The next Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain of big break in the 9-9-9 plan

It is the American presidential election next year is approaching, but Herman Cain takes a uke in the Republican debate that took place the other day as part of Filter Republican presidential candidate, is a smash hit.

Approval rating of Herman Cain becomes the # 1 at 27%, which was higher than Mitt Romney (23 percent), Rick Perry (16%) in the Wall Street Journal / NBC poll intention latest survey.

Why Herman Cain is getting attention is because it advocated the wacky tax system called “9-9-9 Plan”.

Let 9% all federal income tax, corporate tax, consumption tax and 9-9-9! It is the idea of.

This is a bold tax cuts Given that 35% top rate of federal income tax today, corporate tax is 35%.

At first glance, I think tax revenue of the federal government could drastically reduced, as proposed dangerous, but there is a loophole of a variety of tax, people are paying taxes seriously is less wealthy actually.It is the aim’s that will Hakaro the expansion of employment and prior investment by the tax cuts tax on companies at while closing the loophole by lead to extremely simple tax rates, take a tax firm from wealthy.

The calculation of 9% of the consumption tax is painful for low-income earners course of human hanging dependent on welfare employment opportunities, the more 9-9 -9 becomes the detonator that there is reduced I will present.

Now, is this a man named Herman Cain, but at technician was doing the trajectory calculated by the U.S. Navy originally, is a strong mess in numbers.

I walks through the company drinks, food-related, starting with Coca-Cola and then.

And I have a career that is entrusted with the rebuilding of the chain of Burger King was under the umbrella of (was acquired by Diageo of Grand Metropolitan = current in the UK) Pillsbury, was promoted to company executives as gone beautifully it.

That is why, I knows in the field than any presidential candidate the reality of employment and management of small business because it is the person who has come a franchise management field much.

Deep self-confidence and understanding of the 9-9-9 plan packed with numbers and playing the abacus on their own knowledge and worked his way up the Kane is the reason that came with a jerk in the mind of the viewers of TV in the previous debate.

I think there involving a breath of fresh air for the first time in a fresh presidential election since appeared, this people that they should be marked.

Twink or why many celebrities of history – economics of handsome (beautiful woman)?-

Mer, in particular, no, at all, their not a good-looking separately.Lol

I like history since I was a child, I’ve read a lot of books and comics.So suddenly notice the handsome ‘s not many white to white vassal princes.It was while in juvenile mind or become somewhat frustrating feeling for me that thinks he is not a handsome Na separately.Lol.It is not only cool is written in comic novels and I mean Twink.Being a good-looking ‘s not a lot in its own way when you read the book on history and commentary this.

Whatever the case may be, does not mean there are statistics, but I think that it has been written in the book looks good there are many I mean historical figures on I wonder just me?Well, doubt a prerequisite Stop it, I want to make a hypothesis to think it’s why accept the premise “that cool is often notable figure from history” and today.

Book depicting the authority of ① history is one which has been made in the instruction of the person or dynasty in most cases.So, it’s told in the rhetoric is of course.

② genetic component.Those in power can be married to a beautiful woman always.In town daughter of the neighborhood, even the daughter of farmer.Or also the daughter of a leading merchant.Or also the daughter of noble.From generation to generation of those things continues, a person born in the house of the noble house of power, a person who takes a lot of good-looking, naturally Ikegaru.

I introduce occasionally in this blog about ③ Studs Ikegaru, income from a high.(Reference article → beauty or give really?Because easy to like) about Twink sought people also, do you tend to be to the person who make a name the world.Or, because there is confidence in myself as handsome, because get along in aggressive seeking steadily success by committing a risk.Maybe such.

The sad ④, but it is the age of information signal indicating what you have of that person, such as educational background and qualifications to more modern less.It is a good-looking, at least would have been elements reminiscent of “the place where you can use something is there a guy” said, and humans may have been received that looks good if there is one that is overflowing to the eye again and represents the end of humanity could.While it is discriminatory, but it would be it was not the way in society that do not develop.

⑤ extra edition. Well, speaking of those in power in the old days ….Person there is a hobby of sodomy might also were many.Or, will there also be then, shake things go well in the good graces of his wife of Ally ally and monarchs.Twink maybe was also obtained in that sense.

Well, I wonder such Toko.

It is not a discrimination never.Exceptions are many and there will be.However, we must know we also of that life is absurd and would not be helped even complain about it.Well, great history of helping to their favorite’s cool is that I wonder not something that can become a pleasant mood?

