French magazine “defeat unbeaten record-stop, without the pain,” reports the defeat of Japan

Brazilian World Cup (W Cup) Asia Round 3 is carried out in the 15th, Japan play against North Korea in the away defeat 0-1.Became a defeat for the first time in 17 races eyes Alberto Zakkeroni director from taking office in the same coach.

France magazine “SO FOOT”, reporting that the unbeaten record as coach of Japan Zakkeroni director is lost “Zakkeroni has suffered a defeat for the first time,” said.However, from the fact that Japan had already decided the final qualifying round advance, it is described as “defeat without pain” this defeat.

In addition, the magazine has also conveyed that when the Japanese national anthem was played, the audience of North Korea is booed, had been showered hoot to Japan representative players.

Defeat of North Korea against maximum 3,000 Japanese representative fans think “motivation”
Defeat of Japan, South Korea paper reported that “first defeat at 1.5 Army defunct Kagawa”
To remain in the six Kagawa and Honda, candidate of Asian Player of the Year Award
[Emperor’s] G Osaka is the third round defeat of No way.Mito of victory is in the hands of a ticket to the fourth round
Victory Residual dispute J-League incandescent! Let’s check the latest information!

Look-alike of Putin in China?Subtle ,,.

In Runjui Luntszyuy village which is located in Anhui middle of the East China Northeast of China, look-alike of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin of Russia is found.November 15, 2011, told Xinhua News Agency on the basis of the article of the local newspaper. The common man Yuanipin Lo Lo Yuanpin’s 43-year-old Chinese farmers, the village is willing “celebrity” will appear.Nicknamed “brother of Putin” is attached to the furnace-Yuanipin san, how Russia’s also not altogether bad.Look-alike believes marriage partner is if found by multiplying the popularity of this unexpected.We are currently thinking turned to the performing arts talent, Lo Yuanipin’s, told reporters want to appear on other events and television programs.Current affairs site of Russia called “Voice of Russia”, the introduction of article ,, site of hard content, or became care very much usually. See article see article UK paper

I incidentally at all, but the look-alike of Mao Zedong of China also let us put.In order to play perfectly Chairman Mao Zedong, and practice to speak of the chief, and imitate gestures, our look-alike “has undergone plastic surgery to.They may even be called personally for occasions such as weddings home.Theater company based in (fabric of Chairman Mao) Shaoshan, that it appeared to work patriotic often, but also to other, energetically around, we look-alike is, hair wedding or entertainment or holiday banquet I have let in that dialect, the famous speech of the Chief.,, Political satire is not allowed in China, and can be cartoon political leaders are also not allowed.Under these circumstances, I think the mysterious presence of these people look-alike.I ,, soldier grandson of Mao Zedong, Is’s hair Xinyu, it is similar: (never, not a Prime Minister Noda of Mao suit) past blog than “reference article?,.

Officials testified that “you will not 100%” reuniting of Ai Fukuhara and Kei Nishikori

But Kei Nishikori (21) has updated the Japanese men’s highest and 24 in the world ranking of tennis, was also dating → catastrophe coverage with Ai Fukuhara of popular table tennis players in 2009.How will going on then?

Base for “brocade America.It is a busy life that fights a tour around the world to you will not 100% (laughter) “is reuniting (Sports Journalist)

For brocade future, coach Kentaro Masuda said Japan Tennis Association National Team says.

The ability to accurately capture the “ball is high, speed, explosive power also the world top level.If accustomed to be able to read the flow of the game, you can use efficiently the physical strength, it is not a dream world rank top 10 after ”

※ 25 the November 2011 Shukan Post

Housewife joint party participation in “mom friend Chiaki.Dinner with a few men “

Chiaki report of talent has participated in the “blind date” in the blog November 16 of (2011).

Suddenly one day, I was invited to dinner a few men and a few people mom friend at home mom friend.

Chiaki raised the tension completely by “there!? Drink so-called housewife joint party!? In Mamatomo!? House Is this!?” Children accompanied also called OK is conveyed one after another at dinner that total of 13 people participated I ate a feast come.

“Thanks to the fun mom friend, I was able to experience the pseudo housewife blind date!?”

