Comfortable and likely / fairly you have to house Chinese to remodel the track of normal

Home and fun while still small.Is a goal is a dream that has my home for many people.

In China, the real estate bubble, you can purchase my home enough merchants purpose rolling land rich and.Hand does not come out very public.But a couple of you have already at home, “his house want even narrower!” Where they modify the track is it are.

Their “home” is a part of the container truck.Equipment has been surprisingly firm.Gas, water, electricity that have Internet access of course.There is a separate kitchen in addition to the room upon entering the front door.As a result of said floor plan to be worried about the 1K.Besides, it’s loft with.

About 32 inches it while installing a large furniture and refrigerator to display likely, are you able to secure the living space, because of shelves equipped Ubiquitous.Is clearly beautiful car in the “storage show no”.Carry-in entrance of a container full meaning open window with a.Ventilation and lighting’s preeminent.

It seems long-winded but narrow.Physical education is barely sat down and line up two.But it is surprisingly comfortable likely not pathetic sense of their.Might be a Sumebamiyako.

Ref: Barnorama (English)

The Rising Sun Again plan in The Sun Also Rises Nuclear Power → power-saving and energy-saving technology to Japan!

September 9, power usage restrictions Ordinance has been released ahead of schedule.

Japan has been engaged in the campaign to be a “power shortage”, but also in the intense heat of the fourth 114-year power supply and demand actually did not budge.

Power shortage campaign will be deployed everyone, even this winter, let’s put the heating if enough to catch a cold.

Irrespective of the general home! Untrue lie campaign for nuclear power plant maintenance intimidation power usage restrictions Ordinance activate the “power shortage” anymore

Now, power-saving society constrain business activities in the short term.Is one that was used to Dada leakage energy, it is not possible economic development in temporary.China It is a typical.

However, in the medium to long term, energy conservation has the potential to stimulate economic growth as priming of innovation.

Let’s remember Japan was the bounce the difficulty of oil crisis.
As a result, we are leading the world, including several battery, heat pump, fuel cell, mass transit, the solar power of the major clean energy technology until 1990.

In addition, by feeding to the world market in large quantities, such as fuel-efficient small car in to deepen the energy-saving technology, I was called the Japan-as number one.

However, since 2000, Japan has surrendered top spot in the United States, Germany, Denmark, Spain, China, in some areas.
Now you do not fall back on your primary, Japan should initiate the energy saving plan of emergency only of industrial, commercial and residential direction.

For a mechanism to support the supply side to introduce a large-scale LED use, automation systems, energy-saving technology of smart grid and other necessary, Japanese companies will be able to support the capital investment as exporter large-scale.

Learning from this history, and further polished natural energy technologies such as solar introduction momentum has increased, and should I Uttedere in the world.

This is why we have used the local measures of the primary huge profits so far obtained in electricity cost high power company, but to assist not held down the small-scale power in the private sector, the development of wind power, such as such as geothermal become public and private sectors If, you should always open the road.

It’s good to be zero percentage of the primary in the upper left in the near future

Japan is a country to compete on technical capabilities.

LED lighting and renewable energy technology.

Now the “high”, but you can always more popular in large-scale production.It’s good if Urimakure around the world over the polish to energy-saving technology more and more appliances.

You will be welcome in a world where nuclear phase advances inevitably.

Government I should raise money has been spent on such technology.

There is no reason that such a technology developed in China that use all-you-can-use energy.Even if I know in my head, because not feel problems and energy saving is imminent.

China will face any lack of resources, including water as well as energy.Only have to postpone the problem now.

One will be faced with a big problem, but, as can be seen from the high-speed rail accident, you will not cut the rudder is in the correct direction quite.

September 7, Sakai photovoltaic power plant is a joint venture with Kansai Electric Power and Sakai City finished before use self-inspection based on the Electricity Business Act, announced all sections has started commercial operation.As a result, the power plant is the solar power plant in the nation’s largest.Land size of the power plant about 21ha, output 10,000 kW, (about 3,000 hotels worth equivalent household) about 11 million kWh / year, the amount of generated power is about 4,000 tons / year CO2 reduction.The power plant started construction in December 2009, it was the aim of commercial operation of all sections in October this year, shorten of about one month the process was completed in a year and a half too small.