3-year-old boy who smoke cigarettes, adult = Shandong give amused

I found that in rural areas of Shandong Jining, 3-year-olds wearing the habit of smoking.Origin was found to be to give adults amused, adults living in the neighborhood since then had been given.Boy, that began to buy a cigarette myself.Education of parents More recently, it was quit tobacco.Chugokushinbunsha is reported.

That was to had smoked a cigarette for the first in about six months ago, when it was a banquet and invited guests in the house, was allowed to smoke one of the guests are amused.Parents did not mind so much.After that, the boy got into the habit of smoking by imitating adult.Found to have smoked a six degree per day.

Grandparents et al busy at work, you are living in older, my parents could not see well the care of boys.Usually, boys are playing to get out, but there was that while riding a bicycle for children’s, smoke a cigarette.Adults living in the neighborhood as well, that had given it amused.

Parents noticed in about three months ago, I was scolded severely.But the boy got into the habit of smoking and hiding in parents.There was a thing to be asked to buy an adult in the neighborhood even it, but it began to get a single minute of their own in the case of tobacco.So much so, buy pocket money my parents gave.

Adults often suck over 4,5 minutes one cigarette but, boy, so puff like a ton of bricks, and fully suck in one minute about one.Adult of the house of boys, does not smoke most.

By how the boys smoke is captured, it was published in the Internet, criticism came out.Parents to educate severely in surprise, was also strengthened monitoring.According to the parents, it is a “obedient child, and Satoshi patiently was (Sato).And that “does not smoke anymore.

Wang Dong bright, who specializes in early childhood education in Jining Vocational and Technical College showed the idea “started smoking by imitating adults, dependence also probably went a growing” and.The misconception that “if there are adult parents we do not stop, recommend around, it is praised by young children to smoking” and.

According to Mr. Wang, in order to eliminate the dependence on cigarettes, and returned to normal growth processes, it is not brought into contact with smokers boys in the future, it is necessary to provide those interested by.

Magoitoguchi Ding doctor Jining first People’s Hospital of (hospital) Pediatrics, major threat to the growth of the child (smoking), “pointed out a child if smoking, adverse effect is greater than in the case of adult.There is a need to put a stop immediately.Showed considered successful, and the “s prerequisite for growing health.(Editors: Kisaragi Hayato)

[Enta vitamin ♪ “Asian Sumida has became especially”.Talent of a woman entertainer to the public wedding dress photo silk sister took.

I was published in the photo on blogs when the beauty of the gang leader Yoshimoto, silk sister became wedding dress ladies in the planning of the TV program.It is interesting to be able to see the facial expressions of the girls that is different from broadcast.’s Worth seeing Sumida Asian silk sister was evaluated among others.

12 people A total had appeared in wedding dresses to model women and talent of a woman entertainer titled “woman full of all wedding dress” is the thing of October 11 and in the “!! SP palace pike! Dance”.There was a spectacular changes completely from an image of a usual wedding dress Asian comedy duo, and porcupine fish among them.(Baba Garden Asian but may close day to wear the most)

Kondo Haruna of porcupine fish was happy it is said skin is beautiful from saury moderator.She said the philosophy of love as “heartbreaking to men to drink Gabb it without minding a drink unfinished my” good condition, but in the wrong simply just “from Nana cord of the model?I have withered been slashed and haircut “.

you are publishing “Silk official site” Silk de Sil Vous Plait “” silk sister such girls had been played, the wedding dresses that showed outside the studio to shoot.It’s silk sister referred to as “we wear more than 10 times in Somehow”, but it’s still so would be pleased when I wear a wedding dress.

Wedding dresses of Moriguchi Hiroko of talent and Nana cord of the model’s still beautiful, but the wedding dresses of Sumida Miho Asian silk sister rave about “Sumida-chan ‘s were looking good particularly well” and is noteworthy.Miho Sumida “Yoshimoto Buchaiku ranking” at the 1-position partner of first place, and Baba Garden Azusa is caught together in “Yoshimoto Beppin ranking” but neither’s a nice.

Nana cord also wrote under the heading of “ugly” and “Nana cord official blog” a state in this.It can also be seen figure Fujisawa Ema and Haruka Christine, the porcupine fish Minowa much here.By the way Nana’s cord says “ugly” is a complex of his told me that he becomes the dew in the wedding dress.And just to make sure it is not the words towards woman entertainer never.
(TechinsightJapan Editorial Maki Izumi)

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Harvest was born in Japan of course representative versus Tajikistan, winning

Even though it great difference of 8 points and with, Tajikistan player go past laughing the mixed zone even existed.Was there something they really aim to.

