to congestion It will not could not submerged under driver, the bus “or mon pay a fine!” signal was ignored … China

By the bus driver has a red light in China, it was decided to get a ticket from the police.

Up to this point is a story that is everywhere, but I started to do was a tired of paying a fine very much, that does not come out the driver dropped in on the bottom of the bus, the resistance of the unprecedented.

[I see the image]
Incident happened China Zhongshan city, Guangdong province.

Police and reproach! “Come out soon” also, the driver does not come out and get into the bottom of the bus like a child.Because the bus is lingered forever on the road further, settlement of congestion may also occur.

Is called the fire department, police tried kidnapping is not clear was Uttede strategy to move the bus forcibly.However As they work driver also remains crawled every time the bus is moving, the situation does not change at all.It seems to have repeated things like controller like.

Then, we have succeeded in that policeman impatient subduction is irresponsible, and grabbed the arm of the driver, drag someone finally.

Incident (?It was resolved happily is), but what you think, this driver is either came out in bizarre behavior like this on earth, it seems to be still remains a mystery.

It is a news and China only, but it can be said at the time that the first place are ignoring the bus driver is Buttobashi the red light, the situation is quite different from Japan.

Driver slides under bus to avoid a driving fine, causing traffic jam

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Private house and refused to evacuate debris flow, elementary school students Sichuan = “not been able to homework”

At around 6 pm on the 14th, debris flow occurs road in the mountainous areas is lost, I hit the four buildings house that was in the lower slope in Sichuan Province Dazhou City, ten thousand sources.Houses were damaged first floor is filled with lean and sediment.17 residents were safe, but during the evacuation, one girl two years of elementary school said, “homework does not end” or, that refused to flee.Chugokushinbunsha is reported.

According to the mother of the girl, when I was on the first floor “home, hear a” thunk “had suddenly.In retrospect, the opposite wall is broken on the inside, earth and sand that “‘ve been rushed into the room and location have their own.Did not hurt.Was called out to go to the second floor which had a daughter feverishly, to escape from the house immediately.

Whole house vibrates with big roar despite without changing the look, girl the second grade was rejected “No homework until the end”.Fled while holding the body of her daughter, but of necessity, “daughter in the complaint were very angry” and.

The Communist Party committee secretary is responsible for the city, because it had published a number of mobile phones, such as TV, residents who evacuated were obtained relief to report the debris flow occurred in such short mail.And soon after, officials FIRST AID office, police, housing construction station arrived at the scene, to induce evacuation of local residents at the same time to protect the residents, was sealed off the scene around.


◆ schools and teachers has a large “authority” Remarks ◆ China.Students, often including such as homework, and think of this as “as long as they absolutely” instructions of the teacher for the.On the other hand, it has been pointed out that there is also a negative effect to “abide that has been instructed, but the growth habit is often a child to think for yourself without stick” and.

In China, which is becoming an extremely competitive society, the difference from becoming a member of society “winners and negative set” is very large, and ordered a “white only study anyway” to Oyagako, but does not at all, such as housework stand out even if you take the extreme policy.Since there is no experience of relationships with brothers and sisters only child are common, poor “viability, and conclude that the” party is “bad without having to reflect on their own problem occurs, young self-centered is often and people “, as a problem in many cases.

It is believed that there is a problem in the background on the growth of consciousness in the spirit of the surface between young people from children, the reporter had picked up the news of “elementary school that did not run away to say that there is homework”.(Editors: Kisaragi Hayato)

[From Asia! Two old man died Breaking News] only this month.Circumstances cold heart of Chinese society to pretend not to see the old man fell down.

Downright tragic events occur frequently in China recently.Heartless incident old man who fell down or Dari fell in the city, is a blind eye to the people around, that his death as it is he has one after another.Was not without action of good faith that hold out a hand to the old man originally.However, wariness to the “old man in need of help” that are born in the Chinese society at this.Why on earth?It seems to be a gap in the mind that could be among the people who think the old man and the cause would like to reach out.

Where Jiangsu TV reported, the 10th of this month, the old man was trying to cross the road to trot in Zhejiang Province, China, was knocked off the bike, which has been running at a high rate of speed.If you look at an old man have fainted driver, fled mercilessly.After that, the car and a lot of people passing by the scene of the accident, but also to see the old man lying in the middle of the road, was not the person who hold out the hand not a single person.

In addition, as a result of in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, the old man fell down in front of the market near his home has continued to be “ignored” to passers-two days this month, nosebleed was clogged suffocated in the trachea.Family of an old man who died lamented that it “might be done without dying if someone has lent a hand if”.

Why tragic events like this or not cut off a trace, there is a situation that is in it.In fact, cases in Tianjin and Nanjing in China, the old man fell down Dari fall, you can hit, is, sue as a ringleader of the incident for some reason the general public that reached out from the good intentions recently he has been frequently.Therefore, caution to the “old man in need of help” that they’ve been born in the people of China.