So that sense, good

It is in my thoughts for the correspondence between Prime Minister Noda for the TPP issue, said in it as a result, so it is of that, was good.Nakagawa Hidenao Mr. has been criticized delay in making a decision of the day is the lethal from the standpoint of aggressive proponents, but here was based on Sato Mr. Yu, the experience as a diplomat familiar with the intelligence field, especially analysis clearing reference is made to.

Prime Minister Noda is a powerful than before Kan Prime Minister Hatoyama and former Prime Minister.It says has not yet been struggling with this difficult aspect.I do not think only buying time, but clearly shows that that aspect is to convert a good direction in which to buy time that, there.That luck has sided with Prime Minister Noda, no doubt.

Canada and Mexico have expressed their intention to participate in the TPP, the United States or the like of that, and expressed their welcome there is likely to be reinforcements of the best for Japan.If accustomed to TPP that also occupy nearly 40% of world trade, the weight of TPP increases jerk.It that such partitioning the TPP as a speculation of the country or the United States 1 is almost impossible.You are partitioning an international conference in the country or 1, Member States if the three countries.And I just do I attach the consent of the country or another in order to push through the intention of the country, this is a relatively easy.Member States goes to four countries, negotiations will be difficult to significantly.It should be in five countries the Member States by increasing one country anymore these cases.And attach the consent of the two countries already in the Member States, it is difficult than in the case of one country, but there is a marked for compromise.

Whereby Member States are gradually increasing like this, it is possible to Sahai the international organizations with only speculation of their own is difficult even in countries with dominant economic and military no matter how.If you get into Mexico and Canada that participate, it can not be such as to ignore the wishes from the end of the three countries, Japan, Canada, Mexico.

To proceed with TPP initiative TPP initiative was small initially occupied even 40% of world trade, the flow change.By that China, begins to move also be a big achievement.

While not outcome is up nothing in reality, but is good in this now.Noda Prime Minister, is blessed with luck again.

The public eye for Noda Prime Minister should change it just because Masaru Sato, who has a great deal of influence us on assembling a diplomatic strategy is, was the evaluation.THIS IS GOOD.This is good.

I think a sense of moderation is, something of the kind.

You give out loud that you do not even be from the beginning, not a very moderate.Able to achieve this by considering a variety of conditions, it and produced the wisdom like put out a good result, even a little, is a way of moderation I say this is.

It is in moderation.For the time being, it is good in this.

Sexy actress corps Ebisu Masukattsu landed! The glossy PR- Hong Kong the first live

November 14, 2011, Idol unit Ebisu Masukattsu of sexy actresses arrived in Hong Kong, I was the first concert PR.Wen Wei Po told.

[More photos]

Ebisu Masukattsu is idle unit of members Akiho Yoshizawa et al. Starting with Sora Aoi hugely popular in China, has also appeared in the Hong Kong movie this year.The 14th, 22 people out of the members are into Hong Kong for performances of the next day, before the local fans, it was engaged in a performance of the popular song “Banana Mango High School” in the PR events.

According to the leader of Yuma Asami, tension filled the first concert in Hong Kong.Sora Aoi had been witness to prepare a special effect for fans of Hong Kong, and also to show off Cantonese songs.The only corps of popular actress, Do not forget of course sexy production at Adult Movies.It says it “But I, the cute cute theme,” said Asami had aroused great expectations of the fan.

Scheduled next 15 day and night, Hong Kong performances Ebisu Masukattsu will be held in nine exhibition Star Hall.(Translation and editing / Mathilda)

Residents angry “guy to throw away garbage inferior to pigs” in the cleaning staff … poster also = Xian

By around the trash, which is provided on the street in Shaanxi Xi’an city, cleaning staff was a poster of the “inferior to dogs and pigs that throw away the life garbage”, local opinion is divided.It is divided into two “crass poster impairing the image of the city”, “act of discarding the life garbage that has not been recognized, flagrant certainly” in.Chugoku Shimbun has reported.

It was established in order to prevent the “discarded POI to the streets” of passersby, but residents throw away large amounts of garbage life did not end to.Every morning, life garbage were raised Uzutakaku stacked in the vicinity of the trash.In particularly hot “season, it would be tremendous According to the merchants of nearby.Look not only dirty, that “he odor that rises to heaven.

