If Japan disappeared in the disaster if [France] blog?”Global loss”

The Japanese earthquake has occurred, the situation of the reconstruction has been attracting attention from all over the world.Information such as an earthquake of medium-sized also been reported abroad in recent years, Japan has been recognized once again as natural disasters are often.

Meanwhile, online magazine site of France in “Suite101”, you have to consider the circumstances of the case that Japan had sank disaster Moshimo.

First, pointed out that if one nation is gone, and there is a problem in a businesslike.If split or merger of the country, the country that has been certified and then takes over that of its territory.However, it is stated in addition to when it comes to disappear sank, the payment of such repayment of government bonds can not be a problem if the nationality of the Japanese who survived is such as you hear that would occur.

In addition, the collapse of the political balance also cites.If Japan is gone, China is lined up as soon as the champion of Asia, it is predicted that would dominate the Asia.In addition, since the situation that can have power in Asia military and political face precisely because there is Japan, US influence weakens in Asia US.In this case, I have noted the influence that a small country such as Taiwan of a situation where due to military facilities in the United States in Japan, safety is maintained is also subject would be great.

In addition, I have said that the technical capabilities that Japan produces, is to the world is no longer that’s global loss.The technology of Japan, there is also an advanced technology, such as not Umidase outside Japan, it predicts that Japan is lost, the speed of technological development in the future would also fall.

And was also so far that the island on earth sinking, the author is a national of the island nation of Japan, but it is a country of the top class in the world in the technical as well on the economic front, the world will change Once this is sinking I shows the view that would be.(Editors: Yamashita Sen-mei-bi Koji Yamaguchi)

Divorced marriage history was discovered girls Ana under the “News Watch 9” imminent marriage

That Toshi Ayako hole served as sportscaster sign of NHK news program of “News Watch 9” (30), married to the end of the year (35) Mr. Yasufuku Kazuki professional sports trainer revealed.
“2 people seems to have decided that I met through a mutual acquaintance around June of last year, to get married after dating for about a year and a half” (NHK officials)

And gained experience as a sports representative in Sendai bureau, Toshi Ana, was transferred to Tokyo announcement room three years ago.
You should have been feeling the pressure equivalent to receiving “appointed after Tokyo, Aoyama Yuko Ana is of who is selected for Maine” News Watch 9 “, since in sports in charge immediately.Still, I was devoted to work diligently “(same)

The splash the pressure to succeed veteran Ana, it seems to have been received a good evaluation.
However, people who know well the private her, told a totally different impression.
When I knew her marriage in “sports newspaper, and I thought it was there!?.Because, she’m married once.So, look at the news, I learned for the first time when I was divorced and the husband of the previous “(official bureau era)

Wow, Toshi Ana married men is a musician immediately prior to going to transfer to Tokyo.And he that had me give you a grand expression in Tokyo.
“In the party, it had reproduced in the VTR Naresome.2 people have attended the same elementary school, and Maybe you was first love for Toshi’s.Suddenly, a letter arrived from him on the basis of her companionship with nature seems to have started while you stay in touch from getting girls hole “(the same)

It is expanded, such as the Korean drama like solid, but did not seem to be in a celebratory mood one color necessarily.
I looked to the other party disproportionate to her that you are working as a “Women’s Ana.To say that musicians, and vocal of the band that does not sell, such as do not know at all the names.Had received the proposal is, and so was the schoolyard of the elementary school that memories for two people, she would be Hodasare by such director, and was married at the market it is clear.It is! “I thought it was … and there are times like that you can not in any way”, she herself also I had been showing “weaknesses fell in love” “(the same)

After all, marriage of two people who were married in the momentum did not last long expected the surrounding streets.
Divorce cause is not clear, but an acquaintance from school days that you went to Gakushuin Women’s University, recalls how this relationship with the opposite sex of her.
Not impression especially conspicuous “college, it was sober and if anything, but I there were incessantly boyfriend.It seems to have been dating director of the station and university students of Waseda, which met in volleyball circles, from getting classmate of junior high school age, member of society ”

Contrary to the sober appearance, Toshi Ana boasts a gorgeous male itinerant.Of course, more of the night seems to have been thriving Contact.
When you are going out with college students of “Waseda, they both were home residence.You are etched in the “Where to Ayako?Why do not you hear that, “we have the answer calmly I” ‘s Hotel “Ikebukuro (laughs)” (same)

It’s real face that is too carnivorous system too have a well-educated women.
About being divorced, NHK Department of Public Information comments that it “can not answer because such things private”.The wedding will be held in Tokyo, Toshi Ana to show off the wedding dresses for the second time in life.
However, to see the man itinerant until now, there is a voice to be worried about whether this happiness is whether the long-lasting also fact.Want to “watch” the remarriage.