Would to the to “pretend that unseen seen” from feeling not want to get involved in trouble, but would not reach out to those who have fallen, it is in society Samuki mind downright.
(TechinsightJapan Editorial Katakura love)

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In Korea terrible imitation of Mao Asada showcase comedians Masutani blog “large fire”

Blog Masutani Keaton’s comedian, known for imitation of figure skating, Asada Mao (38) is a big fire.Showing off in the Korean TV show impersonation that Asada’s jumps to distort the face this time, you are buying the anger of the fan “Masutani shame! Japanese” or.

It was that, who appeared in “Comedy Japan-Korea war!” On a TV show in Korea blog of September 4, 2011 of Mr. Masutani.

LOL in Korea! Standing ovation! ! It does not mention that it was the imitation of Asada’s,

She used to be a practice by preparing a story that seems appealing in the “Korea.I was also appealing course.I was writing the “Is received very.The reason it was uke, Japanese programs are not boring feeling bland, but it’s because it seems that no It will not put it in such a thing in Korea.And he spelled it like to work in Korea and also in the appearance of the machine this time.At this point, it did not become a hot topic in several cases only some comments of encouragement.

However, how this program will be broadcast on September 12, 2011 in South Korea, the LOL is up and “YouTube” and “Nico Nico Douga”, in the comments section of the blog’s Masutani blame centralized.Was subjected to 13 to 14, complaint in excess of 8000 came was “large fire”.

Mr. Masutani, become one order pants and take off your clothes are made in the program.And I was wearing clothes similar to that Asada’s costume is wearing.The makeup further in situ, by bundling long hair, and entered a figure in the “acting”.

Climax is a good jump-triple axel of Asada’s.Were exposed to atmospheric bashing from fans in Japan, and expressed in slow motion, a change in the face while rotating the Example.Take the rotating platform, the squint is one th rotation, two-th rotation strip the white of the eye, three-th rotation was greatly distort the face in the direction of rotation.Venue LOL.Clapper a standing ovation came out to.

 This tricks the person who I thought should you have “sealed” in many cases it has been aired on September 23, 2010, this gay popular corner of “Minasan’nookagedeshita Tunnels” Fuji TV ” you are showing off even imitation Championship, “which is not transmitted it is too small.Also at this time, the fans angry face of Manet’s Asada is too severe too, criticism rush in the comments section of the blog Masutani’s, became a situation that blog to “burst into flames”.

Therefore, the person who I thought should you “seal” the gay Many seem surprised in the fact that his team was showing off on television in South Korea No way.Or “was laughed Mao”, it has become more than the last “large fire”.In the comments,

The dare to imitate Kim in the same “stage.Customers in Korea or what kind of reaction.You will only have been a fool, rather than not you were uke ”
It is written the contents such as “not in the way of comedy is that you diminish the athletes of their Madashimo If you diminish yourself”.

In addition, the original story of this mimicry is that it is pictures Sankei Shimbun was up to the net, bashing to Sankei Shimbun also is going to be such as “has posted intentionally terrible photograph”.

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Publish off shot Nadeshiko Japan Kawasumi Naomi players, the CM announced conference

Kawasumi Naomi players Nadeshiko Japan has released a shot off of CM appeared in the official blog of its own.

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Nadeshiko Japan the other day, passes through at 1 in Asian final qualifying round of fierce battle, decided the Olympics for the fourth time three consecutive tournaments.When you returned home by aircraft arrival at Narita Airport on the 12th, in the arrival lobby, fans (by some reports) and greet 500 people, attention just go up more and more.

Meanwhile, the central players of Nadeshiko Japan player Naomi Kawasumi, Homare Sawa players has been appointed as the CM character after another.

◆ If you paint the van “becomes painful”

Blog, Kawasumi Naomi players report to the fan that the CM appearance of two side dish salad brand new cup noodles Sanyo food “KING CUP”, FamilyMart of “color Famima DELI” has been determined.And are appealing “is broadcast at a later Mo~u a little on TV, but! Please look forward to” the.

Also included in the blog, published a shot off of Umihori Ayumi and players Homare Sawa players to make for CM announced conference.

Kawasumi Naomi players, only wrote a little eyebrows probably Umihori after this “About Umihori Ayumi players strive to care paste the cotton pack to her face.You have spent the episode and (laughs) “I heard it becomes painful and can no longer be breathing skin when I paint such as van der.

On the other hand, from fans

• “~ I saw Ken CM news, Kawasumi Smile ~ Psycho”
– “~ No, really – it is very popular ☆”
-I want to see soon “CM.I look forward to ”
• “Aim as soon as Queen ~ CM Hey want to see CM!”

Such as, various voices have been received.

In addition, Naomi Kawasumi players belongs to “INAC Kobe Reonessa”, Family Mart has become a sponsor of the Japan representative Sanyo food.(Model Press)

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Japan and Russia round of bombers “irony of Japan, not to have strategic weapons” – China

The 14th, Shinhana-mo was me for a critique that “saw the value of strategic weapon” for the two aircraft bomber Russian troops around the airspace around Japan in the 8th

First, for the Japanese side came out in strong protest on this issue, it is “educational mission, Russian Foreign Ministry is not the violation of border critic.Was introduced and recognizes the flight such as one that is conducted on a daily basis, including Japan, “and that it has responded calmly.

