The aim of the world top five decisively strengthen profitability restructuring [Nippon Paper Group, Inc.] in the past the largest

Nippon Paper Group, Inc., which was severely damaged in the Great East Japan Earthquake is a summary of the reconstruction plan.Amid falling prices and lower demand of paper does not stop, aim to come up in this key reform with great pain is something.

Ishinomaki Mill of Nippon Paper Group, Inc., which in mid-September, had stopped operations in the tsunami of the Great East Japan Earthquake (Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture) has resumed production at some facilities.

Main factory responsible for 20% of Paper production continued, the company’s Iwanuma plant affected by the disaster as well as (Miyagi Prefecture Iwanuma) Nakoso (Nakoso) Plant (Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture) Even though the fully restored to May is about half a year company stood aside that was resumed through.

However, Ishinomaki Mill is not back to figure exactly the same as before the earthquake.Haga Yoshio President as had expressed it serves also to as “reconstruction while reducing production capacity and for the future”, in August, Nippon Paper Industries launched “medium-term reconstruction plan” (Figure (1)) to machine the earthquake, I take because a large restructuring.

The paper is roughly divided into paperboard that is used for, such as cardboard and Paper to use for the print, but the plan this time target Paper.Stop the machine of five plants with a total of 12 units across the country to make a Paper, Fuji factory production was less old facilities (Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture) to withdraw from the production to stop the machine and all its contents.By around the end of September 2012, a reduction of about 15% production capacity, it is the system of 4.36 million tons per year.

At the same time, staff reductions also dared.(About 850 people regular employees, about 450 people contract employees) about 1,300 hits about 15% of the paper business for the whole, to achieve rationalization, such as voluntary early retirement or stop employment.Ishinomaki factory has just resumed production is also not an exception, and 240,000 tons reduce the production capacity was 1 million tons (including subcontractors) about 100 employees are also the subject of organizing.

Such as by squeezing in 80% of the number of issues withdrew from unprofitable product addition to this, improve the cost of 25 billion yen per year, aiming a 62 billion yen operating profit in 2001.

Why embark on business reform of the largest ever none other, it’s for building a production system that is commensurate with the demand, to perform a price increase.

Is shrinking domestic demand for paper and paperboard.Is expected to decrease by about 15% compared to ’05, falling to 16.52 million tons in the demand for paper of ’11 (Figure (2)).

Lehman shock, demand for foreign paper has plummeted about 20%, especially.Such as promotional materials and advertising publications and newspapers, corporate issues can not be expected to recover and also involves the transition to electronic media.

However, as can be seen from the production of Paper of Nippon Paper, decline, etc. remain to about 10 percent in five years, overproduction is the norm before the earthquake.Because, around ’07, paper companies because were carried out large-scale capital investment in succession.Demand has been growing exceptional at that time coated paper with high visual properties among the Paper, and he was drawing a strategy to turn to exports to increase production worth it tries Uttedeyo abroad.

Was the enthusiastic Among them’s Nippon Paper.It was enhanced hopefully to try to export based in Ishinomaki factory with a dedicated port that is wearing a large ship.

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Aragaki Yui, sexy route ban!? Also that actress that aim and Koshitantan the top actress

Long black hair and a neat facial features, Aragaki Yui popular big uke exploded in general men shy personality in a little darker.The starred month 9 drama “fully open Girl” in (Fuji TV) this year, “Wings of the Kirin” movie of Higashino Keigo original appearances (Toho) is also such as to determine the end of the year, you are riding ride.It has become a hot topic such she is, than to publish a bathing scene live-action version that appeared in the December “Ranma ½” (In Japan TV system).

Popular manga of Rumiko Takahashi original story “Ranma ½”.In owner idiosyncratic that become woman and wear a water, the axis exchanges the Kyokon-Tendo Akane with such him, hero and Saotome Ranma is romantic comedy works to draw everyday slapstick involving the family and friends.Aragaki plays a Tendo Akane is one of the main character in the.

Also other than Ranma, because the characters are transformed by wear hot water and water, facilities related to water such as baths appeared well this cartoon.”Asahi Performing Arts” (Tokuma Shoten) is reportedly in the drama, Ranma played Kaku sages protagonist enters the bathroom accident scene to become bumping into Aragaki is being prepared for the.

