Transfers … French paper convey to China at 1.1 billion annual salary Anelka of Chelsea

France paper “Requip” was reported former French representative FW Nicolas Anelka of Chelsea, and moved to Shanghai Shenhua of China in the transfer market in January.

According to the newspaper, Anelka signed a contract for two seasons and Shanghai Shenhua.It is reported annual salary is 10.6 million euros (about 1.1 billion yen), and to join the team from January next year.

Competed in nine games in the league this season, Anelka subscribed to Chelsea in January 2008 is record one score.It had been rumored for the contract with the club expires in the summer of 2012, in addition to Shanghai Shenhua, such as the number Club (Major League Soccer) MLS and American Tottenham is interested in acquiring.

 The decision Transfers Anelka of Chelsea, Shanghai Shenhua?& Hellip; France paper reports
 I refuse to “offer crazy” Cisse that half 2 billion yen two years from China
 “Chinese football is not able to save even under Spain coach” Korea paper
 Troussier of former Japan national team coach is “undeveloped and too simple” candid advice to the Chinese football
 Iraq Zico final qualifying advance & hellip; 3 Round Cup / W Cup Asia China

The presence of Nakai Masahiro and Akanishi Jin on the back of the role making that Bem Kamenashi Kazuya thorough

Drama “Humanoid Monster Bem” (Nippon TV system)’s buzz.Recorded 18.9% viewer rating first, keep the high ratings also currently.It’s Kamenashi Kazuya (25) of KAT-TUN and is of plays in the body per Bem starring.That he has this kind of consternation confession in an interview with sports newspaper.

I shaved “armpit hair.Since human-ish looks and hair when you are standing naked.I was shaving also Galant de.If there are times when stockingless legs is reflected, you shave ‘s shin hair ”

Shaving body hair also a willing Kamenashi is for Yak making thorough, but on its back, there was the presence of two men.

First person’s Akanishi Jin (27) in August last year, left the KAT-TUN.

And Kamenashi-kun of smart ass type spare no efforts “, Jin-kun of genius that aura, was a good rival.It had been strongly think even when Jin-kun has been dormant, and supported the group Kamenashi-kun becomes the center, and it is from they leave, “he unless we pull everyone” I “(entertainment officials)

Its Akanishi, big success from the soloed.Held a tour of the five cities the United States, were mobilized total 15,000 people.

Activities of old rival “The pressure must have been a big.But without feel inferior, Kamenashi-kun, became a more and more recklessly “(‘s relationship entertainment, supra)

And the second person is SMAP’s Nakai Masahiro (39) of large senior.Was held in May in “Johnny’s Charity Baseball Tournament”, also scene Nakai is stick with the “I’ll ~ Ja In to smile shy” to Kamenashi.

You think I was pep talk, meaning useless to Kamenashi-kun just use care around all the time “, has just laughing.In the stomach band appearance in long pants, the Nakai-san, have written a lot of wrinkles in black felt-tip pen face.I like it “~! go to such lengths to idle”.But SMAP has been Yatteko than 20 years as a national idol since it is possible such.I think Kamenashi-kun also was hat “(TV station officials)

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Reaction of the net saw the new logo of the Yokohama Bay Stars DeNA

New logo will be published on the official website of the Yokohama Bay Stars DeNA to December 9, has attracted the topic immediately on Twitter and net bulletin board.

“Eyeball is about to jump out,” “Do not I was very far from the design up to now”, “cute unexpectedly”, “new logo subtle” Dasee to the point of “hopeless from users of Twitter, which saw the image of the new logo and “a variety of impressions have been received.

By the way, I am certain, “the main color of the Blue Bay Stars in tradition, has created the concept of innovation” and “inheritance,” said the official site of the Bay Stars.Unveiling of the new uniforms are scheduled for next year, but the uniforms or be produced on the basis of this concept, it’s attention.