Japan was bombarded mercilessly Tajikistan that do not show the fighting spirit.71.7% in Japan, Tajikistan 28.3%, ball possession becomes a deployment unilateral and one 39 this pair shoot number, Japan to create a goal-scoring opportunity many times.Total player except the Konno and Kawashima that gives off a shot, conditions such as training offense and defense is fixed was followed by 90 minutes.

After the game, words that get on the ball ‘s after another from players.”Should I forget to say that this game” (Hasebe) “it has been fully overconfidence themselves in this team we would end” (Nagatomo).It was so easy game, but there were also events that still may have important implications for the future Japan.

First, that Hafner is cited first international goal in the first starting.Kirin Challenge Cup four days ago, was Hafner that change appearance was postponed hastily by injury Makino in the Vietnam war, but 11 minutes to get the first goal to fit in the head a cross Komano in this game which has become the production Give hit.It has proved that it took the goal from the same form even 47 minutes, it becomes a new choice of FW.Zaccheroni and director won the bet of Hafner appointment.

Then, the goal was born in Kagawa.It was Kagawa the ball is too entered the feet, judgment had worsened the situation late in the Vietnam war, but 41 minutes, taking the score with twist tricks of the ankle when reacted sharply to the path of Nakamura.It was a goal that will be the opportunity to beleaguered No. 10 is cut off stray.

The movement of the ball becomes smooth by Nakamura in the top under Furthermore, a new variation of the attack increases has been reaffirmed.In addition to the team a seasoned different again with Honda, it must Zaccheroni director also recognized that the play has a destructive power.

It was claimed that Komano is listed first goal at the end, can not be ignored as one of the candidates for the back side, which has been hard-fought of.It was alive and well mood maker the first time.

However, none are intended to Yorokoberu openly as “results” in this caller.”If you take a Yarere against an opponent of this severe level, that there is still a sense of fulfillment” players also know that (Nakamura) it.

Nevertheless, away the next, win against Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and North Korea make, Japan became the final qualifying advance is determined by this victory.Can be in an area not a friendly match are a variety of tri-, including a 3-4-3 to be determined by the following Moshimo.Maturity of the team will be further increased.

Do not struggled against in the next game, such as laughing and losing.No, Japan is not supposed to struggle at this stage.Japan’s goal is clear, has become a ruthless team can say proudly so.

Reports / forest Masashi

“Yokohama Bay Stars to sell itself to white Mobage” Nakanowatari Susumu interview “back number of Hama”

Rumors of sell itself is …… again in Yokohama Bay Stars of the lowest ahead of the pack this season.Put in such an active old haunt is a middle reliever original Yokohama, and (owner “pot Thigh with” the Kokubunji-) Nakanowatari Susumu (Nakanowatari, Susumu), who was fired in fight with team.

If, Nakanowatari of Nabeya with the “you were Joshi Manager Yokohama Bay Stars”.How to reform the Bay Stars of the desperate situation?


Not stopped.I pass Joshi Manager, Oy Na shit.

– I’m sorry.What about in the GM (General Managerial Ya)?

What is on the verge fourth consecutive year 90 losses, How can you get Hide from Rakuten of founding.It’s a minor incident.Even if I became a GM at some mistake if, I would ask you I “dismissed me from pay money”.to lose is too big, GM and director of Bay Ne can do it decent human.(Supervision era) Become a phobia go out, that’s even Oya or Ne Ja haircut story to stand by was their last losing too.

– For the Bay Stars will Sokowonantoka please!

If you come up here, you gotta Darrow have to change all dramatically more.To make transform the atmosphere Overcast site, and Ne changing the first director is the head of team.I thought when people proven that over took on the supervision of the bay to look Obana’s, and’s or which way you fool of abuses, and of whether the trouble in money, but next season as well and seems to cling, and over the “payment I do not think that there is only not something “.

– …… …… And …… I do not think.

But, better guy such yo Shaved sesame to such director was also fired is good.If I have the site, to incorporate into practice the “carry smb. On shoulders of Obana supervision” as the image training, I leave to the first team, but the only guy who did not participate in the carry smb. On shoulders.

– …… …… Hmmm.As the next director candidate, the name of Mr. Katsuya Nomura and Mr. Daimajin has been raised, but you think of GM’s Nakanowatari?