According to the article, maneuvering underwater is it being done far Aragaki or show a bathing scene in this scene.A candidate, as Yumikaoru it had appeared to put out the silhouette of the body line in frosted glass and draft “Mito Komon” in (TBS system), such as the proposal to issue the above milk or valley while to sink in the bathtub has been considered that.

“Monthly Aragaki Yui Special” in (Shinchosha), there was no exposure of the skin until it was released “last year, but seven days and daughter” daddy “already (TBS system) co-starred with Tachi Hiroshi in 2007 I am showing off the bathing scene.In this drama, the back because it was the main, it is likely can be expected back further in the work now.It might be not only naked, even such as the scene of just wrapped a bath towel “(entertainment reporter)

At one time, Aragaki seems to have been leaked around it, “I want to go back to Okinawa” introverted personality is evil, but it’s so have started driving to work energetically Did Fukkire recently.By then appeared in the movie “Song of love crying BALLAD~ name” (Toho), “dogwood” and (the same), it played a single-minded woman in love, and break away from the image of a pretty girl, sexual attraction It is said that it is up also.I would like to see how far Aragaki that it turned to positive thinking or take off, but that alone are the other actress who want to pay attention to reporters earlier.

I expected to flock to summer greens that play “Woman version Ranma.Natuna has published a bold and buttocks back “GANTS” in (Toho).I think is no so much resistance to acting off.In the original, the inner surface because I put a bust man without shame because even women, pretty bold scene will also be expected body.In the story she has belonged to the same office with Yada Akiko, but may be varied in that Yada Oshio since the incident, it does not suddenly, that has become the head summer vegetables is earned, you hear motivation also high.”Eat” the Gakki in this drama convincing performance if possible, than play the ranks of popular actress suddenly “(supra)

On the net, it’s work now has been ridiculed from the original rape from the public before, but summer greens of up-and-coming full of motivation and Aragaki was Hitokawamuke as entertainer.If there is a performance of the body per two men, it may be possible to overturn the previous reputation.
(Spring’s statement tomorrow =)

(※ The image than “Monthly Aragaki Yui Special”)

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Heavy metals into ash = Guangdong large amount of 3 percent … aerial garbage “harmless incineration”

The 18th, Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress has published a survey on the implementation of the “garbage processing management ordinance in the City” of ministry.There are 18 places waste incineration plant in the ministry, the ashes of a dozen tons have been discharged as a smoke in one year.Are you an inner detoxification treatment in about 30%, the majority remains containing dioxin and heavy metals that are released into the air.New Kaiho was reported.

Currently, there are 18 locations garbage incineration treatment plant in Guangdong.Disposal capacity of 1 day’s 100,000 tons, but I’m processing the 4 million tons per year in practice.Ash is discharged as such as smoke’s ten several tens of thousand tons per year, but the detoxification process of being decorated in about 30% of the total, remain including dioxin and heavy metals, and the rest have been released into the air.

Environmental protection part of the province showed the idea “for equipment that does not reach the standards environmental standards for waste incineration treatment plant, renovation is necessary” and.The ministry has announced a goal “by 2012, raise to 80% the detoxification rate of garbage” and so far.It is unclear whether it can be realized.(Editors: Kisaragi Hayato)

Though it is the same story, bite interviewer is different! “Law of the appeal” of the person being adopted for some reason

Volunteer same university and faculty from, thesis or bytes, in club activities,
And I know a similar experiences with other students,
Some people that pass with people who fall in the interview and entry sheet Why.
The key to separate the light and dark, there was to talk about the episode in the “cut”!
Third times, to teach the “law of the appeal” that shine also vary with the difference of cut.

It was a chairman of the Circle, was secretary of the seminar, it was the leader of part-time job. It could also be written ES for student life in a dignified manner, and the like that has acquired the patent study abroad experience, in the laboratory, a person of merit brilliant in school days, talk about in the interview also Hata.However, many students suffer “because there is no experience like this, especially their own, do not know what I should I tell,” said.

I understand well the feeling.However, I want you to think calmly here.For businesses, it’s recruitment activities to find the “students who want to work together”.It is not looking for a person who has the experience changed.Rather than the experience itself, important It’s a Dakimi himself learned something through experience.We must not forget that this.

When it comes to, that the important thing is to tell that thing rather than experience, figures through experience, that Kimi is “whether the person what” goes without saying. So this time, I want to introduce the “law of the appeal” that resonate with recruiters more.