Cleaning staff that was Tamarikane was a poster “What you throw away a life garbage inferior to pigs and dogs,” said.”Even I, did not want such a thing according to the cleaning staff.But, there are people who throw away trash life many times to say, “I know that this” way is not good.But what that “do not even try to.

I thought the destination 100 meters or so, there is a storage put out a living garbage, but many residents that’s cumbersome, to use the Recycle Bin of passers for.By living a large amount of trash is discarded, the burden of cleaning staff are reportedly increased extreme.

Rude words and not “civilized for a poster of the” inferior to pigs and dogs “.Some people to be criticized as “impair the image of the city,” every morning, so full of trash.Some people express understanding of it as a “terrible.

After the cleaning staff did a poster, life refuse to be discarded in and around the trash can, that decreased noticeably.(Editors: Kisaragi Hayato)

Conversion of marketing strategies that were successful to profitability in the 19th year China business, Kusetsu Kao

“Attack MadokaKiyoshi (Japanese name Attack Neo)” became a hit in China for clothing detergent rinse requires only once

Became a prospect that is Kao is supplies and cosmetics maker day domestic top, can be profitable even next year for China business, which has been burned many years hand.

It follows that it celebrates its 19th year in advance in 1993, the results came out finally.Or what exactly has changed.

Laundry detergent that sold in September, “last year” attack MadokaKiyoshi “has been accepted into the Chinese market.I was able to clear a share of 10% in the laundry detergent sector in Shanghai region in particular ”

For Kao, hit products which may be said for the first time in China was born.Which is a feature rinse after washing is done in one, it’s “attack MadokaKiyoshi”.

Areas of water scarcity in many cases, the goods corresponding to the water-saving needs, China ‘s had received in the Chinese market.

In particular, home to wash still many in China, where the washing machine is not popular, and it’s easy to realize the benefits of that to live the number of rinsing can be reduced.

In addition to the current, you’re selling disposable diapers laundry detergent “attack”, “Mary”, cosmetics “Sofina” in China, Kao has been selling the chemicals and perfumes for the enterprise.

Kanebo cosmetics subsidiary has seen the success of a certain size, but a synergistic effect with Kao has not yet Midase.

In the Uni-Charm and P & G rival go a successful business in China, Kao has struggled to expand its business.According to some rival manufacturers, it seems to have been forced as say, “I heard that it was also discussed to give up a business in China, and that trying to shrink temporary”.

However, I do a review of the strategy from about 3 years ago.

What was in the high-income earners products for principals, in addition to that, it was charged with middle-income products for such attack MadokaKiyoshi.

In addition, about marketing, which has been left to the local, to migrate to system that provides the know-how from Japan in the past.By be transferred to the Asian countries that is China and other immediately and success stories of hit products in Japan, and trimmed the environment easy hit product is born.

It is now China and supplies manufacturers is are you the most notable World Day of.Market facing a huge population of about 1.3 billion people, the potential for growth is high.

According to a survey of the Yano Research Institute, about 90.8 billion yuan in fiscal 2009 (about 1 trillion 100 billion yen), the scale of the cosmetics market is growing at a pace of more than 10% per annum.Demand in developed countries has peaked, if you do not succeed in this market, growing as a company will be difficult.

It has built a factory to manufacture the disposable diapers and sanitary products in Anhui, Kao, running to the end of 2012.It is a factory in China fourth.Currently, disposable diapers because exports from Japan, cost competitiveness month at this, momentum is get to performance improvement it would be certainly.

However, there is only about 30 billion yen is still China sales business of Kao.Compared to the size of the foreign manufacturer of the other, much smaller.

Future, as well as promoting the market development of the inland supply of goods has not progressed yet, likely to sally forth to new measures, such as tie-ups with local manufacturers and wholesale company is also likely to have.

(“Weekly Diamond” editorial department Tatsuya Noguchi)

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In translation, where demand does not stop even at Nippon Shokubai declining birthrate era to continue the large-scale investment in the disposable diaper material

“Kiyotake support” is dominated by giant infighting Kiyotake representative vs Watanabe, chairman net survey

A problem that Hidetoshi Kiyotake team representative of professional baseball Giants (61) has been criticized as “compliance” for (85) Tsuneo Watanabe, chairman, voice to support the Kiyotake Mr. overwhelming net on.Often Among them is, but criticism of the dictatorship of the first time Watanabe.However, the survey Mr. Watanabe from the discourse of your announcement objections, criticism such as “organization who disqualification” is also about Mr. Kiyotake also are rising.