This summer, LED has exceeded the sales of incandescent lamp.

It is a chance to save power would excessively at higher heat stroke, simply because it is the people of the staid Japan.

If you’re wanting to demonstrate the uniqueness of Japan against China in the international community that global warming is advocated, and to achieve a country that get along with renewable energy, and is respected in the world and do I realize Japan,.

Country strong economy in energy saving high-value-added products.

Energy consumption is a small country to lead the world.

Form of such a country what is worthy of Japan in the 21st century.

Hatchobaru geothermal power plant of Kyushu Electric Power.To 110 000 kW power generation with a double flash system, geothermal power plant, Japan’s largest.Surplus hot water are Haiyu muscle Onsen adjacent.Should volcanic country Japan can be deployed all over the country what geothermal power generation.

Old man rushed to the woman in underwear shop “AKB48” effect! Reason I get poster When you purchase more than 3,000 yen

Tweets that men rush women underwear manufacturer “AKB48” is currently CM, in Shinjuku of Peach John has been.Reason I get underwear poster of “AKB48” To describe its contents, if you purchase more than 3,000 yen.Fans rushed to the underwear store to buy underwear, and that’s got a novelty to buy actually for the.In that tweet “I had bought such as Hatobura normally because spring show off that because wearing addition level … say is a suspicious person report Tara Ossan-i like that was a lot of old man in Peach John … Shitagi-ya san … fear” and have tweeted.

Shitagi-ya woman it is hard to go certainly in One Man.”But AKB48″ fans that he did get a poster to purchase more than 3,000 yen for poster.This also I wonder if one of the topics making strategy of Peach John?Such “AKB48” has become a hot topic and appeared in one’s underwear in the CM of Hatobura of Peach John.It’s annual event much became a promise fans that come with it if it becomes “AKB48” related, but I think the general female customers is hard to enter Uncle If there was many women Shitagi-ya indeed.But may be ask you get such as going to buy it for a friend of a girl at the very least.

And It’s a usual practice but also this, a number of posters have been exhibited at the “Yahoo! Auction” already.Underwear you bought …… I wonder what’s up.Person who does not have courage to buy to go to Shitagi-ya try to put up to buy “Peach John Vol.78”.Like the cover’s “AKB48”.

※ This article, of Gaje communication Gold Rush “Sol” was written.

It is not fit infighting of the Jackson family? A new Michael memorial concert is planned!

Tito is a brother U.S. singer Michael Jackson died suddenly in 2009 of (Michael Jackson) Levy Jackson and (Tito) (Rebbie Jackson) is planning a memorial concert for Michael jointly David guest of producer and (David Gest) are.Next year, we are planning to performances throughout Europe, including the United Kingdom.

(Deniece Williams) also starring Denise Williams is also a friend of the Jackson family, there is also a question-and-answer session rammed with the audience in the concert.According to the guest performances that I used to represent the will of the memorial that will not withstand to Michael, who became a legend.Guest has said “Most of the show is going to be full of episodes and memories of Michael that has not to be revealed so far” and.Same tour: under the title “A Jackson named Michael Remembering a legend”, starting in March next year.

This new memorial concert tour was planned in the wake opposition Randy Jackson from (Randy Jackson) and (Jermaine) Jermaine of the other brothers.Will be held in British Wales in October “Michael Forever” concert, trial original Doctor Conrad Murray of Michael (Conrad Murray) defendant to only imminent, two people criticism that it is events unaesthetic have.It’s because they thought to hold an event to attract public attention before the criminal trial is Heitei that’s inappropriate.Murray trial defendant was prosecuted in manslaughter charges in 2009 begins this month.
The 100% support to hold a concert, among orphans of three of Michael, take two people Prince of above and Paris (Prince, 14) Mr. (Paris, 13) her mother Katherine Michael (Katherine) I’m thinking about.Concert held on October 8, starring Beyonce Knowles (Beyonce Knowles), Christina Aguilera (Christina Aguilera), Shiro-Green (Cee Lo Green) et al are determined.