The best of the “Unfortunately appeal” everyone is tend to do, it is one that is turned into action passive.This is often really.

More specifically, it is that “affected” of experience that went to Toka I read many books, and was listening to music.It is of course precious.But than that, “action active” was playing an instrument, and that wrote a book that is more “has had the effect” of experience is higher evaluation.

For harsh lesson, and suppose we speak, for example, to take the unit.”We worked hard the credits” in, that you get out of the rest of the pack is difficult simply.I speak in the cut was studying passively rather than the story (the input), how much of what gave a stimulus to the other students and professors.So helpful to try to compare the example of self-PR of fact, let’s take a look.

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TV exile in Matsukata Hiroki Mizuno Miki “暴排 ordinance”! The shadow of “Burning” still on its back?

Article “singer who has been a physical examination NHK Red and White Singing Contest contestants confidential list Get Exclusive! Koyu violence” has been published weekly pictorial magazine released last week “Friday” in (Kodansha).Refers to this list, and something that producers of certain NHK has produced, but for enka singer and veteran many singers, description Niowaseru that there is associate with gangsters had been.However, criminal circle of violence in charge of the Metropolitan Police Department just close that “we do not know the author.I was puzzled where the “I guess I was examined.

before the Tokyo Metropolitan gang exclusion ordinance is enforced, the media, the name of the entertainer there is a black dating and gangsters have been talked about.In addition, it says have been deployed under the surface things that become “strategy purification entertainment industry” in the TV world, but if the author, I feel like the eyebrow should not spit and they.Because there is a question that, how is depressed to the point to be cleaned really.

It has been reported in some, but as a dangerous person that Fuji TV could conflict with the ordinance 暴排 Matsukata Hiroki actor, that issued a notice of the disabled to confidential.For Mizuno Miki actress, Nippon TV, I hear shed circulars disabled for the same reason and subsequently.It would be nice to go to the only issue that television has become nervous, two people have been expelled from the TV world virtually.But, really, if you have taken Suspecting a seemingly there is research capabilities only to “ban out” the entertainer of certain television stations, sure enough, is that the information in them that was what was provided from the entertainment professional OK.Moreover, with a profound influence on NTV and Fuji, the performing arts professional, that’s a major production officials.

Common point of Mizuno and Matsukata is that it is independent of major entertainment professional with enormous influence even TV stations from “Burning Productions”.Taha said that, and have had financial trouble between the office and independent from the burning in August this year, it was not a harmonious independent Matsukata.By Mizuno also independent over the objection of office in ’05, it is removed from the regular popular drama of Fuji TV “Bayside Shakedown”, there was a time when it had been Hosa from showbiz one o’clock.

For Matsukata, from previous video that attended the party organized by the gang leaders or there, rumors of black dating sprang.But, other entertainers were also reflected in the video, and entertainers is rumored the intimate company of gangsters countless.Regarding Mizuno, at the time the story through acquaintance, that was introduced to gang-related person of Kyushu when you had been Hosa is circulated, harassment for work that was stopped quite right.

Also then, there were rumors of lovestruck actor T is close to the gangsters to Mizuno, but there is no relationship now.Later, it is not heard rumors of dating with the gang of course.Even if the Matsukata, recently, it is no longer heard rumors of black dating.far as I know, there is no movement authorities that attempt to qualify as close companionship with the gangsters who these two people.You have to swallow the information from the entertainment professional officials, NTV and Fuji was banished from the TV world such a two people.There, I wonder if there is fairness and truthfulness.

Also for a list of “singer who has been a physical examination Koyu Maru violence” earlier, information of the singer there is no evidence that contains.Seems to say with respect to selection of the “red and white”, NHK and has been examined in the society section reporters mobilization, but look at the list, officials of the Metropolitan Police Department Organized Crime 3 Division, which is responsible for 暴排 ordinance dating who and the “gang The name of the singer you’ve never heard as has also been raised.Than some people that have been falsely accused is?It’s enough to compassion “.