The survey was carried out on the web Nikkan Sports through the night from evening November 11 the conference was held, out of the total 2124 votes, it is “fully supports” the Kiyotake Mr. 1533 votes “to some support” But 330 votes.”While Kiyotake support” accounts for 87%, it was only 113 votes which corresponds to 5% of the whole “do not support”.

Just 10 percent, in the survey of Yahoo! that can also vote at the moment, how is different slightly Watanabe supported by a survey of Yahoo!.

I want to support either of Watanabe and chairman “Kiyotake representative?To the question of “, in the 18:00 time on the 14th, 75,865 votes out of the total 105,024 votes, and to support Mr. Kiyotake (73%).9695 votes (10%) was also the voice to support the Watanabe.Impact on the evening of November 12, Kiyotake Mr. Watanabe announced the discourse of rebuttal in succession also a likely.

The majority of voice to support the Mr. Kiyotake,

what “white retire early” and “!’ll quit soon”, points out Mr. Watanabe “Rogai” the first time.There were also multiple voice likened it would cause death insects that live in the lion, the Kiyotake Mr. eating meat in the lion in “dysfunctional employee” is in.Voice to support the Watanabe,

It’s what “Mr. Kiyotake organization who disqualified” and “stupid or divulge confidential”, along the claims of Mr. Watanabe generally.In the,

The “spread of rumor only was stock manipulation”, there is also criticism of the fact that stock prices of related stocks such as Tokyo Dome fell in the wake of the conference.(Heading) and “internal strife just” and “mudslinging contest criticism”

It should be noted that the option of “do not support both”, 10473 votes nearly twice of Watanabe (19%) is in.Its contents,

“Doing, stand on their own” and “internal strife just”, it is what is called a “mud-flinging criticism”.

The net research of Livedoor, support rate of Mr. Kiyotake is higher than with Yahoo.

I think infighting “Giants, to whom there is a problem?The Toie that “, 81% answered” Mr. Watanabe “,

I can support the Nabetsune criticism “giant, of Kiyotake team representative?The voice of “can” support has climbed to 81.7 percent in question to say “.Voice of “Rogai criticism” seems stronger than with Yahoo.

For Koreans who mailed their fingers in China [BBS] Japanese Embassy

On the bulletin board of Baidu major Chinese search site, What do you think Korean people protested by mailing their fingers in the “Japanese Embassy?Thread that “was erected.Tsute, Chinese Internet users who have also commented on the news that it was also reported recently in Japan.Will be introduced and translated into Japanese in the following.Rustic and impressions by editing unit in ().


● main thread: April 2011, 47-year-old man of the gate choice Korean life stone is it was mailed by cutting a finger of their own at the Japanese Embassy before in Seoul, South Korea.After the Great East Japan Earthquake, the reason is that because he was unhappy with the fact that while in advance received a humanitarian aid from South Korea, and claiming sovereignty over Takeshima still Japan.


● ‘s do not look like the first time that crazy KenSen. (It is like a person who has caused a commotion many times)

● You’re feeling somewhat paranoid Onju, and that was doing become Yakeppachi.What do I want to to beat your hands on your own without things to do.

● I Kawachi coach HoEtsu anti-Japanese patriotic youth, you guys should imitators.It’s How do I mailed it to drop even one of the arm?

● It is a stupid act Junk_Angle.I can only just Korea.

● If you send it by dropping a crazy KenSen neck?

● wow than anti-Japanese patriotic youth of worldly desires Chinese boy Li Yi.

● I wonder if there is a meaning to such a thing 閃亮 _ appeared _.The Toka want to enter the Yamaguchi-gumi?

● would not be truth in the universe other than Asan head that funny.

● the person whirlwind __ fire Do not be that it is troublesome to drop the finger in front of the embassy, ​​it is! Mail bother.It than I should Todokere the embassy directly?

● The ~ I wonder if I did not cut off each arm Why Kamikawa static.

(Editors: Hatakeyama Sakae)