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The LEGO described in the European financial crisis: JP Morgan

“LEGO described in the European financial crisis: JP Morgan” article in the photo, with a link, click here

Global financial is pretty awful.It is difficult to state even in the company you are analyzing professionally, to explain the intricate entanglement.So, this week, Michael Senbaresuto acting as a chief investment officer at Private Bank of the United States JP Morgan’s was that when you send the analysis report, a description is given of the complex relationships in the European economy by using the mini figure of LEGO.

In its report (PDF), Senbaresuto Mr said:.In order to analyze the “diversity factor, I got the advice of Peter Senbaresuto to be an expert to conceptualize such a phenomenon.Peter (age 9 years), as a medium mini figure of LEGO, and told me to help you to create a diorama on the next page ”

I do not have confidence to whether or not to fully understand the diagram are described here, but they can give one’s seal of approval for that JP Morgan’s understand the principle “consisting better by LEGO All” wax.

TEXT BY Dave Banks

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Beijing = “reverse out” the critics appraisal … fool bank wealthy to “treasure” counterfeit

Trial of former management (Hanananjimori population), of ShaneSakae defendant Yanshan Hanananji forest population with affiliated and real estate company in Beijing city is underway.Xie defendant had repeated fraud is allowed to credit the bank by showing forged the “gold 縷玉 clothes”, such as rent (about 6 billion 52.5 million Japanese Yen) 500 million yuan.Gold 縷玉 clothing “is appraised five experts, and wore a value of” 2.4 billion yuan (about 29 billion Japanese Yen 5200) “of.’re Criticism is out to irresponsible judgment will be set forth or “credit was easily why” and “expert”.Chugokushinbunsha is reported.

“Gold 縷玉 clothing” was made famous by being discovered in the tomb of Zhongshan Yasushi-o of the Han Dynasty in the Hebei Province in 1968.It’s costumes rig body which was made by stitched in gold thread, such as Chinese prized the “ball”.Various “gold 縷玉 clothing” was announced in China since then.Dedokoro thing is uncertain in many cases, but if the certificate of “It’s something historic” by the “expert” is marked with many.

Already in a mansion, Xie defendant has been owned multiple luxury cars such as Rolls Royce, it was well-known there as the “millionaire”.It was also known as a collector of antiques.

However, the financial health of the company deteriorated, Xie defendant had repeated the act get a loan with fake documents.In addition to use in the management of the company, devotes to luxurious life of their own, and that with 500 million yuan about housing, automobile, art settling, gambling, and entertainment According to the confession of Xie defendant.

2002, and noticed that there is a falsehood to various materials that had been submitted Hanananjimori population to seek new loans, China Construction Bank, which had financed Hanananjimori population sought clarification Xie defendant.Xie defendant filed a financial statement, but again, that was also the contents of the false.”The market valuation’s 2.4 billion yuan Xie defendant indicates an appraisal as” clothing 縷玉 gold “, further.Cash-‘re just difficult temporarily company.It said that if selling the “gold 縷玉 clothing”, to return the money are receiving now also financing such as “possible, and cheated bankers.”Gold 縷玉 clothing” was something that made the new, but disguised as “historical art”.

Five expert-created certificate.Both China’s leading China Museum of History Researcher, Palace Museum former deputy director, world antiquities appraisal committee chief and, because it was “expert”, the bank also believed.Appraised value of “2.4 billion yuan” is that was expensive that is not thought about the case was made of the new “gold 縷玉 clothing”.Xie suspect, was able to get a loan of 500 million yuan in new.

It is five connoisseur is, have received an appraisal fee several hundreds of thousand yuan (500,000 yuan = about 6 million Japanese Yen) from Xie suspect.According to one of the connoisseur, and watched for a while from the outside of the glass case, had only signed the certificate.Referred to as “I thought cage is the authority of the district, some experts of seniors, that there is no mistake in the view (of 2.4 billion yuan)”.

“I thought 2.4 billion yuan was too expensive, but it ‘s valuable things such as price not attached”, “banks are somehow.The “experts” stating that “would have believed easily Xie suspect also why you are.


