Solar power industry in China that do not breathe

Very “, LDK-chan does not breath.To help someone! ”

It is a solar-panel industry in China recent such scream is the likely heard.

Below is a gait of stock price since listing of representative brand of solar panel-related China.

Was to expand the share price since the beginning of this year is the next chart.

The Chinese government has supported the solar panel companies to invest huge subsidies in order to promote the solar power industry in the national policy.

Skilled in the art business was entered in the subsidy is mercenary after another, China has dominated the solar power market in the world very quickly.

However, product prices have fallen more and more excessive competition, the state has led to the life-support system barely support from the government has continued.

Meanwhile, the solar boom has run its course in subsidy review of government and recession European countries, including Spain.

Place to bankruptcy has begun Some of the suppliers of American manufacturers in China because it disposed of panel price dumping basis.

Manufacturers of solar panels in China will announce the closing one after another this week.

The 21st (Mon) Trina Solar (TSL), Ginko Solar (JKS)
The 22nd (Tuesday) LDK (LDK), Suntech (STP)
The 23rd (water) Inri (YGE)

It would say.

I think China because doing solar business in national policy, and never remove the life-support system at the moment, but there is no economic rationality at all that you enter from now on solar business in an environment like this I think it’s a decision.

View by paying attention to the EV Tokyo Motor Show 2011! !

I now often see Mitsubishi and “i-MiEV” Nissan “Leaf” is the run on public roads.EV (electric vehicle) is no longer in the car of the future anymore in Japan.And that’s has put the power to try to lead the era of now EV, Mercedes-Benz.Speaking of Mercedes, is a manufacturer that developed the engine car 125 years ago from now you know.Such a thing manufacturers that are serious about is, or will be the era of EV that come on a global scale.

In Frankfurt Motor Show, Renault and BMW, Audi, Volkswagen also extruded into the entire surface of hybrid vehicles and EV, I am appealing the beginning of the real level of the EV era.
Hope that it will be time-consuming still the spread of EV issues such as infrastructure and cruising distance, how would Ikaka enjoying the Tokyo Motor Show while imagining the future of reach of our.
& Nbsp;
[Takei Masayuki]

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Professional baseball commentary gallerist old one game ¥ 500,000, 5-100000 yen rate is now

It was the way that this goes a baseball player once – commentator After you retire.But, just because it was the name players anymore, OB the current not forced Shigamitsuka to uniforms, it’s because they no longer do eat as a critic and commentator easily.

Upon his retirement, certain commercial has held out a check for blank, Bomoto players are out on television as a popular commentator even today, fine to me to write like any number of “amount.There is an anecdote that was said to be “me become the exclusive of out, but good story of the economy such Imahamukashi.Long ago burst bubble, big game commentator known in expensive contract also has disappeared from the screen.No wonder baseball game itself because I have plummeted from terrestrial broadcasting.

All stations is not nearly the exclusive contract “, it is to spot contracts to pay the guarantee every time you relay.Moreover, the station does not supplementation commentator often.Said Shinji Imanaka Mr. NHK commentator to return site is currently under Chunichi, OB Chukyo district seems to be standing Iromeki, but it is questionable whether NHK is looking for the heir.It probably because looking Some Kintetsu OB that refused an offer of television commentary, are aimed at the inaugural coach of the baseball team path, but the site is good is lucrative “(broadcast parties)

Commentary guarantee of spot contracts are also swoop.Performance fee that has been said to be one game ¥ 500,000 once the market is ¥ 100,000 now.Become about 50,000 yen in CS broadcasting with less budget.OB that was good at narrative finds its way to the “baseball talent” as the main battlefield variety program.

“But, it’s meet the needs not only a handful, and even though as a player no matter how good, there is no use in so” stupid baseball so-called “.Moreover, there is also the relationship of 暴排 ordinance, “gang is there on the back of that OB” とか, ugly mud-slinging match also has begun “(broadcasting officials supra)

Also those who want to use like this relay broadcast.

