲 10B (J10B)” a fighter-bomber.Fighter to be exported this time with 12 aircraft, the price is half of the F-16.Buyer of 殲 10’s only Pakistan for now.China network Japanese version (China net) was reported.

Earlier this year, Pakistan ordered 36 aircraft 殲 10A.I found ordering the final number will become 150 aircraft.New 殲 10B is equipped with electronic equipment that was modified, radar early warning system more advanced in particular, laser range finder, a positioning system.Nose cone of 殲 10B is similar to the F-16, functionality, is more reliable, but in addition to expensive phased array radar, was fitted with a large, clear head-up display by the pilot’s seat.That the performance of 殲 10B far exceeds the 殲-10A is clear.

According to some reports, that China has been working on the development of 殲 10 from more than 20 years ago.At that time, was the main purpose Sukhoi and MiG -27 -29 of Russia, is to develop a fighter that can compete with F-16 of the United States.Appearance is similar to F-16 of the United States, and weight about 19 tons also about the same, 殲 10 is equipped with only one engine also.You were using Russian-made engine to “AL-31FN” at first, but has developed its own engine to “WS-10A” over ’10.

殲 10’s very similar to F-16 It is no accident.Israel was sold to China technology fighter “Kufiru” It’s clear.And it leads to costly, since the fighters instead can get cheaply from the United States, Israel was interrupted “Kufiru” plan.Since the original design of the “Kufiru” is fused to the design philosophy of the F-16, both resemble It is no mystery.(Editors: Yonehara Yuko)

Lie rampant = China not match “real name system is riding titular” in reality … high-speed rail

June 1, railway department of China introduced the “real-name system” when including the conventional lines when traveling, to ride the high-speed railway vehicle.However, it is in name only and may not match the actual situation, passenger side and use the ID card of others is large.In rear-end collisions of high-speed rail that occurred on July 23, it was described as such “could be real-name system is successful as quickly performed to identify the identity of the casualties,” the Chinese Ministry of Railways.Chugokushinbunsha is reported..

“Ride real name system” is, system to present and ID card to the ticket at the time of purchase, to ensure it is a person while riding.In China, even when using the aircraft, you are doing a “real name boarding system”, including domestic flights.

Of high-speed railway vehicle ride to the “real-name system”, there is a purpose to prevent purchase a ticket that I do not use, resell expensive in others, the so-called “scalpers act”.

However, identification confirmation of the ride at the time of a perfunctory, “impossible to actually” The feature “can be tracked for each passenger, and whether the ride actually, and where they got off” railway authorities also explain that it is state.

There are 1,000 passengers, “one train per from the train stakeholders.If the verification of the identity card to the rules as expected, it will be 3 hours before departure, you get to come to the station to passengers.Voice meaning of high-speed train such as “no more be heard of.

For this reason, and busy season of Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) around, “scalpers is blowing back the breath” situation that is expected in this state.(Editors: Kisaragi Hayato)

High-speed rail copper has become?Ticket purchase and can ride in the identification of others – China

August 8, 2011, the high-speed rail construction is proceeding freely in China.The other day come, such as derailment and stuck by bad weather “unforeseen circumstances” has occurred many, the results of coverage that reporters of a newspaper went under the guise of passengers, that there is a problem in the ticket purchase plans was found.Coverage of Sichuan newspaper network.

Like the airplane, high-speed rail in China that is a system of registering real name ticket purchase.I ought to have the system is such that in order to prevent scalpers that occur frequently, it is possible to ride the only person to present an ID card while riding, and ticket purchase, printed your name on the ticket, but …?

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When the reporter of a newspaper was used identification of another person, you’ve passed one ticket get off at the time of ticket without a problem when riding from the purchase of the ticket, also car, boarding.And that was not even asked presentation of identity card in the ticket gate.

Reporter in contact with station staff in the guise further, and you lose your ticket.Purchase history should have remained since I registered the “real name.The claimed ticket you have lost it, “he should be able to re-issue, but that the system the station staff individuals to view the passenger list apparently is not running, check the work of the non-.After all, it was able to pass through the ticket finally by re Buy Tickets.(Translation and editing / love ball)

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[Back-to-school sale, Wal-Mart is not the lowest price store! Notebook appeal for $ 200 stand the first half?

■ “Wal-Mart is not the lowest price store anymore”.In a recent survey, that a person of 86% which is the majority do not think the price leader (lowest price store) Wal-Mart has become to light.Rather, recognition of the cheaper competing store is Kroger and Target, and Dollar General is he spreads.It is also reflected in back-to-school sale that is next to the busy season of Christmas.Last month, the target was sale of notebook personal computer.(11.6LED, 2GB, 250GB, Windows 7) notebook Acer made of $ 330, the target was sold at $ 249 it with a gift card of $ 50.

Display size was in the sale (2GB, 250GB, Windows 7 or Compaq) Acer made of a larger 15.6 inches, but Wal-Mart and the other’s more expensive than that of the target and $ 278.Also next week, Wal-Mart was the sale at $ 278 Toshiba notebook PC (15.6-inch, 1GHz, 2GB, 250GB, Windows 7) and.Flash Drive 8GB was also appeal at $ 12.88 at the same time.However, the 7th of this month, the target has not been on sale notebook personal computer, but I did it to sale at $ 9 a USB drive 8GB.It seems to come into view, “Wal-Mart is not the lowest price store anymore” even after the ads were compared.

Advertising this week target: top image.USB flash drive and $ 9 dollar products of $ 1 one (8GB) is included in a product it is appealing “discount provision! (Deals rule!)” In.It’s to enhance the sense of value for money and more, it’s marketing that is 5% off with the purchase of credit card targets the “red card”.

Advertising of Wal-Mart this week.I have appeal at $ 43 (2 pieces of pants and five short-sleeved shirt professional) school uniform for one week in the lower.

July 17, 11 – [back-to-school sale, discount notebook on the target! The gift card of $ 50 tablet also?
August 1, 11 – [back-to-school sale, annual! $ 278 also Flies to 17,710 yen notebook in Wal-Mart?

[Departure from Africa! Monster Parents of Breaking News] South Africa?! Assault a gun “was teaching his son” to teacher.(South Africa)

Monster Parents annoy the school with a insane claim was not only in Japan.In South Africa, it is annoy school violence rather than a claim.Moreover, occupation of the parents that it is a police officer.

The court of Mpumalanga in South Africa, (43) appeared a man.He is accused to beat the teacher to August 2, threatened toward the muzzle further.

Morning August 2, two teachers visited the man’s house, came to tell you that the attitude of the son is poor.Man angry about it to me raised his hand toward the muzzle to teachers, I was nearing beat is like a club.Teacher became be treated at a local hospital immediately for 42-year-old and 32-year-old, was injured.Then, man was arrested by the reports from the school.

Surprisingly occupation of this man, “police”.It is as if we had worked in the traffic department of the local police.In the trial of August 4, the trial was postponed until the end of the month man becomes able to further investigation.

By the way, last month, and teachers hit with a stick or teacher that beat with a belt students of junior high school students, or kicking a student squat cries, the hand of students cooled in an ice water that sharper pain is taken in the video for mobile, lifestyle guidance in schools has become a problem.Teachers and students, the environment can be a victim-perpetrator always has dogged.

Police’s violence is also a problem, violence to school is also a problem.Son in question is said to be “Konooyanishitekonokoari”, may live school uncomfortable more.
(TechinsightJapan Editorial Kondo Hitomi)

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