Takanohana master to disciple also training in the full withdrawal ban “double dipping” of the Board and income room expenses

When Elections of sumo that re-election is scheduled for February next year, part-time with the director will not be able to, master currently is doing a room management is that it will have to be away from the room management If you want to run for the board of directors was found.
Improving the problems that have been pointed out from Governance Committee for the Improvement of “sumo reform, I was determined by the Board of Directors recently.When I held the positions of the association, such as director, you must go to work to Kokugikan at 9 in the morning.Of course, it is not without choice but to be doing master of the room with the guidance of the disciples.However, are paid from the Association raising cost of disciples master that is not doing anything to train disciples.About 2 million yen a year the amount, per capita disciple.It’s been pointed out also becomes a director, the allowance is “double-dealing of salary”, but leave Apart from that “(sumo stakeholders)

Aspects before modern Sumo Association but are corrected, a pretty much talk.It’s up to the person whether to focus on the association positions as director, or to focus on room management, but is noted that it’s Takanohana master to aim the president of the future.
Sports newspaper reporter says.
While it has a mansion in Tokyo, to live together with his wife and children, “Takanohana master lives in the only disciple of Takanohana room Nakanoshinbashi.Tokiwa mountain master of hitting the usual guidance (in the original sub-junior champion Ryuzo cedar), “room Mountain Tokiwa” virtually.Naturally, you will want to concentrate on the association positions as room with master and this happens ”

Generation change should proceed is also director of the lineup in the election of officers of February.Master crowd of baby boomers disappear.
Some of the young “master, people of indifference more than a few in the clan system, such as in the past.Also unwritten law that every two out of the clan each officer, might disappear one “(sumo stakeholders)

If that happens, it may also accelerate reform sumo.
Some boss wife who own the master strain while being in the “Association outside, keep a tight grip on the room to have nothing to do.It is also no longer allowed in the spring next year.Female enters considerably before modernity of sumo, ventilation is better “(sports newspaper reporter)

Why did not touched earlier.

Households become a deficit most in a year in surplus trend from October to December May

Household account book that “savings” comes out just wear every day.If we add another twist, it becomes be pooled in a planned manner more money.The author as “household notebook 2012” saving power “comes up just to rank” best-selling of (Shogakukan), knowing the average of savings of “monthly, Hosono Masahiro’s popular charismatic lecturer, the strongest to protect the household it is pointed out that, “as a force to continue the household accounts of weapon.Savings amount varies greatly each month, that there is a month to be in deficit month and become surplus.

● average savings of each month in a household by household surveys ●
January: -3474 yen
February: ¥ 44,230
March: -2 ten thousand ¥ 9,582
April: -4664 yen
May 3: ten thousand ¥ 1,282
June: 228,561 yen
July: ¥ 73,667
August: ¥ 10,505
September: -9138 yen
October: ¥ 46,286
November: 8181 yen
December: ¥ 319,117

Looking at the above, in January while the deficit of 3474 yen, as such deficit …… nearly 30,000 yen again March and surplus, ¥ 40,000 more than in February, that there is a variation in the amount of savings by each month I see that.

I’m supposed to deficit spending across the homecoming and a New Year’s present due to high “in January.On the other hand, in the case of February, according to the money, such as meals I have already done less number of days is small 2 to 3 than in other months.In March before the new year begins, there is a tendency for such entertainment expenses is higher “(Mr. Hosono)

In the first place one year, if there is a “month that is hard to accumulate” and “easy to accumulate month”, balance of the household I have used there is a monthly variation.If you do not know this fact, it is often at the mercy of the ups and downs of household.For example, lead to Dari convinced You can misunderstand that it has a big savings in January → 2 month it was too extravagant in February-March.

The “I was sick in the red even with, even if I rank …”

Who ended up frustrated with a household account book in the past, such a person seems to many.It should be it.Those who start from January are often family budget, but it’s a thing that should be in deficit more basically until May.

On the contrary, if the Norikoere May, “Road surplus” after the waiting.In the three months since October, accumulated a total of 370,000 yen or more in particular.Of the 650,000 yen annual average savings, they would be able to save at this time more than half.

The “bonus month other than, I find that hard to save money unexpectedly.If you know this knowledge, you can do not fret on whether surplus or deficit, one year and start earning money in a planned manner “(Mr. Hosono)

Even people who did not come hard at saving, since October, the recovery’s still possible!