“There are OB you know baseball team owners that there is a’re listening to the night game of radio relay, lifting actively during the program, got a job to coach” (journalist supra)

If talking to the other party the exclusive contract reporter of the newspaper also watch the game, the original fee of several million yen per year had credited it is a vision of the past.Here is also a one-shot deal one much manuscript, around 30,000 yen.It was left, it’s titular title of “dedicating critic”.

※ 25 the November 2011 Shukan Post

Slap, wife frightened by DV husband hoot with tepid fist … miso soup

“Sit”.DV husband began from the word always.To his wife, “I do not keep a good wearing why” of droop just by sitting straight … “Do not talk back to the” still husband frenzied, raised his hand – just so happens DV Prevention Law from (spouse ’10 from the law) enforcement on the protection of victims and prevention of violence.However, the number of victims has been insidious of it and, steadily increase.

It was also the case B child’s Tokyo resident (36 years old).

Husband is very kind, “marriage initially it was a” good husband “of reputation around.However, violence of her husband began in the wake of that marriage six months later, it was not ready for the dinner before going home “(B child’s)

And “! I What have you been doing up to now,” It starts from the threat of loud, slap finally.However, her husband was returned to us then immediately apologize several times a child Mr. B, I have vowed not to raise hands again.

And I was really shocked “, but when looking at how the husband apologize to desperate, I thought I do not forgive.and because I’m not there was no fault to my mind was loose “(B child’s)

However, later, her husband came to have a spaz so in trifles.Was showered hoot miso soup is lukewarm when it is, and can also yelling sense of clothes is bad sometimes.Smack turned into fist unawares.the sight of her husband still swear “Never again” in each case, B’s child that I felt strongly, “I’ll have to believe,” said.

When it is “, looking at the husband gingerly at the timing when the hand comes out if always, I was shaking and trembling body.If we think I’m me to put up my to bad, I feel like’m sorry that we have “(B child’s)

But violence of husband not turned away since then, B’s child is bloodshed eventually, became to the situation called for an ambulance.But did not intend to be doing this “is B’s child.It could allow him even if it also, at the sight of her husband speak of many times in tears and “I’m really sorry ….

Hiromi Ikeuchi marital and family problems consultants say features of DV is appearing in the matter of this child’s B.

After violent, DV husband “Many or become friendly or become quiet temporarily.I called the “honeymoon period” this period.But suppressing stress is gradually accumulated more and more myself in the meantime, to reach the boiling point when there.Anything I say triggered the explosion, but the wife be deluded into thinking that “I was detonated husband even after being put up is bad,” said.That we have entered the cycle of negative called “honeymoon explosion → → → explosion suppression”, get out as long as you do not want to consult a third party It is difficult ”

That there is a “co-dependent” on one of the keywords in understanding the DV is Mr. Ikeuchi.

The term “co-dependent, and that of the relationship mutually dependent on each other.”This is a discipline in DV husband.There is a sweet idea for a wife named “accepted absolutely even violent because such because of the opponent, wife Komu think this person is” go up in smoke, “If I ran away with the other hand.Select that everyone flee if one-sided violence, but not Nigedase to become a co-dependent.B’s child also I’m a type this exactly ”