• The criticism rush “DeNA is inexcusable” remarks of Mr. Yakumitsuru
· Real face is too smell of Kina Yukio Fujiki “Bay! Get out” “Don of Yokohama” chairman Hamasuta

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· Announcements of new team logo design decisions (Yokohama DeNA BayStars official website)
Yokohama, new uniform unveiling “next year” (Sankei Sports)

Is it was drinking at the victim and where Uchishiba Masato and – news disagree

Ken was arrested Uchishiba Masato suspects Olympic gold medalist, as worked out assault on women’s judo staff of the student, Zuba~tsu morning! (December 9, 2011) this morning, JNN news flowing in was reportedly Shire~tsu that it has been found from the “story of the participants”.

“Okinawa restaurant in around the day before the incident (club members and suspects), was found in the new that it was going to the karaoke bar after you dine at the BBQ store the day of the incident,” so do you a grilled meat whether the Okinawan restaurant be.

Zuba~tsu yesterday morning! So, after you (clerk story staff in nervous, suspect one is such, had been drinking) meal in Okinawa restaurant, it was supposed to be that you went to the karaoke bar in the incident just before the incident Toya.

But I was told then, in the TV coverage of another system, Toya, staff and suspects, etc. had been drinking in large quantities at a restaurant.The thing trivial, but discrepancies were worried about.Okinawan restaurant in another as “restaurant”, there is a possibility that made both.

If staff do not drink in Okinawa restaurant in “the day before around”, and was drinking with grilled meat is “the day of the incident”, make sense to fit.But, it was drastically changed behavior of staff is standing daily one is strange little.Incidentally, it is also not known why the story of “the day before around” has become the thing of the day.

Emphasize the strength of the DeNA management [Yukawa] #ivs “not to commit suicide and social game” sales

[After reading time: 3 minutes]
Shogo Kawada Isao Moriyasu adviser and CEO of DeNA Co., Ltd. has been on stage in “Management of strength DeNA” session of the second day of Infinity Venture Summit 2011 Fall Kyoto.The refrain is to report in detail session itself because it is private, but I want to explore where to find the secret of the strength of the DeNA by going to pick up the remarks of DeNA management to the extent that it is flowing on Twitter.

It only shows the sales that are “target.Excellent employees willing to achieve it after “.I remember I read somewhere Tomoko Namba’s previous CEO is’re told so by founder.It is as if we had considered not only a humble statement of excellent management, but it has been found in this session that the figure of sales targets, have great meaning in a company called DeNA actually.

Moriyasu says the “I just figure I plan basically”.Sales of “2003 I was about 1.5 billion yen, but the number is I,” said wants to double the sales every year for three years of “future.I have presented only digits or rather plan, 2004 is 3 billion yen in 2005, 6 billion yen, of 120 billion yen in 2006.You are trying to achieve it in a desperate to death with it.Mobaoku goes well, I went well in 2004 also Pocket Affiliate.It becomes 2005, and I to the 12 billion yen at a stretch 6 billion yen, a great story of course.I try to achieve the goals and work hard in the field.Namba former CEO want to create a plan “5 years when you have seen it so much 10 billion yen that’s possible somehow, Namba’m going to the earlier” when the.And told me that he was cut out to be “want to company of 100 billion yen in five years.That means 100 billion yen in five years, it must achieve 20 billion yen in 2007, 40 billion yen in 2008, to 70 billion yen in 2009 and if we back calculated.Moriyasu says “We think that I was when two businesses Mobaoku, called Pocket Affiliate had done well, and, it’ll be no good I was doing just this.”.

So I thought the new business plan of 7, 8 cases in the summer of 2005.Assignment Start personnel of about three people in each.And one of them was a Mobage Town.Say business Mobage Town were beginning to see rapid growth, and I had to concentrate on Mobage Town resources.