※ 27 Oct. 2011 Seven Women

Shibaku the monopoly of the lowest heaven Dohatsu wide TEPCO ever! Suggests the restructuring measures (5) bullshit

To the attitude of these TEPCO, Hosono Gokokorozashi nuclear accident convergence ministers (40) are also laid bare the anger.He says,

“Electricity tariff burden is a burden on the public itself, so to solve the problem it’s how easy most.Salary of the officer also, he was not highly paid balls popping N eyes we TEPCO.Including also those things, there is also a part that can be more restructuring, and will also explore other that there is a way I can do that without raising electricity charges ”

In the previous hearing, for TEPCO, the government has ordered as “put out a business plan that the company will be slim” for reparations ensure.In other words, it’s restructuring plan.

Of the approximately 53,000 employees of Tokyo Electric Power Group, independent committee of the government to advance the management and review asset assessment of TEPCO, create a report indicating a reduction of 7400 people.In addition, it is also touched on the possibility that mentions the need of investment by the nuclear damage compensation support mechanism the government was established in September 12, TEPCO is placed in the public management under substantial.

But for this “nationalization” plan, Katsumata permanent chairman of Tokyo Electric Power (71),

“All right.There is a secret plan ”

And, that leaked words have a terrible attitude.

In fact, TEPCO is had already suggested in the seat of the hearing, the intention.

“I cut the (personnel corresponding to the cost of) worth 500 billion yen over the next one year”

It is a restructuring measures TEPCO explained.But government side heard this immediately

It is a number of makeshift “.That was cross-sectional Ji added, “is a fool.Treasury executives previously described, the reason.

400 billion yen net profit after deducting such as labor costs and fuel costs from 5 trillion yen sales “year, all expenses.TEPCO, was claimed to be, will be 4 trillion yen in 10 years if Atere to compensate for this money ”

The independent committee, TEPCO has estimated that 4 trillion 540 billion yen to bear total compensation.By the way, ¥ 400 billion, it is the amount of after paid salaries to employees, the wound is not to stick to company.Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry officials pick up a trace.

The government is concluded should be able to, such as restructuring of the amount in excess of net income is, no, it was dismissed as “Unlikely Nantes” 500 billion yen “But.Then TEPCO I said,.I’ll do from the “bottom.I will try of course, but also my house, and “because there is a huge sub-contractors on the inner.The body is that TEPCO, that employees of TEPCO to protect as much as possible, related companies such as Kandenko, which truncates the subsidiary.I became “This is a terrible story,” and indeed ”

While causing a catastrophe only that, so that the wound is not to tell, and They just want to survive and snugly, TEPCO is you’re trying to Yarisugoso in personnel reductions cheat on their only.

It should be noted that, according to the estimates of the third-party committee, that it is possible to cost savings of 2 trillion 412 billion yen over the next 10 years.In other words, 241.2 billion yen year.Again, I can not help saying it was a number of whitewash nonsense to 500 billion yen TEPCO.

TEPCO executives was kowtowing accident immediately after the establishment since the Act on Compensation for Nuclear Damages,

“As of Mizuwoetauo, yea, began to take a cavalier attitude to the past it” (political journalist)

And that they are careless remark this without scruple.

“That even if there are not enough, I do I do this in the tax”

True form of TEPCO that licked off people.The guys like this, it must not be allowed absolutely.

Nagabuti Tsuyoshi-setsu or live emerged from the disaster area as the centerpiece of red and white NHK

Annual event at the end of the year, NHK Red and White Singing Contest.Has attracted the attention of now 1 month ago played singer announced, and Who is to compete, but Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi (55) has emerged as the centerpiece of this year’s artists.

Red and white “this year is expected to recover from the Great East Japan Earthquake is the theme.Based on these themes, NHK also believes a variety of production everywhere.Participation of the singer in the affected areas from SenMasao, Ninuma Kenji, Muneyuki Sato et al’s being considered is one of them.I’m a Nagabuti aggressive outreach among such, participation is’s been promising as a highlight of the maximum “(sports newspaper entertainment reporter)

After the earthquake, etc. to entertain the Self-Defense Forces and shelter of Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, Nagabuti has done vigorously support activities.Announces reconstruction support the song “TRY AGAIN for JAPAN” in the September.Powerful voice and music of high message is consistent with the theme suddenly you are greatly encouraged victims, NHK aims, and More More.

Record company officials reveal.