Well, if the team put up a Tashiro (Tomio)’s a little more two years ago, a team that Darrow was not used state have so hydrate.In Yokohama now, people who are respected players we seem I “in order to throw someone in the air in celebration supervision” Hey city council Mr. Tashiro.If I is GM, and get to come back again and kneeling down on the ground to Mr. Tashiro.1 year, and probably it’ll work if the conditions to all-you-can-drink pub Philippines.

– The team reform?

That’s’ll have revolutionized the atmosphere of the team anyway.5 minutes 30%, of the atmosphere now Well, probably the lowest foreign fifty is well into Futari.Rather, players can change the atmosphere dramatically than the number required.That point, and I wonder ……’m looking forward to this year Morimoto MareAkira.What team is the guy to lose energy to not be able to play an active part, How can you get emergency considerable.

– Or would have, such as players can change the team Anna’s spirit, such as would have been swallowed up in the dark side?

It does not change a Darrow players such like in the fourth ace is not come.Once upon a time, we shall call it a Galveston, that guy was in the giant.And I want a player who got to that would throw the ball to the referee when there is a thing you do not like, a personality like that intense.In, number four is allowed to starting every day.It ‘s light when you are finished throw three times.

– Galvez, but is 47 years old.

It will hit than Hosoyamada.

– …….The marshal’s baton in the face?

You’re relocating pitcher.There are good guy sore throwing reliever in the bay now, but starting is probably gonna break the game early on.If you had, I say that in order Saserya throw from pitcher high probability to suppress.First Yamaguchi suppressed starting.In, Ushida – Ejiri – Kaga – Sanada, I use it from a pitcher behind.Now, I can make the game.

– It is epoch-making.
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I am swimming seal in tabloid show report] Saitama Arakawa! Did you come to that Tama-chan got home …

(October 2011) 10 days yesterday, TV Asahi has been successfully shooting of seals in Arakawa of Shiki City, Saitama Prefecture.I introduced the figure in the corner of the “news-up”.

This is a state in which black “object came out with Poko~tsu, floating now, there, or would seal.Commentator enter there, and “was diving.Equivalent, it’s far distance, but a telephoto lens has captured the animal, such as a seal certainly.

Speaking of seals form eyes, the nose, the color of the hair is a little different, have became very popular and appear in the Tama River in 2002 the “Tama-chan”, but the narration that Tama-chan is what came back to heap up.You have disappeared at the end then, Tama-chan Go to Arakawa that it was witnessed in Asaka, Saitama City in April 2004.It’s a side-by-side Shiki it has been recently discovered and its Asaka.

    According to the Matsudo Rikyu’s seal breeding in charge of Shinagawasuizokukan, and that’s fellow sea lions, there are ears sticking out, called the outer ear to the side of the face, but that no doubt to seal it because there is no.

If you compare the Tama-chan and this seal, the color of the hair of Tama-chan’s whitish felt, but Shiki seal of the dark.I look form eyes, the nose, as well as different.Tama-chan was a bearded seal, but the type’s so can not be identified only video.

It has changed from an old to stand seven years?Once you know the same “bearded seal, the possibility of Tama-chan, but I come out of the announcer Yasushi Komatsu.However, I feel that Na does not mean you are in the same place seven years I will.I listen to Akae Tamao moderator Tama-chan, and “How is.

Members of the “Tama-chan Association, but what Akae.Like very much different ”

Tateno Haruhiko monthly magazine of “Goethe” editor-in-chief “Because getting old, it may have changed in the wind like that,” and.

Expression of the eyes has become a little worse “.Akae added, “I wish happened in various ways.Tama-chan towards the seal was hard boom and are selected on an annual grand prize of Shingo buzzword Award in 2002.When I think now, it’s much good old age.

    And Hitotsuishi ■ J-CAST TV Watch?I will watch from the perspective of their own TV shows and dramas wide show.Interesting program of midnight and strange behavior of charisma fortune-teller also check here! J-CAST News fifth anniversary thanks sama! “Fifth anniversary special page” is also open!

The voice “return is more difficult” of the Maruoka Izumi news program step down

Hole it comes out of the popular caster is calling further ripples in the NTV station.

that it has left over a period of one month or more information program Maruoka Izumi (40) is responsible for the “news every.” were reported, but then, to step down the same program on September 30, has decided to Maruoka.

NTV clerk says.

It is planned to return the station of “Maruoka-san and I think we already difficult.The upper portion is fucked by you’ve rested a program suddenly while not tell around most, and viewing rate is rising prefer from gone she ironically.Even if you return to work though, it’s back to work that is reflected on the screen of the TV it would be tough ”

Interest of the program officials, has shifted to the “post Maruoka” already.