※ 1 day issue December 2011 Seven women

What I regret [Column] attention word and Did not throw away

In cleaning up the recent boom of the topic “cross-sectional 捨離”.By the chance to have been featured in magazines and TV shows, that it has disposed of the plunge a scrap that has not been abandoned for many years “Dansharian” I think we can often.But if there is nothing to regret as “I should have taken still” required again after disposal.So for the “What I regret that it has actually abandoned”, I tried to explore the voice of experience.Shock! Then things ● cross-sectional 捨離 you happen to accidentally washing, some regret?”Cross-sectional 捨離, why do not regret topic remark Komachi?Is “, there is obsessed with things, but that it is impossible to practice because, to post from the consultation who are.consulter and that it “is likely to regret if I throw away that which does not fit in the other hand also so many”.Whether there has been no regret in cross-sectional 捨離, or not to “rebound” and when ask, various advice were received from a number of “Dansharian”.Many respondents have replied, “do not regret,” but even this voice from the respondents of “regret”.TARU’s called “There is regret and Discount”.I thought and do not care if those that can be resolved by “money, you say that it was close to gone discarded is located in its own way says.The thing with “or you can not enter the hand so easily to say that, with the money.In addition, in the case of Yapparinekogasuki’s, I wonder if really good “when you sell a book to a used bookstore?There is only one book is a book that was with moyamoya “, and so I had to re-buy in a hurry in the mood absolutely.According to Ruriko’s that due to the nature or regret, that type of person to stick to things and regret.Can you feel like skinny like (clean day “garbage or Machidoshika~tsu, and throw away their own?So I never analyze the type “you feel that it has), and regretted even once.In addition, we have analyzed “not remember even what got rid of what” With enough, and had burdened unnecessary stuff that much in the case of panda’s that was cross-sectional 捨離 six months ago.The cross-sectional 捨離 after, to waste so I was reduced to to think well when you buy things.In addition, in the case of Lobo’s house of those that do not practice the cross-sectional 捨離 that are tidy at all times, because it has experienced more than 20 times the move, do not buy with nature and space nor “What makes the style that does not have that it and “thinks assets.It seems to think a few years from six months when you buy.It might be said that people think carefully whether necessary or unnecessary, and there is a tendency that in the house is clean and tidy when you buy things.● thing that you regret What?Is there anything you regret chucked “According to the Internet research COBS ONLINE went?Questions with “, 16.4 percent” Yes “, 83.6% had answered” No “,” clothes “,” magazine “,” CD “, and the memories of the” ex-boyfriend about what penitent goods “, such as the data” and “personal computer has been raised.Etc. knew revival came after it was discarded clothes outdated that are no longer wearing, goods idle liked old from being traded at a high price, the reason for the regret seems to be different.Identify what you or leave Discard What … or become necessary suddenly things that were discarded turn or never brought this one home for quite if and only those which had been left at the thought that it might use someday, and not used anyway is difficult thing.It might be obtained hint that focus on what you leave, pick up a room while avoiding the “regret discard” and consult “magic life tidying up flutter” consultant Kondo AsaRie’s Author (three-mark published) clean up.Well, did you regret you can throw so far, what What.Regret … You Which faction regret doing trick-saving surgery ■ Articles of life to learn the wisdom of the (bear) Grandma, without Yara?Why luggage of how women of the cross-sectional 捨離 to learn to Dansharian are many?Operation Escape The “woman entangled”

“We are looking for a bwana!” Culture “real” pet dangerous epidemic among boys and girls of Korea

“Do you have bwana of women who will do anything!” “We are looking for a bwana my” this extreme write, is increasing in the community site on the Internet in South Korea.It seems the writing to induce the customs site, but is written and according to reports in South Korea media that’s boys and girls teenage primarily.

Desire such dependencies and pet partner “pet guy” They, “pet woman” who.The term “pet culture” until born in Korea, “pet guy”, “pet woman” is increasing among teens on the net where this.As for the purpose of prostitution, the person who posted a nude photo of myself started out, culture “real” pet of Korea have drifted pretty dangerous atmosphere in.According to South Korean media “Uncut news”, recently, it was the writing that women students to self-proclaimed 17-year-old recruit a pet on the bulletin board of a certain community site.If you click the title, photos of shirtless, which is a mosaic process has been attached.Schoolgirls which records the number of queries explosive, written was published in one add another photo mosaic as “the first problem that bwana gives” This write.

I’m waiting for people to male students of the self-styled high school sophomore to want to become a “pet”, someone to be the husband of his customers still.This student has answered a telephone interview of the media, interest is nowhere to know by chance “” pet “culture.It is the answer you are looking for a bwana aggressively now, “never” (husband-like request) thought deeply about, but about sexual relations also possible “.It is seen pet culture that such friends or less in school life, children can not enter the circle of friends, was utilized as a “means to make friends easily” is triggered.But, because the adults are also seen site of course, that there are cases where it would develop into relationships such as dating.

Culture “real” pet of Korea to go in the land the popular drama “Kimihapetto”.The drama has attracted a topic that made into a movie in Korea recently, Jang Geun Suk has appeared, but this problem seems to have occurred on the net of Korea.※ The image: quoted from Uncut News

※ This article, of Gaje communication Gold Rush “BokuMina” was written.