In the “red and white, live live from the disaster area due to big game singer is being considered.As a candidate, you have Mr.Children and Kuwata Keisuke, is Dreams Come True, et al, but last year, Mr.Children to 2008, Kuwata has played almost every year Dreams Come True, eyeball feeling weak.In that respect, Nagabuti does not come out for nearly 10 years, and I will be a big surprise if participation ”

There are other reasons why participation is promising.Recently, NHK and Nagabuti ‘s has built a very good relationship.

Can I say the relationship of mutual affection “Now.NHK “SONGS”, NHK · BS as “SONGS PREMIUM”, Nagabuti that do not appear in music program rarely has also appeared twice on October 13 in July this year.Or strategic move to the red and white “in the music industry?It has become a hot topic and quite “.Both are content with the theme of disaster relief, Nagabuti had put a song passion.In red and white, will not reason to refuse if live live to become disaster relief “(owner company records supra)

Speaking of red and white of Nagabuti, when the turmoil of 1990, was first appearance in live from Berlin remembered.Ignore the progress, on three songs such as “Cheers”, sang more than 15 minutes alone, has received criticism, speaking as “octopus” to the local staff.Were then returned to the red and white 2003, since then it is not competed.Is it the singing of a live relay of “fate” in the participation of eight years it’s … attention.

Suspicion “actually quite rich” has emerged as Big Daddy

Document program in close contact with the large family around the linker Kiyoshi’s Big Daddy that you have brought up 4 M 4 woman in Otokode one “thrilling! Big Daddy”, broadcasting since the start of 2006, total 13 in October there is a feeling that will be broadcasting the first time, popular in the living room was also established.

Currently, four woman 1 M previous marriage of wife 18 years younger remarried to 4 F 4 M is added, the family of Big Daddy swelled to a large family of a total of 15 people.

However, suspicion “Kanemawari of Big Daddy is wrong” has erupted on the net come here.

It is a Big Daddy that was engaged in the orthopedic clinic in Amami Oshima Originally, it was out to migrant in a way that does not earn enough, is hired by Toyota.It becomes a situation where tight that they had to be migrant, and moreover that there are 10 children or more, although there is a child allowance how much, that household is a fiery chariot can easily imagine.

However, in the show one day in October, aired on two consecutive weeks and the 8th, moved to Shodo Island left the orthopedic clinic of Toyota, orthopedic clinic in Shodo and purchase, the House charter, to Shodoshima a microbus Upon moving further In such a practice, Kanemawari is I wish awfully.In addition, from the program watcher on the net, writing “child is wearing a T-shirt of brand-name products sometimes” and also stand out.

By most definitions, capital of ¥ 1 million or more would be necessary at least in the practice of orthopedic clinic.It was a “borrowed from a friend” is in the program, but if have a friend who lend money easily so much, It’s What you likely to seek help at an earlier stage, but ….

Report and “are making money appeared to lecture I make use of the name recognition” is also one after another on the net.For the lecture, in the pattern that was held actually in May 2011, the audience who participated have noted the pattern to blog.Given the current state of Big Daddy there is a name recognition than the poor entertainer, be a several hundreds of thousand yen at least is expected to guarantee the lecture.

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In addition, it alleged that “or not than have received a large amount of the guarantee from the TV station” also erupted.It is a Big Daddy that was negative for the presence of guarantee in some weekly magazine, but according to industry participants, if you do a program of large family mono, that it is market’s pay 3 million yen about guarantee each broadcasting a single.

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If and have received a guarantee of market street from the TV station hypothetically speaking, and the combined income in the core business, the lecture fee, it is calculated that income of 10 million yen or more is tumbling in the bosom of Big Daddy.

It’s Big Daddy family that is pleasing to the audience in stormy life, but what if there is a figure of the family to live in a cheerful mood while poor it.Knowing Big Daddy and makes money of 10 million yen or more, then the audience that ends up wet blanket too? Would not be many?

It’s what the Big Daddy, I want to prove by all means that a number of questions that have erupted on the net is a groundless rumor.

October 14 “new iPhone” release! IPhone entry or medicine or poison to take to KDDI

The new iPhone is, could lead to “poison apple” strangle the neck of their own enough to sell if Urere for KDDI.It seems to have become a trigger for demodulating from sluggish, but the side effects may be greater.

From KDDI at last “.the iPhone, more “connection” ”

October 6, show a slide show written this, Makoto Takahashi, Managing Director of KDDI which gave a lecture in Chiba city, stressed the height of the communication quality, “I want to deliver the best network”.Since its announced the early morning of the 5th the day before, Apple is to sell KDDI from the new iPhone4S, KDDI and Softbank plays a game of cat and mouse.

Was ahead of the curve it’s Softbank.The 5th, President Masayoshi Son on Twitter, there is a communication speed of its spread is referred to as the “14.4 megabits per second maximum downlink” which is 4.6 times of KDDI.