On top of that, matter of this time two meanings, “the magnitude of the power of strategic weapons” that gives great pressure on opponents with a flight of just one, the “irony of Japan that does not have a strategic weapon like this” was analyzed to have a.

Value of strategic weapons, and can be lies in not fulfill that role diplomacy and politics, or that card shut off If this is hard to play, “so as not to take risky behavior” to communicate in a timely manner to the other was.For countries with strategic weapons, serve as the best means of return to the table of discussion, to become a “last resort” to dominate, military power is of strategic weapons aggressively against countries that do not have discussed that it has made efforts to hold.

In addition, it is assumed clearly showed against Japan, “there is a backing of the US-Japan alliance is a technology developed countries economic and Japan, but it is in the situation that you can move freely as compared to Russia” that commentators.(Editors: Yanagawa Toshiyuki)

To China from Taiwan, head hunting in human resources outflow = high wages lightning – Chinese media

September 12, 2011, according to the People’s Daily overseas edition, human resources outflow of science and technology related to China continues to worsen from Taiwan.What especially popular It’s technician LCD panel, LED (light emitting diode) Related.The reason high wages right out.Taiwan side’s desperate to hold back, but it seems to drop in the bucket for now.

[More Photos]

According to Taiwan media, at the time of head hunting, first Chinese companies to present the wages of 1.5 to 2 times times until it.It becomes 2000000-3000000 Taiwan dollar annual salary (about 5.22 to 7.83 million yen) If you Deputy General Manager class, from the 40’s 30’s are often age.If you get used to the elite engineers familiar with core technology, the annual salary of not less than 10 million Taiwan dollars (about 26.1 million yen).Serviced apartments and passenger cars are prepared further.

In addition, when middle management class want, the Chinese side to present the “Taiwan Dollar Chinese Yuan =” conditions.In other words, would be to pay in RMB face value without changing, wages had been paid in the Taiwan dollar to it.Salary to four times at a stretch when it is converted.It’s special treatment of literally.Sometimes executives of Taiwan companies operating in China, attract talent from China.If the work experience in China, it’s executive promotion immediately after returning to Taiwan.

The field of human resources outflow are wide-ranging financial, and educational.Taiwan side desperate to hold back, etc. displaying high wages.In some cases you want to return the difference in lifestyle and culture, but the brakes do not seem to depend on outflow for now.(Translation and editing / AA)

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Why make a fuss in the yen.[Recommendations] to exit Haruaki antiquated mindset of the business community appears and disappears there

If you look at the editorial and the main paper, tone “and to correct the sharp appreciation of the yen, must seek to economic recovery” and are adjacent to each other, as was stamped like.Of course, the mainstream business community to including Keidanren’s also the same opinion.At a press conference (9 day and night), Finance Minister Azumi that could poured cold water on the economy of the “Japan for the significant appreciation of the yen after G7.(10 September, Nihon Keizai Shimbun evening edition) described to monitor developments, and take a resolute action “in the speculation.

At present, it appears that the business community also media also be political, as is screaming the correction of the yen appreciation all together in this way.This wonder really right.There are also words “When everyone shout the same thing, I’ll try first suspect” and.Let’s organize a yen problem.

If you think back to the origin with the intention of painting on a white background, that the yen is preferable in the long run it is clear.Not anywhere people hate, (increase in value) home currency is higher that.Let value of 10,000 yen bills contained in the wallet is equivalent to one gold coins.When you have to be able to replace the two gold coins this becomes the yen, heck, who will hate.

So why, the outside world would recuse yen.In the same way as high-growth period of the late 20th century, they also look at the exchange in the eyes of the export manufacturing industry.Its underlying say export manufacturing highly productive if they get hit by strong yen is an industry with a comparative advantage in Japan, lag is occurring in the economic recovery, a sense, a simple epistemology.

Indeed, aspects of the Japanese economy in the current, considering the eye manner short view, and what seemed to be the plus (some) in the economic recovery towards the depreciation of the yen, but the thing is not not so simple or.

Price of primary products is skyrocketing worldwide partly influence (second round of quantitative easing by the FRB) QE2.And if so, can not afford to neglect the sides of the advantageous terms of trade of the yen will bring.Let alone a sense of insecurity in nuclear power generation has increased rapidly in the Great East Japan Earthquake in Japan, is in a situation where you have to rely a significant portion of the thermal power during the last few years.Needless to say, power is a rice industry, including the export manufacturing industry, the cost of electricity prices is a major factor affecting the competitiveness of the export industry.

In addition, the terms of the purchasing power parity, is also pointed out that a weaker yen is still strong yen current.The appreciation of the yen 79 yen level in 1995, the highest value in the past, seems to be also estimated that the equivalent to 60 yen when converted at purchasing power parity.

If you think like this, is (¥ 77.52 noon September 12) the appreciation of the yen at current levels, the impact specific to be given to the (real GDP over the next 1-2 years, for example) the Japanese economy, the pros and cons it is necessary to verify and compare with a number to calm the first.

Following is here

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