474 people died from encephalitis epidemic in northern India early next year

Encephalitis is prevalent in Uttar Pradesh [Xinhua / EPA] northern India, 474 people were killed earlier this year.In cooperation with the relevant agencies, local government is drawing up measures.

[More photos]

(Translated Naotsubomi / edit the translation Onda Yuki)

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The driving force behind captivating Ace Saori Kimura with good looks and high physical ability?

Valley girls field boils down to the birth of the New heroine and Shinnabe Lisa (21 years), which is said to be exactly like Wakatsuki Chinatsu debut, Iwasaka Nana (21 years) from the whitening beauty in some.However, speaking of hot stock that can not be removed even if anything, the Queen, not press of Japan nor is pressed, it’s Saori Kimura (25 years).

Legs which extends from a slurry tall 184cm, and plump bust idol class, and Kimura that popular with overwhelming style.Etc. to boss photo essay “Saori” in November, it is extended to the outside of the coat that he.

Kimura of Saitama Prefecture Yashio born emerged from junior high school, competed in the Athens Olympics when high Shimokitazawa Shigenori.In Eastern Rearozu of V · Premier League attracting attention as a “super school girl”, who joined after graduation, achieving a third straight which is the first women ever in 2009/10 season.Himself won the MVP for the first time.

It is has become a driving force in Kimura who has to pull the All Japan without any major injuries so far, it’s the presence of a close friend, Yokoyama Tomomi Kay was Sousei.

For intractable disease called rhabdomyosarcoma, Yokoyama, which has been attracting attention as a talent that stand to bear the future of Japan with Kimura once, died at the young age of 21 in April 2008.The battle hotter than anyone on the court, Kimura you have overcome the farewell of an important presence was also a comrade-in-arms is a close friend, has led his team to victory in the indomitable fighting spirit that never give up.

Beauty of nature and athletic ability, and superb mental strength it has developed in to go to overcome the many difficulties.The 20 days of the weekend, is scheduled to appear TBS also “passion continent”, and is likely to put the contents of the must-see anguish unknown the true face of the Ace is a glimpse.
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Live performers send-off for hospitalization Kawamoto Makoto Ai traffic accidents, fractures, bruises.

It was found that the 16th November, Kawamoto Makoto of singer-songwriter Ai a traffic accident, was hospitalized.Staff Kawamoto is reporting on Twitter.

According to the report, Kawamoto encountered a traffic accident on the night of 16.Not Betsujo Fortunately life, it’s that “good course” and, but that’s playing situation is difficult due to fracture, bruise.

Therefore, the send-off live appearance was scheduled to perform in Yonago one make of Tottori Prefecture in November 20 the “specter Kingdom Yonago Rock Fes”.It is apologize and “Sorry really apologize to people who had you book tickets, everyone of performers, everyone of the staff, worry and inconvenience” in Twitter.

Kawamoto 37-year-old born in 1974.In 1996, I made his debut in the “talent of Love” single by Okamura Yasuyuki Produce.There is a hit song “DNA”, “half” and “Sakura” in addition.

Aqueduct Dr. exposure! “” Passion continent “Yashiro attorney Ed is shelved”

On Twitter of (November 2011) on the 16th, and Yashiro Hideki lawyer active in, Aqueduct Dr. comedians “Asakusa Kid” is now shelved, even while being interviewed “passion continent” in (TBS system) on TV I revealed the fact was.

Watch the “passion continent-potter-Ryota Aoki” in the “program material.October minute broadcast 2009.Young potter of 31 years old at the time.Interesting! Following the tweet that “, I think that there is no out rarely in the” passion continent, but not that Yashiro lawyer previously have been “passion continent request?If you heard “and the comment story is” was interesting was turning “a few months, but I did not have passion to me very much, I” mothball.

In contrast, retweeted more than 100 cases, “I have a thing,” “will care Yashiro lawyer, on the contrary (laughs)”, such as tweets from users follow are also followed.