※ 21 Oct. 2011 Shukan Post

The topic “It’s like a park toilet” house Dream House is a “great”

In the planning of the television program, the house was built at the request of a couple of general has become a big topic on the net to be “too great”.

October 2011 Variety owner in accordance with the recruitment of the program ask the architect, the camera would follow to get up to build a house of ideal “completed! Dream House” of (TV Tokyo) in the 9th episode, 30’s couple of Chiba appeared as owner.

“Soil come.Said soil and Future “, home of the soil block to buy land in the 19 million yen in Chiba city completed a couple.Were asked to design the architect wife that big fan in order to build a new home here.

Wife rare home stand out “.Individual Disconnect stunned appearance.Hope to be “want to live in a work of art.In response to this, architect, decide to build a house with blocks made of soil.”Eco-friendly material as the soil is not” that’s because they return to the soil easily when you dispose.

I thought my wife first, “soil is not a future,” but, “Do come to architect.Satisfactory to the time being it is said soil and Future “.Then, it started to work from a place that make the block of 2400 in the soil in July 2010, it was brought from sand collected lot of Narita and was completed in September 2011.

“Where this house and just have to relax” 51 square meters studio first, terrible is it that appearance.The square without request as originally expected and shaped like an oval outer wall is distorted.It is felt that in the one-story studio specifications without partition, 51 square meters of space is spread as it is in.

Bedroom also great.I sleep and I spread the futon in there if there is a loft space of 4.8 tatami mats, but the rod of acrylic prevent falls is stood nothing this, this brings on a strange atmosphere on the edge.

This is topic on the net from the broadcast immediately after, “This, whether a place where people really live in two-channel …?Writing anywhere in this “house and” just have to relax “was flooded.In addition there is the impression that “I toilet like a park”, pointed out, “futon is gonna become sticky in oil” is also out because it is in a part just above the kitchen loft space for the appearance of a rounded.

Cost of land is the 19 million yen, price, total of 39 million (not including design costs) ¥ 20 million to construction costs.View that “39 million yen total damage” had come out in the net, but the wife is like the small “feeling.You can feel the presence of each other, even if it away.It was a happy and very satisfied “.

Sometimes a house in the same room bath, toilet and bedroom also previously appeared, it became topic “Dream House”.October 10 broadcast the next day, “Dream House” has become the first place temporary Google Hot Trends rankings this time, It ‘s certainly the great success that the program basis.

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[Enta vitamin ♪] acrophobia No way “? Gymnastics Association director also stunned to come out of Kohei Uchimura players “gymnastics.

I found a surprising fact from his boys gymnastics Olympic medalist, Kohei Uchimura players spoke “roller coaster is not good” in TV program.Morisue Mr. Shinji of Japan Gymnastic Association director also did not hide his surprise that he can not believe as a gymnast at the Olympic gold medalist who played.

Kohei Uchimura player (22) two silver medal in the Beijing Olympics, which was held in 2008, I have a track record of gold medals in the individual all of London in 2009, in Rotterdam the following year in the World Gymnastics Championships.His success in the London Olympics is expected as ace of the Japanese men’s gymnastics world has appeared broadcast October 9 to “Bokuranojidai”.

Was raised in topics like exercise capacity by three and Yamamuro Hikari-shi player, which is also the rival of fellow gymnast of the same age, and Mr. Shinji Morisue of Japan Gymnastic Association director on the show.From football story that good at, Yamamuro players he was talking to is not good ball movement to be “do not like the ball does not become to his own way” is Uchimura player.He seems like the most is still exercise using “move to leave the intention” your body.

Uchimura players revealed a surprising fact “roller coaster is no good!” He added.The only difficult to image from him to do gymnastics with a sense of speed to that extent, Morisue director also to fly so much higher in the “high bar?I asked and why “.I say “gymnastics go up on their own, but it is afraid it is not do anything anymore in myself (in roller coaster) and I went to a high place,” and according to Uchimura.With “possibly, Morisue director really should have scored when acrophobia?Uchimura player did not deny with a wry smile when you pointed out that “.

Uchimura such players had said, “in the world that does not go everything is as I think, the feeling that I twist one’s arm on their own charm gymnastics”‘s.He would continue to pursue “so think of me” gymnastics in the future.I want to show gymnastics Kohei Uchimura players only in the London Olympics.
(TechinsightJapan Editorial Maki Izumi)

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