However, it is not only the theoretical value only it.KDDI leaders that night, saw the tweet overwhelming advantage in the size of the “area.Is not worried at all.It was a smile of the room to be “seen it if I use it.

The pricing was noted, KDDI is planted.Early morning of the 7th, I announced a plan for the (64GB) 860 yen a month from (16GB) 0 円 virtually the terminal price.Than the usual smart phone, I have to ¥ 4,980 per month cheap 480 yen flat rate data.

On the other hand, held an emergency conference on the 7th day, Mr. Son has announced that it is to (64GB) 880 yen a month from (16GB) 0 yen terminal price.Is written as (64GB) 960 yen a month in the documentation that was distributed in the conference, I was suggesting that the adjustment is continued until the last minute.

I give out free in real terms until iPad2 deferred, of tablet devices and ¥ 4,410 ¥ 570 a month cheaper than KDDI data flat rate further.Contract who is a model before the “3G” and “3GS” is to change to the “4S” is also free.In addition, and that the cash back to 6000 yen to customers who paid the terminal price already, it’s hard-line tactic, which is not acceptable Narifuri.

Following is here

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Past escape in the trunk of the taxi for Hoshino Mr. Norihiro Nakamura acquisition

Tiger fan to worry that it is “than go back to those days” Also, look at the Hanshin Mayumi Continue shameless fight CS advance conflict with the giants should not a few.The thought, field? Katsuyoshi, who put a knife to “No tiger constitution” as former president Hanshinkyudan also harbor.

Mr. Katsuyoshi Nozaki (69), seconded to the Tigers baseball team as managing director in 1996.Served as team president 2001 to 2004 (he left in 2007).Katsuya Nomura is the director of the first outsider, Nozaki, who was involved in the invitation of both Senichi Hoshino director, says the episode of Hoshino era.

Off of 1997, the first encounter with the Hoshino and I, when I was a trade-story lacked unity between China and Japan and the Hanshin.The Hanshin, basically, by matching a list of other team players that lists up in the field, to determine the exchange conditions, trade will proceed in a way that get the approval of the Head Office.

At the time, my house because it was necessary reinforcement of the catcher, I wanted to win Takeshi Nakamura of China and Japan.Multiple trades I was together, but since the list you are released from this place, there was the name of the Hiyama SusumuJiro of sale at the time, I had become broken off NG is out of the head office.Hoshino to hear it,

Story made of the “on-site or even do become useless.So Hanshin’s no good ”

It has been cut in two and.Impression that Na Ya scary people (laughter).But, I discovered that there was a team that was entrusted with full powers to the influential director in human resources is one way that also, how strong.

It was amazing passion for baseball Hoshino.It is a (2002) when trying to erotic Norihiro Nakamura in FA.In order to advance the negotiations in secret, in order to sow the media, from the underground car park of the hotel where the negotiations, Hoshino escaped by hiding in the trunk of the taxi.You did think that it is, or do up there (laughter).

Mr. Nomura was no different, but it was the story well and thoroughly in advance and himself when it dropped to two Army major.To be properly handled and future team situation, players will also convince.Hoshino’s quit in the two years I was told you they “win escape”, but ridiculous.I can not forget the diagnostic content of the attending physician at the time.

The blood pressure is 150 110 with only wearing a uniform everyday, to go up further as the game progresses.It was stress-related high blood pressure of the drink antihypertensive two types of on-site.The phrase “death and will continue as is”, it was said by a doctor really.I wanted I will continue to Hoshino more, but impossible could not say.

※ 21 Oct. 2011 Shukan Post

Takeshi touches the taboo at a wedding reception

Blog Beat Takeshi, was transcribed the full text of congratulations at a wedding reception of forest owners Sanpei has become a hot topic.
Beat Takeshi, congratulations full text of Gordon Sanpei wedding reception – anthem “mumble” Shinji

Content reminiscent of the retirement of Shinsuke’s case of “we have refused to black dating” had become a hot topic in the news, but it does not stop there,.

It’s possible to the mouth and imposing what to say “half brother of Sanpei do you?” And “was said to Come to’ll give 500,000 to Shumei” while a place of auspicious reception, also taboo would only Takeshi.

also when referring to programs that Sanpei and his wife met on “Mito Komon”
“When I say what the TBS and alas, it is that person of the re-broadcasting of high viewer ratings than the actual broadcast and”
And do not forget the humor that poison and.

In this way, congratulations Takeshi incorporating also irony to the media was filled with waste fun to just show off at a wedding reception.