Information is manipulated by speculation of entertainment parties called “I want to dry” the entertainer particular, if it is used for part of the “entertainment industry purification strategy”, it could lead to human rights violations.That prior to the physical examination of the performers, check the adhesion of the constitution and entertainment professional, to purify should be top priority of the commercial broadcasters and NHK.
(Statement = Honda Kei)

※ “Kyokaku last” image (GP Museum Soft)

Back situation and honorable retirement of Secretary Ando National Police Agency “!? Sue” constitutional violation = 暴排 “is the Yamaguchi-gumi”
NHK to disputes “red and white” selection! Media or simultaneous attack that heavyweights Enka singer if delle
Zubuzubu companionship proceedings of the V world cinema Nakano hero, Sho Aikawa, and Hakuryu gang ……

Oshima Yuko abnormal situation of the fans delight for some reason “virgin Declaration” in the drama

There was a scene in the drama who appears Oshima Yuko of AKB48 that’s a national idol group (23), to “virgin Declaration”.It is in a strange situation Oshima despite only plays a role like that in the world of drama, fans that delight why.

October 17, 2011, the first episode “Why can not I love” month 9 drama (Fuji TV) is broadcast.

Story three women of nowadays that love! “Because I’m a virgin …… something I” does not work quite make his room share, one of whom, Mr. Oshima was appeared as Hanzawa Mako of temporary staff.

Mako is a serious, set that shy even about love.In the first episode, go to the men’s house in unrequited love, even went to bed in his underwear, there is also a scene that would back “…… I’m sorry, after all … me,”.

There was the problem of “virgin Declaration” It’s after this.Mako is for two people of housemate Fujii Emi (Karina’s), Ogura Saki (Yoshitaka Yuriko’s) starts to fight from that casual, stop it

Saying “…, … something I,! Because I’m a virgin love frigidity ‘s something I! Is not it nice man! Not a person good at all than I am I could not and something seniors! Do you have to say anything,” said Noke has been.

“Oh came virgin Declaration” of course “Yuko virgin remark Kita!” Does not mean “virgin”, I just had that kind words to Mako, who plays Mr. Oshima Oshima himself.However, fans of Oshima, who had watched the drama delight.Immediately after this scene to the fan thread Oshima’s two channels,

“Yuko virgin remark Kita!” And “Oh came virgin Declaration”
Inundated comment “Yuko Kaaaa of a virgin!”, “Oshima Yuko 23-year-old, whose nor does it yet,” such as.Writing even then, there is a scene that fall Mako is overheard man is talking about “virgin Do not’m heavy I thought,” said, “virgin not heavy!” And such as “I want to say that I heavy Yuko” is received was.There was also some sober view that “w and because setting of the drama,” but it became was a little the “Festival State”.

By the way Oshima’s actual goes, it is based on his authenticity unknown but was dating at the time of the middle three in the article “Shukan Bunshun” (13 Oct. 2011) appeared.Testified that “Yuko because it was already experienced with another senior, I was trying to Susumo ahead a little, but it had been refused guard is hard,” said.

Scriptwriter and performer of whether other was good convincing of Oshima’s “virgin Declaration” or whether was good, 17.0% and (Kanto district Video Research Inc. survey), the average audience rating of drama first time seems to have been well received easily.

Original Gokurakutonbo Keiichi Yamamoto, I move away return?The face bitter fan to return long-awaited theory

It’s Keiichi Yamamoto’s original Gokurakutonbo which was reported long-awaited return theory to have erupted in the part of the entertainment industry, but it’s unlikely such squid to return easily so.It sets itself apart from the entertainment industry to take on the heat, the reaction of the audience is cool.

The 17th, I was reported long-awaited return theory of Yamamoto is what is happening in the entertainment industry in some media.According to it, that Ishibashi Takaaki Tunnels that were in close relationship with Mr. Yamamoto was chanted to be “!’ll Call Yamamoto” in the 27 hours TV is the opportunity, return long-awaited theory that came to be talked about openly.

But criticism “Do not come back to the entertainment industry”, “sweet to relatives I TV” and and “think normally’m impossible Nante return” has been one after another severe reaction of the audience.It also should that, factors that became a showbiz retirement, is that which has been (non-prosecution disposal later) sent papers on suspicion of rape.

Entertainment industry of the incident immediately after have avoided the use in the form close to a dirty word in the name of “Yamamoto”.It has been taken up wrapped in oblate even when the topic is raised in such variety but come here, the name began to rise impassively.It was about the name rises specials of the other day, even at that Mecha Ike.