It’s that there is a rebound top management if presenting unreasonable goal in the average company but, DeNA seems different.And I was in the group hypnosis state, so to speak, “According to Mr. Kawada.I there was a surprise at first, but it became a feel that, Ganbarou everyone immediately.Also everyone must become such a feeling, and that “I think this figure’s number does not get.

The manner in which such culture wonder made.Its culture has been documented in the text of DeNA Quality.

DeNA Quality
In DeNA, based on the vision of “permanent venture to open up the world”, and have been shared with employees as a “way of thinking that I want to cherish” the following:.
– The surface area of ​​the sphere
In the region itself is responsible, to have a sense of responsibility and spirit to represent the DeNA.
-Best commit
Through the eyes of two ranks up, I will try our best for the growth of organizations and individuals.
And transparency
We value communication and teamwork, to fulfill its responsibilities to fellow.
· Remark responsibility
If you do not care about the hierarchy, an idea of ​​itself firmly freely.
· Fort consciousness last
Do not assume that you get by checking to someone, and to work with a high professional awareness.

DeNA Quality this is, is not a mere text appearance is only to say that Mr. Kawada.It is the feeling to come slip through the shambles and many when the “large deficit, these ideas that are ingrained in the body of our.Stomach Is not it show the rejection If you eat something bad for the body.That in such a feeling, what kind of act that either put down to the crisis situation the company has been inscribed on the body at the level of defensive instinct of life.Kawada “says I’m a sentence such.

Mr. Moriyasu She also listened to the opinion of the lower as well as the southern part are written in this “Actually, it is also, to be asked to speak.It says “I think this sentence is Na I have been practicing really.Not feeling it was taught to the company too much “, and that I had brought up also for the” eyes of two ranks up “.We think just as I had given the task yourself such that the growth.It says “I think I’ll have to grow by giving a goal of further on so young people, Once likely to achieve the goal.

Also Mr. Moriyasu may not know whether companies are aiming to any business and just “for this slogan” permanent venture to open up the world. “.But you do not want to be vision which is dependent on the business.In the attitude that it is open to any new business, Mobaoku is born, we were born Mobage.Social game’s center of business now, but I’m not going to continue to be in the company of social games forever.I want to continue to challenge if there is a new chance.Say in that sense, and “I have been to the slogan that these.

Namba before the CEO, of that was presented only numbers goal without instructions to business specific content as well, it might be a sign of a flexible attitude that it is open to any new business.

Mr. Moriyasu also emphasize the importance of the numbers.Founding of “venture, tend to concentrate consciousness in service.I think that phase is okay with it, and that it should not and not a kind of think.I think if you do not go to the next phase of just be aware of the sales, explosive growth is difficult.I said “I think that it does not miss its timing is important.

If it whereabouts prison definite inner Shiba suspects of “Purple Ribbon”, “deprivation”

Once the person has been arrested on suspicion of quasi-rape and had received a medal of honor from the country in the past, if the whereabouts of reward or become.

Kumamoto Prefectural Honor Award and was arrested on suspicion of rape quasi University to the “student” women’s judo Olympic gold medalist staff, Masato Uchishiba suspects (33) has been canceled.Uchishiba suspect who was the coach at the University Judo Club has also received the Medal with Purple Ribbon in the country.What Medal of the inner bush suspect or become, I was asked to Cabinet Office Award Isao station.

Kumamoto Governor to emergency conference December 8, 2011 announcement, Kamashima Ikuo governor of Kumamoto Prefecture held an emergency press conference, received the arrest of the inner bush suspects of the prefecture-born residents of Honor Award “Cancel” announced.

Inside Shiba suspect’s male judo gold medalist at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the Athens Olympics of 2004.Had presented him prefectural honor award in ’08 and ’04 Kumamoto Prefecture, (08 years “Special Award”).

Inside Shiba suspects, has received in ’08 and ’04 also Purple Ribbon.

“To target contributor academic, artistic, technological development, etc.” The Purple Ribbon (Cabinet Office site).The field of sports also has been the subject.Twice a year, reward will be announced in the spring and autumn.