Been detained in March 2008, was passed said lower court decision of life imprisonment in the “loan fraud” in 2009 ShaneSakae defendant.It appealed the ruling, ShaneSakae defendant are scrambling a second trial is September, 2011.(Editors: Kisaragi Hayato)

Lee Chung Yong of serious injury even killing notice to the perpetrator from the fan … or early return

Lee Chung Yong of South Korea representative MF belonging to Bolton, was seriously injured in response to the tackle of Tom Miller in a friendly match against Newport County held on July 31, but the possibility of early return It has been found that it is.Local newspaper “Bolton news” is reported.

Initially, Lee Chung Yong was diagnosed to require the nine months to return to, it was the return of the state during the current season are also under threat.However, the possibility of early return by the treatment of hard increases, camps and are committed towards the return of the end of January next year.

It should be noted that the fact that there was a notice of killing hundreds of football fans from South Korea to the mirror is a perpetrator, newspaper coverage to suit.After the game, Miller had expressed publicly apologized, but did not make it to quell the anger of soccer fans in Korea, there was a notice murder of hundreds of such as through Twitter and Facebook.

You have to tell that it was broken “Blue Dragon” is also expected as the central player of the Korean national team (nicknamed Lee Chung Yong), the magnitude of the anger of the Korean fans.

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Cheap hotels of 70 yen per night – are equipped with tile floor, to internet access

September 6, 2011, hotels 6 yuan per night (about 70 yen) can be in Zhengzhou City of China, it has attracted attention.China Photo Press was told.

[More Photos]

I suspect against the background of the real estate prices too high in China, capsule hotel rates is lower than the general hotel is increasing in recent years.”Container inn” to Yes made in the vicinity of the construction site with the Zhengzhou city, there are 600 or more places what such a “container inn” in Zhengzhou City, it’s number of surprise more than 1,000 locations in Henan.

Yes floor tiles laid neatly in three meters height, 18 square meters of internal area of ​​”container inn”, desk and chair, electricity use to access the Internet course.There is also a window to the west, I can also ventilation.Is attractive above all to people and migrant workers, work location changes very often Rates of 70 yen per night.

According to the story RiKurenaiHiroshi who runs the “container inn” of (Lee Honbo) ‘s, current, lending of container by the month, there is no particular limit what people do live in container.Trouble such as water and electricity that’s okay instead of people who live must be resolved, even if the internal remodeling somewhat.(Translation and editing / kurenai)

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I wanted to win by “overwhelmed Okazaki.Too good game “/ Japan representative

The second round of the Brazilian World Cup (W Cup) Asia 3 preliminary round is carried out in the 6th, Japan drew 1-1 to play against Uzbekistan in Away.

Shinji Okazaki you decide the tie goal, looking back as follows game.

“There was also the feeling that (for the game-tying goal) it was after one point Nde was relieved, and it was a feeling that go into reverse from here”

I there a place (for the result of a draw) “I can not understand.I had a feeling that I wanted a win so overwhelming, there was also the place where it was too impatience, and it was too good game ”

“Winning (in the battle of the future) is demanded, and also because the content is a need, I want to break absolutely with good game”

Photo: Kaneko 愼Ichiro

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Popular to be played 4,000,000 times nude rugby video of 21-year-old female college student

New Zealand refrain to September 9 the opening of the Rugby World Cup W, game of “rugby mixing men and women” that all naked has been carried out players.

It’s undercard bout of informal day New Zealand representative had done play a friendly against Fiji representative, but (21) female participants is one Rachel Scott’s female college student attending the University of Otago local to say that men and women mixing.

Hardcore game with no distinction between men and women began final whistle when the start of sound.Men naked is attacked tackle unforgiving from behind, but Mr. Scott also run away at full power.Small-sized breast was also shaking and Purunpurun each time.Nude and stunning play of her agile, venue valuing greatly.

Video from this match is posted on the Internet, 4 million times is playing in no time, the topic.It is admirable because say Rachel’s form took off human skin and has said, “do not regret at all!”

※ 16.23 day number in September 2011 Weekly Post