Also, recently, as a public relations of food company, own Yamamoto and also appeared in such as blog and athletes local television, exposure is increasing little by little.But, it’s likely to say return to the difficult situation and see the reaction of the audience these.(Editors: Yuki Takeda)

Hong Kong – have experience 30% of women in hospitality industry has received a sexual harassment

October 16, 2011, according to the Hong Kong China communication 訊社, from the results of surveys bride On’na-kyo Susumu-kai of Hong Kong (The Association for the Advancement of Feminism) was published on the 15th, and 30% of women such as the hospitality industry in Hong Kong It was found that there is that it has received a sexual harassment from customers.I have sexual harassment is prevalent in society the association, that there is a need to strengthen the protection of working women.Chugoku Shimbun told.

[More photos]

The survey was carried out for flight attendant women and nurses layer age youth work of 200 people, waitresses, hairdressers, and salesperson.As a result, the people who have ever received a sexual harassment or hung the word about the appearance from the customer, or is obscene expression, such as are invited to meals is greater than 30% was found.

However, the person who answered the person that answered never leaving appealed to equal opportunities committee is an organization that performs consultation and mediation, such as gender discrimination accounted for the majority, and did not know the existence of the Commission 60% I went up close.(Translation and editing / Okada)

Sawajiri Erika says “character-like queen” of rotten mood

I appeared on the new CM recital chocolate confections the 17th, was held at the futsal field in Tokyo is actress Sawajiri Erika of “Snickers”.

Have created a interesting CM around the world “Snickers”.In the United States version of CM, and hired great actress of 88-year-old, Betty White.I have performed the ground run around her while becoming mud, a video production unique.

And the cast of the Japan version, handpicked the actress Sawajiri Erika.In what has been the theme of football, I have captured the scene that Sawajiri is chasing a soccer ball, receive a sliding tackle.In addition to its powerful, Highlights Japan version, serif her, would be wording.(CM deployment, at the bottom)

Ldn_wos_section_end Sawajiri Erika, to finish “Queen character” comes out on the entire surface

■ New CM “football Hen” of Snickers
Scene to be displayed on “video, practice game of soccer.Scene deployment to start from there, long pass issued from teammate.For some reason, it’s chasing the ball, Sawajiri Erika appearance of mini skirt.To fall in response to the sliding tackle that Sawajiri, the opponent.Men teammate rushed, I bet the voice anxiously ….There, however, like Erika.With a look that was troubled that the public, to answer grumpy is “What?”.And the punch line of the CM … ”

Sawajiri Erika ldn_wos_section_end at rendition of the CM, it became a soccer player wearing mini skirt

Special effect of CM image unique.For the Queen-like character setting, Sawajiri, appeared on the ground wearing high heel shoes.In the heel shoes, etc. or kicking or chasing the ball many times, active content.The soccer field of the actual “and” Who are you?I state “.I was running around in about Zubozubo sound is in the heel shoes.Sawajiri that says your impressions situation and (developing unlikely) is “was just interesting.In contrast to the character setting grumpy of talent,, shooting I hear was the atmosphere that was full of laughter.The middle, in the scene to kick a soccer ball full blast, even the happening that ball would hit towards the extra.The smiling an apologetic look, and Maybe you have apologized.

Sawajiri it appears to the conference field, seemed good humor throughout.CM appeared to request a specific parody and “ha-ha.Reply to be “because they more businesslike.CM settings “out of place too … Funny.And description “I thought this, and Na was Kita.Fine “, the ball flew up better over there for exercise capacity showed off the power of the kick a soccer ball.Motor nerve?I had revealed the “I guess is normal.

Sawajiri Erika ldn_wos_section_end that has been said, “the other, since we are simplistic” and based on the turmoil of the past

Sawajiri about the job offer and the character of their own, had been told.Standing position of “I.In the past, had subsided in the picture a cool beauty basis.But, I was allowed to work appeared in full fun.Snickers CM around the world.In production, such as the same, I have to expand each.Toward the camera and “I want to try searching in You Tube If you are interested, you have to appeal.

■ TVCM of “airtime”
· ~ The 17th today, on-air in 14 areas nationwide
(Kanto, Kansai, Chukyo, Hokkaido, Nagano, Shizuoka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Miyagi, Sanin, Yamaguchi, in Okinawa)
· Air even in the monitor screen in the train
(JR East, JR West, Tokyu line, at the Seibu line.1 to November only Seibu line)

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