For example, in the fall of ’04 for the first time awarded in the inner bush suspects, swimming Athens Olympic gold medalist, and judo players Kosuke Kitajima, TaniAkiko Gen upper house lawmakers have also got together.45 people were selected in only Purple Ribbon.

In the fall of 2011, won the Women’s World Cup soccer “Nadeshiko Japan” was also awarded as the national team.24 people individual has received the Purple Ribbon In addition to.

In response to the arrest of the inner bush suspects, Purple Ribbon also whether become “undo” as in the case of Kumamoto prefecture Honor Award.When asked to award Isao station of the Cabinet Office, arrangements It is said that in the decrees of stern named “the decree deprived Chi Medal”.

By the way, Chinese characters of “Datsuryo blood” and “blood” is, they are character unfamiliar line the characters, including the “tiger” to the right of the “Hen clothing”.

According to the ordinance “by the circumstances”, when such imprisonment imprisonment or the death penalty has been determined at the trial, Medal and Medal is “deprived of blood”, that is, must be refunded if the probation with.

In addition, it says around “I’m awarded’s” and also not be recognized.Determination of “deprived blood” is also published in the official gazette.It looks good to say de facto and “Cancel”.

quasi-rape the inner bush suspects involved have been defined as “imprisonment of three years or more”.Guilty of prison if if confirmed, it would be to be “deprived of blood” the Medal.If probation is attached, whether be “deprived of blood” “Depends on the circumstances”.

It is supposed to be contacted to come from the Public Prosecutor’s Office Cabinet Office trial if confirmed, the procedure seems to proceed quietly.

In any case, I mean that there is no movement in the arrest stage.December 8, the Metropolitan Police Department was an inner bush prosecutors suspect.And that they are denied the charges as “was consensual”.

There is no statistics of the examples Medal and Medal is “deprived of blood”, but officials said it “seems to trickle down”.However, it looks good to say exceptional whereby so long as it is only for celebrities.There is also a system of “voluntary handing back” Apart from the “robbed blood”.

Iron plate menu of potluck Homupa! Mayosarada of broccoli and shrimp [spin recipe]

It is the 32nd attract happiness of “Spiritual recipe”.

Endo and Yukari’s mom Cooking expert that has been introduce Koikatsu recipe, I am pleased to introduce recipes in a relay format!

After entering in December, and we now see the illuminations in town.Finally, the party season for the Christmas I is beginning.

This year, anyone who wants to hold a home party at a friend’s house or home also seems that many.Is there in such a home party, potluck pattern! “One article or anything, I bring it to make” Nante, even if told to the course or else, what to do with, who embarrassed also I think in a lot of.

This time, I will introduce a handy recipe “Mayosarada of broccoli and shrimp” is recommended for such a party.Though it is simple, look at best, iron plate menu is not the first Husband.The men (especially participants?Eye View of) might also change.

By the way, everyone Do you know the season of broccoli? In fact, time to cold of autumn and winter is the season of broccoli.In order to increase by the time of the season, fortune-up effects of ingredients, I’m a time when fortune to bring the edges of the people of broccoli by now also be strengthened.

The other, by raising the woman in the potluck party at home, here Chaimashou get also encounter as it is.Do not forget to also pick cute!

So I will introduce a recipe.

Iron plate menu of potluck Homupa! Mayosarada of broccoli and shrimp]

Quantity / 2 servings Cooking time / 15 minutes

▽ material

8 animals shelled shrimp

One-third share of broccoli (about 70g)

Onion (chopped) 1 tablespoon

★ 1/2 and mayonnaise 1 tablespoon

★ grain mustard 1 tsp

★ white wine vinegar 1 tsp

A little pink pepper

Two lettuce

○ salt, potato starch each appropriate amount
How to make ▽

1, shrimp remove back cotton, cotton belly, rinsed with water from massaging well sprinkled appropriate amount of potato starch and salt, to wipe the moisture well.Cut into a size that is easy to eat separately in Osa broccoli.Chopped onion exposure to water.

2, put the salt in boiling hot water into the pot, to keep each boiled broccoli and shrimp.

3, aperture well the moisture of chopped onion, and mix together with the seasoning of ★.Then, the dress added and well also broccoli Shrimp.

4, the prime [3] by force the lettuce in bowl, is applied while crushing your finger on the pink pepper.
▽ point
It is delicious taste familiar than fresh, and put a little time.The delicious served you make eggs in avocado derided.
(Good luck Cooking expert / Shingo Kato)

Imperialism ugly Japan, Korea = exhibition like animals Koreans exposition

That it scheduled to be broadcast in the “History Special”, KBS1 TV in Korea, were exhibited the Koreans in the exposition of the Japanese Empire era 8 days are taken up becomes clear, it is attracting attention in Korea.South Korea more than one media reported.

And entitled “anthropology of Japanese imperialism that deals like animals Koreans”, “exhibition of human exposition, imperialism ugly Japan,” said South Korean media, told about the contents of the program.

Tokyo Industrial Exhibition was held in March 1907, but there was that in the entertainment attractions and a variety of unusual will be introduced, many Koreans were angry.It is a two-men and women of the Koreans that have been specially prepared for the box office of the exposition, the audience of Japan was the sights of Koreans who were in on both sides of the handrail.

It introduces is a sight “human zoo” just like like, exhibition of Koreans similar, as was done in the 5th National Industrial Exhibition, which was held in Osaka in 1903.It is reportedly was led this is a anthropologist of Japan typified by Tsuboi TadashiGoro, Koreans two women have been exhibited together Taiwanese, Ainu people, and such as Ryukyu people.

While Japan to eliminate the difference, it is argued that “must become a healthy nation”, selection and tried to (selection) unhealthy people.Pointed out forced sterilization of leprosy patients, and is a policy that has been done in the same spirit.

In the same program, beginning with the exhibition of human beings in the exposition of these, and keeping track of the line of sight of Japanese imperialism in the early 20th century.(Editors: RiNobue Koji Yamaguchi)

To 150 yen “Mac fries” all sizes, limited 11 days from December 12.

McDonald’s since its inception in 1971, has been provided as a side menu of the popular “Mac fries”.Campaign to sell (including tax) 150 yen special price, each size S of such “Mac fries”, M, and L is also carried out in December following the November.December 12 to 22 during the period.

Beginning so as replaced “Big Mac” and 200 yen campaign celebrating the last day on the 11th, of December “Mac fries” all size 150 yen campaign.It is conditional as before, and the “limited to” Mac fries “when purchased separately,” but it is discount and of approximately (depending on the size and sales areas) dozens yen – a hundred yen than usual price.

And (weekdays of 4 to 14 April) April (5 to 15 September) September, November campaign to sell at a discount “Mac fries” is this year (November 3 I was carried out to 18 days, respectively).

Until closing minutes 10:30 in the morning Mac sales store, morning Mac other times from 5:00 in the 24-hour store selling time.

Consolation Twitter founder who wowed the world, Nike founder

Various “consolation” strong man who is present in the world.Let’s look at the case Twitter founder, Nike founder.

[When Jack Dorsey (34 years) Twitter founder]

New York University after quitting, he moved to the West Coast, and including information services using instant messages, this is a Twitter post.Chased the Twitter’s CEO in 2008, but get back to the chairman in ’10.Currently, the deployment of the service to credit settlement terminal smartphones called “Square”.

[When Phil Knight (73 years) Nike founder]

After studying at the Business School, to establish a Blue Ribbon Sports, Inc., which manufactures and sells athletic shoes, but did not also obtained income you only able to eat.From where it decided to change to the Nike brand name of the company was then adopted the famous “swoosh” design, Cocoroyoshingeki subsequent begins.

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